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tv   BBC News  BBC News  May 10, 2017 5:45am-6:00am BST

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of their website is awash with images of the new south korean president. moon jae—in from the democratic party won with a1% of the vote ending nine years of conservative rule under the impeached former president park geun—hye. the financial times features a story about apple's market share value, which broke through the $800 billion mark for the first time. analysts are putting that down to a good earnings season not any optimism over president donald trump's pro—business tax policies. a photo of one of russia's ballistic missiles graces the front page of the uk independent. it says that putin used moscow's annual victory day parade to show off the weapons system for the first time. and finally, uk prime minister theresa may and her husband were early victims of "fa ke news", they told the bbc, after a newspaper reported that the couple had had a baby much to the surprise
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of mrs may's in—laws. let's ta ke let's take a look at what is fake and what isn't, with amrita sen, chief analyst at energy aspects, joining us now. good morning. an incredible headline. president trump fires fbi directorjames comey. i don't know what the british press have done, but you would think they would play on the apprentice, you are fired. i woke up and check the i'iews are fired. i woke up and check the news and i was shocked. it is no joke. he thought it was a joke, james comey was at a press conference, speaking, and then he was handed a notice saying that he had been fired. he actually thought it was a joke, but it wasn't. what i found very intriguing about this is that coney was praised i trump early oi'i that coney was praised i trump early on for bringing that investigation about clinton's emails out in the open. —— comey. since then they have
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been at loggerheads, he has apparently not done too much, and i'iow apparently not done too much, and now the democrats are saying that comey was too close to the whole investigation around russia. but also, it is notjust the democrats, some republican senators have pointed fingers and said it is too much of a coincidence that he has been let go, because he was close to unearthing a few things about the elections, the close ties with russia. it is quite murky, this whole thing. you have spent a lot of time in the us because of yourjob. what is the sense that the moment about all of this, as the trump administration gets beyond the 100 days and continues, and these kinds of headlines break, these shocking decisions. what are people saying about his presidency? it has been different. in terms of people who expected a lot, and i think the apple story talks about this, people
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we re apple story talks about this, people were expecting lots of tax breaks and big infrastructure spending. that is definitely not happening. well, not yet. not yet, but people are losing hope, asking when it is going to happen and whether he can even pay for it. the general impression that i get, and i spend lots of time in the midwest, because of myjob, lots of people who are initially saying they were going to vote to him are now saying, no, no, we didn't vote him. they are denying it? silenced trump voters. well, he still has a lot of support. yes, he does. let's move on to events in south korea. moon jae—in, does. let's move on to events in south korea. moonjae—in, it is not just tensions between north and south, but tensions between the south, but tensions between the south and america, if he gets his way with north korea policy. yes, which is interesting, because that was one of the other things that keeps coming up in the us, why has donald trump suddenly focused on north korea? what i found very interesting about all of this is
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that the korea times is focusing on, welcome moonjae—in that the korea times is focusing on, welcome moon jae—in is that the korea times is focusing on, welcome moonjae—in is very much about dialogue, even when he was serving earlier as the chief of staff, he talked about having more dialogue instead of military action. they are saying that this would be at odds with trump's policy. the sunshine policy brings a lot of hope to north korean. some of the north koreans that i met in pyongyang, a do believe that the north and south will unify one day. for them, that is still the absolute aim. of course, many of them do not have a clue what life is like on the other side of the border. i think the fact that the south koreans have chosen him, of course there was that scandal with his predecessor, but the fact that they voted for him shows that they would like dialogue, not war. you never know, he could pioneer the bird of diplomacy that we heard mrtrump pioneer the bird of diplomacy that we heard mr trump talking about. —— the burger diplomacy. yes, i will have a burger with him, things have
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changed now. and he is the son of a refugee. quite interesting. let's talk about apple, this is the front page of the ft. just going up and up. notjust page of the ft. just going up and le, page of the ft. just going up and up. notjust apple, but all the tax stocks, google, microsoft, netflix, and is on, the list is so long, they are and is on, the list is so long, they a re really and is on, the list is so long, they are really dominating. —— netflix, and is on. —— amazon. any people are buying these stocks because they believe that president trump's policies will favour technology stocks. —— many people. why is that? his tax policies. it is effectively saying that company earnings or taxes will come down to very low levels, 15%, it gives a big boost to all american companies, but especially tax stocks. and seeing that he is not going to tax global income, right? —— say in. that was a big step. in a lot of his policies
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he has said these things, but they need to become law, so to speak. and he hasn't signed any executive orders about any of this yet. the other one, as well, he said he would try to encourage them to bring all that cash home. yes. in the case of apple that is a lot of money, $250 billion or more. if they brought that cash back it could help shareholders, they might give out special dividends. it is about americanjobs for special dividends. it is about american jobs for americans as well. ringing those businesses back. yes, but again, there are arguments about certain things which simply cannot be made in america cheap enough. that is a separate argument. the —— the article doesn't want say that this rally in particular is to do with such a strong earnings season. there have been lots of people over the years saying that apple stock is overvalued, but it keeps going up. this is less about the trump valley, but more about their earnings. could have bought in 1980, 50 cents per
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share. hindsight is a wonderful thing. let's move on and look at the front page of the independent. this is the kind of image you would expect from north korea, frankly. very much so. that is a rush of displaying one of their missile launchers. —— that is russia displaying. i wanted to look up this missile launcher, pretty much exactly on the same day last year they had the same parade and the headlines read zac the same, showcasing latest weaponry. —— headlines read exactly the same. they say that russia calls for world peace, then they show off their missiles. i don't expect anything different, personally. it could be argued that some of those missiles have led to some peace and stability, because liberty wants to ta ke stability, because liberty wants to take them on. lots of russians, our correspondence tell us this, they
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are very proud of russia's involvement in syria. they see it as a peacemaking effort, not a warmongering effort, supporting president assad to bring peace and stability to syria. the world police. that is what their government has always said. they support aside because they genuinely believe that they can actually bring a lot of stability to syria. —— support assad. speaking of fake news, theresa may has been speaking about that too the bbc. for our international viewers, the one show isa international viewers, the one show is a very family friendly, early evening show, not a very heavy on the politics, like me and sally. perhaps this is a way of reaching out to non—traditional voters, all voters who do not know every nitty—gritty thing about government policy, or party policy. a chance for some insight into their personal lives. this is a first appearance by the two of them together. obviously thatis
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the two of them together. obviously that is very important ahead of the elections. nowadays everybody talks about fake news and donald trump and so on. about fake news and donald trump and so on. clearly this was evident years ago, decades ago, because the story is about how theresa may was told, you will struggle in politics because you are having a child. she didn't pay much attention, but then her mother—in—law called and said, have you not told me anything? she has never had a child, they talked about how difficult that was the them. but fake news was that decades ago. they were looking at each other lovingly, it was quite nice. benazir bhutto introduced them, i didn't know that. but oxford. we will have to leave it there. they go on walking holidays together. there you 90, walking holidays together. there you go, that is the key phrase successful marriage. -- key for a. hello. loria sunshine yesterday across western parts of the country
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once again. —— glorious. these were the clear skies and south—west wales. lots of sunshine in the last few days across western parts of the country. across the east, you can see cloudier weather coming in from the north sea, with pesky winds bringing in cloud across much of central and western england. and not very warm under those cloudy skies. but the weather is going to change. that wind is changing direction, no more cloud from the north sea. pressure relatively higher on wednesday, the winds will be lighter and it will be sunny and warmer for many parts of the country. warmth on the way, but quite a chilly start to the way, but quite a chilly start to the morning. temperatures starting off two or three degrees in the countryside. a few spots seen temperatures below freezing. those will be the very coldest areas. wednesday, cloudy across the north of scotla nd wednesday, cloudy across the north of scotland and rain for the northern isles, but mostly dry. some sunshine across the central bell centre southwards. —— central belts
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and southwards. for most of us, temperatures will come up quickly with those light winds and blue skies overhead. that is really how the weather will stay for the rest of the day. a few spits and spots of rain across the far north of scotland, but essentially a dry picture with sunshine and temperatures across central england towards the south—west, east and wales actually reaching low 20s. pretty warm and pleasant in the sunshine. heading through wednesday evening and overnight, cloudy weather across far north scotland, but late in the night we may see some showers pushing in from the near continent, signs of a change on the way. temperatures overnight around 7— nine degrees. thursday start something like this. most of us start something like this. most of us starting on a sunny note, with showers moving up from the continent. some showers turning thundery through the day, but for many areas and other decent kind of
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day, dry with some warm sunshine, to which is rising 19 degrees also in london. through thursday night into friday, it looks like we will start to see some thunderstorms pushing up from the continent. hit and miss in nature, but some of those downpours could be quite intense. maybe some hail mixed in. winds getting stronger, but cooler in eastern scotla nd stronger, but cooler in eastern scotland with cloud and rain here. 0n the weekend, relatively warm conditions on the way. right spells, but also intermingled with one or two match ours. —— bright spells. that's your weather.
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hello, this is breakfast, with louise minchin and dan walker shock in washington as president trump sacks the head of the fbi, james comey the security chief is told without warning that he will be removed from office immediately — absolutely explosive news from washington to nine. shoppers james comey is told he will be removed it effective immediately. he had been leading an investigation into the links between resident on's election campaign and russia. —— shock as james comey is told. good morning, it's wednesday 10th may. also this morning — an investigation begins
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into the death of an 11—year—old girl who fell from a water ride at drayton manor theme park.
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