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tv   The Film Review  BBC News  May 7, 2017 11:45pm-12:01am BST

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party are not happy with this. no, indeed. and indeed, your colleagues say that he faces a labour revolt. —— labour. that is it fought the paper sanaya. —— labour. that is it fought the paper sa naya. don't forget —— labour. that is it fought the paper sanaya. don't forget all the pages online seven days a week. go to our website. —— that is all fought the papers, tonight. or the papers publish shortly after we finish. this programme is also on the eye player. there is the address. you know it better than i do. do buy a newspaper tomorrow. i don't mind which one. give us a bit of talk about. —— iplayer. they give a much forjoining us. coming up next, the film review. —— thank you very much. hello and welcome to the film review on bbc news.
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to take us through this week's cinema releases as ever is mark kermode. this is a mixed bag this week. we have mindhorn, in which an 80s tv detective plays it for real. we have harmonium, a cannes prizewinner. and jamie foxx in the thriller sleepless. mindhorn, i'm smiling before i start. i show my age but i loved bergerac back in the day. a tv detective onjersey, you see images from mindhorn and all the the memories come back. so mindhorn is a 1980s tv detective but is more like alan partridge
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or garth marenghi. in the 1980s he played mindhorn with a bionic eye to see the truth. the actorjulian barratt plays him. he's now washed up, balding, doing adverts for orthopaedic socks. he's desperate for a job. then the isle of man police get in touch and say, "we have a suspected serial killer who has been ringing us and will only speak to mindhorn, the fictional character who he believes is real." so the police say, "will you please come and play mindhorn for us to help us catch him." immediately, thorncroft thinks this is a career—reviving opportunity of which he is going to make the most. here's a clip. ok, here's a list of prompts, so stick to script. and avoid any of these trigger words. "insane, nutjob, mental." blah, blah, blah, the usual stuff. is this the phone? that is the phone. great. yep. that's going to be ok. actually, if you could just keep it in its cradle until... sure, just connecting
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with the props. you were laughing all the way through that. so what then happened is he thinks this is going to be a massive publicity opportunity, but doing the course of that he meets with characters from his old life. essie davis as the person with who he used to co—star, but he's in love with her. she's now with his stuntman, his dutch stu ntman. steve coogan plays as the spin—off character who has become successful and of whom he is veryjealous. the film's very interesting, and funny in the moments when the comedy comes together. the supporting cast is terrific, kenneth branagh plays himself, simon cowell playing himself — simon callow plays himself, not simon cowell! there are plenty of laughs all the way through. my only reservation is that sometimes it feels like a 30 minute sketch stretched out to 90 minute movie. that said, it's really nice to see the isle of man playing the isle of man.
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there are so many movies where the isle of man — you know, it played ireland in waking ned, and new york in me and orson welles, and cornwall in stormbrea ker. it's nice to see the point being that they are on the isle of man. although there are dramatic areas and it's uneven, when it's funny, it's funny and the physical comedy works well. especially if you have that nostalgic thing you are talking about. looking at things like bergerac and the six million dollar man. those jokes will work. so i thought it was funnier than i was expecting, yes, it's uneven and inconsistent but it works when it works. it's nice it's got such a great supporting cast. andrea riseborough is great. the joke is funnier because she is playing it straight, reacting with a straight face. so it entertained me, even though it's uneven. 0k. and it could not be more different from harmonium. yeah. so this is a cannes prizewinner. it has a mysterious stranger
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who turns up on the door of a family — father, mother and young child. the father immediately recognises him, gives him a job and food and lodging, and the wife says, "who's he? "where does he come from? "how do you know him?" he says he's an old friend. it's evident he's an old friend from a part of the husband's past that the wife doesn't know about. slowly, the film starts to reveals its secrets. what i liked about it was it's a movie in which the story is not told so much through what people say but through what they do, through their actions, the way they stand and behave. you immediately get to see with this character,
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he has been possibly in confinement. he can only sleep with the light on, he eats food fast as if he's protective of it. so you know more about these characters than they tell you. the film itself then moves from something that seems to be understated and low—key to something that is actually quite tragic and dramatic. the change happens almost imperceptibly. it's a film that wrong—footed me several times. i didn't know where it was going, but i found myself gripped. so when the big revelations occur, they are all the more powerful. it's called harmonium because, during it, the young daughter is learning to play the instrument. this stranger actually starts to teach her how to play the instrument, which, on the one hand, seems to be partly innocent, but also seems oddly threatening, which is pretty much the tone of the whole film. i have read the word bleak in relation to it many times. people have certainly said bleak. it is bleak, but it is also very human. it's not just bleak. it's engaging in the way it makes its dramatic punch work even better. let's move to sleepless. this is a jamie foxx vehicle? what's your take on it? oh, it is that. from a film in which silence is everything to one where noise is everything.
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jamie foxx is a cop who, very early on, we see him get a large stash of drugs with his partner. clearly if you have a large stash of drugs they belong to somebody. they belong to a casino owner who wants them back and decides he'll get it back by kidnapping jamie foxx's son. meanwhile, rachel monaghan is a internal affairs agent on the trail of these bad cops and there's another criminal, all of whom end up in this casino building, all chasing each other, all, double—crossing each other and fighting each other. here's a clip. rap music stay right there! dad! the cop's son, we have him! he'll bring the dope.
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0k? that's pretty much the tone of the film all the way through. the thing is, that idea of the sort of single location, if you think about a thing like die hard, or snake eyes, you think, maybe this is tapping into that, but it doesn't have the punch or panache of either of those films. what you have is a bunch of people chasing each other around a confined space and it's lots of running, jumping, pointing, shooting, car chases. it never engages on a dramatic level. there are some good performances in it and you keep thinking, it's ok, i quite like watching this, but it never actually gets under your skin. and it's ironic that it's called sleepless, because it isn't a movie that engages or keeps you awake. there are whole sections
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in it where you think, yeah, i have been here before. i've seen this done better. i'm not particularly gripped this time round. is it a remake of a french film? apparently the french film is very good. i always wonder why films that were made a few years ago need to be remade in another language. there is no reason for it. ok, well, on that note, let's talk about lady macbeth. if there wasn't a general election on i would have seen this by now. i'm looking forward to it. it's really good. firstly, the director has come out of theatre. i think he made one short film before. and, you know, this is a really good piece of cinema. fantastic central performance by florence pugh — who is going to be huge. she will clearly be a major star and she dominates the screen in this. it's based a version — siberian lady macbeth is one version, and it takes the action to victorian north—east england and it is a really engaging story with a great central performance and one of those soundscapes that draws you in, sort of tells the story again more
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through the whistling of the wind and the creaking of the chairs than it does the dialogue. you'll love it. it's worth seeing, but see it in this cinema, don't wait for the dvd. ok, good tip. talking of dvds, though, for someone who does have — well, in this week's case — a lot of time on our hands, for the scorsese. i was ambivalent about silence when it came out in the cinema. this is a project that scorsese wanted to do for decades and decades. it's based on the 1966 historical novel on religious persecution in 17th century japan. it is a film made with great integrity and honesty. i think it has some dramatic failings in it, but it looks absolutely beautiful. liam neeson, andrew garfield, adam driver are nominally the stars but the japanese stars
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steal the show. including one of the stars we saw in harmonium. perhaps i underestimated it the first time round. although it's farfrom perfect, it was interesting watching it again and thinking, it is deeper and richer and more resonant than first time round. so worth having a go, although it is a tough watch. no question, it's a tough watch. mark, thanks as ever. see you next week. a quick reminder before we go that you can find all the film news and reviews from across the bbc online. i'm sure you know the address by now. you'll find all our previous programmes on the bbc iplayer. that's it for this week from both of us. thanks for watching, happy cinemagoing. goodbye. hello there. lots of spring sunshine
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over the weekend for many of us. the second half of the weekend was a good deal better across the south—west and the first half of the weekend, lots more sunshine around. it make want to go to the beach, doesn't it? st ives. the water wasn't that warm. blue skies in northern ireland. blue skies all the way across the country. temperatures 21 degrees. the contrast, eight degrees in loftus with the west —— wind off the north sea. the wind blows in the cloud. temperatures he —— here went to change through the night. someone close to freezing. in the towns and cities, this is what we are looking at. more cloud into scotland, eastern scotland and easton, central parts of england. we started at east, west split. another
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lovely day for northern ireland. sunshine for scotland and especially in the south—west of wales and western england. the cloudy day to the midlands and the south—east. the best of the sunshine in scotland, the south—west. some cloud are round and the breeze off the north sea. not as warm as today in northern ireland. still, a pleasant stay in the sunshine. temperatures across wales and the south—west, maybe not as high as today but sunshine around. more cloud the midlands, east anglia, the south—east, yorkshire and lincolnshire. that cloud is coming in off the north sea and around the edge of this high pressure which dominates our weather through the early parts of the week. high—pressure extends all the way down. in the high—pressure, we may have bit more cloud by tuesday morning. even across scotland and northern ireland. still some sunshine here and there but again, it will be dryjust everywhere. temperatures into the mid—teens and
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we won't have the wind of the north sea so we will start to feel a bit warmer in some eastern parts of england and scotland. a chilly start on wednesday in the countryside. again, warming up in the sunshine. perhaps in southern scotland as well. 90 degrees midlands into southern england. more cloud for scotla nd southern england. more cloud for scotland and a few spots of rain on the weather front. the scotland and a few spots of rain on the weatherfront. the big change comes in terms of the pressure because high pressure is being pulled away into the continent and pressure will be dropping from wednesday onwards and that will signal a change. for most of the week, it will be dry. there will be sunshine around. quite chilly with clear skies. the change comes in on thursday and into friday with a chance of rain. welcome to newsday. i'm sharanjit
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leyl in singapore. the headlines: celebrations in paris as emmanuel macron, a strong supporter of the european union, wins power at the age of 39. he will be france's youngest ever leader. translation: i know that there are disagreements, and i will respect us. disagreements, and i will respect us. and i will be faithful to the others taken. i will protect the republic. but it is a night of defeat for marine le pen. she insists her agenda is now in the political mainstream. translation: i will be at the head of a battle


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