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tv   Sport Today  BBC News  May 5, 2017 1:45am-2:01am BST

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hello, this is sport today, live from the bbc sport centre. coming up on this programme: jose mourinho‘s manchester united hold a 1—0 lead over celta vigo after the first leg of their europa league semi final. usain bolt tells us what he hopes his legacy will be. and shannon gabriel tears into pakistan as west indies win the second test in barbados. hello and welcome to the programme. we start with the footballing news that a marcus rashford goal has helped manchester united to a 1—0 win away to celta vigo in the first leg of their europa league semi final. the 19—year—old curled a wonderfully struck free kick past the outstretched arms of sergio alvarez in the 67th minute for his 11th goal of the season, handing his side a vital away goal ahead of the second leg at old trafford next thursday against the spaniards. united haven't played in a european final since 2011 and victory in this competition guarantees the winner a champions league place next season.
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the way we started the game and the way we controlled the game in the first half, i think we deserved a better result, but the opponent is difficult, the match was difficult, the stadium was difficult, so i cannot be happier with the players and our work. voting is under way in the annual bbc women's footballer of the year award. our fifth and final nominee christine sinclair is the face of football in canada, having quietly transformed her side from outsiders to olympic bronze medallists. the 33—year—old portland thorns striker is a celebrity in her homeland with her own walk of fame star in toronto, and the canada captain is even related to the country's prime minister, justin trudeau.
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iam i am christine sinclair and you should vote for me because i am the second leading goalscorer in the history of football and i helped lead canada to back—to—back olympic podiums. iam lead canada to back—to—back olympic podiums. i am kind lead canada to back—to—back olympic podiums. iam kind of lead canada to back—to—back olympic podiums. i am kind of amazed, actually, where my career has gone. and you can cast your vote for the bbc women's footballer of the year at our website, that's, where you can see all the profile pieces on our five nominees. west indies claimed an improbable victory on thursday in barbados after they dismissed pakistan for 81 to win the second test by 106 runs and claim their first home test match victory for two years. pakistan started the fifth day at the kensington oval as favourites to win the test, and with it the series. they required 188 runs from their second innings but were blown away by the west indies bowlers. shannon gabriel took four wickets in the first innings, and added another five to finish with bowling figures of nine for 92. pakistan were skittled out
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for a dismal 81 with the third and deciding test beginning on the 10th of may. england start their busy domestic summer on friday with a one day match against ireland in bristol. the two will also play at lord's on sunday. the england captain says his side are in good shape as they prepare to host the eight team champions trophy next month. the strength and depth we've had for this site has been extremely strong over the last 18 months. —— side. the squad we selected reflects that, you know. the guys we missed, we could have chosen a team of 18 or 19 quys could have chosen a team of 18 or 19 guys that could all take to the field, and that bodes well for us in the competition and hope it continues for the next two years as we build towards the next world cup, so, yes, that a huge positive. usain bolt says his legacy will be
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proving to youngsters that clean athletes can win medals. bolt will be retiring from the sport after looking to defend his sprint titles at the world championships in london this august — and speaking to steve cram for a bbc documentary, he says he won't change his mind about quitting and is happy with what he has done for athletics. it is maybe hard to assess, but what do you think you leave behind? for me, just a great legacy, you know what i mean, to show to the kids anything is possible and you can do it without cheating, you know what i mean, andi it without cheating, you know what i mean, and i think that is one of the biggest things, i am happy that i can be in the sport, and that you can be in the sport, and that you can do it without cheating. if you are going to do this, it is going to be hard work and dedication, a lot of sacrifices. you're going to miss the hard work, the sacrifice? no, definitely not going to miss all that, but i will miss the competition, that is the biggest thing and hardest thing for me. i will go into the stadium and see the
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competition, feel the energy and you feel like you just want to go out there. that is going to be one of there. that is going to be one of the hardest things for me, watching the hardest things for me, watching the 100 metre finals of the olympics and the world championships. do you understand the impact you have had, especially in jamaica 7 understand the impact you have had, especially in jamaica? definitely, over the years i have begun to understand and to see what i have done through other people's eyes and just by watching and listening. and people keep reminding me, if you wa nt to people keep reminding me, if you want to know yourself, people remind me of want to know yourself, people remind meofi want to know yourself, people remind me of i have done such great, i have done to make about, so over the yea rs i have done to make about, so over the years i have really learned and understand what i have done for the sportjust from people. to be role models for the kids and for everybody, it is something that i enjoy, you know what i mean, because when i was growing up i wanted to be like michaeljordan, so when kids say, you inspired me to do great, thank you for being a hero, it feels good, you know what i mean, and i live for this, so it is good.
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anthonyjoshua's epic victory over wladimir klitshko on saturday has made him the biggest name in world boxing, so says someone who should know, the former undisputed world heavyweight champion mike tyson. the american was considered the number one box office draw in the late 19805 into the 90s but says joshua has now taken over that mantle. when there is a new heavyweight champion and he is explosive like that and he wins a title like that, the whole game changes. all of the little guys that have been making a lot of money, they are not going to make that money any more, it will be aboutjoshua make that money any more, it will be about joshua and the make that money any more, it will be aboutjoshua and the heavyweight. that is what is spectacular about him. he is the right guy for the job. fernando alonso says he's excited but focussed ahead of his first indy car drive later this month. the spaniard is missing the monaco grand prix to compete in the indianapolis 500 on may 28th. alonso's target is to have won the 500, the monaco grand prix, which he's already done, and then the le mans 24—hour race. what is different now is my
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excitement for the race itself, you know. i was, excitement for the race itself, you know. iwas, i excitement for the race itself, you know. i was, i am, excitement for the race itself, you know. iwas, iam, you know, very excited about the race, but now that i have tested the car, and i drove the car, i am much more focused and concentrated on the work, the business, then the whole thing, you know. italy's francesco molinari leads by a stroke on six under after the opening day of the wells fargo championship in north carolina. after an early bogey the 34—year—old finished with this chip in for birdie on the last handing him the advantage, while five times major winner phil mickelson kept his chances alive with shots like this, leaving him on one under heading into friday's second round at a venue he's yet to win at. the 100th edition of the giro d'italia starts in sardinia on friday and the race will then visit sicily and mount etna before heading to the mainland. italy's vincenzo nibali starts as defending champion in his home race but the favourite appears to be
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2014 winner nairo qunitana who will also race in the tour de france later in the year. the colombian is looking to become the first man since the late marco pantani in 1998 to win both three—week races. just enough time to get to the nba and the boston celtics at boston lead, but it has been lacking discipline in the second quarter, withjunior discipline in the second quarter, with junior projected for washington, after racing into kellie . from me and the sport today team, goodbye. hello there. the weather charts for friday very, very similar to what we have seen all week long. high pressure dominant to the northern half of the uk altohugh it's drifting a bit more towards iceland.
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and we're seeing low pressure develop a bit more towards the bay of biscay. in between, easterly winds, maybe gusty winds once again but the clearest of skies northern half of the uk. after a frosty start for one or two, scotland even in northern ireland, northern england, another lovely sunny day. morning mist and low cloud, particularly around some of the coast, will thin and breakm to allow sunnier spells. there could be a bit more sunshine then in recent mornings, across parts of north wales, north midlands and into northern portions of east anglia. further south, grey skies once again to start the day. maybe the odd spot of rain. most will be dry, feeling cool in that breeze, even though we start the day with the hiest of the temperatures. elsewhere, under the sunshine, the temperatures will pick up the most. there will be a bit more sunshine across southern area, breaking through the cloud at times, through friday but cloud will return towards east anglia and the south—east later, menaing a greyer end to the day but at least we should see one or two more glimpses of sunshine than we have done of late. warmest weather west of scotland,
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western parts of wales, 18—20 celsius possible once more. cool with the onshore breeze across the east. that breeze still with us into friday night. by saturday morning, we'll actually see some rain coming towards cornwall, isles of scilly and potentially also the channel islands. also with more cloud across wales, northern england, north midlands, northern ireland, temperatures holding up, but there will be some spots of rain and drizzle. a grey start to saturday but what is happening as we go into saturday, is this area of low pressure getting close by. there is uncertainty how far north that weather front gets into saturday, so if the forecast is crucial, keep coming back and checking but it does look like it will be cornwall, isles of scilly, the channel islands most prone to rain, maybe a few showers across devon. also cloudy for northern england, north midlands, north wales and northern ireland. morning rain and drizzle turning dry and a bit brighter through the day. scotland still sitting pretty with the sunshine. warmest in the west. a bit more in the way of brightness towards east anglia and the south—east, so feeling a little less chilly than recent days even though it is still rather breezy. whether that weather front gets really towards us or not,
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the low pressure responsible does clear off into central europe as the go into sunday, opening the door to north—easterly winds. that will make it feel rather cooler on northern and eastern coasts on sunday, with a bit of cloud at times, maybe the odd shower but the vast majority will be dry. southern areas feeling a bit warmer and the best of the sunshine to parts of south and the west. into next week, low pressure will remain dominant towards the south—west of the country. high pressure to the north and that will mean easterly winds will remain with us. they will fluctuate between south—easterly ones which may bring something milder but also those chillier north—easterly ones too. most staying dry. welcome to bbc news, broadcasting to viewers in north america and around the globe. my name is mike embley. our top stories: smiles and applause after congress takes the first step towards scrapping obamaca re in favour of trumpca re. this is, make no mistake, this is a
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repeal and replace of obamacare. make no mistake about it. after 70 years in the public eye prince philip, husband of queen elizabeth, is retiring. now it's gets personal: france's presidential front runner macron files a lawsuit after rival le pen repeats claims he has a secret bank account. and the surfer lost at sea for more than 30 hours survives to tell the tale.
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