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tv   The Film Review  BBC News  May 13, 2017 10:45pm-11:00pm BST

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more about winning over the is more about winning over the labour voters. so, that is not how to do the papers, if you're presenting it! thank you so much! fiona, thank you. coming up next, the film review. hello and welcome to the film review on bbc news. mark kermode is with us as ever to take us through all this week's releases. so, we have a political thriller starring jessica chastain called miss sloane. alien: covenant, the latest in the ongoing alien franchise. and jawbone, written by and starring johnny harris. and miss sloane, even looking at the poster
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i so want to like this. it's washington, it's the west wing, already you're in with the intrigue! and it'sjessica chastain and a very fine director, so all the omens look good. so the story isjessica chastain is a lobbyist who gets embroiled in a battle between the people who want controls on gun sales and those who want to sell more guns. early on she is enlisted by a group of people who say, we're trying to make guns seem more popular. we want to get guns to appeal to women. she literally laughs them out of the room. the next thing that happens is she is approached by the other side, who are trying to fight for the restrictions lobby. she decides that she will throw in her lot with them. they want her because of her very powerful and, it has to be said, sometimes cynical way of lobbying. here's a clip. what's the best indicator of voter intention? dollars. that's our first prong. grassroots action aimed squarely at soliciting donations. not names in a petition, not clicks in cyberspace. will they know how much we're raising?
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non—profits have to report on theirfinances. every congressional staffer watches fining day like a hawk. while you're out there hustling, i'll be working influential senators who can deliver their colleagues' votes. that's our second prong. our third is to identify who holds sway in target states. employers, workers groups. don't just waltz into a senator's office and make your case, find out who they trust and convince that person to make your case. that is how we win. does she take no prisoners, i'm guessing? absolutely, that's exactly it. it's a take no prisoners performance and very strong supporting cast, including gugu mbatha—raw. i went into this feeling the same as you did — i like the subject matter, i like the milieu, i like the cast, the director. i came out thinking, it's not as good as it should be. the whole is less than the sum of its parts. there is something about it that
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keeps you at a distance. i was never completely engrossed, i never completely believed in these characters. one of the things about it is it has this plot that's full of twists and turns and there is a certain point after which those twists and turns start to sort of defy credibility. that said, it is done with gusto and, as i said, jessica chastain is always worth watching in anything and the subject matter is interesting and timely and it ought to be more gripping than it is. like you, i really wanted it to be great and i came out thinking, it's kind of ok, but i wanted it to be more than 0k. however, it makes sense, which is more than can be said for alien: covenant, which is the next instalment in the ongoing alien franchise. now, are you an alien fan? oh my goodness, no. you know enough about me and horror films to know i'm chicken. there's no way. there is no way. the first alien film was a horror film, the second was a war film, then we had alien iii, which was a mess, alien: resurrection, which was weird. and now we got onto the prequels.
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prometheus, which really suffered from... rather than having the dialogue that they had in alien, which was space truckers, people in space talking about overtime, talking about work conditions, griping about stuff you could believe in. in prometheus they started talking about the nature of mankind, god, the nature of existence. this is very much a prometheus sequel rather than an alien prequel. we've got have a group of space truckers, they're in space, they get a signal, they arrive at a new planet. it looks like it's going to be a new eden, it actually turns out to be some kind of living hell. however, what they do all the time is to talk — about poetry, about art, about life, about god, in a manner that nobody ever talks in space. we have sort of greatest hits reruns of all the famous moments from alien and aliens, but apparently sped up in a way where they make no sense whatsoever. there is no question that ridley scott is a visual stylist, but he's only ever as good as his script. the fact is, with alien: covenant, the script is very, very weak. there's a famous story
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that when vincent ward was going to do alien iii, he wanted it to be the name of the rose in space. this is the da vinci code in space. and, as someone who loved alien because it was ruthless, because it was stripped down, and loved aliens because it's a war movie, this is very much like a massive amount of pontificating and holding forth and also it makes no sense whatsoever. i know people don't necessarily go to alien movies for it to tie up all loose ends, but there were moments in it... there was one moment in it where a character says so little that makes any sense i laughed out loud. you've made me laugh! that's the only laugh you'll ever get from me about alien, i suspect. i'm a little more hopeful about your third choice this week, jawbone. you are. jawbone, written by and starring johnny harrison. i have to say, i know nothing about boxing, other than what i know from the movies. so, this is the tale of a washed—up boxer who is struggling with alcoholism and we meet him at the beginning of the film.
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he's on, i think, the south bank, in london, and he's drunk. he lives in a flat which used to be his mother's flat, he's in danger of being evicted. he's arrested early on for causing a disturbance. his life is in a mess. he turns up at his old gym, which is run by ray winstone and ray winstone gives him a look that tells you everything you need to know about their history. he says, ok, you can train here, but no alcohol and no talk of unlicensed games. however, he needs money and the next thing is he's having a meeting with ian mcshane. here's a clip. i think i can get you your money. i tell them, i've got an ex—aba champion with me who's looking for a fight. jimmy, you were one of the bravest kids i ever saw. the thing i don't with is kind of nick you're in now. so if you take this, it's on your back. whatever happens up there, you are on your own. yeah, i know. you're up for it, yeah? yeah, i'm up for it.
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right, i'll make the phone call. now, i thought this was really intriguing. i went in not knowing much about it, other than it was a boxing movie and i like members of the cast. i thought it really drew you into the story. you believe in the character and his dejection and his addiction and his alcoholism and his struggle to redeem himself. so i said that moment when he first goes into the gym and ray winstone looks at him in a way that kind of tells you everything, there are some wonderful scenes with michael smiley, who is a terrific actor, again it's not to do with what they say, it's to do with what they don't say. you know, cinematography has changed a lot since martin scorsese did raging bulland, here, this puts you right there, in the ring, on the receiving end of the punches. as i said, i've never been to a boxing match in my life, or a boxing gym, but this had the smack of authenticity and it had heart. it felt like it was a story being told by somebody who really believed in all of this,
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and it engages you. it makes you care. it's not fantastically original, but it is done in a way that seems very honest, very authentic, very moving. and as somebody who is not a boxing fan, i know nothing about boxing, i found it very gripping. and some great british talent in there as well. yeah, ray winstone, as far as i'm concerned, walks on water anyway, but this is a very understated role and he plays it beautifully. and, as i said, michael smiley who is a terrific actor, a really, really brilliant screen presence. there are a couple of moments between him and johnny harris‘s character, in which it is just to do with the way they look at each other. everything is said in the eyes, in the gestures, in the way they hold their heads, their necks. it was a real pleasure to see it because i thought it was a textured film and it takes an idea that we've seen done... you know, boxing does turn up
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in movies a lot because it's a spectacular sport in a way. but this really had something. in the end, it's not a boxing movie. in the end it's about somebody overcoming their demons and wrestling with their inner demons and overcoming addiction and dealing with alcoholism in a way which seemed honest and truthful and very engaging. best out? bless you, you have brought me a woody allen! yeah, manhattan. i love a lot of woody allen. i love the jazz, the new york, the angst, the neurosis. it's all there. and the way that manhattan looks means that it's one of the woody allen films that you should see on a cinema screen. it's a new 4k transfer. often when you think of woody allen you think of the jokes, the characters and all the rest of it. but this does look brilliant. the combination of the visuals, the george gershwin, from the beginning when he's a writer and he describes the way he feels about the city. people talk about the classic woody allen, annie hall, manhattan, i'm a huge fan of love and death. but the idea of seeing manhattan back on the big screen — i haven't seen manhattan projected since it first came out, ‘79, 1980,
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something like that. the idea of being able to see it projected again, because it's such a beautiful—looking film. that's wonderful. i didn't know it was being reissued, so that's fantastic. talking of seeing things on a big screen, i'm very interested in this week's dvd because it is la la land, which i did enjoy hugely. but doesn't that really need to be seen on a big—screen, that wonderful opening shot, the dancing, the californian sunshine? well, i've seen it on a big screen and a small screen, although nowadays small screens are no longer that small, and i have to say, it worked both times for me. in fact, oddly, when i saw it on the small screen i was in slightly more comfortable conditions, because there weren't people talking around me. i really like la la land, that opening sequence which is so beautiful. glorious! i think emma stone's performance is terrific. some people have complained and said things like, there's not a memorable tune in that film. i thought, what are you talking about? and it made me happy! you leave with a spring in your step and a song in your heart. i loved the ending and i won't spoil it for anybody who hasn't seen it.
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but i thought it was spot on. really wonderful. i will say no more because that would be a spoiler. it would be. they do it really, really well. incidentally, it's a musical, in the same way that oddly enough, in the same way that oddly enough, manhattan is kind of a musical as well. not really, but sort of. film with music in it and it is glorious. the music is driving the story. thank you very much, mark. that is the dvd viewing for the week. a reminder, you can find much more film news and reviews from across the bbc online of course. and you can find all our previous programmes on the bbc iplayer. that's it for this week. enjoy your cinema—going. bye— bye. good evening. we are seeing a change to a more
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u nsettled we are seeing a change to a more unsettled weather type. this was the scene in angus, fairly cloudy skies. i think there will be some more sunshine on sunday, but equally, some showers as well. start sunday with this weather front across eastern parts of scotland and eastern parts of scotland and eastern england, too. returning to sunshine from the west as the morning gets going. the rain will linger across the northern isles of scotland. sunshine in the west of scotla nd scotland. sunshine in the west of scotland and much of northern ireland, too. a little bit of cloudy down the east coast of england, you could catch a shower here. but for the bulk of england and wales, it is a dry start, with some sunshine. you will notice just a few showers starting to crop up. they cleared away fairly quickly. sunshine and a peppering of showers almost
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anywhere, but fairly few and far between. you might be lucky enough to avoid the showers on sunday. it looks like the showers die away into the evening hours. but then overnight into monday, the next batch of wet weather arrives from the west. a wet and windy start to the west. a wet and windy start to the new working week across western parts of the country. the winds on monday moving eastwards across the country. patchy outbreaks of rain for the towards the south—east, where we really could do with some rain for. where we really could do with some rainfor. —— where we really could do with some rain for. —— with some rainfall. low pressure staying with us, and
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setting the scene for much of the week ahead. low pressure not far away, so there will be rainfall at times. this is bbc news. i'm martine croxall. the headlines at 11pm: nearly all of the nhs trusts affected by the global cyber attack have had their it systems restored, according to the nhs in england. 48 trusts have been infected, and, of those, 43 and now currently providing services within their normal business continuity plans. jeremy corbyn denies that some senior labour figures are already admitting defeat in the general election. donald trump says he could announce a replacement for the sacked fbi director, james comey, by late next week — 11 people are reportedly being considered. also in the next hour, voting is
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