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tv   World News Today  BBC News  May 12, 2017 9:00pm-9:31pm BST

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and world news today. here are the top stories. cyber attacks have been reported in organisations around the world including the nhs. donald trump tweets a warning to the sacked boss of the fbi not to leak their conversations. his spokesman will not say any more. i don't think that's a threat. he is simply stating a fact that he is moving on. supreme courtjudges stating a fact that he is moving on. supreme court judges in stating a fact that he is moving on. supreme courtjudges in italy have upheld a 16 yearjail sentence on a shipwrecked captain. and chelsea could be minutes away from winning the english premier league title. hello. cyber attacks have been reported on organisations around the world. including in britain and
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spain the united states and china. it is not clear if they are connected. meanwhile the national health service said the attack meant some hospitals were forced to divert emergencies. ransomware appears to have been used in the attack, with hackers demanding payment to restore users‘ access. hugh pym reports. a major incident has been declared by nhs leaders in england, and hospitals like this one in colchester have been experiencing serious computer problems after a cyber attack. this is what some patients told us: the gentleman just inside the door said that all the computers have gone down, and they are not sure whether the doctors can see you for whatever reason. if it is x—rays, or breakages, or what have you, they will send you home. it has happened before — at this hospital trust covering north lincolnshire and goole, it systems were closed for three days as the result of a cyber attack last autumn. hundreds of operations and patient appointments were postponed, people were told to a&e only if it was really necessary, there were warnings that nhs it was vulnerable.
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and today staff logging in at other hospitals found this on their screens, with a message saying, your files are encrypted, if you want to recover them, you need to pay up. ransomware, a hidden programme used by criminal hackers, was being used. the nhs is vulnerable, because typically it has not invested enough in computer security, using old computers and systems and if they don‘t keep them properly patched they will keep getting hit by attacks like this. in a statement, nhs digital, responsible for it, has said: one doctor at this hospital in mansfield told us how it was
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affecting services today. i had a lady today, who had severe back pain, could potentially paralyse her down below her legs. and we had to divert her to another hospital, queens medical centre. it is getting a bit difficult for us. we have a lot of patients here. it takes an awful lot of time for us to process the information on a paper system. some hospitals warned local people they were experiencing significant it and telephone problems. some gp practices have also reported significant problems. the man speaking in a report is in oxford and he joins us the man speaking in a report is in oxford and hejoins us now, here‘s a cyber security analyst. you are saying the nhs is vulnerable, why
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was invulnerable? any organisation which does not keep up—to—date with its security patches, is not upgrading the operating system, can have those problems exploited by hackers and malware attacks. and sadly the british health service has really lagged behind in some of these areas. why are they not updating? i suspect one reason may be money. it costs money to upgrade your operating system, because often your operating system, because often you have to upgrade the computers as well to handle the new operating system. also you might have to reboot computers and bring them die down for awhile as people don‘t like systems going down. but any time microsoft comes out and says there isa microsoft comes out and says there is a critical problem with our softwa re is a critical problem with our software which cybercriminals can exploit, you have to listen and you should apply those patches. talking of patches, microsoft sent out this patch in march when it first became evident that the ransomware was out
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there. the nhs did not apply it. the more you look into less the more simple in its bases it seems. it does not appear to have been some great hacking organisation that have done this. it seems to have been a lucky hit full —— by whoever was behind it. the people behind attacks like this simply want to hit is made people as possible. they were not specifically targeting any of the organisations that were hit. they simply set the virus loose. they are keen for as many computers as possible to be hit because they will make more money in return. and frankly the nhs was something of a sitting duck. but so were other organisations. but what i think is most disturbing about this is that this vulnerability which the worm was exploiting was first discovered by american intelligence services, the nsa, and they knew about this problem and they did not tell microsoft about it for months or
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maybe years because they were using it to spy for their own purposes. and the nse —— and as a god tax and. we would have had a patch months earlierfrom we would have had a patch months earlier from the microsoft if the nsa had protected everyone by sharing the information with microsoft as soon as they knew it. thank you very much. president trump has warned the former fbi director not to leak to the press against him, turning up the political temperature even higher in washington. among a deluge of tweets mrtrump said... this washington. among a deluge of tweets mr trump said... this follows a television interview in which mr
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trump said he had alone had taken the decision to fire the fbi chief, contradicting previous claims about the sequence of events. the president‘s letter to him on tuesday said he was being terminated on the recommendation of the attorney general and his deputy. she recently the white house spokesman sean spicer was quizzed about the taping? did the president record his conversations? you are referring to the tweet, i've talked to the president, he has nothing further to add. why did he say that? why did he tweeted ? add. why did he say that? why did he tweeted? what should we interpret from it? as i said, he has nothing further to add. are there recording devices on? there is nothing further to add. is it appropriate to threaten someone like this not to speak? that is not a threat. he is
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simply stating a fact. the tweet speaks for itself. i am moving on. let‘s go to our correspondence in washington. what we make of all this? are there tapes? could there be tapes? there could be. sean spicer was very evasive when it came to answering that question. he would not outright say there were no secret tapes in the white house. it seems like we are talking about the nixon white house, but this is the trump presidency. so going forward there is a history, there have been reports of donald trump taping members of his own business in his offices when he was a real estate mogul. but that is speculation as to whether that could happen in the white house. we will have to wait and see if donald trump has asked himself if there is an existence of a taping system. do you think there is some form of rolling back now by
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the white house, because sean spicer said it is not a threat, there is nothing threatening in the tweet, it is just stating a fact. are they trying to row back? i think they are trying to row back? i think they are trying to. every time they seem to construct trying to. every time they seem to co nstru ct a trying to. every time they seem to construct a series of arguments or defences about this firing and they talk about it being a process and there was a memo, signed off by the attorney general, donald trump goes out in talks to the media and undercuts what ever came before him. so you have people like sean spicer and even mike pence who also talk about the firing being a process within the department, joel trump undermines that when he says no i planned on firing him from the get go no matter what thejustice department said. in reality it is not until donald trump speaks himself that you know what his views are. apparently in an interview that
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willair are. apparently in an interview that will air this weekend cover he is thinking of not having any press briefings by the press office any more. and maybejust himself briefings by the press office any more. and maybe just himself talking to the press every couple of weeks which would be a major break from tradition. we will leave it there. thank you. and of course if you want to stay up—to—date with this developing story you can visit the live page of our website. it is being constantly updated with the latest reaction. there are also links to the analysis from our correspondence in washington and don‘t forget you can also download the wonderful app. let‘s take a look at some of the other stories making the news. candidates in a run‘s presidential election exchanged barbs in theirfinal presidential election exchanged barbs in their final debate on friday. they accused each other of corruption and economic mismanagement. the current president
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is contesting the election to be held next week along with five other candidates. soldiers in the ivory coast have opened fire in at least five military bases across the country. it is reported there was shooting in the air in protest of the deal made with the government to scrap plans to give them back pay and bonuses. it follows a televised apology by a spokesman for the soldiers over previous protest over pat’- soldiers over previous protest over pay. pope francis has embarked on a pilgrimage to central portugal where up pilgrimage to central portugal where up to pilgrimage to central portugal where uptoa1 pilgrimage to central portugal where up to a 1 million people are expected to attend the canonisation of two children who had visions of the virgin mary one century ago. italy‘s highest court has upheld the 16 yearjail sentence imposed on the captain ofa 16 yearjail sentence imposed on the captain of a shipwrecked cruise liner. 32 people died when the vessel hit rocks off an italian island in 2012. the captain was also convicted of abandoning ship before
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his passengers and crew were clear. this was the definitive ruling by italy‘s highest court. it had to consider an earlier ruling by a lower court which had convicted him on multiple counts of manslaughter, on multiple counts of manslaughter, on causing a maritime accident, on abandoning ship before its passengers and true was safe,. italy‘s highest court has decided that verdict is sound. and that is that. it now means that the captain will begin to serve his 16 year sentence under the weight italian law works he did not have to serve it until it was finally concluded. that has now happened. his lawyer says his he is on his way to hand himself in. has there been any reaction from the families of those who died? a lawyer spoke on the steps of the court saying that this is finally justice at last. steps of the court saying that this is finallyjustice at last. they‘re in mind this was more than five
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yea rs in mind this was more than five years ago that this happened and the captain throughout that time has suggested he was not to blame. the families disagreed. now the court has sided with the families saying that the captain‘s bad handling of the ship, his decision not to steer it properly, his decision to abandon ship before everyone was safe, is an issue for which he has to serve 16 in prison. thank you very much. do stay with us because still to come we will have the latest on chelsea‘s bid for the english premier league title. the pope was shot, the pope will live, that is the essence of the news from rome this afternoon, that‘s terrorism has come to the vatican. the man they call the butcher of leon went on trial in the town where he was the gestapo chief
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ina town where he was the gestapo chief in a second world war. winnie mandela did not look like a woman sentenced to six years in jail. the judge told her there was no indication she felt even the slightest rewards. they have called for help for the victims of an earthquake. the computer has triumphed over the chess champion. it is the first time this has happened. america's first legal same—sex marriages have been taking place in massachusetts. god bless america! this is bbc world news today. the latest headlines: a cyber hacker has hit the attack in an —— a cyber
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attack has hit the nhs in england. president trump has warned the sacked director of the fbi not to lea k sacked director of the fbi not to leak stories to the press in a series of early—morning tweets. south africa has been hit by violent demonstrations this week. registers are demanding houses and jobs and have clashed with police in several townships south of johannesburg. they put pressure on the government to deliver on election promises. the government has admitted the issues behind the latest wave of protests are genuine and deserve a response. here is our report. a sense of calm returns following days of protests. the demonstrations were led by communities who feel marginalised and neglected, protesters up in arms over electoral promises not delivered. they want better housing and jobs. the week—long unrest, dubbed service delivery protests,
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have become increasingly violent. poverty and stubbornly high unemployment 23 years after the end of apartheid has angered many, piling pressure on president jacob zuma‘s government. labelled coloured under apartheid, not black, not white, the community of eldorado park south of johannesburg feels unheard by the governing anc. some have even openly declared that life was better under white minority rule while others say the protests are justified. the government must act to build houses firstly, then the community, but take the government seriously, but if they don‘t start, will take the government seriously, but if they don‘t start, we will not stop until our demands have been met. but our protests in south africa is to start to build. blockade of the
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streets, no cars pass, no one goes to work. that happened also before democracy. that is how we put this government in action. this woman has been on the housing waiting list for more than 20 years. she lives in a one—bedroom house with family members. i feel frustrated, i feel very disappointed in all of this. now because of us young people who can't get houses, we have to come crowd my mother's house. you vote for nothing. you vote for houses you don't get the house, you vote forjobs, you don't get a job so it hasn't helped. we struggle a lot in the south. i don't know what to say but i'm struggling with my children. they haven't got jobs. it's only my disability grant for this little money. there are concerns that criminal elements are infiltrating these protests but the grievances remain genuine. like many communities in south africa, most people just want a piece of land to build a house on — a simple request that successive administrations have failed to address. corruption is often cited
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as the reason why the government appears unable to deliver on the many promises to improve people‘s lives. the united states and china have announced a new trade deal. the unexpected agreement gives us farmers, energy companies and financial services access to china‘s huge market. it also reflects the warming in relations between washington and beijing. our business correspondence has more. it is a really significant deal and broadly speaking it gives american credit rating agencies and credit card companies, financial services basically, access to china‘s all—important basically, access to china‘s all—importa nt market, the middle—class in particular american beef exporters will also be able to sell their products in china after
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yea rs of sell their products in china after years of being banned, and china will also accept shipments of us liquefied natural gas. in return china gets to sell its cooked poultry products to the us. but frankly this isn‘t just a poultry products to the us. but frankly this isn‘tjust a deal about trade. it is also about relationships. typically the criticism from foreign investors who are doing business in china, they say it is usual china late that benefits the most. that is what trump has said on the campaign train, that is he has promised to make china play by the rules and open up its might markets to american businesses. this deal looks like he has gone some way to getting what he wants. but beijing is not one to give something for nothing. this weekend china is hosting a summit, is coming out party to the world. and it wants global recognition for this plan. part of this trade deal includes the us sending some of its representatives to the summit, something that
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previous administrations never did before. now all the sport. chelsea are playing the game in which they could win the premier league title. it would be their second in three yea rs, would be their second in three years, three more points is all they need. they have three games to do it but they would love to do it in the first one, that is against west bromwich be right now. they have had just over an hour and it is still 0-0. if just over an hour and it is still 0—0. if chelsea do not wrap it up in this match they have another chance on monday night against watford at home. they are currently goalless. it is one of two matches being played tonight in the premier league. currently everton are leading 1—0 against watford in the other. mercedes‘ lewis hamilton was the fastest in one of two practice sessions. it was an embarrassing day for the hero. formula 1 you season
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kicks up with spanish grand prix in barcelona. the teams took to the track for the first time on friday with two 1.5 hour sessions. all of the teams brought a lot of our islamic upgrades to the race and on the evidence site far it looked like first blood to mercedes. lewis hamilton was fastest in both of the two practice sessions closely followed by his team—mate. this is an important race for halton, used to reassert himself within the team after his team—mate won his first grand prix in russia two weeks ago. so far so good hamilton. behind him came the two ferraris. a good day for others. the only person who didn‘t have a good day was the double world hero fernando alonso. he was last in both sessions and managed just two corners of the first session before his engine let
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go. he managed a few more laps in the second session but was still slowest of everybody. a slightly depressing time for the crowd and their driver. rafa nadal described his straight sets win is a beautiful match as he set up a meeting with novak djokovic. he managed a bruising first set despite eight break points and then broke his opponents resolve with his relentless energy in the second set. djokovic had a bye after his opponent withdrew through injury. nadal and djokovic will meet each other in the last four in madrid. barcelona defender piquet‘s plans for a world tennis events have been backed. such a tournament would be backed. such a tournament would be backed —— arrival to the davis cap. —— the davis cup. his plan would see
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a single tournament take place in just one location over a maximum of ten days. chelsea could be 2a minutes away from the cheque premier league title, but it is still 0—0. that is all the sport for now. it is the final of the eurovision song contest on saturday. this year‘s competition has been overshadowed even more than usual by politics. the host nation ukraine has barred russia‘s singerfrom entering the country. then there is brexit. will the uk‘s european neighbours punish it? we have a report from kiev. it‘s the final of the eurovision song contest this saturday in kiev.
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the uk‘s entry is one of its strongest in years. i'm nervous but ifi strongest in years. i'm nervous but if i wasn‘t i would worry about myself. singing in front of 200 million people, if you are not nervous it is crazy. it is easy to forget there is a serious side to the annual fest of cacophony and kitsch. the idea behind the eurovision song contest is a noble one. to use music to break down borders and bring different countries and cultures and communities together. the problem this year is that politics is centre stage. russia‘s entrance was not allowed into ukraine. the first time eurovision host nation has barred a singer. ukraine said the artist had
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violated its border laws by visiting crimea, the ukrainian peninsular annexed by russia. she was back there this week, stoking the controversy. then there is brexit. theresa may thinks that will spoil our eurovision party. in current circumstances i don‘t know how many votes we will get. laughter but even before brexit the uk was struggling in eurovision. that must be politics, mustn‘t it? struggling in eurovision. that must be politics, mustn't it? the songs we re be politics, mustn't it? the songs were bad, the performances were bad, thatis were bad, the performances were bad, that is the reason. nobody votes for us that is the reason. nobody votes for us when the songs are bad at the singers are bad, and we had some bad ones, i tell you! so maybe, just maybe, with a good song and a great performance, the uk can achieve eurovision goals. —— eurovision gold. and that takes place on saturday. you have been watching bbc news
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today. stay with us, there is plenty more coming up. good evening. the highlands of scotla nd good evening. the highlands of scotland was the place to be for some sunshine this afternoon. and it was quite warm as well. we got into the low 20s. elsewhere there was a lot of cloud around and outbreaks of rain. but there was at least a little sunshine to be had. here is the satellite sequence, quite messy picture, this band of rain and scattered showers, little bit of sunshine in the south—east, that band of rain makes its way into northern ireland, south wales and showers tend to fade as they drift north. a little rain at times in scotla nd north. a little rain at times in scotland and quite great conditions in the north—east corner. some pretty extensive low cloud there. a few showers in the south coast. not a cold night by any stretch. towards
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the morning, pretty good across much of the south. a bit breezy, some cloud, breaks in the cloud, little sunshine, most places will be dry. but there is the chance of one or two showers, higher chance of rain further north. we will see wetter weather to ignore the island, southern and northern scotland will see some outbreaks and low cloud. and there will be some outbreaks of the western and northern isles. it will be witnessed towards the west. that is where it is thickest and we will see red as well. heading towards the south east winds are lighter and the showers less. a largely dry picture here. also the highest temperatures. further north and west 1a to 16 should cover it. the premier league football should not have too many problems. a spot or two of not have too many problems. a spot ortwo of rain not have too many problems. a spot or two of rain in manchester but not
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in bournemouth or stoke. through the evening and into the small hours of sunday, we see the rain crossing pretty much all parts of the uk. it will not last too long anywhere, and most of it is out of the north sea by early sunday. it might stay for a time in the north—east of scotland. but then it is a bright and breezy day with sunny spells and some showers. early next week in the north—west it will be cloudy and breezy with some rain at times, in the south—east it will be sunny and quite warm. this sigwili news. the headlines. president trump has war the sacked fbi director not to speak to the press about their conversations. in a string of twitter messages he suggested there might be tapes of their exchanges. hospitals around england are being affected by what is believed to be a major cyber attack. some have been forced to divert emergencies as organisations in other countries are affected.
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