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tv   World News Today  BBC News  May 21, 2017 9:00pm-9:31pm BST

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this is bbc world news today. our top stories. president trump calls on muslim nations to take the lead in combating terror as he makes a keynote address in saudi arabia. drive out the extremists. drive them out, drive them out of your holy land. mr trump also accuses iran of fuelling sectarian conflict and terror across the region. in other news. south korea's new government says the latest missile test by north korea has dashed its hopes of forging peace with its neighbour. although, the summit of achievement, the woman who climbed to the top of mount everest twice in one week. we will talk to her husband. hello and welcome to world news today. president trump, who campaigned
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on a promise to stop all muslims coming to the united states, has ended the last day of his visit to saudi arabia with a speech in front of 50 muslim leaders. he used the occasion to tell them to take the lead in combating islamist terrorism, rather than wait for american power to do it for them. and he went out of his way to blame iran, saudi arabia's biggest rival, for causing instability in the region. he accused it of fuelling sectarian conflict. you join us in riyadh, where what is called the riyadh summit is continuing. president donald trump came to the saudi kingdom, his first stop on his first foreign visit, to reset relations with the most—important partner of the united states in the middle east, and today it was a speech to recalibrate the battle against forces of extremism and ideology. he made it absolutely clear the battle had to start here in the muslim world. he said that 95% of the victims of extremism are muslims. he said, "america will stand by you, but you cannot wait for america
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to crush your enemies." gone from this speech were the old phrases like "clashes of civilisation", gone too the phrase of donald trump which he used repeatedly during his election campaign, "radical islamic terrorism". today he framed it as a battle between good and evil. let's hear more of what he had to say. the president has been on a mission into middle east politics today and a charm offensive, meeting a host of arab and gulf leaders from across the region. one central geopolitical subject, the fight against islamist extremism, and how to make good on his pledge to destroy so—called islamic state. but after the trenchant and, some would say, islamophobic language of the election campaign, the president chose a much more moderate tone today.
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this is not about different sects or different civilisations. this is a battle between barbaric criminals who seek to obliterate human life and decent people, all in the name of religion. this is a battle between good and evil. he said that if terrorism must be defeated, it was up to the people in that room to do more. a better future is only possible if your nation drive out the terrorists and drive out the extremists. drive them out. drive them out of your places of worship. drive them out of your communities. drive them out of your holy land. and drive them out of this earth. this speech was a far cry from the language that
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donald trump and his allies used during the campaign. no more talk about "islam hates us", no more mention of this being a clash of civilisations. the one phrase that he chided hillary clinton and barack obama for not using, "radical islamic terrorism", was not even mentioned. that was then. donald] trump is calling for a total and complete shutdown of muslims entering the united states. radical islam is coming to our shores. we have a radical islamic terrorism problem, folks. and this is now. donald trump has made a lot of friends with this visit and this speech, a more—inclusive tone, a pledge of american help, combined with a strong attack on iran. exactly what his saudi hosts were hoping for. what are the saudis now expecting
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from the american president? we are joined by a saudi political analyst. you wrote in arab newspapers about this visit, the words of donald trump today, are they words that you welcome? of course we welcome this visit, and we hope it will build a new strategy of assimilation to counterterrorism, because we want to do that with our allies. we want to invite them to be with us, for these efforts to be joint efforts to counter terrorism, and we want to explain to them what terrorism is, because what we have seen before, countering terrorism was notjust on one side or the other, it was countering the side effects, not the roots. what are the roots for you? there was criticism that saudi arabia also has to deal
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with the roots of terrorism right here in saudi arabia. what is the roots? we are talking about the iranian revolution that began in 79, they began with this destruction, and spreading their sectarianism through the region. before that, we have not seen the devastation happen. this is the saudi view of iran, but some of your gulf neighbours do not agree that iran must be approached in this way. they would like to reach out to iran, to talk to them, bring it on side. i am not sure about that. we talked with our friends, we watched their media, what they are saying. if you just focus on that, daesh, al-qaeda, those organisations, they have never attacked iran.
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what they are looking for, they have the same way to attack saudi arabia, they think it is easy to control saudi arabia and holy sites. this is the most important thing. those militias have leaders inside iran, recruits. if we want to solve this problem, we have to counter terrorism, i mean both sides. in 2009 barack obama spoke to the muslim world, he was welcomed. how can you be sure president trump's engagement will be any different from that of barack obama? actions speak louder than words. we are waiting for that.
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but what we can see or understand from this visit is that mr trump chose this to be the first foreign visit for him, and he is serious. he wants to secure the region, and he realised the danger of leaving iran and militias working in the region. if we don't deter them, dismantle them, the world will suffer, notjust the region. if you want to secure our region, the whole world has to work together, and we do not have anything to hide. in his speech, president trump also followed king salman in singling out iran for criticism. he called on all countries to work together to isolate iran, accusing the islamic republic of fuelling "the fires of sectarian conflict and terror". no discussion of stamping out this threat would be complete without mentioning the government
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that gives terrorists all three. safe harbour, financial backing and the social standing needed for recruitment. it is a regime that is responsible for so much instability in the region. i am speaking, of course, of iran. from lebanon to iraq to yemen, iran funds arms and trains terrorists, militias and other extremist groups that spread destruction and chaos across the region. for decades, iran has fuelled the fires of sectarian conflict and terror. it's a government that speaks openly of mass murder, vowing the destruction of israel, death to america and ruin for many leaders and nations in this very room. earlier, i spoke to kasra naji
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of bbc persian service, and he said iran will look at president trump's speech with a dim view. what i have seen is some of the tweets from some hardliners on twitter, hardline elements in iran, who say that every time we showed weakness, this is how our enemies behave. this is a reference to re—electing a moderate leader, rather than a hardline leader, president, with reference to the re—election the president yesterday. a lot of this is rhetoric, big sales of arms agreed to saudi arabia, which would be more alarming than words? yes. $120 worth of hardware
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"110 words? yes. $120 worth of hardware —— iio ilion dollars worth of hardware will change the military balance to some extent. i do not know how much, but it is one of those things that iranians will watch. that might spur iranians hardliners, who are controlling the revolutionary guards, and other centres of power, to push on with their ballistic missile programmes and that kind of thing. that was the point i was going to come onto, to what extent does this play into the hands of ha rdliners what extent does this play into the hands of hardliners in iran, who have criticised their president for signing a deal with donald trump's predecessor? if you are a country and you see other countries putting against you, you will strengthen your defences, you will get worked up your defences, you will get worked up and ready. this is what you might expect. i am sure the hardliners in
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iran will push for this particular programme, the rearming of iran, further militarisation, and all of that. that is the obvious outcome, if you like. after giving his 30—minute speech, president trump, whose fondness for twitter is well known, was due to take part in a twitter forum with young people. but at the last minute, his daughter ivanka had to step in for him instead. no explanation has been given as to why mr trump could not make the event. ms trump has sent arab twitter into overdrive and is currently trending with the top hashtag in arabic, #trumpsdaughter. still to come, also will have failed to qualify for the champions league for the first time in 20 years, despite a 3—1 victory over everton.
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welcome back. donald trump has called on muslim nations to take the lead on combating terror in saudi arabia. in scotland leaders of six political parties have taken part in a televised debate ahead of next month's general election on 8th june. britain's exit from the eu and the issue of scottish independence from the uk have been central topics in the debate. what are the key moments? you said that independent and the decision for the uk to leave the eu would be key, we always thought they would be, and so they were. we had an independence referendum in 2014, most voters voted to stay in the uk,
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but the snp leader nicola sturgeon has been saying that since then the brexit vote, where most voters in scotla nd wa nted brexit vote, where most voters in scotland wanted to stay in the uk, has strengthened the case for a second independence referendum, and the snp have sought to build the case to have another independence referendum, possibly doubled the end of next year. on the other side of the debate, we had the scottish conservative leader, whose party has emerged as the main pro—union party in scotland, and she was putting forward the point that we had a vote in 2014, people had their say, and that should be the end of it. the key challenge for nicola sturgeon is building support for another referendum. during the debate nicola sturgeon made the point that her opponent, especially the
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conservatives, spend more time talking about independence than she does, and she cannot get a word in. what nicola sturgeon did tonight was concentrate much more on other issues, which are playing out quite big on the uk stage, like changes to the welfare system. what about domestic politics? in edinburgh the snp are in power, unlike westminster, where the conservatives are in power. it is interesting, occu i’s eve n are in power. it is interesting, occurs even though big issues like justice and health and education are devolved to scotland, they still get heavily discussed in westminster elections. 0ne heavily discussed in westminster elections. one of the most poignant moments tonight came during a discussion about the state of health service and we heard from a lady in the audience who was a nurse talks
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about not having enough money to buy food, about being on strike, she did not become a nurse to be out on the picket line, and the coolest urgent a nswered picket line, and the coolest urgent answered by saying that the scottish government had put more money into the whole service in scotland compared to the rest of the uk and have protected health budgets, and thatis have protected health budgets, and that is one of the key issues which has been playing out in this campaign between the conservatives and the snp and labour and liberal democrats, that they are anti—austerity parties, but the goods server did say that they have to make cuts in order to pay for future public services. south korea's new government says the latest missile test by north korea has dashed its hopes of forging peace with its neighbour. earlier, north korea launched what appeared to be a ballistic missile, a week after its last successful test. the south korean military says it travelled around 500 kilometres before landing in the sea ofjapan.
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this would be the tenth detected missile launch this year. it was launched from pukchang, that's near pyongyang, in the central part of the country. it's clearly not listening. there's a game of bluff going on now, where you remember a month ago, president trump used the word "armada" about the warships coming to this region, to deal with the provocation from pyongyang. we've had two missile launches in a week, and by all accounts both of them have been successful and have demonstrated substantial improvements in their technology. both these missiles, on the account of the military injapan and south korea, have travelled hundreds of kilometres. the one a week ago, outside experts reckon that it could, if it was reliable, hit us bases in the western pacific.
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nobody thinks, apart from kimjong—un, that north korea has the ability to hit the continental united states at the moment, certainly not with a missile with a nuclear warhead. but pretty well all the outside experts think that advances are being made pretty quickly, and that he does have the ability to hit everything within this region. if you look for political significance in the timing, there was a bit of a gap in testing while the elections here were going on. and a sceptic or a cynic would say that's because the leading contender, who actually won, was somebody who wanted much more dialogue with the north. that president now has a task, because he says, "let's talk,"
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but there's no sign of a favourable response from the north. a british mountaineer has confirmed that a famous feature near the summit of mount everest, the hillary step, has been destroyed. this could make scaling the world's highest peak even more dangerous. last year, pictures seemed to show the near—vertical 12—metre rocky outcrop, named after the first person to scale the mountain, sir edmund hillary, had changed shape. meanwhile, an indian mountaineer is said to have reached the summit of mount everest for the second time in less than a week. 37—year—old anshu jamsenpa made her first successful ascent last tuesday. after a short rest she then turned around to repeat the feat today. her expedition team says she's set a women's record for a double ascent of the world's highest mountain in a single season. earlier, i spoke to tsering wange, the husband of anshu jamsenpa, and asked him how she is feeling after the two ascents. well, i had the opportunity to speak to her at 2:30 indian standard time today, as she was coming down from the mount everest peak towards the camp
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four, 26,200 feet. and when i spoke to her, she was in good health, she was very happy, she was descending. to make that ascent not once but twice is beyond the imagination of most of us mere mortals. why does she do it, what drives her? it was her plan to do a double ascent, twice. once, she did it in 2011, and 2014 she was at the base camp when an avalanche happened and 16 mountaineers got killed, and she had to come back. 2015, she again went, again unfortunately there was an earthquake in nepal, followed by an avalanche. again, there was more casualties, around 32 mountaineers died, and she had to, again, return back. so for the last three years she has been trying, and this year she was successful.
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what an achievement. let's get the sport now. real madrid have won their first spanish league title since 2012 after a 2—0 win away to malaga, meaning they finish three points clear of barcelona in second place, after they came from behind to win 4—2 at home to eibar. cristiano ronaldo scored his 25th in the primera division this season, which came injust the second minute. and then ten minutes after the interval, karim benzema confirmed the win, as real lifted the title for the 33rd time, as they remain on course for a domestic league and champions league double. the team who real will play in the champions league final in just under a fortnight‘s time isjuventus, who also won their domestic league on sunday. the italian‘s were 3—0 winners over crotone, as they remain on course for the treble of domestic league and cup plus european title. goals from mario mandzukic, paolo dybala and sandro were enough for massimilliano allegri's team handing them a sixth successive serie a title with a game to spare. arsenal have missed out
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on qualifying for the champions league for the first time in 20 years despite a 3—1 victory over everton. arsene wenger‘s side failed to make it into the top four, missing out by a point, meaning they'll play in european football's secondary competition, the europa league, in the next campaign. we had a spell during the season where it was the fickle. my situation was an influence at some stage on the group as well. we played in a hostile environment for the second part of the season, that did not help. 0verall, the second part of the season, that did not help. overall, i believe the players came back in a very strong togetherness in the last two months and responded exceptionally well. i am very proud of them in the last two months, they have shown exceptional strength. arsenal miss out, meaning liverpool return to the top european table for the first time in three years because of a 3—0 win over
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middlesbrough at anfield. it meant they hung on to fourth position, with manchester city ahead of them in third. chelsea may have won the premier league title more than a week ago, but they finally got their hands on the trophy on a day that john terry announced he was retiring from the game. antonio conte, in his first season at stamford bridge, saw his side become the first english team to register 30 top—flight victories in a 38—game season. the blues sealed their sixth top—flight title on an emotional day for the 36—year—old captain, who held aloft his 15th major trophy won during his 22 years at the club. world number two novak djokovic has announced that eight—time grand slam champion andre agassi will be his coach for the french 0pen, which begins next sunday. it follows his surprise defeat to alexander zverev in the rome masters final. the 20—year—old german claimed his maiden masters title after becoming the youngest player in a decade to reach a final at this level and will move to ten in the world following this victory. djokovic, who turns 30 on monday, was the previous youngest masters winner.
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but despite a clinical straight—sets win over austrian dominic thiem on saturday, the world number two serb produced a flawed performance on centre court that saw him curse and swear as he struggled to find a way back into the match. an injury to the world number four simona halep was the decisive moment in the women's final in rome. although she would go on to win the set, halep was never quite the same against elina svitolina who went on to win the match 4—6, 7—5, 6—1 and capture herfourth title of the year to take her place in the world's top ten. that's all the sport for now. thank you. goodbye. it has been a weekend of two halves, many of us saw heavy downpours at times on saturday, but sunday has been turning warmer and drier.
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through much of the week ahead, this theme continues, things will be quite warm, and looking largely dry, with high pressure in charge. low pressure not to far away. tonight and into monday, it approaches the north—west of the uk, bringing a few showers across northern ireland and western scotland. elsewhere, it is dry across—the—board, western scotland. elsewhere, it is dry across—the—boa rd, and western scotland. elsewhere, it is dry across—the—board, and a frost free morning. in the rush hour we start to see the rain heading into the far west of scotland. much of scotland is dry and fine. a few showers making their way across northern ireland. as we move south across the whole of england and wales, not much variation in weather. it is looking dry and bright. a bit of patchy cloud, fairly light wind. heading
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through the day, england and wales stay dry throughout. some patchy cloud, but driest and brightest in the south—east. it is called a further north—west, a few splashes of rainfall northern ireland and scotland. it feels warm on monday. through the evening, the cloud pushes west to east across scotland. that is courtesy of this weather front. hide it, high pressure builds on from the south, settling things down. a westerly breeze on tuesday, not quite as warm on —— as monday. we could see light rain in the west. anywhere across central and eastern parts, it is fine and dry. the best of the sunshine towards the east. a similar day on wednesday, high—pressure dominates, so across the board it looks dry, with patchy cloud, light wind. the temperatures
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again doing well. it warms up even more as we look towards the end of the week, we could see 26 by friday. her this is bbc world news, the headlines: president trump has said muslim nations must take the lead in combating radicalisation. addressing arab and muslim leaders in riyadh, mr trump said the nations of the middle east could not wait for american power to crush the enemy for them. mr trump also singled out iran for criticism, following the saudi king in accusing tehran of fuelling sectarian conflict and terror across the region. he said it had supported unspeakable crimes in syria. south korea's new government says the latest missile test by north korea has dashed its hopes of forging peace with its neighbour. the un security council will discuss the issue on tuesday. in scotland, leaders of six political parties have taken part in a tv debate ahead of next month's election. britain's exit from the eu,
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and the issue of scottish independence from the uk
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