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tv   BBC News  BBC News  May 24, 2017 2:00am-2:31am BST

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hello. my name is tom donkin. welcome to bbc news broadcasting to viewers in north america and around the globe. our main story — britain's prime minister raises the terror threat level — to critical — after the deadly attack in manchester. this means that their assessment is not only that an attack remains likely, but that a further attack may be imminent. twenty—two people were killed and 59 injured when a suicide bomber targeted young fans leaving a concert on monday. the suspect is named as 22—year—old salman abedi — he's understood to have been born in manchester — to a family of libyan origin. we're learning more about the victims — among them children and teenagers. but the desperate search continues for those still missing. the city has united in grief and
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defiance to remember those who lost the lost their lives. there are hard times again on the streets of our city. bob we won't take defence and we don't want your pity because this is the place where we is damned strong together with a smile on our face. mancunians for ever. thanks forjoining us. the official terror threat level, here in the uk has been raised to "critical" — that means, an attack is "expected imminently". members of the armed forces are also being deployed to boost security at key sites across britain. the prime minister, theresa may, made the announcement as counter—terrorism officers continue their inquiries into the suicide bombing in manchester which has so far, claimed the lives of 22 people. sarah corker has more. raising the threat level to critical is a major and rare move by uk security chiefs, though
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not unprecedented. it is the first time the assessment has been placed at the top of five levels for more than a decade. it means that hundreds of troops will be deployed at key sites across the united kingdom under police command. it is now concluded, on the basis of today's investigations, that the threat level should be increased for the time being from severe to critical. this means that their assessment is not only that an attack remains highly likely, but that a further attack may be imminent. investigators cannot say for sure whether the bombing suspect, salman abedi, acted alone or with the help of others. the highest threat level is decided by the joint terrorism analysis centre, made up of police and government agencies. the police have asked for authorisation from the secretary of state for defence to deploy a number of armed military personnel
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in support of their armed officers. this request is part of a well—established plan known as operation temperer. that puts soldiers into public places to support police. that operation is a long—standing emergency plan to put soldiers into public places to support the police. all the extra police officers will be augmented by military support. the first phase, those of military officers will guard key locations, to free police officers tojoin their colleagues on the street. we could also use military police at key events. this level has only been reached twice before. first in 2006, during a major operation to stop a plot to blow up a transatlantic airline. and then in 2007, police hunted
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a man tried to bomb a london nightclub before attacking the airport. theresa may said the government will take every measure available to help the police protect the public. it's now more than 2a hours since the attack happened. just as thousands of fans were leaving the manchester arena. 0ur chief correspondent gavin hewitt has this report on the attack — and a warning, there are distressing images. ariana grande's concert was coming to an end when from the foyer the sound of an explosion. there were screams, then running a crowd of children, teenagers, parents, all heading for whatever x that they could find. near the entrance, 22 people were killed.
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around 60 were injured. a massive flash, a bang, smoke. my wife, i had to lay her down on the floor. she has bruising there. she has probably broken her femur in the left leg. something hot flew over us and landed behind my mother my sister and i. and we all dropped to the floor but then my mum told me to run. i tried to run back in but i was worried that i could not hear anything because this year was blocked and it was just really scary. all i could hear was screaming, people crying. it was complete madness. it was like something out of a film. everyone was screaming. people had cuts on their arms and legs. the injured were taken
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to eight hospitals across greater manchester. some family and friends were split up in the rush to get emergency treatment. armoured police units patrolled the streets by the arena. before the night was over, police knew they were dealing by an attack by a suicide bomber with a homemade device. during the night, specialist teams were brought in, in case there were other explosive devices. it was a deliberate attack on children and young people, timed just at the moment the parents were waiting to pick up their sons and daughters. 400 police officers were deployed along with forensic teams. police knew the identity of the bomber earlier on but did not reveal it until the afternoon. the man who carried out the atrocity is 22—year—old salman abedi.
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however, he has not been formally named by the coroner and i would not wish therefore to comment any further about him at this stage. salman abedi was the son of refugees, a student at salford university. 0n the street today, survivors reliving the terror of a concert that ended in murder. we saw masses of people in the corridor, running in absolute terror and panic to get out of the place. young, teenage children — 14, 15 — mothers with children carrying them on their shoulders. people, with even wheelchairs panicking to get out. laura and isabella's concert ended
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ina laura and isabella's concert ended in a chaotic search for an excerpt. —— exit. wejust ran. but we also found two girls who lost their parents and had to get home on their own. they were quite scared because they we re they were quite scared because they were on their own. manchester has been a city on edge, shaken by alerts and rumours and a shopping centre evacuation. it is now beyond doubt that the people of manchester and of this country have fallen victim to a callous terrorist attack, an attack that targeted some of the youngest people in our society with cold calculation. this was among the worst terrorist incidents we have ever experienced in the united kingdom and although it is not the first time manchester has suffered in this way, it is of the worst attack the city has experienced and the worst ever to hit the north of england.
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dozens of people are still trying to trace loved ones after last night's bombing. some of the first victims have been named. georgina callander, aged 18, seen here at a previous event with ariana grande. john atkinson, aged 28. saffie roussos, eight years old, was also killed. it was an attack directed at young people. at innocents. during the day, police raided a number of houses. a 23—year—old man was arrested in connection. an attack like this had long been feared. preventing a lone suicide bomber is difficult. police will now try to discover everything they can about this man, whether he is part of a greater network and whether there is a risk of further attacks.
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thousands of people gathered outside the town hall in a mark of defiance. one by one, members of different faiths insisted they would not be cowed. these were sikhs with placards. then the crowd heard from a local poet. there's hard times again, in the streets of our city but we won't take defeat and we don't want your pity because this is the place where we stand strong together, with a smile on our face, mancunians forever. because this is the place in our hearts, in our homes, because this is the place that's a part of our bones, because manchester gives us such strength from the fact that this... is the place. defiant but also questions. what drove a young man to murder so many? let's get the latest
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now from manchester. 0ur correspondent wyre davies is outside police headquarters in the city. the police have a name but they are now trying to piece together motive and, crucially, whether or not salman abedi had help. it isjust over 2a hours since this atrocity and the police investigation, in comparison to previous events, is moving quite quickly. we know the details of who was killed and how they were killed, the method by which the 0ar carried out his atrocity. we also know his name, his background and police have also made at least one arrest in connection with him. it is moving quite quickly. the one thing causing alarm and the reason that the uk security level has now been raised to critical is that they do not know as
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fahey acted alone. he had a relatively sophisticated explosive vest, one that may lead some security experts and police to believe he must have had help from somebody in this country, or, if he had been overseas, in libya where his parents have believed believed was returned to. his travel plans and travel history is being put together at the minute and the fact that he may have received some help is causing the police here to double down on their efforts because the last thing they wish to do with his name now in the public domain is to trigger a second attack by an accomplice or by somebody who sympathised with him, if that person exists. and while the police are still desperate for information, so too are some families who are still waiting to hear about their loved ones. another sleepless night for them. one can only imagine the stress and the pain and the families are going through. of the 22 dead,
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three of them have now had their names publicly released. 0bviously otherfamilies will names publicly released. 0bviously other families will know and have been told by police but the names have not been released yet. that will come to fruition in the next few hours and days. but we believe there are still families out there who do not know if their loved ones, many of them will be young children, are in hospital. perhaps had a lift home to a friend's house, or who are, sadly, dead. that must be an agonising wait for those families. it is surprising in many ways that we still do not yet have the names of more victims because the families themselves simply do not know when you cannot imagine what they must be going through. it is so hard to imagine what they must be going through in manchester and the north of england tonight. that's our reporter there live in manchester. stay with it here on bbc news, still to come: superthin solidarity for the people of manchester from around
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till world following monday's deadly attack. this morning, an indian air force plane carrying mr gandhi's body landed in delhi. the president of india walked to the plane to solemnly witness mr gandhi's final return from the political battlefield. the polling stations are all prepared for what will be the first truly free elections in romania's history. it was a remarkable climax to what was surely the most extraordinary funeral ever given to a pop singer. it's been a peacefulfuneral demonstration so far, but suddenly these police are teargassing the crowd, we don't yet know why. the pre—launch ritual is well established here, helen was said to be in good spirits butjust a little apprehensive. in the last hour, east timor has become the world's newest nation. it was a bloody birth for a poor country, and the challenges ahead are daunting. but for now, at least, it is time to celebrate. this is bbc news.
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the latest headlines: britain's prime minister has raised the terror threat level — to critical — after the deadly attack in manchester. twenty—two people were killed and 59 injured when a suicide bomber targeted young fans leaving a concert on monday. in brussels, the flags of the twenty eight european union countries are flying at half mast. world leaders have been expressing their sympathy and solidarity with the people of manchester. president trump, the newly elected french president macron, and angela merkel of germany are among those who've sent messages of condolence and reaffirmed their commitment to fighting terrorism. 0ur diplomatic correspondent james landale takes a look at the reaction from around the world. paris and saint petersburg, brussels
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and berlin, istanbul and now manchester — the threat of terrorism is one few cities can avoid and many leaders must face the stock today it was their turn to show solidarity. president trump visiting israel's holocaust said the wicked ideology behind all terrorism has to be com pletely all terrorism has to be completely obliterated. so many young, beautiful people living and enjoying their lives murdered by evil losers in life. i will not call them monsters because they would like that term. they would think thatis they would think that is a great name. i will call them, from now on, losers, because that is what they are, they are losers. the president called theresa may to express his condolences and offer
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us help in the investigation. president macron also spoke to the prime minister, offering the uk more cooperation in the fight against terrorism. translation: we will be determined and resolute alongside all our european partners in the struggle against terrorism everywhere in our continent. in berlin, the union flag was at half mast at the british embassy. the chancellor said she would help. translation: germany stands shoulder to shoulder with the people of great britain. amid tight security in rome, before president trump's visit the pope issued a telegram
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offering prayer for the dead and wounded. in brussels, flags were lowered ina mark in brussels, flags were lowered in a mark of respect. other leaders expressed their condolences through messages on social media. president putin sent a telegram to mrs may offering to increase counterterrorism cooperation with britain. a personal message of condolences from xijinping two a personal message of condolences from xi jinping two the queen. —— to. and turkey also said it stood with britain in the fight against terror. in australia, the prime minister spoke for many. this is an attack on innocence. surely there is no crime more reprehensible than the murder of children. this is a direct and brutal attack on young people everywhere, on freedom everywhere.
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around the world, from kiev to cannes, people marked the attack with flowers or silence in memory of those killed in the attack. i'll be back in just a few minutes with more coverage and reaction to the events in manchester. but, i wanted to leave you with this, the poet tony walsh speaking on monday evening at a vigil, to honour the victims of the bombing. he delivered this powerful tribute to the city's defiance. this is the place in the north—west of england. it's ace, it's the best and the songs that we sing from the stands, from our bands set the whole planet shaking. our inventions are legends. there's nowt we can't make, and so we make brilliant music we make brilliant bands we make goals that make souls leap from seats in the stands and we make things from steel and we make things from cotton and we make people laugh, take the mick summat rotten
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and we make you at home and we make you feel welcome and we make summat happen and we can't seem to help it and if you're looking from history, then yeah we've a wealth but the manchester way is to make it yourself. and make us a record, a new number one and make us a brew while you're up, love, go on and make us feel proud that you're winning the league and make us sing louder and make us believe that this is the place that has helped shape the world and this is the place where a manchester girl named emmeline pankhurst from the streets of moss side led cheering and applause. a suffragette city with sisterhood pride and this is the place with appliance of science,
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we're on it, atomic, we struck with defiance, and in the face of a challenge, we always stand tall, mancunians, in union, delivered it all such as housing and libraries and health, education and unions and co—ops and first railway stations so we're sorry, bear with us, we invented commuters. but we hope you forgive us, we invented computers. cheering and applause. and this is the place henry rice strolled with rolls, and we've rocked and we've rolled with our own northern soul and so this is the place to do business then dance, where go—getters and goal—setters know they've a chance and this is the place where we first played as kids. and me mum, lived and died here, she loved it, she did.
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and this is the place where our folks came to work, where they struggled in puddles, they hurt in the dirt and they built us a city, they built us these towns and they coughed on the cobbles to the deafening sound to the steaming machines and the screaming of slaves, they were scheming for greatness, they dreamed to their graves. and they left us a spirit. they left us a vibe. that mancunian way to survive and to thrive and to work and to build, to connect, and create and greater manchester's greatness is keeping it great. and so this is the place now with kids of our own. some are born here, some drawn here, but they all call it home. and they've covered the cobbles, but they'll never defeat, all the dreamers and schemers who still teem through these streets.
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because this is a place that has been through some hard times: oppressions, recessions, depressions, and dark times. but we keep fighting back with greater manchester spirit. northern grit, northern wit, and greater manchester's lyrics. and these hard times again, in these streets of our city, cheering and applause. and these hard times again, in these streets of our city, but we won't take defeat and we don't want your pity. because this is a place where we stand strong together, with a smile on our face, greater manchester forever. and we've got this place where a team with a dream can get funding and something to help with a scheme. because this is the place in our hearts, in our homes,
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always remember, never forget, always remember, neverforget, or was manchester, czeslaw, don't forget. if you want to follow the development of the investigation in real time of what happened in manchester you can go to our web page where there is alive page with developments, reactions to what has been happening in the past 2a hours in manchester. you can also find me
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on twitter. do get in touch. some pictures now from the vigils in manchester to honour the victims of the callous terror attack. hello there. tuesday was a predominantly dry day with the heart of the country seeing the best of the sunshine. if we look at the weather watcher's picture from herefordshire, this illustrates the point nicely. there was cloud topping and tailing the country in the cloud, but enough for outbreaks of showery rain in the far north west of scotland. this is how we closed out the day yesterday with cloud and rain in the north and a little cloud lingering down to the south—west and that will still be with us first thing this wednesday morning. some coastal and some sea fog here. it will be quite a warm start, however, to the day. mid teens already and so temperatures are set to lift as we go through the morning.
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mid teens already and so temperatures are set to lift as we go through the morning. but we keep the cloud to the south—west with the best of the brightness really across south—eastern and eastern areas. we will chase cloud through the day but we get the best of the sunshine and temperatures will respond. into northern ireland we start off with showery outbreaks of rain to the north and west of scotland but these will primarily sit towards the north—west of the great glen and as we go through the day, a couple showers will filter further east. they will be isolated by then. elsewhere, broken cloud, some sunshine and where we get the best of the sunshine, the temperature will respond. but despite cloud around it will be a warm day for all of us, generally at around 19 or 25 degrees. maybe a little bit fresher in the far north of scotland. one thing is for certain, later on in the week we keep that dry theme and there will be more in the way of sunshine. as a consequence, temperatures respond. warm to hot in places, particularly in the south—west corner. we can see first signs of that on thursday with decent spells
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of sunshine coming through much of the country and you can see that we will see high 20s likely into the south—east corner, maybe as high as 23 or 2a in sheltered western areas of scotland. this area of high pressure may drift further east and that will allow it to continue to drag up even warmer air from the near continent but at the same time, however, there is a potential for a weather front to push on from the west. as we move out of friday into the start of the weekend, yes, it is a bank holiday weekend, there is a potential for some of us to see 30 degrees however, with that front knocking on the door there is also the potential for a thundery breakdown. do not make this the last forecast you see for the bank holiday weekend. there is the potential for sharp thundery downpours to moving from the south—west, of it, however, it will stay quite warm with lots of sunshine. this is bbc news — the headlines... the uk terror threat level has been raised to critical — following the manchester concert
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attack that left 22 people dead and many injured. britain's prime minister theresa may has warned that a further terror attack could be imminent. she also announced that soldiers will be deployed to protect key sites. the suicide bomber has been named as salman abedi, a twenty—two—year—old born in manchester. he was of libyan origin and was a student at the nearby university of salford. the islamic state group has published a statement on social media saying one of its supporters carried out the attack. thousands of people have gathered for a vigil in manchester city centre in memory of those who died. a minute's silence was held as crowds spilt out on to nearby roads. greater manchester chief constable ian hopkins thanked "the rest of the world for holding us in their thoughts". more now on the story of attack in manchester. police have arrested a 23—year—old man in south manchester, as part of their investigations. they also raided a property linked to the bomber‘s family.
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