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tv   Sportsday  BBC News  May 3, 2017 10:30pm-10:46pm BST

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into tomorrow's results? it will give an indication of whether the conservatives are a long way ahead in the opinion polls, whether they are advancing in scotland. are labour really in trouble across the length and breadth of great britain? we shouldn't assume that what happens on thursday will necessarily be replicated exactly in the general election ballot boxes. six areas of england will elect new metro mayors — greater manchester, liverpool, the west midlands, tees valley, the west of england and cambridge and peterborough. they'll mostly be responsible for economic development. doncaster and north tyneside are also voting for local authority mayors. local elections won't necessarily tell us much about how people might vote in a national contest, but as the results come in on friday, party leaders will seize on anything that suggests they have momentum heading into the general election on the 8thjune. thank you very much, again. looking
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forward to the local elections tomorrow. it's the most prominent arts prize in britain and for years it's been the preserve of young british artists. but this year, for the first time since 1991, the turner prize has scrapped the age limit and two artists over 50 have made it to the shortlist. our arts correspondent, david sillito, has been speaking to one of them. you certainly didn't expect this? no, not at all. not at all. not at all! i mean, it does make me laugh. it's been a strange day for lubaina himid. she's painted for more than 35 years and today, at the age of 62, is on the turner prize shortlist. her paintings bring black lives and faces to often very white art galleries, and this is perhaps her signature work, 100 life—size portraits made when... you were 50? i was. did you think that national recognition was probably past you by then? erm, probably. and now?
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well, i hadn't thought about the turner prize, in terms, i don't know, nominations or shortlisting for a couple of decades, you know. born in zanzibar, she's lived and taught here, in preston, for more than 25 years. and she's not alone, the other nominees, hurvin anderson, andrea buttner and rosalind nashashibi are all of mature years. this jury and the turner prize has perhaps looked back at certain artists that were unfairly overlooked and decided to open it up to those that maybe deserve a second chance or that flourish later in life. and it's certainly been a year of flourishing for lubaina and her life's ambition. i'm making a space where other black audiences can feel at home, where they can look at these cutouts and think — "oh, that looks a bit like my auntie" or "0h,
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that's kind of got the demeanour i've got." it's like being home, it's like being in amongst people you know. it's that making a space in an art gallery where you're not the only person of colour. david sillito, bbc news, preston. the usual reminder that newsnight is coming up on bbc two, here's evan. ramping up the rhetoric, tension with the neighbours. britain is in danger of finding the rest of europe uniting against it. we'll be getting perspectives from the uk and the eu, asking who is provoking whom and how we're going to negotiate a decent brexit deal. join me now, bbc two. that's newsnight with evan. here, on bbc one, it's time for the news where you are. have a good night. hello, you're watching bbc news.
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i'm olly foster at the bbc sport centre, these are your headlines tonight a double from higuain givesjuve one foot in the champions league final. sayers says goodbye to athletics and wonders what she could have won without the cheats in her sport. and getting up to speed, alonso is given the green light to race at the indianapolis 500. good evening, it looks like it's going to be a real madrid juventus
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champions league final in cardiff next month. the second legs are still to be played next week but after real‘s 3—nil win against atletico last night, juventus return to italy with 2—nil advantge in their semifinal against monaco. maz farookhi reports. he is only a gene that he's been unstoppable. he has scored in every knockout match so far for monaco. before he was even born buffon has played in the world cup. buffon‘s
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reflexes were just a sharp. the italians began to dictate the game. a superb team move finish by gonzalo higuain, his celebration showing the importance of an away goal. the combination of dani alves would add another. juventus‘s experience overwhelmed monaco. two goals for gonzalo higuain, it already look wrapped up. monaco tested buffon later on. they knew the final was within touching distance. they are not there yet, but who would bet against them now? ajax are looking very good for the europa league final after overpowering lyon in thew first leg of their semifinal 4—1 it finished in amsterdam this evening. they were two—nil up at the break after kasper dolberg's strike. leg next thursday. manchester united are in spain tonight ahead of the first
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leg of their semifinal against celta vigo they've had some better news on the injry front, paul pogba, trained at carrington this morning after missing the last two games while defenders eric bailly, chris smalling and philjones are also back in contention for tomorrow's first leg. in a dress rehearsal for the women's fa cup final next weekend, manchester city and birmingham drew 1—all in the women's super league spring series. manchester city went the whole of last season unbeaten in the league, but fell behind to emily westwood's first half header. england full back lucy bronze equalised midway through the second half. there were also wins for chelsea and bristol city tonight. liverpool legend kenny dalglish is going to have a stand at anfield named after him as a player the scot won six league titles, three european cups and an fa cup as a manger he won three more league titles and two fa cups. he continues to play a significant
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role following the hillsborough disaster which claimed the lives of 96 fans in 1989. the centenary stand will become the kenny dalglish stand later this year in recognition of the 66 year old's contribution to the club. the anti—discrimination 0rganisation kick it out want players in italy's serie a to boycott matches in protest at sully muntari's sending off last week playing for pescara. the former portsmouth striker was booked for dissent after complaining to the referee about racist abuse from the cagliari fans. he was booked again after walking off the pitch and faces a one match suspension. and have contacted
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—— we contacted uefa. -- we contacted uefa. they say the game is not in theirjurisdiction. i don't think that is good enough. what i find alarming is notjust that uefa are not getting involved, but the —— but fifa seem to be sitting on their hands. lord coe says he's duty bound to consider the proposal that all world records set before 2005 should be erased. european athletics has put forward the idea saying there can be no confidence in past performances because of insufficient doping controls at the time. british athletes, paula radcliffe, colin jackson and jonathan edwards would all be removed from the record books. these proposals and opinion important things. it offers up a sta nce important things. it offers up a stance on anti—doping. it makes sure that world records are set in an environment where we know that there is proper measurement and proper technology. and the samples of those
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athletes that set a world record will now be held for ten years. these are all important proposals, but they need to be discussed. detail needs to come through. i want to hear from the athletes. the athletes will make their voice is clear. there needs to be a global debate about it. goldie sayers has retired today but says she leaves athletics with "a deep sense of injustice". the sa year competed at three olympic games but is still waiting to receive herjavelin bronze medal from the 2008 olympics where she came fourth. the russian doping cheat, mariya abakumova, was stripped of her silver last year after samples were retested. the best moment of my career was stolen, which is incredibly frustrating. you know, i've been hungry about it —— i've been angry about it, but i can say i am potentially a gold medallist. i
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broke the british record on that day andi broke the british record on that day and i produced one of the furthest ever performances of anybody finishing outside the medals. that performance on that day would have been a solid silver medal and every subsequent 0lympics. it is a bitter pill to swallow. fernando alonso has been given the all clear to race at the indianapolis 500 at the end of the month. he drove an indycar for the first time today and he successfully completed a series of speed tests allowing him to take part. the two—time formula one champion is looking to complete motor racing's triple crown with victories in the monaco grand prix, indianapolis 500 and le mans 2a hours. he has only won the monaco race, which he's skipping this year to race in america. after his behaviour at last month's fed cup tie, ilie nastase will not be given an invitation for the royal box at wimbledon this year. nastase was romania captain for their match against great britain but he was ejected after swearing
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at the british captain anne keothavong and british number one johanna konta. he's been provisionally suspended by the international tennis federation as they investigate a number of comments he made. that's all from sportsday. coming up in a moment, the papers. welcomed our look ahead to what the papers will be bringing us tomorrow. with me are joan papers will be bringing us tomorrow. with me arejoan bakewell. good evening. let's have a look at the front pages. theresa may accusing
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european politicians of making threats against britain in the i, she claims they are doing it to affect the general election result. same story in the ft. she said that some in brussels to not want brexit talks to succeed. and the headline in the daily telegraph, mae unleashes fire at europe. it also makes the front page of the daily express. —— theresa may unleashes fire at europe. the metro's main story is the student damon smith, who's been found guilty of trying to set off a home—made bomb on a tube train in london. police are urging more schools in the capital to install metal scanners to protect children from rising violent crime in the guardian. the times says more than 5 million people could be stuck on waiting lists for nhs treatment within two years, according to documents seen by a healthjournal.
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and the daily mirror says the hollywood actor brad pitt has admitted to having a drinking problem in an interview which has come after his split with angelina jolie. let us begin. the daily telegraph headline, theresa may unleashes fire. would you start us off, she is using colourful and forceful language. it is extraordinary, on the steps of downing street she unleashes this vitriol, saying that the eu is trying to wreck the election. she has been called the new iron lady, explaining that the eu needs to keep out of our elections. very, very strong fire against the eu. remembering our history a bit, everybody knew about margaret thatcher, do you think she is
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margaret thatcher mark two.|j thatcher, do you think she is margaret thatcher mark two. i hate to be sceptical, but there was a bit of donald trump, the best defence is fence. how do you take the coronation of theresa may off the headlines? you say here is our enemy across the waters. how'd you get all of the ukip voters on board? you create the enemy out of the eu. is that too sceptical? no, well, what do you think? i'm more sceptical. she is fighting two battles. she is fighting the election. and also fighting the election. and also fighting brexit. two are obviously incredibly mashed, but she's going for the election first because that is what she's got to win in the short term. she's doing it by making a pitch for the ukip voters, who now are not sure where to go and she doesn't want to lose them. she doesn't want to lose them. she doesn't feel she has to


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