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tv   Sportsday  BBC News  May 3, 2017 6:30pm-6:46pm BST

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the headlines. theresa may makes a blistering attack on european union officials and politicians , accusing them of making "threats" against britain to try to influence the outcome of the general election. labour say the pm is "playing party games with brexit". threats against britain have been issued by european politicians and officials. all of these acts have been deliberately timed to affect the result of the general election that will take place on the 8th ofjune. we won't threaten europe on the way in. we will put forward a proposal and plan for britain is an eu source dismisses the pm's claims as "pure fantasty" — the eu chief negotiator has denied planning to punish britain
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for leaving the european union. a student has been found guilty of planting a home—made bomb on a tube train in london. 20—year—old damon smith packed a rucksack with explosives, set to go off within minutes at north greenwich station. three people have been arrested in connection with the death of businessman guy hedger, who was killed in dorset during the early hours of sunday morning. now let us look at what is coming up this evening. as donald trump pledges his commitment to work with the palestinian leader to reach a peace deal with israel, we'll be live in washington. coming up on 100 days plus, an outspoken attack on eu officials by theresa may. just how much will it cost us to leave the european union? with smartphone users only having access to a ag mobile connections two—thirds of the time, we'll speak to a representative of the uk's mobile service providers about why coverage depends
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on where you are in the country. and we'll find out what's on the front pages of tomorrow's newspapers at 10.40 tonight, with broadcaster damejoan bakewell and professor collen graffy, professor of law at pepperdine university. that's all ahead on bbc news. now it is time for sportsday. is hello i'm olly foster, these are our sportsday headlines tonight. kick it out want a players walk—out in italian football, following the racial abuse received by sully muntari. sayers says goodbye to athletics with a message for the doping cheats who denied her a podium place. and there'll be no royal box for nastase this year. the romanian calls wimbledon chiefs small—minded. the anti—discrimination
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organisiation kick it out want players in italy's serie a to boycott matches in protest at sully muntari's sending off last week playing for pescara. the former portsmouth midfielder was booked after complaining to the referee about racist abuse from a small section of cagliari fans and he was booked again after walking off the pitch in protest and he will be suspended for one match. garth crooks, a trustee for kick it out, and says the football authorities reaction has been gutless. no action has been taken against cagliari because of the small number of fans involved. we have contacted way and explained the situation, they acknowledge this is completely unacceptable. the
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issueis is completely unacceptable. the issue is what can o that i do about it. they are the european governing body but they claim the game was not in theirjurisdiction. we don't think that is right. what i find alarming is not only way are not getting involved here but fifa seem to be sitting on their hands. meanwhile, a player who has complained to the referee which he is entitled to do about abuse coming from the terraces from a small section, it could have been easily dealt with, the referee and the italian authorities have ignored it. they have banned him from complaining. the absence of any trust in those authority, from fifa, to way a to the italian federation, you are calling on the player themselves, black players in serie a to boycott their representative matches across the board. this is about players. i am alarmed that muntari ‘s team—mates have not become involved in this. his manager
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has not said more, what he said is inadequate as far as i'm concerned so inadequate as far as i'm concerned so it is about addressing racism together, as black players and white player, because that is the only way we are going to get past this problem in football, so it, i am calling on players in italy, black—and—white, to make it clear to the federation, in italy that their position is unacceptable, and if the decision is not reversed then they withdraw their season until it is. it doesn't seem feasible for players to down tool, to dj their team's prospectser though, that might be counter productive in the long run? well, i think i understand the argument, but if the italian authorities are going to blatantly ignore a property coll that we spent so ignore a property coll that we spent so long to put in place, and they have signed up to it and embraced it. suddenly to disregard it like
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that i am not sure what the players alternative is. let's stay with european football, because there is an italian club involved in a massive match tonight. juventus are away at monaco in the first leg of their champions league semifinal. our european football reporter steve crossman is here. monaco perhaps the surprise package in the last four, juventus, this european super powerer but monaco's attacking instinct, they will test their defence. yes, i think you saw from the victories over borussia dortmund and manchester city this tea m dortmund and manchester city this team are so capable going forward, the difference with this game of course, is theyjuventus will not approach the match in the same way. manchester city and dortmund has a way of looking at monaco and say we will try and outscore you. outcoring players like mbappe is difficult. he broke the record for henry at the youngest age ever. that has led to
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the comparisons she the new henry. he has a physicality menry maybe didn't have. doesn't have that flair that henri had when he was starting out. but he is a fear some player, as far as juventus going, because they are so good defensively, this isa they are so good defensively, this is a team who didn't concede a single goal in two legs against barcelona and knocked them out. it is easy to say attack versus defence, i don't thinkjuve will make the mistakes dortmund made or manchester city: i think we will see a counter attacking display and they have their own striker who will cause problems too. waiting for them, surely real madrid, there is another leg to play against atletico but it was another ronaldo show. do i have to talk to you or can ijust watch the goals. unbelievable. i saw a bit of him at euro 2016. he do
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very much running any more, so i don't think you can still have that debate, who is better messi or ronaldo but ronaldo is becoming the most effective player in world football. forget the best, the most effective. give him an opportunity, he will absolutely punish you and he was sensational. that is how you look at the truly great player, not the ones who stick to their strength, they adapt. he might be mast the peak of his powers but what powers they are. manufacture thank you. manufacture thank you. better injury news for manchester united on the eve of their europa league semifinal against celta vigo. they welcomed four players back to training today before flying off to spain. paul pogba, who has missed the last two games with muscle fatigue, took part, while defenders eric bailly, chris smalling and philjones are also back in contention for selection for the first leg. the first europa league semifinal has kicked off, with ajax taking on lyon in the first leg. the dutch side have taken the lead. 0n—loan chelsea forward
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bertrand traore glancing home a first half free kick. liverpool legend kenny dalglish is going to have a stand at anfield named after him. as a player the scot won six league titles, three european cups and an fa cup as a manger he won 3 more league titles and two fa cups. he continued to play a significant role following the hillsborough disaster which claimed the lives of 96 fans in 1989. the centenary stand will become the kenny dalglish stand in an official ceremony later this year in recognition of the 66 year old's contribution to the club. manchester city play birmingham city meet in the women's spring series tonight in what's a dress rehearsal for the fa cup final in ten days' time. also tonight, yeovil take on bristol city, and reading face chelsea. and you can see that manchester city versus birmingham match live on the red button and bbc
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sport website. goldie sayers says she will leave athletics with "a deep sense of injustice". the sa—year—old, who won 11 british javelin titles, confirmed her retirement from the sport today, after 20 years, which saw her compete at three olympic games. she is still waiting to receive her bronze medal from the 2008 olympics, where she came fourth behind the russian doping cheat, mariya abakumova, who had won silver. the best moment of my career was stolen, which is incredibly frustrate, and you know, i've been angry about it, but also happy that ican angry about it, but also happy that i can say that potentially i'm an 0lympic medallist. i dread to think how much i have lost financially in responsibilitier ship, how much i have lost financially in responsibilitiership, especially leading into a home 0lympic responsibilitiership, especially leading into a home olympic games. that doesn't matter as much as missing the moment on the olympic podium, having produced such a good
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performance. i broke the british record and produced one of the furthest performances for someone finishing outside the medals, that performance on that day would have been a solid silver medal in every 0lympics, so it's, you know, it's a bitter pill to swallow. it must be difficult not to feel he sentiment towards people like that and other athletes. i don't have a huge issue with her, i very no a an issue we the russian system, i don't think she probably had a say in it at all. i feel for she probably had a say in it at all. ifeel for her in she probably had a say in it at all. i feel for her in a way, that is not me being overly nice, i think whereas in our culture we wouldn't dream of cheating, in a culings chur they wouldn't dream of not cheat, and it is, it is sad for those athletes because she is a great athletes because she is a great athlete in her own right, i am sure and she wouldn't have thrown as far but she would have been a great
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javelin thrower and she doesn't get to know how good she was. lord coe says he's duty bound to consider the proposal that all world records set before 2005 should be erased. european athletics has put forward the idea saying there can be no confidence in past performances because of insufficient doping controls at the time. british athletes, paula radcliffe, colin jackson and jonathan edwards would all be removed from the record books. these proposals underpin three really important thing, first of all, it toughens up our stance on anti—doping. secondly it makes sure that world records are set, in an environment where we know there's proper measurement and proper technology, and thirdly, that the samples of those athletes that set a world record a re samples of those athletes that set a world record are going to be held for ten years, these are all—important proposal, but they do need to be discussed, clearly detail needs to come through. i want to hear from the athletes and the athletes will make their voices very
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clear and there needs on the a global debate about this. after his behaviour at last month's fed cup tie, ilie nastase will not be given an invitation for the royal box at wimbledon this year. nastase was romania captain for their match against great britain, but he was ejected after swearing at the british captain anne keothavong and british number one, johanna konta. he's been provisionally suspended by the international tennis federation as they investigate a number of comments he made. we condemn his behaviour, in the fed cup against the british team, the itf will conducting an investigation at the moment. he is subject to a temporary suspension and we will await the outcome of the itf investigation and we will honour that suspension for at long as it is in place. that suspension for at long as it is in place. staying with wimbledon, maria sharapova will find out onjune 20th if she will get a wild card to compete at wimbledon either in qualifying or the main draw (tx the 2004 champion has onlyjust returned to the sport
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after a 15—month doping ban. the all—england club will wait to see if the russian can qualify by right before making a decision — sharapova needs to be inside the world's top 200 to go into qualifying or the top 100 to go straight into the main draw. is still has an opportunity in the two tournament to get the results needed to get into qualifying or main draw on her rankings so it is way ahead of the timetable that when she would need to apply for a wild card, so what we have said is that the 20th june card, so what we have said is that the 20thjune is when we have our wild card meeting, when all the fa cts wild card meeting, when all the facts will be known, including whether she has got into wimbledon on her ranking points. fernando alonso has been given the all clear to race in the indianapolis 500 at the end of the month. he drove an indycar for the first time today as the the two—time formula one champion‘s looks to complete motor racing's triple crown of winning the monaco grand prix, indianapolis 500 and le mans 2a hours. he has won the monaco race, which he has skipped this year to race in america. he successfully completed a series of speed tests at the brickyard today allowing him to take part.
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that's all from sportsday. there'll be more sport here on bbc news throughout the evening. we will have an eye on the european matches. from all of us at the bbc sports centre, bye for now.


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