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i the ithe day a good the government of the day a good kicking. this has not happened. more than that, we are seven years into tory rule, seven years of austerity and yet mrs may is picking up seats and yet mrs may is picking up seats and votes in parts of the french we wear, frankly, previously, you'd have to be pretty brave to stand a conservative. that tells us this is more thanjust conservative. that tells us this is more than just the brexit factor. that is a big part of it but not the total explanation. it is more than just the theresa may factor although that, too, might be part of it. it seems to me that mrs may has managed to rebrand and detoxify the tory party ina to rebrand and detoxify the tory party in a way that david cameron and her predecessors were never quite able to do. norman smith, for now, thank you. you can continue to watch those results come in, full coverage of those results, huw edwards will be back from 2pm, coverage on two and bbc news. time for a look at the weather. here is ben rich. scenes like this
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have become quite familiar, many others ending the week with the same sort of weather we had to start it. another beautiful day with plenty of sunshine across north—west scotland, high pressure to the north and an easterly winds, we still have the best up the sunshine in northern areas and we still have a bit more cloud towards the south. that was the scene from one of the weather watchers in devon a short time ago. the cloud in southern areas is more broken than in recent days, there will be brighter spells. across parts of the midlands and wales, patchy cloud and sunny spells. northern england, northern ireland and scotland will see the best sunshine, but more cloud plaguing the far north—east of scotland. fairly cool towards the east coast, out west, highs of 17, 18 or fairly cool towards the east coast, out west, highs of17, 18 or 19. cloud out west, highs of 17, 18 or 19. cloud will tend to thicken this evening and overnight and increase across england and wales, perhaps
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producing the odd spot of rain. more persistent rain into the far south—west, but i really mean just the far south—west. northern ireland, northern england and scotland, the odd fog patch and some places will see a touch of frost. similar for places will see a touch of frost. similarfor most places will see a touch of frost. similar for most about this low pressure to the south is trying to bring about a change. it will not have much luck. the brain associated with it will never get much further than corbel, maybe south west devon, maybe the channel islands. there will be more cloud across england and wales than today, more cloud across the far north—east of scotla nd across the far north—east of scotland but much of scotland bathed in sunshine, warmer for central scotla nd in sunshine, warmer for central scotland bound for the last couple of days. a bit more cloud into the mix for northern ireland and northern england are plenty of sunshine. across the heart of england and wales there will be more cloud, a bit cooler than it is today in many places but across cornwall, maybe devon and maybe the channel islands, some rain will come and go at times. as soon as it arrives it
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will head away tomorrow night, it will head away tomorrow night, it will clear away and for sunday it looks like another similar day. some su btle looks like another similar day. some subtle changes will shift the wind direction, a fairly cool northerly wind towards the north and east, in spots exposed to these silly when they will have the lowest temperatures. not so warm across north—west scotland, the highest pitches migrate further south. south wales, the west country and west midlands could get into 9 degrees with sunshine. not much change into next week, it will stay dry, it looks like we will begin next week with the same weather that we end this week with. a reminder of our main story this lunchtime... the conservatives are on course for their best local election performance in more than a decade. that's all from the bbc news at one, so it's goodbye from me — and on bbc one we nowjoin the bbc‘s news teams where you are. have a good afternoon. hello, you're watching bbc news.
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i'm olly foster at the bbc sport centre. england's cricketers are playing their first match of a busy summer. they are in bristol playing the firts of two one—dayers against ireland. it's the first time they have played england in england, but the team had seven survivors form the team that shocked england in the 2011 world cup. they made a positive start in bristol, racing to a0 without loss inside six overs. they soon collapsed. from 90—3, they were bowled out foir 126. joe root took captain william porterfield and the rest soon followed. adil rashid finished with five wickets — the first time he's achieved the feat for england. so england odds on for a winning start to the summer. alex hales and joe root are at the crease. england 16—1.
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david moyes has indicated he might still be in charge at sunderland next season despite their relegation to the championship. moyse joined next season despite their relegation to the championship. moysejoined on a four—year contract last summer. last week he said it was too soon to commit his future to the club. the board want me to stay. i will meet at the end of the season. i wa nt to meet at the end of the season. i want to know what things look like going forward. we've only put the initial plans down at this present time. i know what needs to be done to get back into the premier league. i know the set of requirements that are an idea of that to get back. again, we've only just are an idea of that to get back. again, we've onlyjust had initial talks and we'll talk again at the end of the season. there's a rare friday night match in the premier league, and it's a big one. a win for spurs at west ham will see them move to just a point behind the leaders chelsea tottenham won 3—2 in the reverse fixture last november, harry kane scored twice in the last two minutes. a win for the hammers tonight would mean that they can't be relegated but spurs are looking
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for their 10th league win a row as they look to catch chelsea. it's important for us, but it's important for the premier league to put pressure, no, to be interested the end of the season. of course, it's a great opportunity for us friday, to try to reduce the gap and put a little bit pressure to them. derby game against spurs, at our stadium, they need points. we need points. it's a massive game for us and them. we are going to try tomorrow to get the points that will definitely math matically secure our status. the football association will review its association with betting firms and alcohol companies. they recently suspended joey barton for 18 months for breaking rules on
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gambling. he criticised them for having a dependence on betting companies. the chairman of the fa told the times that he had raised theissue told the times that he had raised the issue when he took over at the start of the season. a report is expected in the summer. novak djokovic has sacked his entire coaching team, including marian vajda who has been with him for most of professional career. djokovic was knocked off the top of the world rankings by andy murray last year. he says "i am a hunter and my biggest goal spark on the court again." he'll tour alone until he finds a new head coach. england are 2 is—1. —— 21—1. they need 127 to win the first match of the summer. follow that on the bbc news website. i'll be back with a little bit more later on bbc news. let's go live to merseyside. we will
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get the results of the city regional mayoral election. i remember when i was first elect as a councillor for faza kerley ward. was first elect as a councillor for fazakerley ward. then i was elected to represent our city during the european capital of culture year as its lord mayor, i nearly burst with pride. when i was health secretaried twice to parliament —— when i was elected twice to parliament, as the mpfor elected twice to parliament, as the mp for walton, some of the most proud memories to me and my family. so it's beyond an honour and privilege to stand before you as the first ever metro mayor of the liverpool city region. today, the 1. 5 million people in our area have spoken loud and clear in favour of a labour metro mayor. they voted in favour of a bold manifesto, a labour vision and a fresh start. but this
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election campaign has been like no other. politics is in a state of flux. in this country too many policy ideas are progressed through the prism of what london and the south—east needs. the policies that whitehall sets all too often reflect the needs of the south whilst ignoring the needs of areas like oui’s. ignoring the needs of areas like ours. ina ignoring the needs of areas like ours. in a one size fits all approach. no wonder people in areas like the liverpool city region feel so like the liverpool city region feel so distant from what happens in westminster. but i understand and recognise why people have simply lost faith, so when i first announced my intention to stand for this position, i said that i wanted to help to rebuild politics locally. i believe that's exactly what we've achieved during this campaign. we, an army of labour volunteers, have spoken to thousands of voters across all six corners of the city region,
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listening to their concerns and ideas. i want to repay the 60% of the electorate who voted for me by implementing an exciting party programme that delivers for all the people in all of our communities with no borough left behind. together we can seize devolution for the golden opportunity it presents to address the disconnect many feel exists with politics and the political process. the vast majority of people in our area have also sent a very clear message to theresa may: prime minister, you may have borrowed labour's language about a country that works for all. but how can it if you hit areas like ours the hardest with cuts? you claim to be the party of the workers, but your austerity measures are hurting
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the working people. and you actually claim to be the party of social justice. sanctions, the bedroom tax and tax cuts for the rich, there's only one party of socialjustice and that's the labour party. we deserve afairshare of that's the labour party. we deserve a fair share of transport infrastructure investment and as the metro mayor of liverpool city region i want to build a north west powerhouse. how can it be right that for every pound we receive the south gets £6 in transport investment? and only a labour party have committed to cross—railfor only a labour party have committed to cross—rail for the north, only a labour party have committed to cross—railfor the north, which would address some of that imbalance. so there's only five weeks to go before the country gets the chance to change the current government for one that actually believes in areas like ours and in fairness and equality. i'll not
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allow our city region to be ignored and neglected, so ending the resource dominance of the south is even more important now due to article 50 being triggedered and us leaving the european union. we have to ensure that we make the most of what brexit presents for our city region, so that devolution provides us region, so that devolution provides us with the opportunity for our area to fiebd its own voice, to shape its own future and to begin to control oui’ own future and to begin to control our own destiny. it's time we punched above our weight on a national and international stage maximising the value of the world renowned liverpool brand. i'm looking forward to working with the leaders of hall ton, knowsley, liverpool, st helens, sefton and the wirral, for growth for high wage employment, delivering prosperity throughout our whole areas. as your
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metro mayor i'll work to address the north—south divide by raising aspiration for all, north—south divide by raising aspiration forall, nurturing north—south divide by raising aspiration for all, nurturing the creativity and drive of all of our people and wrestling further devolution and resources from westminster. i'll work with our businesses, trade unions and the third sector so that merseyside and halton can become the north of england's creative cap fall for culture, digital connectivity, housing, skills, transport and renewable energy. we'll be truly lead ght the way. we can become —— leading the way. this result means we can give our city region a louder political voice on a national stage. this result means we can demonstrate what happens when labour values are put into practice and this result means we can build a platform for oui’ means we can build a platform for our party in ourarea means we can build a platform for our party in our area to go on to
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general election success. our people have sent an early warning shot across tory bows. our people have given me an overwhelming ban date. i promise i won't let —— mandate. i promise, i won't let you down. thank you. that is the new metro mayor for merseyside, steve rotheram. it's a newly created post. if you're not up to speed with what the powers are for metro mayor, let me fill you in with a bit of detail. they are being interdeuced as part of the government's devolution agenda, allowing authorities to take on more functions over and above those taken on in previous lenning slags and in orderfor a combined
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on in previous lenning slags and in order for a combined authority to on in previous lenning slags and in orderfor a combined authority to be given those powers a metro mayor must be located for the area. —— elected for the area. it's a position of significant power. in terms of voter engagement, it's interesting to look at turnout. the turnout in the merseyside contest we we re turnout in the merseyside contest we were just seeing the winner of, turnout was 26%. that's the second of the metro mayors to be declared. so labour taking the position on merseyside. more of those posts still to be declared throughout the day. the conservatives have made big gains in the council elections in england and wales, recording their best results since 2008. many of the votes cast yesterday across england, scotland and wales are still to be counted, but labour have suffered losses and ukip have lost all but one seat. the conservatives have been celebrating a series of victories across england and wales. the results so far show the tories taking control of six local councils and winning more council seats than any other party.
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the tories also celebrated victory in the west of england, where the conservative tim bowles was elected to the newly created position of west of england mayor. but the party is downplaying the significance of their victories saying many votes remain to be counted. i think the early results are encouraging, but they are early results. we've seen less than a quarter of the vote actually counted and reported. the turnout in local elections is much, much lower than in a general election, so you know, it's wrong to predict what's going to happen onjune 8. we still have a general election to campaign for and to win, after last night. but encouraging signs. labour is on course to lose control of glasgow — the party has been in control in the city since 1980. that would mean labour has lost four councils overall. however the party did hold on to cardiff council. the party was also victorious
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in doncaster, where its candidate rosjones, the labour mayor was re—elected, securing more than 50% of votes. labour's dianne abbott warned people not to read too much into what these reuslts say about next month's general election. these are disappointing results. i wouldn't say anything different. but i think we have to be careful from extrapolating from local elections to the general. the turnout is much lower. in many cases people vote on specifically local issues. but i'm not pretending that these aren't disappointing results. the results have been disappointing for ukip. the party only managed to win one of the the seats it contested — losing 88 previously held council seats. ukip says it still has sitting councillors in the country, although those positions were not up for election this time. the results have been mixed for the liberal democrats.
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a short time ago the party had lost 37 council seats. the lib dems also failed to retake somerset council from the conservatives, although the tory leaderjohn osman was ousted by lib dem former mp tessa munt. despite the overall picture of the conservatives performing well, some electoral battles have been very close indeed. the winner of a seat in northumberland county council was decided by drawing straws, after two candidates received the same number of votes. here is the moment that the lib dem candidate lesley rickerby selected a longer straw to claim the seat. it meant that the conservatives were denied overall control of the council. three people have been injured — one seriously — following a helicopter crash at wycombe airpark in buckinghamshire the crash happened shortly after 9.30 this morning when the helicopter ended up on its side. the three passengers were treated by an off—duty paramedic who was at the airfield for a flying lesson before being taken to local hospitals.
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one man is said to have life threatening injuries. an investigation is under way into the cause of the crash. a british man has died while skydiving in thailand. it happened in the thai resort of pattaya. 69—year—old james mcconnell — an experienced skydiver seen here on a previousjump — leapt from a plane and landed in a nearby reservoir missing the airstrip at the thai sky adventures airbase. his son has posted a message on social media saying "fly free my hero". let's go to our correspondent in our glasgow newsroom. what is known about what's happened here. james mcconnell moved to thailand. he originally comes from clydebank outside glasgow. he was skydiving yesterday. it's reported that, eyewitnesses say that they saw james rolling onto his back and spinning in mid—air shortly after hejumped. his parachute was seen to be
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deployed, but he didn't steer it as he drifted towards the ground. he missed the designated landing spot and landed in the water. thai sky adventures, who run the centre that james was skydiving from, told the bbc that it believed he may have had a heart attack or a stroke after he jumped out of the plane on thursday. now he was quickly pulled out of the water by a rescue team. they say within about five minutes and thai sky adventures are starting their own investigation into this. the centre say that thai authorities are investigating and doing an autopsy. now as you said, his son mark has posted a message on facebook saying that it's with a heavy heart that he say to tell friends that he has passed away. he wanted to let all his skydiving friends know what had happened to him. he says everyone who knew my dad will know he went the way he wanted to and no—one
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should feel sad. children from disadvantaged backgrounds have the odds stacked against them when applying for grammar school places. that's according to opponents of selective education. the research group education datalab found that entrance tests for grammar schools in kent understated the true academic abilities of poorer children. government ministers recently announced plans for a new generation of grammar schools in england by 2020. around 130,000 people in the uk suffer from the debilitating condition of cluster headaches. they're acute, excruciating attacks of pain on one side of the head that have, until now, baffled doctors. now it's hoped a new study may be able to get to the bottom of what causes the attacks. tim muffett has been to find out more — you may find some images in this film distressing. it is one of the most painful experiences that a human can endure. it feels as though somebody
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is grabbing the inside of your face and pulling as far out and away as they can. difficult to watch, often unbearable to experience. the pain of a cluster headache can be indescribable. some people are showing their attacks on video. we're using these with their % mission. scott has suffered them for ten years. he helps run a support group ouch uk. i have knocked myself out on various occasions because of the pain. i will find something very, very hard to strike my head against and very, very hard to strike my head againstand — very, very hard to strike my head against and — because you're driven. it's a primaeval driver to stop the pain. cluster headaches baffle doctors. far more intense than a migraine. many sufferers, like rachel, experience them when seasons change. i will get mine every spring and autumn, without fail. rachel's
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volunteered for a new research project taking place at kings couege project taking place at kings college hospital in south londonment we're looking to see what happens in the brain during the attacks, compared to when there is no attack. around a0 sufferers will have their brains scanned. this is the posterior hypothalamus, it's known as the internal body clock. we think it's linked with the cluster headache attacks. they tend to have more cluster attacks around spring and autumn. we don't quite understand the reason behind that. this will be an ambitious, at times, arduous project. volunteers will be scanned whilst the headaches are taking place. unless people put themselves forward we won't know any more about these headaches. it's estimated there are around 130,000 sufferers in the uk. possibly more as the condition is often misdiagnosed. this patient, who's
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asked to remain annan muss, is being — anonymous is being injected with anaesthesia. it dammens down the nerves to give release. it's hoped that implanted inside the head could offer long—term help. that implanted inside the head could offer long-term help. the way it does it by delivering electricity around the nerve and damping down the hyperactivity, the excessive activation of the nerves which is firing without any control. trials are going well, the team at guys and st thomas' hospital hope to make it available within a year, a long awaited step forward for sufferers of this distressing condition. let's catch up with the weather. we join ben for the latest forecast. thank you. a very good afternoon to you. for many parts of the country, we are ending the week with the same sort of weather we had at the start
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of the week. things are changing very, very slowly at the moment. that means more sunshine for some of us. that was the scene from one of our weather watchers in cumbria a short time ago. we still have an area of high pressure up to the north. we still have a fairly cool easterly wind and we still have some extra cloud across southern areas. the cloud is not as extensive. there are some holes in it. even across the south, we are seeing a bit of brightness. some glimmers of brightness. some glimmers of brightness through the cloud here across parts of devon. as we go through the afternoon, yes, there will be a lot of cloud towards the south. some breaks, some sunny spells, a mixture of sunny spells and patchy cloud for the midlands and patchy cloud for the midlands and wales. through northern england, northern ireland and scotland we will have the best of the sunshine. still quite chilly where you're exposed to the easterly wind. further west this afternoon, bringing temperatures up into the high teens. through this evening hand overnight, we will see cloud thickening up, perhaps bringing the odd spot of rain and drizzle. some more persistent rain into cornwall, the channel islands, it won't get
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further than that. for northern ireland and scotland, clear spells will allow things to get chilly. there will be a widespread frost here and there. into saturday, for many areas it's still dry. high pressure to the north. a little area of low pressure trying to bring a change to the south. it won't have much luck, though. it will bring rain into cornwall, maybe parts of devon and the channel islands. there will be more cloud generally across england and wales than we have today. still plenty of sunshine for scotland, orkney and shetland, for northern and eastern coasts more cloud. scotland seeing sunshine. temperatures up to 17 or 18 degrees. northern ireland and northern england more cloud than today. sunny spells still. more cloud as we come further south. glimmers of brightness. probably cooler than it has been today across much of england and wales. for the south—west, it is cornwall, maybe south—west, it is cornwall, maybe south—west devon and the channel islands where we'll see some rain splashing through at times. even that won't last very long. that disappears saturday evening. on the face of it, sunday looks like another similar day. but there are
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some subtle changes. the wind direction shifts slightly. we get more of a northerly wind and particularly for northern and eastern areas where you're exposed to that wind, there'll be more cloud, and cool. a cooler day across north west scotland or sunday than recently. the highest temperatures migrating further south and west. south wales, west midlands and parts of the west country up to 19 degrees. what about a big change into next week? not really. if it's rain you're after, you are going to have to wait. things are going to stay largely dry, certainly for the first half of the week. that's all from me. more later on. good afternoon. it is 2pm. welcome back to viewers on bbc two and the bbc news channel for our special live coverage of the local election results in england and wales and scotland. thousands of councillors being elected overnight and today, responsible for delivering your essential public services and all of this happening, unusually, during a general election campaign. that also has an impact.
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we'll have results as they're declared and we'll be getting
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