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tv   Sportsday  BBC News  February 23, 2017 10:30pm-10:41pm GMT

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bunker built to protect britain's leaders in a nuclear war. if we go in here, mind your head. this afternoon, police showed us the vast cannabis growing operation they uncovered here overnight. how would you describe what you have discovered here? a huge, massively professional setup, the biggest cannabis factory farm that i've seen in my 25 years of service. to find this in the heart of rural wiltshire is quite incredible. police found 20 large rooms. each one kitted out with specialist equipment to grow the plants sleeping as well as working. this was the old canteen, still being used last night, it seems, years after the bunker
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was sold off by the ministry of defence. three people were arrested inside, including a 15—year—old boy. three older men were arrested outside on suspicion of human trafficking offences. in this room police have found hundreds of bags of old compost and they say that suggests this bunker has been used for cultivation for months. it is all very different from when the cold war bunker was last filmed by the bbc. the site had been under surveillance for some time but officers swooped last night when they saw the doors opening. they say local people had reported suspicious activity and a powerful smell coming from the vents. jon kay, bbc news, wiltshire. newsnight‘s about to begin over on bbc two in a few moments. here's emily maitlis. tonight, a rare interview with one us supreme court judge on the direction america is taking. and we're on the ground in the by—election which could reshape the contours of british poliitcs. join me now on bbc two.
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here on bbc one, it's time for the news where you are. hello, good evening and welcome to sportsday, with me — mike bushell. there's no happily ever after for leicester city — their fairytale is over after manager claudio ranieri is sacked. wayne rooney has made up his mind. he's not going the chinese way and has announced that he's staying put at manchester united. and sent out by gent, spurs‘ europa league dreams are over, after a 2—2 draw on the night at wembley is not enough. thanks forjoining us and if you are scratching you're head and wondering how a footballing
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fairytale can end so brutally, then you're in the right place. most of us are doing the same tonight, after leicester city sacked their managerjust nine months after he defied the 5000—1 odds and took the foxes to the premier league title. our sports news correspondent richard conway is in london for us. they put on a decent display in spain last night, so how did this happen today? it seems the claudio ranieri was this afternoon that he would be dismissed. correct to say that it has come as quite a brutal surprise to many. that is in spite of the perilous position that the club are in in the premier league. one point above the relegation zone, no win in six games. relegation is a realistic prospect of leicester city. but nine months on from the fairy tale
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success months on from the fairy tale success when they lifted the premier league trophy and beat the very best of english football. many people thought that claudio ranieri would be afforded the loyalty of a full season in charge, even if that led to relegation. leicester city's owners had different thoughts. yes, it seems utterly ruthless. and just getting some of the reaction to write. gary lineker, former player and list of fun, says this is unforgivable. i think that sums up the view of many, on the flip of that coin, you've got to think about the and business acumen of le i ceste r‘s the and business acumen of leicester's owners. based their relegation in the face and that is a nationally damaging to the club. —— they stare relegation in the face. relegation would deny them the chance to have a share of the £9
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billion in tv revenue that the clubs share over the course of three seasons. main tabbing focused. —— buying tabbing focused in the boardroom. their statement said that it was a reluctant decision. but they put sentiment aside and do what was in the best interests of the club. that will be a point of this debate in the coming days. they will have to find somebody in to replace him withjust 13 have to find somebody in to replace him with just 13 games left in the season and student away from danger. we might they be focusing on next? the early favourite is mancini, the former manchester city boss that was also out into milan. he has been installed as the early bookmakers
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favourite. the owners of leicester city have a plan, presumably, they must not have sacked the claudio ranieri on a whim but have assessed this situation. they clearly have had to look at the situation and think they are looking at relegation. do they have a plan and have somebody to come in and take on leicester city? is mancini that man? we will find out soon enough. thank you very much indeed. next to a bizarre night at bromley stadium. drawing 2—2 with get. it was not enough. they say that home is where the heart is. well, this is a time for spurs to develop a way
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from wembley. agor y bleidlais down from wembley. agor y bleidlais down from the first leg against again. question everton level hospitality was the one thing they could scarcely afford to offer visitors to the temporary home. harry kane's own goal was a little with too generous. with an away goal, spurs have the task to control their aggression. the second—half rallying cry was hurt in part by victor wanyama. cry was hurt in part by victor wa nyama. sprays cry was hurt in part by victor wanyama. sprays needed more. it was get that got it. this type of them beyond troughton. tonight for spurs, wembley is an unhappy home. wayne rooney's short—term future has been decided. he's decided to stay
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at manchester united for the time being. he had been linked with a move to china, his agent has been there discussing a possible move away from manchester united. rooney may still move away in the summer of course. in a statement, rooney has said... hull for beaten at home by cattle and dragons. six out of six where scored by the same player. it's always an exciting it's an exciting time getting the keys to your new car. and especially if you believe it can make you world champion again. that was why lewis hamilton was so excited as he took his
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mercedes team's new formula one car for a spin around silvertone today. our sports correspondent joe wilson was watching. at silverstone, everyone waited. everyone had a camera. well, mr hamilton, your car has arrived. i hope you like it. observe the wider wheels, you can take the corners faster. here is how it looked into dazzling 15. this was the last time he won the title with mercedes. what concerns mr hamilton is whether this board is reaching its audience. as faras i'm aware, board is reaching its audience. as far as i'm aware, my engineers are telling me that it won't be more overtaking. they want more, don't they? they want more. for some
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reason, all the rules to rangers ta kes reason, all the rules to rangers takes better for the fans. reason, all the rules to rangers takes betterfor the fans. time reason, all the rules to rangers takes better for the fans. time will tell. what you will notice is that there are true that drivers with mercedes. there was hamilton has a new team—mate of this year. that must be one of the most interesting jobs in world sport. the


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