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tv   Sportsday  BBC News  February 26, 2017 7:30pm-7:46pm GMT

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who do not know what it is about, just remind us. it is an african american couple who are going through hard times. he says he is suffering and she says i am suffering and she says i am suffering right with you. it is very stagey and theatrical but the performances are very strong. it is the oscars addressing diversity issues to make movies more like the real world. and do you think there are signs now, mind you, denzel washington is a hollywood staple. he isa washington is a hollywood staple. he is a big star. but are we seeing a move away from the old traditional hollywood blockbusters always doing the big business and the oscars ceremony recognising that?” the big business and the oscars ceremony recognising that? i think there is a move now not only to get a better audience and a wide audience. hollywood needs to keep changing its audience to the population. so there is that, but also telling more stories which people can relate to. that also gives us fresh glances. he didn't figures for example as a movie which needed to be made. it is about three
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women working for nasa, black american women. finally, the president is bound to get a mention of some sort, who do you reckon we'll do that? the host of course! meryl streep possibly but people say she has already done that at the golden globes. i think there will be a lot of political talk and a lot of political jokes and a lot of political talk and a lot of politicaljokes and i think we will be infor politicaljokes and i think we will be in for quite a ride. and mr trump's finger on the twitter trigger! yes, in capitals! thank you. the bbc will have all the oscars news as it happens tonight. you can find out the latest at the bbc‘s oscars page — with live updates as the winners are announced. now, the weather. it seems to be switching back to winter with the wind. let's get the latest. good
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evening. the fifth named storm of the season has been bringing wind and heavy rain. it was named ewan by the irish met service because that is where the heaviest impact was expected. the strongest winds are expected. the strongest winds are expected in old in scotland tonight and the rain moving eastwards and northwards. following on behind a whole rash of showers, which could be heavy, with hail and thunder mixed in. in scotland, northern ireland and north—west england, the risk of icy patches by dawn a bit of sunshine and wind and rain. hail, thunder, sleet and snow over higher ground it will feel cold single figures across the board. four, 5 degrees in the north and seven, eight in the south. it looks quite u nsettled eight in the south. it looks quite unsettled with further heavy showers. goodbye finau. —— for now.
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good evening. let's have a look at the headlines. jeremy corbyn says he ta kes the headlines. jeremy corbyn says he takes his share of responsibly deep for his party's defeat by the conservatives in the copeland by—election. he urged the party to unite at the scottish labour party conference. i have been elected twice to lead this party. i am proud and honoured to lead those particles of all my energies go into that. or my party's age is going to campaigning for this party. britain faces a sustained level of terrorist threat from is mick extremists. —— islamic extremists will stop some mo farah said he was a clean athlete after allegations that his coach, alberto salazar, may have broken
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drugs rules. in a further sign of worsening relations between donald trump and the media, the president has announced he will not attend the white house correspondence dinner. now on bbc news, it is time for sportsday. hello and welcome to sportsday. i'm james pearce. the headlines this evening... another trophy for manchester united after a late winner in the efl cup final at wembley. another hat—trick for harry. kane scores three as spurs thrash stoke. another win for england in the six nations, but only after they were trailing at half—time to italy. hello. good evening. manchester
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united have beaten southampton 3—2 to win the efl cup at wembley. a classic cup final. southampton will consider themselves unlucky after having a goal wrongly disallowed and recovering from 2—0 down to come back to 2—2. ibrahimovic was the difference between the two teams. in1976, in 1976, the same clubs made the samejourney in 1976, the same clubs made the same journey with the same expectations. then southampton stunned manchester united to win the fa cup. 41 years on, they came to repeat the feat in the league cup. opposing sides with opposite projects, united the big spenders, saint the heavy sellers, joined only in the aim of winning. to win you often need the big calls to go your
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way. when this effort by gabbiadini was ruled out for offside, southampton were hard done by. already peeved, they were soon punished. ibrahimovic with the opening blow before lingard put united on course for the cup. southampton had other ideas. there was no denying gabbiadini on the stroke of half—time, nor shortly after. the italian slotting a sublime second to level the scores will stop the tables had turned but there would be a final twist. ibrahimovic towering to secure the trophy, a clinical end to a classic tired. for southampton, it is heartbreak. surely one of the cruellest cup final defeat in many a year. for manchester united, yet more glory. jose mourinho is the first manager to win a major tribune his first season. this one will live long in the memory. —— a major
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trophy in his first season. in the premier league, spurs have jumped up into second place after a 4—0 win over stoke. harry kane was the star, scoring his third hat—trick in nine games, and then setting up delle alli for tottenham's fourth. adam wild reports. for tottenham, this is a time for building. knocked out of europe at their temporary wembley home midweek, but it is here this team's foundations have been laid. white hart lane, a much happier home. fitting, then, that once again it was one of their home—grown stars shining brightest. spurs fans call harry kane one of their own. well, today, he wasn't content with just one. his second came with little over half an hour played. stoke seemingly speechless. for them, this wasjust one of those days. for harry kane, it was turning into a very special one indeed. a first—half hat—trick, albeit this time with a little luck. but as they say, you make your own and before half—time, he was making one for dele alli. kane's run and cross, 4—0 before the break. construction work outside.
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inside, this was a demolition. net fer ail-19.5949:— spurs up into second, their eighth consecutive home win. premier league momentum building. adam wild, bbc news. he is playing a very good level. yes, he is a fantastic player, one of the top strikers in the world. he deserved it because he is a great professional, a top man. happy for him. the damage was done in the first half with the manner of the goals we conceded. not good enough on any level. second half we kept it down to zero. i suppose that is a positive. more to do with the fact
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that tottenham need a game is over and did not really push to get any more goals, thankfully. we need to have a look at ourselves. we were not good enough today. in the championship, it finished all square in the east anglian derby as norwich and ipswich drew 1—1 at carrow road. ipswich haven't beaten norwich in almost eight years but they took the lead, jonas knudsen making theirfirst shot on target count. that was a blow for norwich who earlier had a goal disallowed but with 20 minutes left to play, jacob murphy found the equaliser. 1—1 the final score and norwich move up to eighth but are six points outside the play off places. the final scoreline was comfortable, but england 36—15 italy doesn't reveal the struggle the home team had to endure before they sealed their 17th successive victory. italy had a five point lead at half—time, and at times made life very difficult for eddie jones' england. joe wilson was at twickenham for us. england won the match comfortably in the end.
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only in the last ten minutes did they overwhelm italy for the rugby union can be frustrating when the technicalities of the laws actually dominate what we see on the pitch. the game at twickenham was a reminder that in any game you do need to concentrate on the rules. england's coach said the get out ofjail free cards had all been used up. first game at home, victory was rescued against the french. eddiejones wanted to take italy to the cleaners. in monopoly terms, something like that. england barely got started in the first half. this was a kind of congestion charge. ball mauled over the line. dan cole in the thick of it and the bottom of it. england were flummoxed by italy's tactics. the game actually stopped and just became a debate about the laws. in the first half, italy missed three penalties but failed kick
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with the right bounce and a bright mind turns into a try. half—time and italy, no hope italy, led 10—5. england needed to escape again. watch out. danny care saw a glimpse of the line head down, dash, made it. the start of the six nations has been elliott daly. the coach kept him on the wing just for this kind of opportunity. so, england ahead and italy were not done. shrugging off any england player, still going, still going. italyjust two points behind. that is all. england needed four tries to get a bonus point. this made sure of that. england finally broke free in the final minutes. italy have competed and that was their point. they made the england coach work very hard for that smile. let's try and explain what caused
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eddiejones, the england coach, a lot of frustration, his players as well. during the game, but it clear in the first off, when italian players made a tackle, the rest of the defending players stood back. they did notjoin in orform a ruck. the offside law is different. it enabled some italian players to stand in a position with the england players. those players thought this is offside — what is going wrong? why is the referee not calling this or penalising italy? eddie jones had some very strong words to say about that after the game. it was not rugby. you need an offside line to play the game for the italy were smart. congratulations to the coaching staff. they executed the plan brilliantly. it was not rugby. if i were the bbc, i would be asking the rfu for my money back. we will have to go outside
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and trains we get some proper rugby. eddiejones is a very experienced coach. he knows a lot about dictating the news agenda. naturally he will want people to talk about the refereeing rather than the england performance. he has a point. england had a bonus point. italy trying to prove they belong in the six nations. here, at twickenham, they have made their point. in the women's six nations championship, ireland narrowly beat france 13—10 to maintain their challenge for the title. hooker leah lyons scored a 50th—minute try to swing the game in the home team's favour. ireland are now level at the top of the table with england who lead on points difference. ireland will head to cardiff to face wales next, before a potential title—deciding showdown against england six days later. wasps have extended their lead at the top of the english premiership to four points after they won 35—22 at home to gloucester. and at the other end of the table, gavin henson kicked all the points for bottom club bristol as they beat local rivals bath by 12 points to 11 at ashton gate.
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they stay bottom, but it's a win that gives them great hope of staying up. you can see what it meant to them. bristol are nowjust two points behind worcester. opsreys move up to second in the pro 12 after winning 26—15 at home to glasgow. two tries in two minutes in the second half saw ospreys come from behind to seal a bonus—point victory and move them above munster in the table. elsewhere, ulster scored six tries as they won 40—17 at bottom side zebre to edge closer to the top four. david busby scored on his senior debut. in the day's other game connaught beat treviso 34—19. sir mo farah has insisted that he is a clean athlete who has never broken the rules. he released a statement following the publication of fresh allegations about his coach alberto salazar. the sunday times has a leaked report from the united states anti doping agency which claims that salazar might have abused prescription medicines and drug infusions.
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farah said that it was upsetting that some parts of the media try to associate him with allegations of drug misuse despite what he called clear facts. london 2012 silver medallist michaeljamieson has retired from swimming. his performance in the in the 200m breaststroke was britain's best in the pool at the home olympics. jamieson's revealed he struggled with depression following a punishing training regime, and after a series of injuries has decided to retire at the age of 28. boxing now. and amir khan and manny pacquiao have confirmed they will take to the ring on april the 23rd. both fighters made the announcement on social media. no venue has been given for what khan describes as the super fight, but pacquiao has suggested earlier this month it may take place in the united arab emirates.


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