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tv   Asia Business Report  BBC News  May 4, 2017 1:30am-1:46am BST

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our top story: the two french presidential candidates go head to head in a tv debate. marine le pen called emmanuel macron the establishment candidate. he said she "fed off hate". french voters will cast their votes on sunday. the us house of representatives has scheduled a vote for thursday to repeal barack obama's affordable health care act. republicans are now confident they have the numbers to carry the day. and this video is trending on it shows a schoolgirl called anu, from brimingham, here in the uk. the seven year old lost her leg shortly after birth, and was filmed showing off a new sports blade to herfriends in the playground. stay with bbc news. and the top story here in the uk: a fourth person has been arrested over the murder of guy hedger, who was shot by intruders at his home in ringwood in dorset.
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a ao—year—old man handed himself into police in bournemouth. now on bbc news, all the latest business news live from singapore. facebook‘s revenues beat expectations. now the social media giant is promising to tackle violent content. and find out why this young entrepreneur says rick first is the best and the worst time of his day —— says it first. good morning. glad you could join us for this thursday edition of asia business report. the social media giant facebook reported an $8 billion in quarterly revenues, fuelled by strong growth in its
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mobile advertising business. it says 1.94 mobile advertising business. it says 1.91; billion people are now using facebook and that's up 17% from one year ago. facebook has given us a taste of what it might do with some of its earnings. the company promised to hire 3000 new people to monitor and remove violent content. earlier i spoke to our north america technology correspondent and asked what facebook hopes to gain from this move. one of the big clouds hanging over facebook at the moment is that despite these fantastic profits and the growing revenues, it's eighth consecutive quarter where it revenues have grown, but despite that the thing that hangs over them are things like violence on the platform, on things like facebook live, or general other content. so the announcement they made earlier today, that they would hire 3000 extra staff,, bringing the total number of staff is moderating
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facebook to just over 7000 people around the world. it signals the intent that facebook is taking the situation seriously and perhaps can respond quicker to questionable content. you are right outside a court. that's because uber and weymo are at loggerheads over self driving technology? i've been at court to hear the battle between the company that was spun out of google. it has accused facebook of stealing itself driving technology. it seems both sides of that case have squared off in court. a very bitter battle. waymo says that uber concocted a conspiracy. uber denies it is doing any of that, saying it isn't using any of the
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disputed technology that waymo is so angry about. while we've been stood here, and uber self driving car has been circling this area. i don't know if that is trolling orjust a sign of power, but it is quite a sight to see. that was dave lee in silicon valley. there were no surprises from the us federal reserve's latest meeting. the central bank kept the cost of borrowing on hold. it downplayed week first quarter economic growth. it's a sign it is still track for two more break hikes this year. consumer spending continues to be solid. inflation has been running close to the fed's target. australia's fourth—largest lender nav reported a rise in profits, boosted by lending growth. the bank's profits rose to $2.44
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billion, however the company did signal concerns over slowing housing price growth and a possible oversupply of inner—city apartments. indonesia's state—controlled mining company will resume exports this month, with an initial shipment of 150,000 tons, expected to leave for china in early may. the exports, after a three—year ban of raw mineral exports, which the indonesian government put in place in 2014 to encourage investment in its projects. donald trump has labelled it the failing new york times, at the paper has posted its best quarterly revenue growth in six yea rs best quarterly revenue growth in six years as the company added 308 thousand digital subscriptions in the quarter. latest results, the time when many traditional organisations are struggling. what's
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driving the researchers, earlier we spoke to our business reporter in new york and i asked if mr trump himself played a part in the paper's strong results. certainly as a businessman, as he says that he is, he can appreciate just how much better the new york times is doing 110w better the new york times is doing now than this time last year. in fa ct, now than this time last year. in fact, if you look at the numbers, if you look atjust how much income new york times made in this last quarter, they made $13 million. compare the exact same time the last year. they actually reported a loss of $8 million. a big part of the story of cause has to do with just the sheer number of new digital subscribers that they've got and a big part of it has to do with the political climate here in the us. big part of it has to do with the political climate here in the usw seems the new york times is succeeding where many newspaper and magazine publishers have struggled amidsta
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magazine publishers have struggled amidst a host of websites and mobile apps delivering quick news for free? well, the new york times is a subscription base and you do pay for the service. the new york times specifically isn't free. while we can talk about the successes of digital and it is important to still look at their print editions, that's where they are losing money. their ad revenue is down from the print editions. they aren't getting as many advertisers for their print editions. but when you look at the success editions. but when you look at the success of their digital platform, there are some pretty good pieces of news for the bottom line at the new york times. that was our business reporter. in other business news, a better quarterly profit for kfc. sales grew by 2%, which was lower than expected profits jumping because of lower operating costs. sales rising 8% at taco bell
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restau ra nts, sales rising 8% at taco bell restaurants, more than double expectations. part of its success was strong sales in a taco with a fried chicken shell. after a few of those you might need to get some exercise! fit it has reported quarterly revenues above its forecast. —— fitbit. shares are up i7 .2% in after—hours trading. investors are betting on it to bolster sales after the company struggled with disappointing profits. immersive storytelling is a relatively new way of bringing customers and audiences closer to a product or a message. it uses virtual reality and tricks to make you feel like you are somewhere else entirely. but is it a business made for millennials and how are they running their companies? we found
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out more as part of our series busy brea kfast. this is where you come for your morning coffee? yes, it is. this is a pretty regular routine for you? you come here and have a copy before you start work? your company deals with immersive storytelling. what is that? your office is in here. let's go and have a look. do you want to try this? i would love to. what am i looking at? we are relatively smart group. we
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are all good friends. this isn't an easyjob. when it communicate and finish some tasks together. it's not like a traditional company in china. brea kfast like a traditional company in china. breakfast and virtual reality. a good combination and smack a quick look at the markets. a lacklustre trading session in asia, but some gains for the market that were closed on wednesday due to a public holiday. we have japan up a 135 wins, resuming trade after yesterday's rate. the hong kong hang sengindexin yesterday's rate. the hong kong hang seng index in positive territory by 81 points. the all 0rds is in negative territory by 12 points due toa
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negative territory by 12 points due to a fall in oil prices. those are the asian markets. names for investing your time with us. sport todayis investing your time with us. sport today is coming up next. the top stories this hour: marine le pen and emmanuel macron have traded accusations and insults in the final televised debate ahead of sunday's french presidential election. after months of wrangling, republicans in the us congress may be close to repealing health care legislation introduced under barack 0bama. today will see local elections taking place in england, wales and scotland. nearly 5,000 council seats are being contested. there are also mayoral elections in doncaster and north tyneside, as well as in six new devolved regions in england. 0ur political correspondent vicki young has more details about the vote. almost 5000 seats are up for grabs
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but none in northern ireland. in scotla nd but none in northern ireland. in scotland these elections involve all 32 councils and were last contested in 2012. back then the snp on the most seats but labour wasn't far behind. a key battleground this time will be glasgow city council, where labour has held overall control since 1980. in wales, all 22 councils are being elected. labour performed strongly five years ago and it is defending almost 600 seats, far more than any other party. the tories are hoping for games and ukip could wilderness good showing in the welsh assembly elections. in england there are 34 elections. in england there are 34 elections. most of them for county councils. this is a traditional area of strength for the conservatives, who have twice as many seats as labour. the lib dems are hoping to claw back some of the ground they lost over the last few years and labour's strength will be tested in
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the councils they control, derbyshire, lancashire and nottinghamshire. so with a general election next month, how much should be read into tomorrow's results? election next month, how much should be read into tomorrow's result57m will give us an indication as to whether the conservatives really are a long way ahead in the opinion polls. whether they really are advancing in scotland. 0ur labour really in trouble across the length and breadth of great britain? 0f course we shouldn't assume that what happens on thursday will necessarily be replicated exactly in the general election ballot boxes. six areas of england will elect new metro mess. greater manchester, liverpool, the west midlands, tees valley, west of england, cambridge and peter brock. they will mostly be responsible economic development. doncaster and north tyneside are also voting for local authority mayors. local elections were necessarily tell us much about how people might vote in a national contest, but as the results come in on friday party
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leaders will move on anything that suggests they have momentum heading into the general election onjune the eighth. just time to tell you that the royal mint has confirmed some new £1 coins will enter circulation. it says such variants were always likely due to the volume of queens being made at speed. lots more on our website. time now for all the sports news in sport today. hello, this is sport today, live from the bbc sport centre. coming up on this programme: juventus on the verge of the champions league final after a 2—0 victory away to monaco in their semi—final first leg. bertrand traore scores twice for ajax, as they win their europa league semi—final first leg 4—1 against lyon.
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and illie nastase won't be invited to wimbledon this year following his recent fed cup behaviour. hello, and welcome to the programme. we start with the footballing news thatjuventus are on the brink of reaching the champions league final after winning the semi—final first leg away to monaco 2—0. gonzalo higuain scored both of juve's goals, one in each half, to leave monaco with a mountain to climb when they play the second leg in italy next week.


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