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tv   Sportsday  BBC News  February 27, 2017 10:30pm-10:41pm GMT

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the man brought them the league, a miracle, and theyjust dumped him. the fans' fury been aimed at the club's thai owners but also that the players. so the big question, what reception would they get? no boos, just warm applause — some loyalties were still very clear, but this was largely a display of unity. could it now inspire them against liverpool? well, it was some answer. leicester took a 3—0 lead before, as one, the fans rose in appreciation of ranieri. it was a spine tingling moment. leicester duly held on for a sorely needed win. after a tumultuous week, at last, once again, they have something to cheer. yes, leicester ended up winning 3—1, including two goals forjamie vardy. it is leicester's first league win of 2017 and lift them out of the relegation zone. as for the fans,
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their affection for claudio ranieri is still very clear indeed, but the owners, they will be breathing something of a sigh of relief. if leicester ca n something of a sigh of relief. if leicester can now stay in the premier league, dell argue all the turmoil of the last few days has been worth it. —— they will argue. thank you. andy swiss. newsnight‘s about to begin over on bbc two in a few moments. here's emily maitlis... on newsnight tonight — the political backlash to that extraordinaryjohn major speech. iain duncan smith tells me the former prime minister sounds angry and strangely bitter. join me now on bbc two. here on bbc one, it's time for the news where you are. hello and welcome to sportsday — i'mjohn watson.
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on the way tonight: crisis, what crisis? leicester beat liverpool to show signs of pl survival after claudio ranieri's dismissal. clever tactics or is rugby in need of a rule change — the italian job that's split opinion. and one of britain's best, andrew triggs hodge hangs up his oars after winning three olympic gold medals. what must claudio ranieri be thinking this evening.
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leicester city beat liverpool 3—1 tonight, their first match since the title winning manager was sacked on thursday. it moves leicester out of the relegation zone, but will leave many wondering how it is only now, immediately after his departure, that the team were able to produce a league performance worthy of champions. andy swiss is live outside the king power tonight. what a turbulent few days it has been here after that sacking of claudio ranieri. the team came here briefly with the form in freefall. they had lost their last five premier league matches. hadn‘t recorded a premier league win in the whole of 2017. and even scored a goal in the league in the whole of 2017. the fans were furious. there were furious with the players
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and the board. the leicester city story has had as many ups and downs asa story has had as many ups and downs as a shakespeare play. fans came to say goodbye to claudio ramdin aryan —— claudio ranieri. the first goal in the league this year one of the most telling. the scale of the revival was a surprise, much like the scorer and nature of le i ceste r‘s much like the scorer and nature of leicester's second. danny drinkwater with the memorable strike and another twist in the tale, almost as
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if shakespeare had planned it. even the most creative of writers would have struggled to pen a third goal. vardy scored again. the leicester of old were back. after a week of turmoil and twists at leicester, maybe getting rid of the main protagonist wasn't such a tragedy after all. we have been trying, it has not been clicking. we have had to try and make our own luck and it has not been happening, but luckily it has all clicked together. there has been a lot of unfair stuff written lately and you have seen a reaction from everyone. it wasn't just me personally, it was most of the squad. it has got us fired up in a way to put a reaction on the pitch, which we have done. yes, bad
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start, bad in the middle and bad at the end, if you want. we had a few little bit better than average moments, but most of the situations we re moments, but most of the situations were absolutely not even average. not physical enough in this game. it did not make it easier for us that they've changed the manager. it was an emotional game. you can't be surprised. not a great night for jurgen klopp. a better night for jamie vardy and craig shakespeare, the caretaker manager. this will not have done his hopes of getting the job on a full—time basis any harm at all. as for the fans, their affection for claudio ranieri is very dear indeed. we saw that from
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the tributes outside and inside the match. the owners may be breathing a sigh of relief to night and if leicester ca n sigh of relief to night and if leicester can now stay in the premier league, they will argue that all the turmoil of the last few days has been worth it. back to you, john. an intriguing evening there in leicester. britain might find it harder to host showpiece european football matches when the united kingdom leaves the european union — that's according to the uefa president, alexsander seferin. our correspondent richard conway has been following the story. he says if there is a problem for players and fans to come to the uk while players and fans from the uk can travel out into europe and beyond, then he thinks there may be issues regarding bringing european showcase finals to british shores. of course the euro 2020 final and
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semifinal will be played at wembley. there is no question of taking those away, they are fun, but beyond that, he certainly has an eye on the implications of brexit for the european game and whether those big showcase finals will come to britain. richard conway reporting there. huddersfield town boss david wagner has been given a two—match touchline ban and a £6,000 fine after his altercation with leeds counterpart garry monk. wagner sprinted down the touchline to join his players in celebrating their late winner before clashing with monk. monk has been banned for one match, and fined £3,000. italy's unusual tactics in yesterday's six nations match with england continues to split opinion. eddiejones said it went against the spirit of the game. while his opposite number conor o'shea was lauded for his clever approach. but just what was it that the italians did to exploit the rules in theirfavour and negate england's attack? our rugby union reporter chrisjones explains what's caused all the fuss. italy's tactics took everyone by
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surprise, not least the england players. what normally happens in by players. what normally happens in rugby union is that after a tackle a rock is formed. that's when at least one player from either rock is formed. that's when at least one playerfrom either side up on their feet and engage one playerfrom either side up on theirfeet and engage in one playerfrom either side up on their feet and engage in a breakdown. —— ruck. however, they did not engage, so there was no offside line. it meant the italian players could brush up on the england side and rick abbott. perfectly legal, but the england boss eddiejones was far from impressed. that was not rugby. you need an offside line to play the game. italy were smart and congratulations to the coach, but it was not rugby. people should ask the rfu for their money back because it wasn't a rugby game. so eddie jones calling on the world governing body
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to assess the game. the italian boss says his side did nothing wrong. world rugby has said it is too early to speculate on any potential changes to the law. it may be they instead issue a clarification. whatever happens, these italian tactics have got everyone talking. triple olympic rowing champion andrew triggs—hodge has retired from international competition. he was part of the great britain crews that won gold in the coxless fours in beijing and london, before helping the men's eight to victory in rio last summer. on twitter he said "it's over folks, this old body is hanging up the oar....|t‘s been a blast." there's a big british match up in the offing this week, as david haye and tony bellew meet in the ring in london on saturday for their heavyweight clash. and they went face to face today with a press conference in liverpool as they kicked off fight week. and ade adedoyin was there.


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