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moment. based on the information that we have at this moment, there is no indication that this was an act of terrorism. we want to clarify again that based on the information we have at this moment, there is no indication that this was an act of terrorism. that being said, we are reinforcing key locations around the city with our anti—terrorist units of the nypd. we have an abundance of caution, major sites in the city will get additional police coverage from our anti—terrorist units. we all feel deeply right now for those who are injured and for the families and particularly for the family of the young woman who was lost. our prayers are with her family and all of those who, right now, are suffering because of this horrible incident. i want to thank all of our first responders. the perpetrator
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was apprehended quickly and i want to thank all of the first responders he immediately came to be seen to aid the injured. you will get an update on the status of those affected from the fire commissioner. it isa affected from the fire commissioner. it is a tough day for new york city but, as usual, the people of new york city will stand firm and be resilient with tremendous faith in oui’ resilient with tremendous faith in our first responders who handled this situation so quickly and we will provide regular updates as more information emerges. now, let me present our police commissioner, james o'neill. present our police commissioner, james o'neill. 0k, we will get it back. are you guys good, do you have
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audio? do we have audio now? we are good? how about now? can anyone take a look at it? ready to roll? we are good? all right, thank you. all right, so as the mayor said, this is preliminary information. this incident happened about 90 minutes ago. it is all subject to change and we talk about it in every press conference. we try and get as much information out to you as soon as possible. at approximately 11:55am, a 2009 honda passenger vehicle mounted the sidewalk on the west side of seventh ave at w. 42nd st in times square. the vehicle was occupied by a male driver and proceeded to drive at a high rate of
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speed along the sidewalk from 42nd st to 45th st, striking a number of pedestrians along the way. the honda eventually came to a stop, on the north—west corner of w. 45th st where it collided with a metal station. the subject's 's where it collided with a metal station. the subject's '5 vehicle struck 23 pedestrians, causing multiple injuries and a paternity. 22 victims were removed to local hospitals. the driver, a 26—year—old male, identified as a residence of the box, was taken into custody at the box, was taken into custody at the scene. preliminary investigations reveal that he has a fewer arrests, two of them are for dwi. detectives are reviewing any criminal history for the subject. further investigations are ongoing, and at this point, as the mayor said, there is no indication that this incident was terror related. now the commissioner will talk about
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the injuries. thank you. i will talk about the injuries in general terms as we do, not names, or specific injuries. we had one person pronounced at the scene. there were four critical patients removed, two to belle vue and two to roseville with dramatic injuries including open fractures and multiple traumas. none of those, at this point, thanks to the fact that they were quickly transported to this hospital, is likely. but that does not mean that they are cleared. none of those four are, right now, likely to perish. conditions can change. we are hopeful that the fact that they were treated and removed quickly that they will survive. three other injuries were very serious but not critical, they were also removed to local hospitals. 15 less serious injuries, we call green tag entries, all of these people have now been transported to hospitals and are being treated. we don't know names
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oi' being treated. we don't know names orages being treated. we don't know names of ages of being treated. we don't know names or ages or where they have come from at this point. there was a very large amount of fire department and police departments services arriving here quickly. thanks to that, people received care in a timely fashion. studio: that is the press conference which, as you were seeing moments ago, is bringing you up to date and the important element of it, of course, residents of new york are up—to—date on events in times square. was referencing 22 people injured, and one who has sadly died asa injured, and one who has sadly died as a result of this incident with the car mounting the pavement close to times square. reference there to the perpetrator as police were talking there as well, about a man in custody as a result of those events. our correspondent is there
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for us in new york. what impact has it had on the city? well, julian, it isa it had on the city? well, julian, it is a scene that automatically makes new yorkers fear the worst. immediately afterwards you had people taking images and video of what was happening. because times square is heavily policed, they very quickly had the driver in custody and the nypd was able to, shortly afterwards, confirm it was an isolated incident and they do not believe it is terrorism related. instead a car that went out of control and plough through all of these people in times square could be the result of drunk driving. this driver was a former navy member and has two previous arrests for drunk driving. they believe there is nothing more nefarious at work here. of course, the fact this happened in times square, known as the crossroads of the world, had sent momentary panic in the area. bodies
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we re momentary panic in the area. bodies were lying on the ground. emergency services quickly rushed to the scene and sealed off the area, sending the 22 injured off to hospitals, one person died at the scene. we heard that despite them believing it is an isolated incident, they are putting in additional law enforcement and some of the key other sites of new york city just out some of the key other sites of new york cityjust out of an extreme abundance of caution, if you like, asa abundance of caution, if you like, as a measure to reassure new yorkers. as i say, that terrifying scene at the beginning automatically brought the worst—case scenario in many people's mines here, but there is relief here in new york as they find out that this is most likely not terrorism. thank you. let's get more now on the election campaign. later this evening, britain's political leaders will take part in a tv debate on itv — or at least, some of them will. theresa may and jeremy corbyn won't be there —
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so viewers will instead get to hear from the liberal democrats' tim farron, snp leader nicola sturgeon, paul nuttall of ukip, leanne wood from plaid cymru and the greens' caroline lucas. our news correspondent, sima kotecha joins us live from the event in salford. the danger is that this would be as much about the people who are not there as the people who are? that is right. itv have said that there will be seven podiums on the stage for those, if they do want to attend. until eight o'clock this evening, eve ryo ne until eight o'clock this evening, everyone is welcome. as you said it is unlikely that theresa may and jeremy corbyn will turn up. theresa may said from the outset that she does not want to take part in televised debates. and jeremy corbyn said she is not taking part, why should i? we are expecting five people and to run you through the format it is based at mediacity in
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salford and will kick off at about eight o'clock, lasting two hours. the leaders will be asked questions from people in the audience and from those who have e—mailed in with concerns and queries. they will each have an opening statement at the beginning of the evening. that can go on for as long as they like. but not too long. we are told. a closing statement at the end. do these debates make a difference? some research is suggesting that they do but one thing is for sure, that those people taking part will hope that their arguments will convince those who are watching to vote for them. and interestingly, where will them. and interestingly, where will the disagreements like? clearly on brexit, for example. ukip are represented by paul nuttall and you have other figures there, like tim farron. they will not ci to eye on that. we anticipating the major debating points? —— they will not see eye see eye to eye. we have two people there who are from completely
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different spectrums on the political scale. you have one man who wants to remain in the eu, and someone else who is incredibly passionate about leaving. then you have all of those people in between who are saying that now that the country has decided to leave, people should be content with that decision. but it is that deal that theresa may at the moment is talking about. as she has been talking about as she launched her manifesto today, that getting that deal and making sure it is high impactand that deal and making sure it is high impact and accurate in detail is key for her and other parties. there will be talk about that, i am sure. but brexit, as you say, is likely to dominate a lot of the rhetoric that we will be witnessing in one hour or so ‘s time. we will be witnessing in one hour or so 's time. and is there a spin room ready to roll with those working on behalf of the five? that is right, we have been in the spin room already. myself and my producer were there earlier. it is packed with snappers and other journalists
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eagerly waiting to hear from the leaders. remember, this is the first leadership debate of the election so far. there is a lot of excitement and curiosity surrounding what these leaders will be saying. not long to go now until it starts. indeed, thank you. debate begins in about one hour's time. now a look at the weather. sarah keith—lucas with the weather. sarah keith—lucas with the forecast now. did evening. we have a mixed bag out there. sunshine still around but some heavy showers too. more persistent rain moving in from the south and this area of low pressure, pushing across the south—east of england, east anglia and the midlands. a recent satellite and the midlands. a recent satellite and radar image, sunshine to be enjoyed in north and western parts of the country, heavy showers around as well. this is the scene in west sussex where we have had cloud and outbreaks of rain. meanwhile,
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brighter skies in cumbria. some cumulus clouds. heavy showers and thunderstorms in parts of northern ireland and scotland. showers in the north and west of the uk will die away through the evening and overnight. further east we keep the cloud and outbreaks of rain. a couple of heavy bursts, especially around the east coast. and as to how far west that rain will get. fresh on friday morning across parts of the country. it had shot of frost in principle. some mist around. much of northern ireland and scotland beginning the day with sunshine. backin beginning the day with sunshine. back in to rain in eastern parts of england, affecting york and norwich. brighter skies for wales and the western half of england, from the word go, there will be sunshine but some showers cropping up later on. patchy rain in the east midlands and east anglia, and the south—east. breezy around the east coast for some time but away from there, and south—east scotland where we see
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patches of rain, most places see a return of sunshine and showers as well. some showers can be on the heavy rumble of thunder and temperatures in the mid teens. cooler around the east coast. on saturday. a day of sunny spells interrupting sunshine. have that umbrella ready. persistent rain pushing around the northern isles of scotland. elsewhere temperatures are doing reasonably well with sunshine between showers. in the second half of the weekend, high pressure builds in from the south, squeezing away most of the showers. fewer showers on sunday, you could catch one towards the west but temperatures of about 20 degrees with light winds for most of us. sunday is probably the better day of the weekend but, to summarise, a mix of sunshine with scattered showers. and things could feel chilly overnight. more details on the weather throughout the week ahead at the website. hello. welcome to the one show, with
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matt baker. and angela scanlon. our guests tonight hello and welcome to one hundred days plus. a car plows into a crowd in times square. one person is dead and 23 are injured. officials say there is no indication it was terror—related but the driver is in custody. this was the dramatic scene as the vehicle drove at speed onto a pavement in the popular tourist area. a special counsel, congressional enquiries, an fbi probe, the investigations into trump and russia stack up. the president says it's all a witch hunt. what does the former head of the cia leon panetta make of the string of stories about the white house this week? we speak to him live. also, this all comes as president trump is set to depart on his first foreign trip. so what can the world expect? we're live in saudi arabia, donald trump's first stop.
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