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more protesters have been killed in venezuela where there's been another day of violent clashes in cities across the country. many other opponents of the government were injured as riot police used force to block rallies. the new speaker of the macedonian parliament has taken office, almost a week after an unusual outburst of violence in the capital. masked men stormed the parliament building last thursday, beating up opposition politicians. the late lady in red in —— in red is back. what are you writing? my notes. now it is time for our newspaper review. we begin le figaro and french presidential candidates marine le pen and emmanuel macron who have traded accusations and insults in the final televised debate ahead of sunday's election. the independent business section writes that thousands ofjobs are at risk in the uk if companies are forced by the eu to relocate london euro
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currency clearing houses to continental europe. we will explain that. the japan times front page reports on the views of some academics who study north korea and say north korea is increasingly turning to russia for support as the us and china work together to reduce tensions in the region. the ft reports on social media giant facebook who is hiring 3,000 people to help stop hate speech and self—harm being broadcast on the site. co—founder marc zuckerberg said the new team willjoin four —— 4,500 others who already checking the social media network for reports of inappropriate material. and finally, also in the ft, the paper looks at technology giant apple and its refusal to reveal sales figures for the apple watch. some commentators believe the accessory is a clunky dud while ceo tim cook has hinted apple's wearable division is worth between $5—6 billion.
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what you writing? i love chris. i love working with chris. wishful thinking. with us is maike currie who's investment director at fidelity personal investing 0bviously obviously the french newspapers make fascinating reading if you can read french. luckily savvy can do a bit. they are focusing on the presidential debate last night which was fiery and very personal. presidential debate last night which was fiery and very personalm presidential debate last night which was fiery and very personal. it was very personal. a clash of politics and personalities. the two candidates can't be more different and while the key issues for these two are around europe and immigration, there is a bigger issue and the big debate and that is the debate about times, around nationalism versus globalisation, the world versus the nation and that
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is quite interesting. you say that but the opinion polls following a debate show that emmanuel macron is the frontrunner for the election. but for a long time, we have been focusing on marine le pen, because of the rise of the right. the antiestablishment. this rise of populism. emmanuel macron when into this debate with more to lose because he was ahead in the polls and what is surprising is that the polls got it right in the first round but if you look at the debate asa round but if you look at the debate as a whole, it was very fiery, it made for great entertainment value but marine le pen was very sniping, there were lots of remarks wearers emmanuel macron was more calm and collected in the consensus is that he has come out of this debate is the more convincing candidate. there was little more information about policy which i would imagine for those watching, a want to know, what are they going to do? there was a
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lap of ——a lack of that definitely. it does maybe suggest a turning point in the political map across the world. maybe it is just france. let's look as —— let us look at this story in the independent. official documents coming out of the european union that look at the fact that they want to impose restrictions on london's pretty huge market, it's fairly enormous, for clearing the euro denominated financial transactions. explain how this works and why this could be a big blow to london. a clearinghouse really stands between two key financial institution and theirjob is to see that a financial transaction goes through even if one of those parties goes bankrupt. it's a huge market, a big employer in the city and the issue is whether this is going to move to europe because of the trip
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—— the triggering of article 50 and brexit. it's something that has dominated london the centuries and it's been the envy, i would imagine, most big cities in europe. is this fair opportunity? two it is a key pa rt fair opportunity? two it is a key part to the city's status as a globalfinancial part to the city's status as a global financial hub but there is a bigger question and that is across the city, banks, insurers, asset managers, they are all wondering whether the uk will retain passport in rights and that's about the ability to do business seamlessly across europe. we will not know that. despite the difference in currency. we will not know that until the negotiations are complete. watch this space again. this is the japan times but the headline on the front page, as us and china worked together, north korea and returns to russia. a long supporter of north korea but like china, with its hands
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tied. the interesting thing about this article is that it starts off as saying that kim jong—un sent his lunar new year card to the vladimir putin and basically, if china starts imposing sanctions on north korea given that china and the us are starting to work closer... they have already put up the price of fuel. they have. and because north korea is isolated, it is turning to russia for support. this could be very interesting from a geopolitical risk point of view. russia, the us, china, north korea, it all gets very interesting and slightly concerning. you a facebook i am. along with a quarter of the world. along with nearly 2 billion other active users. does this make you feel warmer inside that they are getting 3000 people to police what is going on?
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it is definitely needed. the key issue is whether facebook is still a technology company or a media company and whether it starts to act like a media company, taking responsibility for the content which is on its platform. there is so much political pressure on facebook. in the uk and elsewhere. they should do something about material, the pressure is indicating. can they remove it quicker? what you don't wa nt remove it quicker? what you don't want is censorship of freedom of speech which is an essential part of facebook, where people can express their views and share information so when you start policing that information there is a danger that you lose freedom of speech. there is a fine line between freedom of speech and responsibility as a media outlet and while facebook likes to claim that it's a technology company, it is the world's biggest media company. there is a lot of content on there and it needs to ta ke content on there and it needs to take responsibility. let us talk
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about the apple watch. massive figures. we talk about facebook making $3 billion. apple made $53 billion profit in the same time. it's just billion profit in the same time. it'sjust phenomenal. how billion profit in the same time. it's just phenomenal. how much of thatis it's just phenomenal. how much of that is down to this apple watch? we still don't know. they are being very guarded about those figures. it's staggering. they talk about the fang. facebook, amazon, and others. the value of these companies has risen so dramatically that it is equivalent to the amount of gold mined within one year. it is staggering. the question over whether apple watch is a dud remains to be seen. there are cheaper versions. even at the petrol station. there are cheaper versions, loads of different ones out there and the thing about the apple watch
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is that it is quite expensive. like most apple products. it doesn't necessarily offer you anything new. the big question is, and the reason why the apple watch is so controversial is does apple still have the ability to innovate? has it come up with new products? new innovations that have pushed things? it isa innovations that have pushed things? it is a bit ofa innovations that have pushed things? it is a bit of a gimmick. it's quite annoying because people are co nsta ntly annoying because people are constantly on the hour. on their phonein constantly on the hour. on their phone in on their watch. does that get on your nerves? are you ever come across the google glasses? you have all the information in front of your eyes. they are not looking into your eyes. they are not looking into your eyes? it is so annoying. thank your eyes? it is so annoying. thank you to coming in, so nice to see you today. thank you fortune as well. the latest headlines soon. hello there. the weather contrast on wednesday got a little bit more stark across the uk, with low cloud dominant across parts of east anglia and the south—east.
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a breeze off a chilly sea. 9 celsius the high for one or two, but in the sunshine, and plenty of it further north and west, high teens and low 20s. and considering our wind is coming from the east, and will be for the next few days, you look downwind, clumps of cloud running into the same areas that we have seen during the past 2a hours. so, more cloud around on thursday. maybe the odd brighter break here and there. but east anglia and the south—east always prone to the odd spot of rain and drizzle and maybe a few splashes of drizzle further west. a few breaks in the cloud towards devon and cornwall, the channel islands, but probably a little bit of a cloudier start across wales, compared to what we saw yesterday morning. further north, though, sunshine will be out again across much of northern england, after a chilly start. a chilly start but a sunny start in northern ireland too. the odd mist or fog patch. in scotland, more chilly start, dry and sunny. around moray firth, shetland some low cloud close to the coast. that will come and go through the day. still with some sunny spells. a few brighter breaks through the midlands and parts
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of north wales into the afternoon after a grey start. but still plenty of cloud across other southern counties. still the chance of one or two passing showers. a breezy day, limiting the temperatures off the cold sea across those eastern areas. in the west, particularly gusty winds west of the hills. western scotland 19—20 celsius is again possible. then into thursday night, we see a few more in the way of bright clearer breaks across parts england and wales, and that will lead to temperatures dropping a touch. outside of the towns, you mightjust about get a touch of frost here and there once again, but most will be frost—free, particularly the further south you are. the breeze helping to limit things. so another breezy day on friday. further areas of cloud drifting across southern counties of england and wales. maybe into the midlands later. further north, clearer skies across northern england, scotland and northern ireland. temperatures for some getting down a little bit day on day, but could still get into the high teens across western scotland and maybe to the west of cumbria. a few changes as we go into the weekend — the high—pressure that has been with us recedes a little bit towards iceland.
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allows this low pressure system to get close by. how close it gets is a big question mark, but it could spread rain across devon and cornwall, channel islands, maybe southern counties of england through the day. north of that, some brighter sunny spells and feeling a little less chilly across south—eastern areas. the rain very close by if you go through the night and into sunday. but, either way, whether it reaches the south coast or not, it clears into the near continent, allowing north—easterly winds to develop for sunday. so we'll see a bit more sunshine around in places. the best of which always in the west, but still cool down the eastern coast. take care. hello, this is breakfast, with charlie stayt and sally nugent. a big rise in the number of men and boys seeking help for eating disorders. i try and eat. i can't. in an exclusive report for this programme we speak to some of the people struggling with the disorder and examine figures showing a 27% increase in males wanting treatment in england.
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good morning, it's thursday, may four. also this morning: five weeks ahead of the general election, voters go to the polls in local and mayoral elections in england, scotland and wales. shops can stop accepting old style fivers in less than 48 hours but 150
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