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tv   Asia Business Report  BBC News  May 16, 2017 1:30am-1:46am BST

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our top story: the washington post has claimed president trump revealed information to russia's foreign ministerand information to russia's foreign minister and risk services source of intelligence on the islamic state. the paper claims intelligence on the islamic state. the paperclaims mrtrump intelligence on the islamic state. the paper claims mr trump gave information supplied by an ally which had not authorised it disclosure to the russians. the white house has denied the claim is false. the us secretary of state said that they did not discuss soui’ces, said that they did not discuss sources, methods or military operations. two major internet security firms say they are looking at clues that may connect the attacks with north korea. they say some of the code used in the disruption has similarities to programs linked to pyongyang in the past. and this video is trending on our website: it's the noble british sport of lawnmower racing. it has its thrills and spills as you can see. that is all from me. our top uk story: ian brady — one of britian‘s most notorious serial killers —
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has died aged 79. he killed five children and teenagers in the 19605. we cross to singapore for the latest business news. singapore airlines‘ earnings are due out later today. it is still a great way to fly. a windy proposition in the philippines, but will the ousting of the environment secretary change its target for renewables? good morning asia and hello world. it is a tuesday. glad you could join us by asia business report. i‘m rico hizon. it is southeast asia‘s biggest airline group. but singapore airlines is dating increasing competition. some a nalysts dating increasing competition. some analysts suggest the carrier might soon go into debt for the first time
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in more than a decade. so will profits take off or hit turbulence this time round? here is a forecast. i think they will come out with a decent profit when the numbers come out. they have strong cash flow. they have very deep pockets, and very strategic view of what they wa nt to very strategic view of what they want to do in the next 3—5 years. i think that they have finally come on board and know what to do for the next two years. and they are on a record plane buying spree, but are not paying in cash? they are starting to have a net debt position. this is an interesting thing for singapore airlines. they have previously only played in cash. —— paid. they are saying that money is cheap, interest rates are low, so why not go out and diversified? $53 billion worth of new aircraft on the
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pipeline. will this mean they will be proactively taking on more debt in the future? first of all, they will not pay $53 billion. they are a strong name and will have a huge discount. what they are doing, if you look at the orders, they are looking more at planes like the abba said to 50. —— airbus a350. that is where the money will be. they are also facing increased competition on the low—end of the spectrum, but eagerly airasia. and are bringing this low—cost model to china. will the chinese airlines allow it? -- but especially. they had to try. china is the biggest frontier in aviation. they have to be there. i think they will do well. they have the resources and the know—how. they have very good management. i think
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everything goes with them. what is the potential of success for a asia in china? very good. they have grown very big in china. they have briefly to do that. —— airasia. they now have eight close political relationship between malaysia and china. so they have everything going for them in china. china. so they have everything going forthem in china. but china. so they have everything going for them in china. but there is a huge market within china, as well, where other players will potentially command. —— come in in the new future. in other business news, western digital is seeking international arbitration to stop toshiba from selling its chip business without consent. the two companies maintained their largest facilities. the cash bonus could be a boost for tissue. the japanese company has warned of a net loss of around $8 billion us, due to its bankrupt us nuclear business. the
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manual macron has called for a reconstruction of europe, following talks with the german chancellor in berlin. on his first foreign trip as president, emmanuel macron said that he would agree to draw a roadmap to changes to the european union. the two lea d e rs changes to the european union. the two leaders stressed the need to deepen integration in the eurozone, and said they would be to change treaties is necessary. gruber has been told to return thousands of files downloaded and taken from a self driving car division. —— uber. gruber has been sued over claims that trade secrets were stolen that we use by rival. from right hailing apps to mobile phone sats, and their usage has been on the rise in asia. fewer a re usage has been on the rise in asia. fewer are making trips to the bank
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and atms. the use of finance apps has more than doubled in asia since 2014. and more than 110 billion sessions took place in asia last year. earlier, ispoke sessions took place in asia last year. earlier, i spoke with someone from a company that compiles darter on the app market. we have a birds eye view of these trends. these apps have been taking off. they you to deposit tax, either by taking a picture, moved money, or pay bills. and they have been growing as you said, the large numbers here, over 100 billion sessions in asia. this comes from a low base, because a lot of asians are still quite financially illiterate? it is the biggest market for the use of this kind of app. it has grown at over 100% a year. in china, downloads
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grew 200% over the last years. in southeast asia, over 150%. grew 200% over the last years. in southeast asia, over150%. in australia and south korea, sessions are approaching 30 per month, which means people use these apps almost every day. every single day? we are quite surprised with all of these numbers. but particularly, where are these financial applications being used? i am surejapan, singapore, south korea... most of the developed economies here in asia. but what about southeast asia ? economies here in asia. but what about southeast asia? it is definitely in developed economies. it makes sense. from a financial institution standpoint, if you get users to use the up for more transactions —— app. that means that they are going to branches, atms, and overall they save a lot of money. have you deal with cyber attacks? most banks will secure
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transactions in the same way that they do with credit card, so there is fraud, they will secure the transaction if it is reported. —— if there is fraud. regina lopez recently turned a spotlight on the track was in favour of going towards using renewable energy. when funds are part of that mix, and one year in manila —— one area of manila is not only providing jobs, but torres. it isa not only providing jobs, but torres. it is a huge challenge for the philippines to find cheaper, cleaner, and more efficient ways of power its growing population and economy. jeannot lopez was forced out of a job as environmental minister after making many enemies. —— app. she won the support of
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environmentalists for her push for more renewable energy. we all know that coal and crude oil is a lot dirtier. —— gina lopez. and with awareness of climate change, we want to reduce the admission of carbon into the atmosphere and wind power does not produce any carbon emissions. if anything, does not produce any carbon emissions. ifanything, it does not produce any carbon emissions. if anything, it produces only clean energy for the country. it isa only clean energy for the country. it is a work in process. this farm produces more than 150 million kilowatts a year. that is enough to power 66,000 households. still, it is only a fraction of the 20,000 megawatts of power at the country can now generate. with the government expecting energy demand to double by 2030, the philippines must develop and tap into every megawatt he can get. these 27 turbines arejust megawatt he can get. these 27 turbines are just generate power, they also generatejobs, turbines are just generate power, they also generate jobs, revenue, and even tourism. more than 340,000
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visitors have hit this viewing deck since it opened to the public last year. translation: this is helpful in says that a lot of people can see the beauty of the philippines, notjust the trash. here, the air is fresh, and people are benefiting from the electricity it generates. at souvenir shops on the way to the farm also do a roaring trade. the company here plans to double the size of this windfarm and build new ones. despite the rejection as environment secretary, gina lopez may see her hopes for more renewable energy in the philippines becoming reality. and before we go, here is a quick look at the markets. beijer is rising in early tuesday trade. most in positive territory after
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commodity stocks, cybersecurity shares and more went strong. tokyo is up by 120 —— 112.17 points. this is up by 120 —— 112.17 points. this is its highest level since 2017. the dow is up by 85 points and the nasdaq composite index is lower by 13. they give are investing your time with us. i‘m rico hizon. sport todayis time with us. i‘m rico hizon. sport today is coming up next. stay with us today is coming up next. stay with us bbc world news. you are watching bbc news. it has been announced that ian brady has died. the 79—year—old tortured and killed by children in the 19605. he was receiving palliative care at a secure psychiatric unit on merseyside. we got this report. few murders before or since have caused such revulsion.
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the discovery of children‘s bodies on saddleworth moor left the public wondering who could commit such dreadful crimes and why. ian brady was a petty criminal who grew up in glasgow, where he is remembered for his cruelty to other children and animals. he later took a job in manchester and, when his company hired a new typist called myra hindley, the couple became lovers. and brady led her a into a world of sadism. outwardly a normal couple, they became serial killers, abducting, sexually assaulting and murdering children. when brady and hindley were arrested, they said nothing. challenging detectives to prove their guilt. they remained silent even when police had found three children‘s body in shallow graves on saddleworth moor. years later, brady told the bbc his remorse for the crimes was painfully deep but he could never explain his motive. until her death, in 2002, his accomplice blamed him but if anything she became
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the greater hate figure. he, in many ways, escaped some of the disgust the public should feel for him because he was accompanied by a woman and i am not sure that he got his full share, his fair share of public hatred. in the 19805, the two killers made full confessions and went back to the moors seperately, to help the search for other victims. pauline reade‘s body was eventually recovered but keith bennett‘s grave was never found. i wanted one of them to come up with the truth so i could nail the two of them, nail them for the rest of their lives. like they nailed me down. i wanted them prosecuted for keith‘s death. winniejohnson died in 2012, regretting to the end that she had been unable to give her son a christian burial. brady spent the last years of his life in ashworth high security mental hospital. in 1999 he decided to die and stopped eating so doctors force—fed him using a tube.
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he wrote many letters to the bbc complaining about his treatment and in 2012 unsuccessfully petitioned to be returned to a normal prison. he continued to vent his anger at myra hindley for trying to minimise her role in the moors murderers. although ian brady‘s crimes now belong to another era, they will be recorded as among the most infamous ever seen in britain. muchmore, as always, on our website. you can get in touch with me and some of the team on twitter. —— raqqa do. hello, this is sport today, live from the bbc sport centre. coming up on this programme: roger says game, set,
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match to roland garros. federer will bypass the french open. conte celebrates at stanford bridge, as champions chelsea fight back to beat watford. and going for glory and green. the england football club which is saving energy and money. hi there, wherever you are around the world. welcome to sport today. his mind is still sharp as a tack, but his body may be getting weary, so roger federer has pulled out of the french open, as he aims to preserve longevity. with less than two weeks to go until the second grand slam of the year, the world number five will avoid the clay, in his quest to conquer again on grass. ben croucher reports. this


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