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this is bbc news. the headlines at four. theresa may has been campaigning in key general election battle grounds in the midlands and has sought to play down talk of a landslide victory. jeremy corbyn has spoken of creating a society in which people are no longer held back by a system that is rigged for the rich. a penny in the pound on income tax to generate billions more for the nhs and social care — a pledge from the liberal democrats. paul nuttall says ukip has a bright future and voters will return in their "droves" if theresa may fails to deliver on brexit. french presidential candidate, emmanuel macron, says he's been the target of a massive hacking attack, the day before france goes to the polls. three men appear in court charged with murdering businessman, guy hedger, who was allegedly fatally shot during a botched burglary. also in the next hour, the boogie wonderland of bakers hoping to rise to the occasion. choreographers get in on the mix at the first—ever national festival of making in blackburn.
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and manchester city strengthen their position to qualify for next year's champions league, as they move back up to third in the premier league, with a 5—0 win against crystal palace. and we follow up the 2005 documentary about children living in mumbai. that is india's millennials in half an hour, here on bbc news. good afternoon and welcome to bbc news. the liberal democrats have pledged to increase spending on the nhs and social care, by raising income tax by a penny. they say the extra £6 billion would be ringfenced in england, but scotland, wales and northern ireland would be able to decide how to spend
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the extra cash. it comes as party leaders are out campaigning this weekend. the prime minister theresa may says she is taking nothing for granted, despite the conservatives‘ success in the local elections. we saw a number of statements coming out of brussels, but what we have seen in the past week, these negotiations are going to be tough. we need strong and stable leadership in the united kingdom. i need a strong negotiating hand. when it comes to the choice at the general election, there will be 27 other european countries on the other side of the table and only one person standing up for the uk. the question for the general election is, who will give that stable leadership, myself orjeremy corbyn? but surely it does not matter whether the majority is 140 or 60? every single vote will count.
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every vote for the conservatives is a vote to strengthen my hand in these negotiations. it is a vote to ensure i get the best possible brexit dealfor great britain. earlier, i talked to our political correspondence. pretty good buying and standards. trying to play down these overwhelmingly good results from the local elections. huge gains, plus three of the new metro mayor positions in major cities. but they are worried that supporters will maybe think, we have got it in the bag and do not go out and vote. they will be guarding against that. but it is clear that is her defining line. we have had the strong and stable leadership phrase once again.
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with over 30 days to go, it will not be the last time we hear it! and jeremy corbyn has also been speaking to supporters in the midlands today as well? yes, not a good set of results for the labour party during the week. evenif even if you do take into account the victories in manchester and liverpool and a few others. the plan for labour now is perhaps to putjeremy corbyn more to the fore to let people understand his personality more. he has the ability to connect with people. but everything is really going to on the labour manifesto coming out next week. jeremy corbyn says he believes the manifesto will really cut through. i am disappointed in the election results, but we are campaigning for the general election. i think our society could be very different under labour and that is the message i will be putting out. the election results
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were disappointing. what can you do differently to try and cut through and improve the party's prospects? we will cut through on skills, the nhs, housing, employment. we will also cut through on the economic fortunes of this country. we will put forward a national investment plan which will be fairly distributed across the country. and creating good quality jobs for the future and negotiate brexit through not megaphone diplomacy, but with good discussion, to get tariff—free access to european markets in the future. discussion, to get tariff—free access to european markets in the future.
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all of the major party leaders have been out and about. the liberal democrats, pledging to raise tax? yes, this is a spending commitment they are offering. every band of tax up by ip in the pound. this would create £6 billion, which would be ringfenced for the nhs. we have to be honest with everyone in the country. the party leader has been explaining why he believes this policy as important. we have to be honest with everyone in the country. we all know that the nhs and social care are in crisis. we have thousands of people waiting for operations, people with mental health problems unable to be seen. we know the problem is fundamentally about money. politicians make various promises about the nhs. we want to have the best health and social care service for our families for the rest of lives and be allowed pay for it.
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it is the equivalent of one pint of beer a week for everyone. that will give us security and dignity in old age. that is a deal which the british people will be ready to accept. also, the ukip leader paul nuttall has also been out and about. they had this disastrous time of it in the local elections. losing all of their seats. 146. they were seen yesterday they we re 146. they were seen yesterday they were the victims of their own success. were the victims of their own success. but he has been campaigning in lincolnshire. we are going into
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this election with clear water between ourselves and the other party. we are the only party with the clear commitment to this country's future, the only party with the clear commitment to cutting foreign aid. the only party which is clear policies on integration. it is something which other parties do not want to talk about. the likes of forced marriages, sharia courts. we have a great future. we want to give people a real option. we simply have to stay on the pitch, hold our ground and people will come back. also, the welsh nationalists have been celebrating the increased number of council seats. likewise, the scottish national party in scotland. they lost a couple of seats overall, but have got the biggest number
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of seats and are in the driving seat in many more councils. they think they have the impetus from the local elections to go on for work to the general election. a search team examining forest land in northern france for the body of seamus ruddy, a man who "disappeared" during the troubles in northern ireland, has found human remains. mr ruddy, from newry, in county down, was working as a teacher in paris in 1985 when he was abducted, killed and buried by the republican paramilitary group, the inla. he was 32 years old. investigators from the independent commission for the location of victims' remains have been searching the remote wooded area near rouen since monday. the campaign team of the french presidentialfrontrunner emmanuel macron, says they have been the victim of a huge hacking attack, after thousands of documents were released online. they say genuine emails were mixed up with fake ones. voters go to the polls tomorrow, when mr macron will face his far—right opponent,
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marine le pen. the french electoral commission said any media publishing the contents of the leaked documents would face criminal charges. just as a dramatic and turbulent election campaign was coming to an end, just a few hours before all risk reporting restrictions ended, this massive news of a huge hack into this election campaign. a huge amount of peter. e—mail accounts, private and personal and they have come out and said this is really not something they wanted to hide but they have been the victim of the highly targeted attack. but we
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cannot report the contents. anything seenin cannot report the contents. anything seen in to comment or influence the result of the election is forbidden in this day of official silence in the run—up to tomorrow's election. we canjust the run—up to tomorrow's election. we can just see what they said in a statement just before we can just see what they said in a statementjust before the deadline. they said it was like an attack on democracy. they to the alleged hacking in the united states presidential election. they say they had been consistently targeted by such initiatives throughout the campaign. we can get some more thoughts on someone who has investigated this in previous elections. what do we believe has happened? what we know is that the links came out on this website. it
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is used by the likes of information technology experts and hackers. there is an enormous amount of documents. i cannot quite remember how many. it would be an enormous amount of work to even read through them. it was sheared by another website platform preview of chat rooms and forums. it is used by the likes of young people and gamers. during the united states election, this platform was being used to create symbols and to discuss how they could push their agenda. this
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is no happened here. this has been happening since january. last night, the first thing they did when they saw the lynx was sheared it. we find the link via to the online world of those forums and chat rooms. the general election campaign through the electoral commission, has said that nobody can actually report this. but obviously, very little they can do about people commenting on social media? yes, that is why people are questioning the timing. in the first place, there was doubt as to why it was being released at that point. maybe they are releasing it now because the media cannot talk about it and cannot break it down.
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maybe it is an opportunity for people to spread even more rumours. jamaica more damaging than make even have been? exactly. -- to make it. it may just be have been? exactly. -- to make it. it mayjust be ten people behind this. maybe just one it mayjust be ten people behind this. maybejust one person. we it mayjust be ten people behind this. maybe just one person. we get a sense that the macron people not exactly ta ken by a sense that the macron people not exactly taken by surprise by this. it has happened before? yes, allegations came out clearly the year about this happening. there was this online said about him having an offshore bank account, which he threatened legal action over. it is,
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he was answering straightaway last night, just before this official deadline. no he cannot see anything. but obviously other people can on social media. another twist in this fairly turbulent election campaign. at least 29 schoolchildren have died in a bus crash in northern tanzania, in what the country's president has described as a "national tragedy". two teachers and a driver also died in the crash. it is thought the vehicle was going down a steep hill in rainy conditions when it plunged into a ravine, in the northern city of arusha, where the children were from. the pupils, who were aged between 12 and 14, were on their way to sit mock exams ahead of seeking places at secondary school. the latest headlines... theresa may has been campaigning in key general election battle grounds in the midlands and has sought to play down talk of a landslide victory. jeremy corbyn is in leicestershire and says the gap between labour and the tories is not as great
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as the pundits are making out. the liberal democrats say they would put a penny in the pound on income tax, to generate billions more for the nhs and social care, were they to get into power. and manchester city strengthen their position to qualify for next year's champions league, as they move back up to third in the premier league, with a 5—0 win against crystal palace. inverness caledonian remain in the scottish premiership after beating hamilton. churchill won the first classic of the season. i will love a full update at quarter past five. three men have appeared in court charged with murdering a businessman
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who was fatally shot, allegedly during a botched burglary. 61—year—old guy hedger was killed after at least two intruders entered his home in dorset. from poole, duncan kennedy reports. it was in the early hours of last sunday morning that guy hedger was shot in his homejust outside bournemouth. he was taken to hospital and later died. the 61—year—old businessman had worked in marketing and was a director of the schools academy trust. today, three men were brought to the magistrates' court in dorset, charged with the murder of guy hedger and with aggravated burglary. the three men are kevin downton, 40, jason baccus, 41, and scott keeping, who is 44 years old. the hearing lasted just five minutes. there was no application for bail and all three men were remanded in custody. the dorset men will appear via video link on tuesday.
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a 40—year—old woman arrested in connection with the case has been released, pending further police investigations. school governing bodies are to be given new powers to sack maverick, corrupt or incompetent parent governors. head teachers have campaigned for the change, saying the "destructive actions" of rogue governors can stop schools in england running smoothly. the new department for education guidelines close a loophole that prevents elected governors from being removed. it takes is a police officer who shot and killed the black teenager a texas police officer who shot and killed a black teenager in dallas has been charged with murder. roy 0liver was responding to a call—out about under—age drinking at a house party when he fired his rifle into a car, killing 15—year—old jordan edwards. initially, the police claimed the teenagers had reversed aggressively in their direction, but later admitted they were actually driving away. syrian activists say shelling
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and gunfire has been heard in rebel—held areas, shortly after an agreement to set up safe zones in parts of syria came into force. the deal was reached on thursday between russia and iran, which both back the syrian government. sarah corker reports. syria's civil war has left more than 300,000 people dead and drawn in global powers. the safe zone is aiming to halt the conflict between government forces and rebels in specific areas and allow food and medicine to get in. in moscow, russia's defence ministry said the deal would come into effect of the early hours of saturday. translation: within the boundaries of the de—escalation zones, the military activity is between the government forces and the armed opposition, who have already joined, all willjoin, the ceasefire agreement will be ceased. it covers the use of all types of weapons, including air strikes. but he also stressed that russia's
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airforce would continue striking so—called islamic state elsewhere in syria. the four designated safe zones will cover rebel held idlib province and adjoining districts, parts of homs province and rebel enclaves near damascus are also included. and in southern syria, two provinces complete the list. the deal was signed at thursday's talks in kazakhstan between russia and iran, which both backs syria's president assad. turkey, which supports syrian rebel groups, agreed to act as a guarantor. but in the middle of the signing, some rebel delegates stormed out, angry about iran's involvement. while a senior un official described it as an important move forward. de—escalation of violence, reduction of what has been seen as a constant instead increased in many areas, particularly particularly those four areas of violence. the talks were meant to shore up
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an often—violated ceasefire originally agreed in december. in aleppo, news of the safe zones was greeted with caution. translation: we support any proposal that stops the shedding of blood of the syrian people, but we have no faith in russia or any proposal that it makes. and shortly after the agreement came into force, syrian activists say shelling and gunfire have been heard in rebel held north—western areas. the teenage racing driver who lost both his legs in an horrific crash says all the support he has received has made him determined to get back behind the wheel. billy monger crashed into the back of a stationary car at 120mph at donington last month. despite his injuries, he he says he
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will race again. his story has touched motorsport fans around the world and billy monger, or billy whizz as he's known, can't quite believe global superstars have wished him well. that's amazing. to turn over and read the signatures from many world champions, lewis hamilton, niki lauda, that really touched my heart. tragedy struck less than three weeks ago. billy was racing in the formula 4 championship at donington park when he was involved in a 120mph collision with a stationary car. he was flown to the queen's medical centre in nottingham where it was decided he would have to have both legs amputated. now on his birthday, billy has thanked staff who helped him through the ordeal. without them, i wouldn't be here today so a massive thanks to every single one of the staff that have helped me. £800,000 has been raised for billy and his payback will
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be to race again. i definitely want to take the positives out of this and make sure i use it in a positive way for the rest of my life now. still got a few years left in me for sure. billy has celebrated turning 18 with his first legal pint. today there'll be more cheer as this brave teenager returns to the family home in surrey. nick quaraishi, bbc news. traditional craft skills like sewing and painting — along with baking — have had something of a resurgence in the uk. this weekend, the first ever national "festival of making" begins, to celebrate britain's manufacturing, food and creative industries. colin paterson has been to meet some bakers in burnley. two, three, four, five, six, seven, eight and go. every day 80,000 muffins and cakes are made at the cherrytree bakery. that requires a lot of repetitive movement.
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the latest creation to emerge from the factory floor, it's chorley cake meets swan lake. the workers' actions turned into dance. the idea of making bakers in burnley balletic came from choreographer ruth jones. these machines now make the workers work really fast, so when they do mini—muffin day, they're squeezed up like this and they're working really, really fast, whereas in the olden days they could move, it was slower and they have more space. and this is incorporated into the piece? it's all incorporated into the piece. we wanted to be inspired by all the activity that goes
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on on this factory floor. the movement is unique. and it was a very collaborative process. i showed her how to decorate brownies. we have to take a piping bag and do circles on the brownie. it was so beautiful to see how our moves at work, what we are doing became such a beautiful dance. it was beautiful. amazing, really. it was great, it was really inspirational. we didn't think we could do that just by our general movements in a bakery. it was really fun to watch and to learn. and go. two, three, four, five, six, seven, eight... again, two, three, four, five, six, seven, eight... the idea that it could be beneficial to the staff was a big part of why the bakery allowed a choreographer into the mix. there is actually method to this, that it could improve performance? that's what the choreographer said
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to us, that in terms of being more conscious of your movements and maybe changing the way you do it so it's a little bit better for your body. you've actually opted to take part yourself. any reservations? a lot, but i felt i couldn't really ask them to do something i wasn't willing to do myself, so i was, like, 0k. with four performances this weekend at the festival of making, it's hoped the bakers will rise to the occasion. feel free to try that in your own workplace on monday. the musician lily allen will be among those at an event today aimed at helping women be heard by the music industry. the getheard campaign aims to provide 100 young women aged 16 to 30 the opportunity to showcase their original music to a panel of industry experts. the event will cross all genres of music with a diverse mix of music experts there to listen, encourage and critique their work. a short time ago i spoke to our correspondent colleen harris who is at the event. music executives get sent the music
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all the time and, with luck, this could end up on an album. i am joined by lily allen. and also by the songwriter, carla. how big a problem is this? i do not think it is a problem, there is a solution and people are talking about it. it is a positive day, not negative. more girls are getting involved in songwriting and production. it is brilliant. things are happening. as a young woman coming through the ranks, how did you find your voice and make your mark? truth and honesty. that is all i had to offer. as long as i hone my craft and make sure i am being as honest and truthful as possible, itjustifies it. events like this help and do lots for that, is that what we need to see more of? collaboration with women? yes, creating communities where people share their experiences can only ever be a good thing and is the
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only way we can learn. these kind of things are vital. carla, a lot of this is down to you. all of it! you've worked with beyonce and britney spears. what is the purpose of today? the purpose is to encourage more females to come forward. we want to hear more female producers, more female songwriters and we want to get people heard. you are testament to that. you are from north london yourself. i am from north—west london! how difficult has it been for you to push through and break those barriers? very difficult. it is like a roller—coaster and you to hold on for the ride. there are ups and downs. it is all about persistence. i want to be successful and successful in the music industry,
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so i keep pushing. how did you hand—pick the talent we will have in the room? with a lot of stress. we had over 500 submissions today and we could only facilitate 100. we have spent a long time going through the submissions and we were listening to demos until 6am today. we hope we can get more funding and put on more events like this and get more girls heard. thank you very much. the event carries on for the rest of the day and in a couple of years, we could see one of these girls writing for the next big band. in ireland, a fisherman has landed a one in a million catch — a white lobster. this creature lacks the gene that gives it the lobster‘s usual dark blue colour. it is extremely rare. the crustacean managed to dodge the dinner plate, thanks to fisherman charlie 0'malley, who gave it to a local aquarium. we can catch up with the latest weather.
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0n the face of it, saturday has not been a bad day. high pressure in charge, a lot of dry weather. it has not been funny for everyone. stuck underneath this lump of cloud in central areas, disappointingly cool with the odd spot of trouble. rain starting with the far south—west, cornwall, south devon and the channel islands. that will clear the way through this evening and overnight. most areas left dry. fairly large amount of cloud floating around, particularly in north—eastern scotland and england. quite misty and drizzly. a touch of frost in place. tomorrow, a quiet day. dry weather but a northerly wind driving ploughed into eastern


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