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this is bbc news. the headlines at 11pm: labour's deputy leader tom watson rules out another leadership contest, but says the party must do better to win over voters. this is not the time for a leadership election, that issue was settled last year, but we have to do better, we cannot sustain this level of distance from our electorate. president trump says he will not be attending the white house correspondents dinner this year. a man has died and two other people injured after a man drove into a pedestrian area in the german city of heidelberg. three men have appeared in court on slavery charges after the discovery of a cannabis factory at a disused nuclear bunker in wiltshire. also in the next hour, we'll take a first look at tomorrow's front pages. the telegraph leads with an interview with the country's new terrorism watchdog, who says the threat of an attack is at its worst for a generation.
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scotla nd scotland raked —— break out! and a spirited second—half performance at murrayfield earns scotland their first six nations win over wales in a decade. good evening and welcome to bbc news. tom watson, labour's deputy leader, has said the party must change tack and "do better" at winning over voters but he has said that now is "not the time" to change leadership. speaking at the scottish labour conference in perth mr watson acknowledged the loss of a long held labour seat in copeland on thursday had been hugely disappointing.
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labour's leaderjeremy corbyn has said he will stay on. here's our political correspondent carole walker. jeremy corbyn has made it clear he has no intention of stepping down. he was in stoke yesterday, where labour saw off the challenge from ukip to win the by—election. but he's facing questions about the party's defeat in copeland. what about copeland, mr corbyn? the tories were jubilant after seizing the seat which had been in labour's hands since it was created. labour's deputy leader told his party's scottish conference he was hugely disappointed at the result. ourjob at the next general election is to gain over 100 seats, keeping what we have is supposed to be the easy bit. this is not the time for a leadership election. that issue was settled last year. but we have to do better. we can not sustain this level of distance from our electorate, from our natural supporters, so things do have to change. even mr corbyn‘s most outspoken
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critics at westminster are not contemplating a leadership challenge. they fear he'd be re—elected and returned in a stronger position. but many of his mps are deeply concerned that under his leadership there's little prospect of the party regaining support amongst the wider electorate. david miliband, the former foreign secretary, who now runs a charity based in new york, said he feared labour is losing support in its core base. he said, "i am obviously deeply concerned that labour is further from power than at any stage in my lifetime". his supporters sayjeremy corbyn is not the problem. this isn't about one person. it's about us reconnecting with our grassroots. it's about us getting the working class vote back and, of course, by defeating ukip in stoke we successfully have done that because we were told we couldn't do that. so, let's share our successes, let's work and build upon it and let's get back into government where we should be. but in scotland, where labour
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is struggling to recover, party members are concerned at the scale of the problems. i can't help but think that the leadership at uk level is partly to blame for that. i thinkjeremy corbyn is our leader, he has the absolute support of the entire labour party because we've got to get on with it, we can't keep talking amongst ourselves. jeremy corbyn has said he is proud to continue as leader and he's not given any indication that he will be changing his approach in order to rebuild support for his party. carole walker, bbc news. i've been speaking to a veteran political observer, michael white, who believes mr corbyn should stay on as leader. we will win the next election on two grounds. an economic strategy that will give jobs to work in class people, build council housing, reverse all the things we elected to do when we were in power and having a leader who is honest and having a leader who is honest and who you can trust.
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although a lot disagree withjeremy corbyn‘s policies, like people in copeland did with nuclear power, but they recognise he is not someone who came into politics to get rich. he has served his community and says what he believes and comes across as a straightforward guy. why did labour not win copeland? it is notjust underjeremy. 20 years ago labour got almost 60% of the vote in copeland and that the election last year it was down to 42%. across britain, like the democrats in america, working—class traditional labour voters are so angry that we did not create good jobs when we were in power and we didn't build homes for their kids, and they have gone to ukip or the snp. we can only get them back if we focus on economic policy. and i hope now all labour mps put the rubbish of the past behind them and focus on that, because that is the only way a party wins power, having a coherent economic policy. michael white, how do you see labour's future? isjeremy corbyn going
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to stay till the next election? i think he is. he is popular in the party, as ken just said. he has a mandate, again, the second time, last year. my difficulty with what ken has said, when ken says, you might say who he is, and he must say they will win the next election on the promise ofjobs and reversing all the things we got wrong or failed to do the last time and they have an honest leader, well, he's right aboutjeremy, he is an honest man by the way things go. and that was attractive about him to labour activists. i saw his campaign in the summer of '15 and as soon as i got there i realised he was going to win. it was like a revivalist religious meeting. but the opinion polls, new one in the papers today, the tories on 41% and labour on i think 25, 26. nobody believes what ken livingstone said, that labour is going to win. ken livingstone, i don't know
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if you could hear that, but nobody believes what you are saying about labour winning. the opinion polls don't reflect that. they don't now, but we have three years to go. theresa may has screwed up the negotiations. market, that's clearly not going to happen. in 2019, it means we will see a catastrophic collapse ofjobs which will be damaging to the economy. and people will realise they have been lied to by this government and jeremy has that alternative economic strategy. you don't need to increase taxes on ordinary people, we just need to make sure google and starbucks pay theirfair share and then he can fund a massive programme of investment and that fuels every growing economy. our investment is at the worst level since the second world war. iraqi forces have entered parts of western mosul in what is expected to be an arduous and dangerous battle to remove so—called islamic state from iraq's second largest city. wyre davies has sent this report
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from an advanced iraqi military base, where american troops and advisers are proving a key part of the mosul offensive. this woman is a victim of islamic state's latest tactic in its desperate bid to avoid defeat in mosul. the 55—year—old mother of seven from the eastern part of the city was hit in a drone strike. her leg shattered. "i was lying on the ground and people were pointing to the sky from where the bomb came", she told me. one of dozens of drone attack victims they've treated at this hospital. this is pretty new for this conflict, but also for conflicts all over the world. these mortars can be very effective and the impact on the population really, really brutal. this is video eulogises the use of commercially available drones to drop bombs and grenades. an organisation which governs according to brutal feudal codes, adapting modern technology
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to lethal effect. drones are yet another threat for government troops now pursuing fighters from so—called islamic state into the narrow streets of mosul. after days of fierce clashes on the edge of the city. but from a field just to the south, big american guns are helping to sway the battle perhaps decisively in the government's favour. this is an overwhelmingly iraqi military operation but the role of american advisers and troops, so—called boots on the ground, is also critical. us artillery pieces pounding targets in mosul. american commanders are reluctant to divulge too many sensitive details, but say us military support will be decisive. the fight in western mosul would be a tough fight for really any army in the world.
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so the iraqi army, the iraqi federal police again will face a tough fight. it will be a lot of house—to—house fighting. the enemy is cornered. they don't have any choice but to fight. a kurdish reporter, shifa gardi was killed today covering the government advance into mosul. a handful of refugees fled in the opposite direction but there are an estimated 750,000 civilians still trapped inside the besieged city. wyre davies, bbc news, northern iraq. here, a woman has been charged over the death of a three year old boy who was attacked by a dog last summer. dexter neal died at halstead in essex in august. jade dunne, who's 29, is accused of owning a dog dangerously out of control. police in the southwestern german city of heidelberg have shot and injured a man who drove his car into pedestrians gathered in one of the city's squares.
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the driver of the car was shot by police. this amateur video was taken in the aftermath of the arrest. the managing hospital in a serious condition. police say they don't currently suspect any terrorist motive. five teenagers from london have appeared at westminster magistrates' court today charged with terror—related offences. the boys, aged between 15 and i9, were arrested on tuesday, following a series of raids across the capital by the metropolitan police's counter—terrorism unit. media organisations have reacted angrily after several, including the bbc, were barred from a press briefing at the white house yesterday. the new york times said the move was an insult to democratic ideals.
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0ur correspondent laura bicker is in washington for us. president trump says he won't go to the dinner. is that a snub to the media, which it has accused so many times of being dishonest, the purveyors of fake news? this seems to bea purveyors of fake news? this seems to be a further deterioration of the president's relationship with the press. this dinner is usually an annual star—studded event, a chance for the presidents to sit down together, put any animosity aside and president trump has decided that this year he will not attend. 15 presidents have been to this dinner and it has only been skipped on three occasions. that's president mixed and in 72, president carter in 78 and ronald reagan in 81. —— president nixon. ronald reagan couldn't go because of an assassination attempt and he even
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phoned in. that's how where it is for a president to step aside and not attend. but it comes after a number of stepping up on attacks on the media. president trump has described some outputs as fake news and he says that fake news is an enemy of the american people. then, on friday, at a white house briefing, certain selected members of the media were not allowed in. that was cnn, the new york times, the bbc, among others. our editor is still asking for an explanation and we are not sure as to whether this will continue. this message that president trump put out on twitter makes clear that his animosity and his relationship with the press is not going to get any better. and this sort of war of words with the media is continuing. people like the new york times obviously very unhappy and being pretty vocal about it. well, during the oscars tomorrow night, they are going to be running
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an advertisement, almost a defence of theirjournalism, talking about how they do not make things up. both the new york times and the washington post have had very robust reporting, but much of it has used anonymous sources, which they say is necessary to protect those who want to come forward. but president trump ata to come forward. but president trump at a speech at a conservative conference in the last 2a hours talked about those anonymous sources and said they shouldn't be allowed, that we as a press should be allowed to name those sources. obviously when it comes to those who are being let into the meetings, they include the likes of the washington times. those are right wing conservative publications. the white house says this is part of an expanded pool, so is this a permanent arrangement? will these publications be permanently allowed into what's
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called the press pool, or is this just a message to those who they feel have been part of a media that they are disliking? so far we are trying to figure out what the white house relationship with the press will be going forward, because here we are in the first month of this presidency and already what started out as a spat is ramping up rapidly. thanks very much indeed. the headlines on bbc news: labour's deputy leader, tom watson, says now is not the time for a leadership contest, but warns the party must do better at winning over voters. president trump announces that he will not be attending the annual white house correspondents' dinner this year. a man has died and two other people injured after a man drives into a pedestrian area in the german city of heidelberg. sport now.
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and for a full round—up from the bbc sport centre, here'sjohn watson. scotland recorded their first six nations victory over wales in ten years following a 29 points to 13 victory at murrayfield. after an opening round victory over ireland, scotland's good form continues despite that narrow defeat to france in round two. patrick gearey was in edinburgh. you can lose yourself in edinburgh, in the city of alleys it takes just one wrong turn. so, too, the six nations. blown off course last time, scotland in paris. brilliant clear by the french. wales in cardiff. and scores! one further false move for either and their championship hits a dead end. so, much hanging over this. for 20 minutes, so little ground given. until wales set off on the open road. liam williams, the fast lane. too quick to be stopped by any of scotland's barriers. so they tried to catch them another way. finn russell kicked scotland closer. but leigh halfpenny can
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kick to the horizon. consider russell trumped. for now. scotland flew out after the break. tommy seymour for the line. in a city of train—spotting, try—spotting. was it? it was, just. scotland ahead. they moved six points clear, then wales responded. this time rhys webb asked the question but before he reached the try—line he reached touch. the answer was "no try." under the pump scotland have cracked in the past. now the pressure powered them. a fizzer to tim visser. delirium, vern cotter—style. a first scottish victory over wales in ten years. patrick gearey, bbc news. we started the championship really well at home against ireland. we believe we can do something with this group. we have come today and recovered to be a very good side.
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they are very good teams, but we are going on to england for the next game. we work very hard and we genuinely believe we can win games. the win meant that scotland were temporarily top of the table this afternoon, before ireland beat france in dublin to move above them they trailed france in the early stages. camille lopez penalties putting the visitors in front. but a conor murray try put the home side ahead after 30 minutes. they held a slender 7—6 lead at the break. johnny sexton was back in the side after returning from injury, he scored 11 points including a drop goal. 19—9 the final score which keeps their hopes alive of a third six nations title in four years. england play italy tomorrow. it was a difficult game. we knew both games had had a lost and were up both games had had a lost and were up against it a little bit. for us, with the way the weather conditions panned out, it was nice to show two
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weeks ago in rome. tonight was about rolling up the sleeves. we had to make sure we exerted physical pressure. we knew that if we stood off of this branch outfits, they are dangerous. —— french outfit. chelsea are 11 points clear at the top of the premier league after beating swansea 3—1 at stamford bridge. cesc fabregas scored first, before fernando llorente drew swansea level. cut two late goals, one from pedro and another from diego costa, sealed the win for chelsea. we showed great character to start the second half. fabregas scored across the bar. i think we deserved across the bar. i think we deserved a lot to win the game. now it is important to continue in this way. we need the 29 points to be
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champions. it is important to know this, for me, and for the players, and for my friends. we will continue with great focus and with great concentration. sunderland remain rooted to the bottom of the table after david moyes returned to everton, only to see his side beaten 2—0. hull city missed the chance to move out of the bottom three as they drew 1—1 with burnley. crystal palace, though, are out of the relegation zone, after beating middlesbrough1—0, a result which means the champions, leicester, are into the bottom three tonight. earlier this evening, the leicester striker, jamie vardy, released a response to suggestions the players were responsible for ranieri's departure via social media. he said this. claudio has, and always will have, my complete respect! what we achieved together and as a team was the impossible! he believed in me when many didn't and for that i owe him my eternal gratitude. there is speculation i was involved in his dismissal and this is completely untrue, unfounded, and is extremely hurtful! the only thing we are guilty of as a team is underachieving which we all acknowledge both
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in the dressing room and publicly and will do our best to rectify. that's all the sport for now. back to you. thank you. three men have appeared in court on slavery charges after the discovery of a cannabis factory at a disused nuclear bunker in wiltshire. a police raid found cannabis worth around a million. andrew plant reports. police raided the bunker on wednesday night, acting, they said, on a tip—off. inside they found 20 large rooms kitted out with equipment to help grow cannabis and places for people to sleep. today in court, three men appeared charged with conspiracy to grow cannabis. 30—year—old ross winter from bristol, 45—year—old martin fillery from bridgwater, and 27—year—old plamen nguyen, also from bristol. the three men are also charged with conspiracy to keep a person in slavery or servitude, and conspiracy to steal electricity.
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the nuclear bunker in the wiltshire countryside was built in the 1980s to house government officials in the event of a nuclear attack. it's no longer owned by the ministry of defence. police said the cannabis inside had a street value of around £1 million. none of the three men made any application for bail and all were remanded into custody. they will next appear at salisbury crown court on the 26th of march. malaysian security services have swept kuala lumpur airport for toxic chemicals after the half—brother of north korea's leader was murdered there 12 days ago. kim—jong—nam was killed using one of the world's deadliest nerve agents. authorities have confirmed that the airport terminal is free from any traces of contamination, as our diplomatic correspondent caroline hawley reports. a departures hall usually bustling with travellers.
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at the scene of the crime, the security services came kited out against chemical weapons. they were looking for traces of deadly toxins, including the nefb agent vx, an internationally banned weapon. the malaysian authorities announced yesterday that it was vx that killed kim jong—nam and they've been under pressure to reassure the public that kuala lumpur‘s second international airport was safe. we confirm, number one, there is no hazardous material found. number two, it is free from any form of contamination of hazardous material. thirdly, it is declared a safe zone. the victim, kim jong—nam was the exiled elder half—brother of the north korean dictator kim jong—un.
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he had two assassins from vietnam and indonesia. indonesian diplomats said she had been paid just over £70 to take part in what she thought was a reality show prank. she apparently told them she had no idea what she was handling. translation: she only said she was given a kind of oil like baby oil. this is the other suspected killer. and here she is competing in in a talent contest. the vietnamese government said she too thought she was taking part ina prank. in the real world the malaysian authorities are still investigating kim jong—nam's extraordinary murder. a north korean diplomat wanted for questioning has yet to come forward. it's the biggest weekend in the movie industry, with the musical lala land expected to dominate tomorrow's oscars ceremony. the event, however, is likely to become an arena for political discontent. keith adams reports. it is oscars weekend and the red
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carpet has been rolled out to signal the start of the 89th academy awards. millions of people around the world will tune in to see if la la land sweeps the board. the musical about two la dreamers is nominated in 1a categories and is expected to come away with a raft of major prizes. but politics is expected to loom large this year. on friday, a demonstration took place in support of immigrant rights, where the crowd was addressed by the actors michaelj fox and jodie foster. there are people giving up everything. they have lost everything they have and are struggling to keep their families alive and to keep food in their mouths and keep diseases from their bodies, and taking tremendous risks to get here, to get to this country, and then we...
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we say no? it is our time to tell our elective officials to do theirjob. we will not tolerate chaos, ineptitude and warmongering. there is also expected to be a political mist surrounding the event, with many anticipating acceptance speeches with an anti—trump message. one of the nominated films, the white helmets, has been dragged into the political frame. sunday's ceremony is sure to have the glitz and glamour you would expect, but this year look out for more political digs than usual. now it's time for the weather. so more wet and windy weather is on its way for sunday. breaking news.
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another named storm. this one is slightly different. it was named by our counterparts, the irish met service. this is storm newan. it will bring consequences. it will have our way as well. it is likely to bea have our way as well. it is likely to be a notch down on doris. nevertheless, wet and windy weather. warnings on the website. before that comes in we have remnants of the drizzly weather. hill fog around. you can see the wind gathering and the rain towards the west nor further on. a chilly night. sunday. we start to see some rather wet weather spilling across scotland coming into the cold air over the hills with snow. we will see rain on and off for some parts of scotland throughout the day. the same through northern ireland through the morning. elsewhere, the wind steadily strengthening and cloudy
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weather coming across the south—west of england and wales. further east, despite a grey and gloomy start, brightness and dry weather to start the day. relatively mild and staying mild through the day. however, different weather on its way. tomorrow afternoon. the winds will liven up to gale force and possibly severe gale force around the coast. the likes of the central islands, possibly 70 miles per hour. it could be higher in the northern isles. wet and windy and horrible weather, especially in the eastern aisles, where we have dried weather later. relatively mild. in the north, turning colder with snow over the hills in particular. at the moment, all that is happening in the north and west makes it look like for the continuation of the six nations tomorrow it will be dry. behind all of that we are in the cold air. these showers are falling as snow
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across the mountains of wales and the south—west moors. the lower levels in the north could be icy. a different feeling day. hail and thunder and heavy showers and certainly snow. that continues not just monday and tuesday. in the northerly winds, it will feel much colder. winter is fighting back towards the end of february, i think. between now and then, a potential with the new storm coming in. if you do have plans, please do stay tuned to the forecast. hello, this is bbc news. we'll be taking a look at tomorrow morning's papers in a moment. first, the headlines: labour's deputy leader tom watson says now
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