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this is bbc news. the headlines: a 25 year—old man is arrested in manchester by police investigating last monday's suicide bomb attack. police have been searching an address in the moss side area of the city. the conservatives and labour promise more action to minimise the threat of terror attacks in the wake of the manchester bombing. these city stands defiant as thousands take to the streets in the great manchester run. —— the city. thousands of british airways passengers have been facing a second day of delays and disruption following the massive computer failure which grounded all ba planes at heathrow and gatwick yesterday. i've never seen anything like it in my life. we have always been i've never seen anything like it in happy with british airways, but i don't think we can trust them again. also in the next hour, at least 150 people have been killed and 2,000 homes destroyed in sri lanka's worst flooding in years. all the homes, shops, worship places, schools, everything is under flood. over 50 people died
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in this district. one of the worst affected areas. thousands of people have been cut off from basic services. sebastian vettel wins the monaco grand prix for ferrari. lewis hamilton finishes seventh — and is now 25 points behind vettel in the driver's championship. good evening and welcome to bbc news. police investigating the manchester arena terror attack have arrested another man on suspicion of terror offences. the man, who's 25 years old, was detained in old trafford. the
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manchester run were determined it should go ahead to show the true spirit of the city. in the centre of manchester, people ran in remembrance and in defiance. holding this race in the streets just days after an attack here was in itself sending an important message. we're here to run for manchester and to show that we're not scared and we won't give up. this simple act of gathering together after a bombing that left so many families grieving expressed a sentiment that only a few could find the words for. do something to say we need to hate less. do something through courage and through pain. do something for someone that you care for. do something to help out with the cost. do something for someone that you're there for.
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that you've lost. yet this attempt to return to normality exposed what has become at least for the moment, the new normal. armed officers and extra security are now an obvious presence, here to offer reassurance, but they're also a reminder of what happened in manchester less than a week ago. yes, i was a bit nervous, i'm here with my husband. if anything else could have happened, you know. . .. i've got children at home, so i did think twice, i'm not going to lie but i'm here. bell tolls people paid their respects all along the race route. and at services nearby in manchester cathedral. today we remember megan hurley, elaine mciver, courtney boyle, philip tron...
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there, the names of each one of the 22 people killed on monday were read out. chloe rutherford, liam curry... 0n shirt after shirt, people wore yellow ribbons to show solidarity and sympathy for theirfamilies. we weren't going to come today but we thought we're not going to let them win. we're going to come and have a great day despite everything that's happened. lay some flowers. the kids are going to have fun. trying to move on in manchester does not mean forgetting. and this is a city still in need of support and reassurance. this is the property that they were searching this afternoon, very
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intense rain, they blew the door in on that house back there. detectives and forensic teams were here for some hours this afternoon, and three men were arrested but we heard later they had been in the words of the police dearrested, so they are not of interest to this growing police investigation. and officers have concluded their searches here and most of the police teams have now gone. in a separate development, a few streets away, there was a 25—year—old man arrested this afternoon and a blue car was stopped by police and they were searching that for some time in the street, the boot was open and forensics experts were going over that before it was given away for further examination, and that means 14 people have been arrested over the course of the week since the attack on monday night and i2 course of the week since the attack on monday night and 12 men are still in custody, being questioned by police. officers do seem increasingly confident that they
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have got to the heart of this network that was part of planning this attack with salman abedi, the suicide bomber. it appears this might have been some sort of mistake today, that they have raided an address which is not connected to the bomber and his network but overall police feel they have more leads and they have obtained more evidence and they have made further arrests and got to the centre of this network, but they haven't ruled out the possibility of further development is to come in the days ahead. dan johnson, in moss side. 0ur correspondent has been in st ann's square where people have been paying their respects. this is where people have chosen to come following monday's attack, leaving whatever tribute they see fit, flowers, teddy bears, notes on football shirts and balloons, and the tributes have spread to around 50 metres behind
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me, more and more people coming. 0ne of the most poignant things is, despite thousands of people being here, it is very quiet and people are coming here to take a moment to reflect a nd are coming here to take a moment to reflect and to take in just what happened in their cityjust a few days ago, and some people are saying they have come to pay to view and show their support for those who have been affected and others were much closer to the attack. i spoke to one man who was a member of the emergency services and he was there just after it took place. emergency services and he was there just after it took placelj emergency services and he was there just after it took place. i just said to my wife, you see this on the tv, and you can't really comprehend, until you see the amount of floral tributes. and the silence down here, be quiet and is. it is like being in a library —— the quietness. you expect someone to tell you if you are talking to be quiet, but
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thousands of people have been down here, paying their respects. people like you and your colleagues are thought of as heroes the going down and doing what you did. —— for. thought of as heroes the going down and doing what you did. —— fonm is the emergency services, the ambulances and the police, it was a massive operation. no one can really put into words what they saw that night. we just wanted to come down, really, pay our respects and see st ann's square the way it is. it is not just here ann's square the way it is. it is notjust here where people have paid respects, in manchester cathedral a special service was held this morning were all 22 victims names we re morning were all 22 victims names were read out, and a message from the deed of manchester cathedral. saying that this was a time when young people were going to go and have fun but instead it was a concert that was turned into a
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graveyard of the innocent. also at the great manchester run, people we re the great manchester run, people were showing support on the backs of their t—shirts, writing that this is for the victims, and a minute's silence was also held. no matter where people are choosing to pay their respects, the main message from all people standing together of all ages from all walks of life, is that this city is open and stands together in solidarity. our correspondent in the centre of manchester. find out how this story and others are find out how this story and others a re covered find out how this story and others are covered in the papers preview tonight. for a second day, british airways has had to cancel or delay numerous flights in and out of heathrow, following the collapse of ba's computer system due to a power failure. to try to ease congestion,
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because so many passengers are stranded, the airline has only been allowing travellers to enter the main terminal, 90 minutes before theirflight. produce airways has issued a statement which says gatwick is now running and at heathrow they hope to operate all long haul services —— british airways has issued. for some ba customers, it's been a long, uncomfortable night. bleary passengers this morning, still hoping to catch their plane. even free bottles of water failed to cool some people's mood. it's moving around, and a lack of information and it is too big and they don't know what to do with it and it seems like there is not enough people. we have been in the line for about five hours and we have no idea how much longer we will be here and getting no communication from the staff will stop sarah and
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herfamily from the staff will stop sarah and her family should be in budapest but instead she is stuck having lunch at a pub near heathrow. she was told to go to the airport only to find the flight had go to the airport only to find the flight had been cancelled. we travelled a base on the fact our fight was still running and we had been told by british airways to make sure the fight was running, before we left on, and we did that. you have come from? worcestershire and my sister has come from folkestone. now they are probably going on holiday in the uk instead. we had really been looking forward to it because we like going away together, but it is not as bad as it could have been because other people probably had it worse than us. british airways passengers in rome have been told it might be tuesday before they get home, some travelled by rain —— by train from before they get home, some travelled by rain —— by trainfrom naples, coming for a plane which never took off. we are going from here to
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barcelona and barcelona to london but the barcelona fight has been delayed an hour and so we have 30 minutes to get the connecting flight in the hope to get back to london tonight otherwise we have got to wait two days. as thousands of people wait, dozens of flights have already been cancelled and many more will not depart as the airline struggles to reset its global network after a major power failure. but confusion still abounds, some passengers have been told their flight passengers have been told their flight is cancelled online and then get the exec opposite message when they called the airline to confirm —— exact opposite. the problem looks set to desist for far more than just a few hours. —— persist. what do you make of the scale and the problems that this power failure has caused? it is catastrophic for
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them, and normally of course when you talk in those kind of terms, when you are dealing with aviation, it means people have died, and clearly that has not happened. but in corporate terms this is a huge catastrophe for ba. generally they are known for being reasonably competent. could this not have happened to any company, given so many organisations are dependent on it systems these days? well, they are supposed to be resilient, and they are supposed to have levels of ways of dealing with it. we have heard this is a power outage problem, but i don't see how that could be. a really big company, they have been doing this for many years, how could it possibly be that a power outage can bring everything crashing down? i shouldn't use that
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word in aviation terms, but make the system fall apart. any kind of large it system needs huge back—up, universally power supplies... unlimited power supplies, in fact, but they need to be able to survive power outages at all of the airports, and all of those airports will have their systems because you can't have the air traffic control tower saying, sorry, we have a power failure. it's just not suitable. there are worldwide systems that will make these things work. it is extraordinary to me that a company of the stature of ba apparently doesn't have that resilience. what is your view of how they have handled it from a public relations perspective? if you recover which is
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understandable, vague just could perspective? if you recover which is understandable, vaguejust could not get information —— theyjust could not get information. ba have not put anyone to do interviews with channels like us. what more could they have done? they could have done an awful lot more. i've seen an account of someone in the aviation business, who spent all day yesterday at heathrow and he said he did not see any ba senior management anywhere and on top of the fact that no one was making tannoy announcements, the people on the spot did not know much more than passengers, and they didn't have anything to say, but what should have happened, the management should have happened, the management should have been down there like a shot, fixing things and going round talking to people and trying to make the whole thing at least sing better, but there appears to have been no evidence of that at all. —— seem better. they won't speak to
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you, but they say that on their website that they are keeping us informed on the media, but they are not. it is ok to cbc the chief executive officer alex cruz making these three—minute videos, but that doesn't help if they are not telling you really what went wrong. sean, aviation expert, thanks forjoining us. pleasure. a reminder of our headlines. a 25—year—old man has been arrested, as armed police stage a further raid as part of inquiries into the manchester arena bomb attack. the conservatives and labour promise more action to minimise the threat of terror attacks in the wake of the manchester bombing. british airways passengers face further disruption as the company warns of delays and cancellations — following a global computer failure that saw all flights cancelled yesterday. passengers travelling on the
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eurotunnel folkestone to calais line are facing disruption because of technicalfaults on some are facing disruption because of technical faults on some shuttles. eurotunnel says trains are running but there are delays of around two and a half hours and passengers are being told to check in as normal while the problem is being fixed. you wrote on or is focusing on reducing the delays as quickly as possible —— eurotunnel is focusing. and now to the election campaign. the home secretary, amber rudd, says the conservatives will set up a commission to tackle terrorism and hate crime, and promote british values, if they win the general election. labour say they will put 10,000 police on the streets and match a conservative pledge of an extra thousand security experts. here's our political correspondent alex forsyth. in the aftermath of such
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an atrocity, inevitable questions about how to stop something like this happening again. the actions of this man, salman abedi, forced a pause in the election campaign. now preventing others like him is part of the debate. the home secretary said today the government had, for the first time, used powers to prevent suspected terrorists returning freely to the uk. she said police and security services were working at full tilt on the manchester attack. they are facing questions about who knew what and when. was salman abedi on a surveillance list? i don't know those details that you have set out to me because the intelligence services are still collecting information about him. and the people around him. i would not rush to conclusions that they have somehow missed something. people phoned the terror hotline as they are told to do. as they should do. the reason we put in place the terror hotline and the prevent strategy is because we recognise the scale of the problem. so what would different parties do
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to tackle that problem? the conservatives would introduce a counter extremism commission. so far short on detail. it would advise on new laws and policies. they say they have committed extra funding for counterterrorism agencies and they are recruiting more officers. labour have also promised more security and intelligence staff and 10,000 more police officers, as well as more prison and border agency personnel. in the battle for power here, labour are attacking the conservatives over cuts, saying they have left the police under—resourced. the tories are defending their record on crime but they want to make this about character and leadership. the shadow home secretary was asked again today about past comments she had made, seemingly supportive about the ira. it was 3a years ago. i had a rather splendid afro at the time. i don't have the same hairstyle and i don't have the same views. labour says the focus now should be how to keep people safe from this,
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an attack which rather than undermine the democratic system, has highlighted the choice the country is facing, who is best to lead, who is best to protect? nicola sturgeon, the leader of the snp, says that she would consider working with labour if they were to win the election. despite having doubts aboutjeremy win the election. despite having doubts about jeremy corbyn. win the election. despite having doubts about jeremy corbynm win the election. despite having doubts about jeremy corbyn. if there was to be a hung parliament, we would look to be part of a progressive alliance that pursued progressive policies, but let's get back to the reality of this election. the reality is, even with a narrowing of the polls, we will face a tory government perhaps with a bigger majority, so my priority is
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to say to people in scotland if you wa nt to say to people in scotland if you want scotland's interest to be protected, you have got to vote snp to make sure that is the case. can now return to the dire situation facing many travellers at heathrow because of the problems at ba. we canjoin one man who has had his holiday ruined. what were you hoping to be doing? we were hoping to find the blue sky, the swimming pool and our good friends who live near greece. stroud has not got the same appeal, what happens? —— happened. we arrived at gatwick at ten o'clock
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in the morning to get a flightjust before one o'clock, we have plenty of time to enjoy the airport, but when we got to the gate for boarding the captain arrived and started to make announcements that all was not well. did he say what had happened? at the time he did not know exactly what had happened, but he was able to say that we did not have an aircraft to get on and there was a bit of a system problem but it sounded like it was going to be something which could be sorted out ina something which could be sorted out in a couple of hours. what did happen? when did you find out you we re happen? when did you find out you were not going to be going? not until we were called back from the general concourse back to the gate area at 3pm. and then it was a procession through to be told it was cancelled, passport to go through again, and then the bag collection. what extra information was coming
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from ba? did you get any refreshments? vouchers? no, there we re refreshments? vouchers? no, there were no pieces of paper being exchanged. the general instruction that if we did get stuff we could reclaim it later. we did queue around the airline desk for an hour to see if there would be any info and the staff seemed to be put on the spot and all they could do was explain they were trying to take a couple of fights at a time and that eventually bit by bit we've would be called through, but they never really seemed to know exactly what the end solution would be. this is not the half term you were hoping for. what has your dad been doing to get you away on holiday? today he was phoning up every half an hour to british airways to see if we could have our flight, get onto a new fight, but we had it refunded and we
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found a different airline to get a flight. found a different airline to get a flight. to somewhere which is a bit further away. when are you going? we are going to be going tomorrow. so that will be really good. very exciting. but what is your view of the customer service and the public relations that this has brought for british airways? i would like to pay tribute to the gatwick ground staff who had all the immigration lanes open for us and made sure our bags we re open for us and made sure our bags were on the carriages for us to pick up were on the carriages for us to pick up and go home with everything we had arrived with. they seemed to keep the show going at gatwick. i have been very frustrated and i only joined twitter last night to keep up with what british airways were going to be announcing, but for a stated to be announcing, but for a stated to find them were concentrating on replying to 12 hour old to which
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stash but very frustrated. not able to give any real genuine updates on what was happening and i felt trapped in something kafka s, telling me to call the call centre but the call centre was too busy to receive any calls and it referred me back to the website and so it continues —— kafkaesque. back to the website and so it continues -- kafkaesque. they ignored what i said on foot, as well. thanks for talking to us —— they ignored what i said on twitter, as well. enjoy your holiday. fingers crossed. thank you. donald trump has tweeted about the leaks of the manchester attack investigation to the us media, which led to a minor diplomatic spat between london and washington. the president wrote that prime minister theresa may was ‘very angry‘ about the passing of information, which included crime scene photographs, to the american media, adding that she had given him ‘full details'. president trump has been deeply critical of leaks from his administration in the past.
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us authorities are considering banning laptops in cabins on all domestic flights because of the terrorist threat. home affairs spokesman said he might implement such a spokesman said he might implement sucha ban, spokesman said he might implement such a ban, and there's already a la ptop such a ban, and there's already a laptop on international flights which applies to ten countries, most of them in the middle east. mr kelly said terrorists were very keen on the idea of targeting a plane. there isa the idea of targeting a plane. there is a real threat, numerous threats against aviation, that is the thing they are obsessed with, the terrorists, the idea of knocking down an aeroplane in—flight especially if it is a us carrier and full of us folks. it is real. i implemented in march a restriction on large electronic devices in cabins from ten points of origin.
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all international flights in and out of the us, when are you going to make that decision? i'm still following the intelligence, and be very good news is that we working incredibly closely with friends and partners around the world and we are going, and in the process of defining this, but we are going to raise the bar for generally speaking aviation security much higher than it is now. john kerry, speaking on fox news. a man has been shot in the car park of a supermarket in northern ireland. the incident occurred at about 3pm at the sainsbury‘s superstore in bangor, county down. a man is being treated at the scene after he was reportedly hit several times. northern ireland police have launched a murder investigation. six men who accused the late lord janner of sexually abusing them as children, have abandoned their civil case. lord janner was charged with 22 sexual offences dating back to the 1960s, but the 87—year—old was found unfit
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to stand trialjust days before he died in 2015. the men had been seeking damages from his estate. the criminal case against lord janner was dropped because he had dementia. it was decided he could not follow what was going on in court and then he died. six men wanted to take it further and launched their own civil case at the high court. that has now been dropped. a lawyer representing the men said the reason for that is there had been a long period of time between the claim being launched and the alleged abuse. lord janner‘s family said that effectively cleared his name. but the lawyer says the victims now want to concentrate on giving evidence to the independent enquiry on child sexual abuse. he said they had been given assurances that it would look into allegations against lord janner but his family said it should just be looking at whether there were institutional failures.
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as for the inquiry itself, they would only say the investigation was continuing and would not be drawn on whether or not they would make some sort of ruling on whether lord janner abused children. we are hearing from greater manchester police, who are investigating the suicide bombing in manchester last monday, they are searching two more addresses. that is coming from greater manchester police, and they said the searches are ongoing and that follows the arrest of a 25—year—old man today. more than 150 people are now known to have died in sri lanka in flooding and landslides caused by heavy monsoon rains. officials say aid is now reaching remote areas in the worst affected areas in the south and west of the island. 95 people are in hospital and more than a hundred are still missing. at least 2,000 houses have been destroyed, and almost half a million people have been forced from their homes and are sheltering in
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government buildings or with friends and relatives. some families are sitting on rooftops waiting for supplies. indian naval ships are helping with the relief effort. 0ur reporter azzam ameen sent this update. we're now in a village in the western district and the village is inundated with floods since friday. all the homes, shops, worship places, everything is underflood. the roads are completely underwater and residents rely on boat services for food and other essential supplies. we see families and children seated on the terrace waiting for supplies. more than 50 people died in this whole district, one of the worst affected areas. thousands here have been displaced and are cut off from basic services and in addition to severe flooding, this village witnessed an unexpected mudslide which killed at least seven people. we spoke to a man who lost four of his grandchildren in the mudslide.


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