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tv   Outside Source  BBC News  May 18, 2017 9:00pm-9:31pm BST

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hello, i'm ros atkins, this is outside source. the pressure isn't easing up on donald trump. former fbi director robert mueller has been appointed to investigate claims of collusion between russia and his campaign. president trump, for his part, says he's the victim of a witch hunt. brazil's president is facing claims he was recorded discussing payments to silence a former speaker of parliament. we'll speak to our reporter in sao paolo. one person is dead and at least 20 are injured after a car plowed into a crowd of pedestrians in times square. the mayor of new york says its not terrorism related. music we will hear some of the many tributes to chris cornell. the authorities say his death was a suicide. if you have any questions on the
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stories we are covering, get in touch. donald trump says he's the victim of a witchhunt. whatever phrase you want to use, the fact of the matter is that this man robert mueller has been appointed as a special counsel. his task is to investigate two things — alleged russian interference in the us election. and alleged collusion between russia and the trump campaign. mr mueller knows his way around washington, he's a former fbi director and federal prosecutor. he was appointed by the us deputy attorney general. who says "based upon the unique circumstances, the public interest requires me to place this investigation under the authority of a person who exercises a degree of independence from the normal chain of command." the democrats approve.
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senator chuck schumer says mr mueller is exactly the right kind of individualfor this. republicanjason chaffetz calls it a "great selection". anthony zurcher, is in washington. explained the powers robert mueller has and the time frame he is working to? as special counsel, he has broad council, and is technically an employee in thejustice department and can be fired by the attorney general. he still has a wide range
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of investigatory powers. he will have his own staff, all the material the fbi gather at his disposal. he will be able to bring criminal charges if he sees fit to do so. he's not going to have the same oversight and internaljustice department investigation would have. and then, as far as timeline goes, thatis and then, as far as timeline goes, that is the big question. these independent investigations, special councils can take months and years to unwind. there is no set time line. if you remember another investigation, it took years. watergate took years. the iran hearings took quite a long time. i don't think we will see this wrapped up don't think we will see this wrapped up any time soon. let's look at the latest cover of time magazine. all this coverage is fuel for donald trump's fire. this is donald trump
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on twitter. he followed it up with all the illegal acts in the clinton campaign and the obama administration, there was never a special counsel appointed. lots of durie, never in line with a statement the white house put out on behalf of the president earlier. he goes on to say... anthony has already explain he's likely to be disappointed. he is clearly disappointed. he is clearly disappointed all round. he is not a man to hide his theory. no, he's not, he wears it on his sleeve and his twitter account. he has been relatively quiet over the past couple of days on twitter, surprisingly. since the new york
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times article after the james kelly writings of their meetings came out. be years back again and he is not pulling any punches. he said he will fight and the media had been treating him more unfairly than any us politician in history. i think we will see donald trump continue to be donald trump, may be moments of quiet so often, but you cannot keep him down for long. donald trump has a lwa ys him down for long. donald trump has always maintained there is an elite in washington and the media who opposes him but he says he connects with regular americans and he will do the work they want him to do. to what degree is this stuff we are discussing going to affect his ability to get on with that work?m will certainly affect his ability and advance his agenda in congress. you are hearing from the republicans in congress saying how frustrated they are having to deal with a new
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crisis, literally every day. whether that affects his standing among the public and his base of support, there have been some polls showing his popularity eroding, the trust in his popularity eroding, the trust in his presidency dropping. but then you also hear reports that is just the media and he's not getting the chance to advance his agenda. they are sticking with him. they voted for him and went to his rallies and bei for him and went to his rallies and be i invested in his presidency and it will take a lot to undermine that. as overall effectiveness goes, this is taking its stroll and there isa this is taking its stroll and there is a great sense, not only in congress, but the white house staff itself, having to put out fires, total exhaustion and almost shell—shocked at this point. anthony, and anthony will be back in half an hour to talk about mr trump's upcoming foreign trip. he's starting in saudi arabia, then to israel, italy and belgian, before finishing in sicily for the g—7 summit. if you have any questions
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about that trip or what is happening in washington, dc, you can e—mail us and all the contacts are on the screen as we go along the programme. let's turn to brazil. president michel temer is facing claims that there are recordings of him discussing payments to silence a former speaker of parliament. he is eduardo cunha who was jailed in march for corruption, money laundering and tax evasion. the president denies all of this. why would the president seek to silence the former speaker? one reason is the speaker of the lower house, the former speaker of the lower house who knew quite a lot about an allegedly involvements of eduardo michel temer in corruption
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schemes. the former lower house, eduardo cunha was one of the main people behind, or i would say he spearheaded the impeachment process of the former president, dilma rousseff. he has been a very, very important figure in brazilian politics. everyone says he knew a lot and he did say he would be known in history, in the brazilian history for taking down two presidents. an hour ago or so, the president spoke. what did he say and how did you assess his performance? president michel temer has said he will not resign. he said it categorically. he saidi resign. he said it categorically. he said i know what i did, i have nothing to hide and i will not resign. it wasn't that well received in congress. many congressmen, not only from the opposition but also
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from the base of the government have started calling for his resignation and saying he has no support in congress any more. that is important for president michel temer, because he was trying to put forward a pension reform that have been quite controversial in brazil and reform as well of the working laws in the country. without support in congress, that could mean he will not be able to approve any of the reforms he is trying to. thank you very much indeed. and the brazilian stock market went down 10% earlier because of pressure created by this crisis. donald trump is giving a press conference to the colombian leader. they have literally taken over towns and cities of the united states. they will be gone very quickly. i
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look forward to working with president santos as we target drug trafficking, but the united states and colombia have strong law enforcement and security relationship. we have had it, and especially over the last short period of time. we will continue to fight the criminal networks responsible for the deadly drug trade that our people have a really strong commitment to getting rid of, because they want a much brighter future. president santos and i also discussed the deteriorating situation in venezuela and it is really in a very bad state, as we all see. the stable and peaceful venezuela is in the best interest of the entire hemisphere and america stands with the people in our great
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hemisphere... donald trump giving a joint press conference with the leader of colombia. they are talking about the drug trade in south america and venezuela. we will listen out to any comments. the conservatives launched their manifesto today. prime minister theresa may wants the country to strength her hand ahead of brexit. here's her pitch. if we look ahead, the next five yea rs if we look ahead, the next five years will be the most challenging for britain in my lifetime. we need to ensure we are addressing the great challenges in our society, thatis great challenges in our society, that is what this manifesto is about. it is about setting out a plan to do that but crucially we need to get the brexit negotiation right, because how we do in those brexit negotiations will determine our standard of living, determine our standard of living, determine our prosperity and our place in the world. this manifesto sets out how to address the challenges like the
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ageing society and do so in a way thatis ageing society and do so in a way that is fair across the generations. when people vote, they have a clear choice. it is either me with a clear plan for a stronger britain for the future, strong and stable leadership to go into the brexit negotiations and getting the best deal. orjeremy corbyn, and chaos to weaken the economy. the tories are the last of the main parties to launch their manifesto. you can get details of all of them on the bbc news website. brexit is majorfactor in this election, but it's far from the only one. today, theresa may made a promise an increase in nhs funding for england by a minimum of £8 billion in real terms over the next five years. for the first time, the value of someone's property would be included in the means test for care at home. we will explain more on that in a
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moment. and there's a pledge to reduce net migration to below 100,000. vicky young is the bbc‘s chief political correspondent. hello, vicky. let's talk about social care because that has caused quite a stir? it has and it is an issue that has tried to be tackled for decades, various reports about what to do about it. trying to strike a balance between getting more money into the system so that care is better, but also so it doesn't cost the taxpayer too much. the planned theresa may has is to make sure everyone is able to keep £100,000 that they can then pass on to their children. but in return for that, it means the amount your house is worth is taken into account and it means you will have to pay for the care you get in your home, something you don't have to do at the moment. this is all about the
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differences between the generations. a lot of talk about the fact pensioners have been protected over the last few years, have their pensions been going up by a guaranteed amount. others have looked that working families, the working poor and said they are the ones losing out, they cannot afford to get on the property ladder, their jobs aren't secure, childcare costs a lot of money so it is about making sure it is fair to taxpayers, but making sure the elderly get the care they need. what do you make of the net migration target? david cameron set targets and he struggled to hit them as theresa may knows. where you surprised to see this in the ma nifesto ? surprised to see this in the manifesto? she has stuck to this and she was home secretary, the minister in charge of immigration. whilst those targets have been missed, and they have been missed by a long way, they have been missed by a long way, the latest figures show net migration about 260,000. but she has put this in the manifesto. she will
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bejudged against it put this in the manifesto. she will be judged against it and she will say, once we leave the european union, it means freedom of movement will end and that means control over the numbers coming into the country will be easier. others look and say, hang ona will be easier. others look and say, hang on a minute, and non—eu migration has been going up as well. the country hasn't done a particularly good job about controlling migration and many in the opposition ‘s party said the country, the economy needs these migrant workers to keep the economy going to make is better off. so that argument will continue, but she has not shied away from putting that target right in black—and—white. vicky, thank you very much. you sometimes hear people complaining politics don't offer as choice but we had the prime ministers saying voters have a clear choice. everybody can agree, whether they agree with her policies, but the range of policies we have seen from the three parties, the liberal democrats, the labour party and the conservatives as well as ukip and the green party, a huge range of
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policies and you cant learn about all of them on the bbc news website. stay with us on outside source — still to come. facebook is facing a multi—million euro fine from the eu. it's over its acquisition of whatsapp. it is also moving into broadcasting live baseball. we will talk about both of those stories. police in cheshire are investigating the death of a number of babies at one of its main hospitals. judith moritzjoined us earlier. the police said they are going to look at 15 deaths. they will focus on eight and they will review another seven. they will also look at six babies who came very close to death. all of them having been here at the cou ntess them having been here at the countess of chester hospital. the hospital have told us there have already been a number of independent
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reviews into the neonatal unit here. in fact, one of those reviews, which was published earlier this year recommended 2a improvements. it talks about inadequate staffing levels, but it also said it couldn't find anything to link these individual deaths. so the hospital felt there was still questions to be a nswered felt there was still questions to be answered and in particular, the hospital says they wanted to rule out any unnatural causes. this is outside source live from the bbc newsroom. our lead story is: former fbi director robert mueller has been appointed to investigate claims of collusion between russia and donald trump's campaign. if you were watching yesterday,
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there were some rocky stocks to do with donald trump. there has been a recovery but a number of the main markets are down. the ftse in london. the ftse 100 falls as jitters over donald trump persist. let's find out more about this with our correspondent in new york. the trump slump has a catchy feel to it, but is it fair to put these big ships on the market is down to what's happening to mr trump?‘ ships on the market is down to what's happening to mr trump? a lot of it can be attributed to that because right now we are in earnings season, so companies are reporting how well they have done in the last quarter. a lot of these earnings have been quite positive. and we're having some positive economic data and overall the us economy is looking good. so what can drive markets to fall like they did on
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wednesday by 371 points? it has to do with the uncertainty. the reason why we saw the trump bond was because everyone was excited on wall street we will get tax reform and a cut to banking regulations. but everything happening in washington right now is taking attention away from any of those moves, which is why we saw the drop. fast forward to today and we saw a recovery on the markets, but nothing that can bring us markets, but nothing that can bring us back to where we were before the trump dump. don't go anywhere, i wa nt to trump dump. don't go anywhere, i want to come back to, but in the press co nfe re nce want to come back to, but in the press conference with donald trump, he is being asked about the pressures he is under. he is being asked about the pressures he is underlj he is being asked about the pressures he is under. i think we have a very divided country because of that and many other things. i can't tell you that we want to bring this great country of ours together, john. i will also say very strong greek we have had success. look at the job numbers and look at what is
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going on at the borders. look at what will be happening and you will see some incredible numbers with respect of the success of general matos and others with the isis situation. the numbers are staggering, how successful they have been and how successful the military has been. tomorrow i am going to saudi arabia, going to israel, going to rome. we have the g—7, saudi arabia, going to israel, going to rome. we have the 6—7, a lot of great things going on. i'd hate to see anything that divides. i am fine with whatever people want to do, but we have to get back to running this country really, really well. we made tremendous progress in the last 100 and days. tremendous. job numbers, and days. tremendous. job numbers, and the production starting, plants starting again that have been open in years. i am very proud of it and thatis in years. i am very proud of it and that is what i want to focus on. believe me, there is no collusion,
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russia is fine. whether it is russia or anybody else, my priority, believe me, is the united states of america, so thank you very much. while they are not speaking english, let me come in and talk to you for a little while. we'll stay on this in case mr trump is asked any more questions. he said he is focused on bringing the country together. he said he hates to see anything that divides the country, although he does specialise in quite sharp attacks on people he doesn't agree with and his opponents. he says he is making tremendous progress during his time in the white house. he says he wants to be focused on the work. he said, russia is fine. let's
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listen to some more. the president was telling me, and i knew that venezuela was a very, very wealthy country, just about the wealthiest in your neck of the woods. had tremendous strength in so many different ways. now it is poverty stricken, people don't have enough to eat, people have no food, there is great violence. we will do whatever is necessary and we will work together to do whatever is necessary to help with fixing that. lam necessary to help with fixing that. i am really talking on a humanitarian level. when you look at the oil reserves they have, the potential wealth venezuela has, you have to wonder why it is happening, how is it possible? but it has been unbelievably poorly run for a long period of time. hopefully that will change and they can use those assets for the good and to take care of their people. because right now,
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what is happening is really a disgrace to humanity. john, i think you'll also had a question for the president, if you would like to? it isa it is a question about the commitment... translation: the commitments on president trump's side and his administration was shown that to the budget for colombia it means an increase in the support to fund the post—conflict era. last night, we received, from a very important organisation, the atla ntic very important organisation, the atlantic council report, which includes both parties, presided by a republican senator and a democrat senator with the road map
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recommending the government of the united states and colombia to follow. this morning, we established the entrepreneurial council united states colombia, so the private sector can also have a voice in the road map. this means we are working together on every front that can be convenient for both countries. we will continue to work together. we have ratified that commitment today during our conversation. as i said before, we have the best of relations with the united states, we are strategic allies in the region and will continue to be so. president santos, you have heard president santos, you have heard president trump say it is critical to stop the flow of drugs into the united states will be the wall he wa nts to united states will be the wall he wants to build on the mexican border. do you agree with him, will
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that walby a positive step and a step towards reducing the flow of drugs across the border?” step towards reducing the flow of drugs across the border? i believe the best way to fight the drug trafficking... the problem of colombia only or united states only, it isa colombia only or united states only, it is a world problem. we have two all work together. we declare the war on drugs 30 years ago. it is a war on drugs 30 years ago. it is a war that has not been won. so we must be more effective and more efficient. we are doing a very big effort, because of the peace process to have a new strategy, carrot and stick. stick, we have already eradicated this year only, 15,000 hectares, which is the whole volume that we eradicated last year and we are starting to eradicate, the
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substitute voluntarily, through a programme where the peasants, and we have 80,000 families already in the programme, that they are going to substitute for legal crops. this is the first time this could be done because of the peace. before, the conflict did not allow us to build roads and to give these presents an alternative. now we have. so we have to take advantage of this opportunity and continue. we do see the production of cocoa. we will work together with other countries, central america, to fight the other links of the chain. the intermediaries. we have destroyed 22,000 lab tories in the colombian jungles. seizing the cocaine in transit. we have seized record amount, last year and this year we
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are doing even better. by working together we can be much more effective and that is the commitment we just made or ratified this afternoon. we're watching a joint press co nfe re nce afternoon. we're watching a joint press conference by the leaders of america and colombia. we saw the colombian leader being as, do you agree with mr trump's idea for wall along the border between america and mexico? and that was quite a long ansah in which the colombian leader said, a lot of things, he didn't quite answer it. let's listen to what mr trump is saying. in the light of a very busy newsweek, people would like to get to the bottom of a couple of things, give you a chance to go on record. did you a chance to go on record. did you urge former fbi director, james komi to back down the investigation into michael flynn and also... no, next question. next question. as you
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look back over the past six months or year, have you had any recollection where you have wondered if there is anything you have done would be worthy of criminal investigations or impeachment as others are implying? it is ridiculous and we have to get back to working our country properly so we can take care of the problems. we have done a fantasticjob, we have a tremendous group of people, millions of people out there looking at what you have just said and saying, what are they doing? james comey was very unpopular with most people. i actually thought when i made the decision, and i also got a very, very strong recommendation, as you know, from the deputy attorney general, ron rosenstein, but when i made the decision i actually thought it would be a bipartisan decision. you look at all the people on the
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democratic side, not only the republican side, but were saying such terrible things about james comey. he had a very poor performance on wednesday. so poor in fa ct, performance on wednesday. so poor in fact, i believe, and you would have the askin, i don't speak for other people, but that is why the deputy attorney general wrote his very strong matter. and after the wednesday performance by james comey, you had a person come and have to readjust the record, which many people have never seen before. because there were misstatements made. i thought it was something that was terrible. we need a great director of the fbi. i cherish the fbi, it is special. where ever you go, the fbi is special. the fbi has not had that special reputation with what happened in the campaign, what
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happened with respect to the clinton campaign and even, you could say, directly or indirectly, with respect to the much more successful trump campaign. we will have a director who will be outstanding, i will be announcing that director soon and i look forward to doing it. i think the people and the fbi will be very, very thrilled. just in concluding, we look forward to getting this whole situation behind as so that when we go for the jobs, go for the strong military, when we go for all of the things we have been pushing so hard and so successfully, including health care. because obamacare is collapsing, it is dead, gone. nothing to compare it anything to because


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