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good afternoon. the liberal democrats have pledged to increase spending on the nhs and social care by raising income tax by a penny. they say the extra six billion pounds would be ring—fenced in england but scotland, wales and northern ireland would be able to decide how to spend the extra cash. it comes as party leaders are out campaigning this weekend for the general election following the conservatives‘ success in the local elections. here's our political correspondent, matt coles. the three days until the election, it is game on. and on that first weekend of the campaign proper, the liberal democrats have confirmed their key spending pledge, a 1% rise for all income tax bands with the tax raised guaranteed to go to the nhs and social care. if we want the best health and social care for our families and loved ones going into the future, we have to provide the money to pay for it. everybody else
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is pretending it can be done on the cheap, it cannot. the liberal democrats today are offering to spend £6 billion raised by a penny on income tax. labour's hoping its soon—to—be and yield manifesto will equally win over voters with jeremy corbyn admitting his party faces an historic challenge after facing disappointing election results. people will be excited by a manifesto which is completely different. we will be running out a manifesto next week which will transform the lives of millions of people in the uk and it is really exciting. theresa may will doubtless be celebrating their gains in this week's council elections and his victory in three metro mayor contests. her task is now they're dampening expectations, making sure
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tory supporters turn out injune and do not is soon this week's wins in the general election is in the back. how bad a place is you get in? losing all 136 council season was defending this week. is it all over? ukip hasa defending this week. is it all over? ukip has a great future. it has to stay on the pitch and will describe and people will come back to us. stay on the pitch and will describe and people will come back to us]! it really all to play for? answers in one month. three men have appeared in court charged with murdering a businessman who was fatally shot, allegedly during a botched burglary. 61—year—old guy hedger was killed after at least two intruders entered his home in dorset. from poole, duncan kennedy reports. it was in the early hours of last sunday morning that guy hedger was shotin sunday morning that guy hedger was shot in his homejust outside bournemouth. he was taken to hospital and later died. the 61 euros businessman had worked in marketing and was a director of the schools academy trust ——
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61—year—old. today three men were brought to the magistrates‘ court in dorset charged with the murder of guy hedger and with aggravated burglary. the three men are kevin downton, 40, jason backus, 41, and—year—old scott keeping. the hearing lasted just five minutes. —— jason baccus. there was no application for bail and all three men‘s work reminded in —— were remanded in custody. they will appear on video link on tuesday. a 40 old woman arrested in connection with the case has been released pending further police investigations. the campaign team for the french presidential candidate, emmanuel macron, says it‘s been the target of a massive hack of emails and documents. it comes ahead of tomorrow‘s run—off vote with the far right candidate, marine le pen. france‘s electoral commission has warned that any media revealing hacked material
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risked criminal prosecution. our correspondent, james reynolds, is in paris. do we have any idea what was revealed and who was responsible? we get a sense from the macron campaign itself. in a statement it released just before midnight last night, it said the stolen documents were essentially routine messages, contracts and accounts, but it also warns there were a number of entirely made up documents which have also been posted online. it urges caution about anyone trying to look at those. do we know who did it? we do not know. the macron campaign itself has said the people who try to do it were trying to destabilise democracy and it has made a direct reference to the campaign in the us presidential election last november. you will remember there have been allegations that russians backed hackers there try to influence the vote against hillary clinton. we do not know that
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for sure this time. we are struggling at the moment to find out the impact of what these hacked e—mails may have on the french people. beer in mind, there are electoral restrictions here at the moment. that means most people do not know what is going on here. french media are prevented from reporting news about the campaign the day the vote. of course we will have to see whether or not this changes the course of the vote when 47 million people go to the polls tomorrow. thank you very much. the teenage racing driver who lost both his legs in an horrific crash says all the support he has received has made him determined to get back behind the wheel. billy monger crashed into the back of a stationary car at 120mph at donington last month. £800,000 has been raised for him. richard lister reports. he was supposed to be racing this
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weekend. to turn it over and see signatures from many world champions. that really touched my heart. i was lost for words. three weeks ago he was racing at donington park at 120 mph when he struck a stationary car. he was airlifted to the queens medical centre in nottingham with a carried out partial amputations of both legs. today he was appearing to —— preparing to go home, grateful to the staff who saved his life. without them i would not be here today. a massive thanks to every single one of the staff that have helped me. it is going to be emotional saying goodbye to them all. billy turned 18 yesterday and is contemplating a return to racing, eventually. his team has already
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helped raise more than £800,000 towards us were covering and those who will be racing at thruxton this weekend are ensuring that those he will not be there, his nickname will still feature on the grid. it shows you that when a tragic event like this happens, how people brought together, i definitely want to take the positives out of this and make sure that i use it in a positive way for the rest of my life now. still got a few years left in me for sure. what this space. billy monk are determined to drive again. let‘s have a look at the sports. tottenham‘s defeat to westland yesterday has put chelsea on the brink of the premier elite title. in the early kick—off today, manchester city camelot to third with a victory against crystal palace. they have made the perfect start. victory would move them above liverpool. crystal palace will be all but safe
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from relegation were they to win. hamilton are at bottom side inverness caledonian thistle at the scottish premiership game. the score 2-0. scottish premiership game. the score 2—0. england won theirfinal warm up test match before the rugby league world cup. running in five tries including this one from josh hodson to win by 30—10. three athletes have failed in their attempt to run the first marathon in under two hours. no broadcast media were allowed to attend the event in italy which was organised by a sportswear manufacturer. only one, eliud kipchoge, the olympic champion, came close, crossing the line in two hours 25 seconds. although it‘s the quickest marathon ever run — it won‘t be counted as an official record. the world‘s top riders are at badminton for this year‘s horse trials. but british equestrian success has been in the doldrums recently, with germany cleaning—up the medals. so britain‘s eventing chiefs have struck back, hiring the very man who helped orchestrate the german domination. lizzie greenwood—hughes
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has been to meet him. for pretty much the whole time, eventing has been a sport, britain has expelled the expected cell in his travel in style test of horsemanship. but as it became more professional, the rest of the world court up and one nation in particular got rather good at it. ironically helped by a yorkshireman. for 16 years, good at it. ironically helped by a yorkshireman. for16 years, chris ba rtle yorkshireman. for16 years, chris bartle commuted from harrowgate to dusseldorf learning german from scratch and hosting them into medal winning machines. what i think i brought to them was a batch of slightly different style of riding on the cross—country, different ideas on how we could relate the dress out to the cross—country riding andjumping —— dress out to the cross—country riding and jumping —— dressage. the sport is all about this, package of three disciplines. while germany
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improved collaborative‘s fortunes declined. , knitting in returning from rio empty—handed. what can he, himself a former british all a big writer, do to make a difference clutching his nation? focusing on the cross—country training is something which i think is key. if you train in dressage, and show jumping, you should also training cross—country. this is about training the horse and also training the riders. you won‘t get any champion in any sport, whether it be tiger woods in golf or andy murray in tennis, who does not have a coach working on their technique. he is very analytical and everything we do, each phase, each discipline, each corner we write, each stride we take. he will come and say, you did a good job there or perhaps we could try this year. his first medal test will be at this year‘s european championships and the goal is very
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simple. double gold. the potential is there and it really excites me. i really think it is realistic to say we can go for gold. aiming high. that is all the sport. you can see more aiming high. that is all the sport. you can see more of aiming high. that is all the sport. you can see more of all of today‘s stories on the bbc news channel. the next news on bbc one is at 6:10pm. 0ther next news on bbc one is at 6:10pm. other good afternoon. —— have a good afternoon. you‘re watching bbc news. the liberal democrats have pledged to increase spending on the nhs and social care by raising income tax by a penny. they say the extra six billion pounds would be ring—fenced in england but scotland, wales and northern ireland would be able to decide how to spend
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this service would mark a clear difference in the conservatives and liberal democrats. ten barren was at agp liberal democrats. ten barren was at a gp practice earlier today. our political correspondent was there. liberal democrats are promising to raise income tax to fund the nhs and social care. they say putting a 1% increase on income tax will raise £6 million a year, £2 billion of that will go directly into social care. they say by the end of the next parliament they want to introduce a dedicated nhs and social care tax. they want an independent assessment of how much the nhs will actually need per year. journey me now is the liberal democrat leader tim barron. thank you forjoining us.
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this is the first we have heard from the liberal democrats in this election campaign on anything other than brexit and here you are promising tax rises. i think it is time to be honest with everybody in this country. we all know how often social care is in crisis. you have 1 million older people without the care they need, you have young people on huge mental health waiting lists, waiting desperation. many folks not being able to make an appointment with their gp, they will be seen by a hospital consultant in time. let's be straight forward, we know the problem is fundamentally about money. all politicians make various promises about the nhs and they do not get delivered. in the end, let's say to the people that if you want to have the best health and social care for all of our families, we're going to need to pay for it. this is a small tax rise, a penny on income tax, an average of £3 a week for the average earner and in this country. a pint of beer a week. this will last from cradle to grave, this was once meant to be, security and dignity in old age, this is a deal the british people will be ready to accept.
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some voters may say to you there is enough money to go round and the issue is it is not being spent properly. why can you notjust manage the nhs better and insured funds are diverted to where they are needed? anyone who works in health and social care they will say there are efficiency still to be made in terms to be made in terms of shared budgets. but the efficiency savings put forward by the conservative government go beyond that. there is not fat in the health service. people are working ridiculous hours beyond what they are paid, under enormous pressure and doing a fantastic job. it is a poorly funded health service compared to our european colleagues. spain, greece and portugal, poorer countries in europe, spend a higher proportion of income on the health service than we do. we need to be honest with the british people and stop pretending we can have a rescued health and social care service for all of our families for our futures if we do
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not put our money into it. the liberal democrats are the only party saying this is where the money will come from and where it will go. £6 billion a year, 2 million going into social care. it will likely be less than 6 billion because of devolved nations. will that be enough to fund the nhs and social care? you are promising a dedicated new tax at the end of the next parliament. are you saying perpetual tax increases to fund the nhs? no, this is a 1p income tax rise which puts money into health and social care. if you look at the response we have had from health professionals around the country and around the system in social care in hospitals and gp surgeries it has been immense. people seeing for the first time a party is being honest with patients around the country, people around the uk, that there needs to be a source of money that is new to make our health
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and social care service is good as we deserve to be. if you are like me with older parents who need care and are not currently getting it, like the otheri million older people in this country not getting social care, if you are somebody who needs mental health treatment and you are being left it wait for months on end, this is a party offering you hope that things can be better and a clear, believable source of funding to make it better. thank you very much forjoining us. the conservatives in their response to the liberal democrat policies said that only they are the party of low taxation, the promising to be the party of low tax. labour is pointing to the liberal democrats‘s record in government. we can expect to hear more about nhs funding when the party manifestos, —— come out. andy burnham has denied snubbing
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jeromy koren by not attending a rally. it was a mixed picture for the party yesterday. and what i would say is the party needs to do what we're doing here, go back to grassroots and build from there. the support i received from the people of greater manchester was truly quite an bling. the fact that so truly quite an bling. the fact that so many people went out to vote, i cannot tell you how much i appreciate that. it is a reflection of the work we have done over many years, built that connection with people at that local level. i would say to the party, that is the way to go, to rebuild from grassroots in the places we didn't win yesterday. what is about to happen here in greater manchester, i hope the labour party can take inspiration and breakdown. i'd be split in the
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party a cause for concern when there is only a few weeks till the general election? you say splits, we are fighting as one. we are fighting a general election together. now that this election is over, i didn't want it to be part of, subsumed into the general election campaign, it had to speak for itself, and rightly so. but i will be after all done this afternoon to help a good friend debbie abrahams in her campaign and i will be fighting alongside colleagues in the labour party. the prime minister wants to make this election all about brexit, very self—serving. we are looking at an increasingly powerful greek by minister that would spell trouble for the people of greater manchester if she got that mandate she once. we need to get labour mps to get elected and make argument for a labour government with a strong
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manifesto. i will be out there doing everything i can in the days and weeks ahead to make that case. what happened last night wherejeromy cobham was celebrating and i know that you had a prior engagement? what happened in your words. some people are claiming you snubbed the leader of your party. not in the slightest. i made it clear earlier in the week that they would not be able to be at a rally at 7pm because i had commitments, including family commitments. jeromy said the enough. there were people who wanted to enjoy the moment. for me, this row, was he a something or not? what does that mean? that is the politics i am leaving behind, that kind of trivia. lam fed leaving behind, that kind of trivia. i am fed up of it. i do not think the public care. i am getting on with the job this morning. i am announcing a great team here that will lead to greater manchester foreword. the new metro mayor of greater manchester andy burnham. do
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you think labour has killed this? do you think he really didn‘t want to hang around whenjeremy corbyn was in town? what labour would like to concentrate on ip policies. that is the message from here. it looks as though that rally was organised by momentum, the group that wanted to keep the spirit ofjeremy corbyn‘s leadership campaign going. andy burnham is not a member. he is diplomatic. he criticises whoever the party leader is buying time. jeremy corbyn has not taken to the stage but i am told that glenys be speaking first as a warm up act for jeremy corbyn. i have been speaking to people here about how they can turn fortunes around after the
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election results. the most common and there was for the media to be less biased, for people to see more ofjeremy corbyn, to see more of the person he is. some have told me, for example, we do not have a hope of winning the next general election so what we have to do is make sure we have a base from which to recover. many here are loyal to his leadership and the message is we should keep calm and carry on. he said himself this morning that this was an historic challenge to ove 1120 m e was an historic challenge to overcome labour‘s existing position in order to win the next general election, there was a mountain to climb. 0ne election, there was a mountain to climb. one can see the attraction of painting yourself as the underdog in the hope that actually that would withdraw some support but there are some serious messages the party has to ta ke some serious messages the party has to take from those council elections and male role elections across the country. for example to lose in the west midlands, an area where they hold 21 of 28 parliamentary sleaze,
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that kind of result must be particularly ominous for labour. -- parliamentary seats. some involved in the campaigning and people closer to the deputy leader tom watson and a litre jeremy to the deputy leader tom watson and a litrejeremy corbyn are dismayed at that result, they are worried about the marginal seats in that area. here in the east midlands there are worries as well at how safe seats that previously looked pretty safe, including leicester, and in leicestershire the conservatives increased their majority, nearby in derbyshire labour lost 19 seats. the response from those close tojeremy corbyn seems to be fourfold. first of all, it is seeing more ofjeremy corbyn, more unmediated performances, eyewear from the media more unmediated performances, eyewearfrom the media glare, more rallies like this, couple of hundred people here, the leicester tigers ground. secondly, they want to get
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more younger voters to register to vote because they will believe they will be more radical than those already registered. the third is they want more of a concentration on policies, not personalities. tony benn, jeremy corbyn‘s great mentor. and the fourth thing we want to do, people say they will do this after, is more doorknocking, more conversations. ed miliband boasted they had 5 million at the last election. the danger is that people on the doorstep tell them things they don‘t want to hear, how are they don‘t want to hear, how are they going to change their tactics radically in the next five weeks? i have got no sense that they are. the issues, as tony benn used to say, will be easier once we have the party manifestos and compared the ma nifestos. party manifestos and compared the manifestos. we will come back to you after the warm up has exchanged for the main star performer of the day. the musician lily allen will be
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among those at an event today aimed at helping women be heard by the music industry. the getheard campaign aims to provide 100 young women aged 16 to 30 the opportunity to showcase their original music to a panel of industry experts. the event will cross all genres of music with a diverse mix of music experts there to listen, encourage and critic their work. 0ur correspondent was telling me about what was happening there are short time ago. record label execs get sent music all the time and with any luck the song could end up on an album. there‘s not enough females coming through. i am joined by lily and beyond the‘s songwriter. i do not think it is a problem, there is a solution and people are talking about it. it is a positive day, not negative. more girls are getting
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involved in songwriting and production. it is brilliant. things are happening. as a young woman coming through the ranks, how did you find your voice and make your mark? truth and honesty. that is all i had to offer. as long as i hone my craft and make sure i am being as honest and truthful as possible itjustifies it. events like this help and do lots for that, is that what we need to see of? collaboration with women? yes, creating communities where people share their experiences can only ever be a good thing and is the only way we can learn. these kind of things are vital. a lot of this is down to you. all of it! you work with beyonce and britney spears. what is the purpose of today? the purpose is to encourage more females to come forward. we want to hear more female producers,
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more female songwriters and we want to gte people heard. you are testament to that. you are from north london yourself. i am from north—west london! how difficult has it been for you to push through and make those barriers? very difficult. it is like a roller—coaster and you to hold on for the ride. there are ups and downs. it is all about persistence. i want to be successful and successful in the music industry, so i keep pushing. how did you hand—pick the talent we will have in the room? with a lot of stress. we had over 500 submissions today and we could only facilitate 100. we have spent a long time going through the submissions, we were listening
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to demos until 6am today. we hope we can get more funding and put on more events like this and get more girls heard. thank you very much. the event carries on for the rest of the day and in a couple of years we could see one of these girls writing for the next big band. let‘s look at something we have been talking about during the course of the morning. a festival of making and manufacturing. traditional craft skills like sewing and painting, along with baking, have had something of a resurgence in the uk. this weekend, the first ever national "festival of making" begins, to celebrate britain‘s manufacturing, food and creative industries. colin paterson has been to meet some bakers in burnley. two, three, four, five, six, seven, eight and go. every day 80,000 muffins and cakes are made at the cherrytree bakery. that requires a lot of repetitive movement. the latest creation to emerge from the factory floor, it‘s chorley cake meets swan lake. the workers‘ actions
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turned into dance. the idea of making bakers in burnley balletic came from choreographer ruth jones. these machines now make the workers work really fast, so when they do many mini—muffin day, they‘re squeezed up like this and they‘re working really, really fast, whereas in the olden days they could move, it was slower and they have more space. and this is incorporated into the piece? it‘s all incorporated into the piece. we wanted to be inspired by all the activity that goes on on this factory floor. the movement is unique. and it was a very collaborative process.
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i showed her how to decorate brownies. we have to take a piping bag and do circles on the brownie. it was so beautiful to see how our moves at work, what we are doing, became such a beautiful dance. it was beautiful. amazing, really. it was great, it was really inspirational. we didn't think we could do that just by our general movements in a bakery. it was really fun to watch and to learn. and go. two, three, four, five, six, seven, eight... again, two, three, four, five, six, seven, eight... the idea that it could be beneficial to the staff was a big part of why the bakery allowed a choreographer into the mix. there is actually method to this, that it could improve performance? that‘s what the choreographer said to us, that in terms of being more conscious of your movements and maybe changing the way you do it so it‘s a little bit better for your body. you‘ve actually opted to take part yourself.
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any reservations? a lot, but i felt i couldn‘t really ask them to do something i wasn‘t willing to do myself, so i was, like, 0k. with four performances this weekend at the festival of making, it‘s hoped the bakers will rise to the occasion. 0ur weather forecasts. let‘s head across the balcony. do you think there are some moves that could be choreographed?


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