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tv   Newsday  BBC News  May 30, 2017 12:00am-12:31am BST

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welcome to newsday. the headlines. after a deadly siege and a week of heavy fighting against islamist insurgents, have government forces in the philippines now taken control of the southern city? frank talk from the french president as emmanuel macron meets vladimir putin for the first time. also in the programme. . . for the first time. also in the programme... exclusive pictures of the manchester bombers salman abedi is seen here shopping just one day before the attack. could this be india's version of silicon valley? it is running out of water. live from paris studios in singapore, and london —— live from our studios. this is bbc world news. it is newsday. good morning. it is 7am
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here in singapore, and this city has been under siege in philippines. on monday the government said it had a decisive progress to retake the city, but at least 100 civilians have been killed in 2000 people may still be trapped in a militant held areas. our correspondent has more. we are seeing and much more optimistic note coming from the philippines bollettieri spokesperson now, they seem to be making more progress in regaining the city, but in the first place we do not know how long it will take to push out those last pockets of resistance while the group. they have shown themselves to be tenacious, very well armed and very tough to get out of the city. they cannot put a timeline on it. the military has regained control of most of the city, controlling people going in
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and out, there will be interesting to see, once this is over, people will want to know how many of the group who got involved in this attack, this hardline militant group, how many of them managed to escape than once that is done, there are bigger questions that the filmic —— the government has to answer. one is how this terrible battle that has caused so much damage was allowed to ta ke caused so much damage was allowed to take place. it was supposed to be a routine operation to detain, opportunistically, they had only just found them there, perhaps the most notorious leader operating in the philippines, a commander who has joined this group, in that operation, they encountered much bigger resistance than they thought. the military is now saying that they think there was a plan by the group to ta ke think there was a plan by the group to take over the city and that they happen to pre—empt it. that may be true but it has been a very destructive operation and the bigger question is what do they do now to reassure the philippines public that
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they can make progress on the bigger issues of de—escalating complex? there was a signature policy for the president who is the first president of the philippines to come from the island and he said i can do better than others. so far, he has not moved forward on the broad peace agreement that has been put in place by his predecessors and is waiting, a lot of details have to be sorted out with their mainstream islamic group which wants to make peace with the government, but at the same time he has taken a hardline approach to these more militant groups, who are allied to the so—called islamic state. by going after them, these conflicts a re state. by going after them, these conflicts are very destructive and we know from experience that in the past, although the philippines government has proclaimed success time and time again, that even when they kill the leaders, there are lots of young men in this very militarised part of the philippines who are willing to join these extreme islamic groups, plenty of links we now know with jihadist
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groups in neighbouring countries, many people who have been to the middle east and been radicalised there. this is a long—standing problem and it is not clear that this hardline approach of using the military is really going to solve everything. people will be asking, the group has carried out this rate, can he be sure it will not do it ain? can he be sure it will not do it again? they will be looking to some fresh and convincing ideas from the president to show that he can make better progress that his predecessors did. jonathan had reporting. let us look at some of the other news. it has emerged that tiger woods was arrested on a drink—driving charge in florida early on monday morning. the 1a time major winner has struggled through injuries and recent years and was forced to pull out of the masters in april. he has yet to make any formal comment. our correspondent gave maw. in that mug shot that was released by the authorities within hours of being taken into custody in the
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middle of the night, around brea kfast middle of the night, around breakfast time local time in florida, he was booked into the system florida, he was booked into the syste m o n florida, he was booked into the system on suspicion of driving under the influence. it has not been made entirely clear whether that is driving under the influence of alcohol are drugs, no doubt that will, then time. you are right, too many people around the world still, still a sporting hero, one of the all—time greats in the game of golf. many of his friends and people in the sport are saying that this is quite tragic, that it has come to this, that they are looking at this mugshot of someone who they consider to be their hero. a sporting hero indeed. if 1a time grand slam champion but he has. won a major championship since 2008, so what happens now to the career of tiger woods? the two could be completely
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separate, it does not necessarily mean it will affect his career, let us see mean it will affect his career, let us see what happens in terms of the charges, there will be implications. as far as his career is concerned, he has been facing some challenging medical problems, he had surgery on his back quite recently and back came out, he pulled out of a tournament, he has had some quite significant problems, some pain problems with his back and he had been talking in quite optimistic terms recently saying that his recovery was going well and that he planned to return to professional golf. as far as his career is concerned, at least what he was saying before this incident in the last few hours, he seemed to be quite optimistic. thank you. also making news today, two women suspected of murdering the half—brother of the north korean leader are due to appear in accord in malaysia. they face the death
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penalty if they are convicted. they deny the charges. staying with north korea, the authorities say that the leaders recently supervise the test launch of a missile 2a hours ago and they are describing it as a successful test. the launch was there a 12 ballistic missile test this year in defiance of united nations sanctions. scientists in america say they have made a major breakthrough in preventing bacteria gaining resistance to to an antibiotic. they have modified the drug to make it much more powerful, it was feared that bacteria would eventually develop full resistance to the existing form of the antibiotic. the prime minister and the opposition leader here in britain have been taking questions in television interviews ahead of the election next week. jeremy corbyn said he would ensure there was a brexit deal with the european union if he wins power. theresa may has said that she would be prepared
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to walk away from a bad deal. the chief executive of british airways has said the power surge that knocked out its computers at the weekend was so powerful that the back—up system also collapse. thousands of flights were disrupted, he apologised and promised an exhaustive enquiry but refused to resign. authorities in bangladesh are trying to evacuate up to 1 million people from their homes for a powerful cyclone makes landfall. they say the cyclone is likely to heat the east coast early on tuesday. the meteorological office warned that coastal districts could face flooding as a result of storm surges along the seafront. and now, let me show you these pictures. a severe thunderstorm has had the russian capital of moscow. operating hundreds of trees, at least 11 people are known to have been killed, more than a0 people have
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sought medical help and reports say that electrical cables were damaged and roofs blown off michael buildings by winds reaching 100 kilometres per hour in some places. last week it was a ferocious handshake with donald trump and on monday emmanuel macron showed his strength with another world leader, vladimir putin. at a rather tense press co nfe re nce , vladimir putin. at a rather tense press conference, he insisted he had been fried with vladimir putin over syria, human rights and ukraine and he dismissed some russian media as propaganda. from paris, lucy williamson has more. despite the sweltering weather, this meeting held a touch of frost from the start. at the entrance to fans, they greeted each other with handshakes. two hours later after their first meeting, their mood was if anything
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even cooler. france and russia have backed a different groups in the syrian conflict, emmanuel macron said that while france did not want to destabilise the syrian state, there were red line that must not be crossed. translation: i stressed again in my meeting with vladimir putin are objective. there is a clear red line that exists on our part and that is the use of chemical weapons by he by p. the use of chemical weapons will be the object of retaliation on the pa rt be the object of retaliation on the part of the french. the leaders are divided over the situation in ukraine with the russian president condemning the sanctions imposed on his country as a result of the crisis. translation: the sanctions against russia are not helping to find a solution to the crisis in ukraine. we must fight to lift these restrictions. this is the only way we could be more free and be able to restore peace in the region. vladimir putin also appeared to deny any russian interference in france's recent presidential race, despite
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allegations by emmanuel macron‘s tea m allegations by emmanuel macron‘s team by russian agents had tried to hack into their accounts. emmanuel macron defended the banning of two russian media outlets from covering his campaign, describing them of agents as —— as agents of propaganda. this choice of venue, and this exhibition was meant to highlight the long relationship between the two countries. more recent events have made this a stiff and awkward meeting and it showed. lucy williamson, bbc news, versailles. it is exactly one week since a bomb exploded at a pop concert in manchester killing 22 people, many of them teenagers and children. british security forces have been continuing to read addresses in various parts of the uk. they have also released new cctv footage showing the movements of the bomber the day before the attack. jim kelly has the details. a young man in a hooded top,
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jogging pants and trainers, on his own on a sunday morning shop. in this footage obtained by the bbc, he looks relaxed as he is captured on cctv, browsing the shelves of a manchester convenience store. his till receipt shows he spent £8.7a and he bought almonds, tuna, scouring pads and air fresheners. this was the day before the bombing. and staff in the shop believe this was salman abedi. looking at that cctv, it is the same guy that has been in the shop several times in the past. he looks exactly like the guy that they're saying has done the bombings. his eyes stand out so much from the guy that we recognise from the past. here you can see his face. and this is an image released by the police. in the police pictures he appears to be wearing some of the same clothes. by this stage he has the bomb on his back and is on the verge of committing mass murder. tonight police released this new image of him in manchester city centre on the day of the attack.
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they are trying to find his blue suitcase. they say they have no reason to believe it contains anything dangerous, but they are asking anyone who sees it to be cautious. early today, their investigation expanded to the south coast. in the sussex town of shoreham by sea, officers arrested a 23—year—old man. he's said to be a libyan trainee pilot. since the bombing, there has been criticism of the security service m15. it's now reviewing the way it assessed salman abedi. he was not considered to pose an immediate threat. the home secretary has refused to be drawn on possible missed opportunities. it's right that m15 are going to be able to look back and find out what has happened in the past. but at the moment i'm going to focus on making sure that we get the operation concluded and successfully so. but after the arena atrocity, some are questioning whether an intelligence agency should be investigating itself. in the north of england, there have been more searches at new locations.
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this was whalley range in manchester. i think the're libyans, but i do not know much about them. they collect our parcels, we collect their parcels. and in bury this afternoon, this was the scene of one of the latest searches. a landfill site close to a motorway. an illustration of the size and scope of the police investigation. officers are also going through thousands of hours of cctv as they work to build a picture of the bomber and those close to him. june kelly reporting. you're watching newsday. still to come... the un calls it the world's worst humanitarian crisis, we will have a report from yemen. in the biggest
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international sporting spectacle ever seen, up international sporting spectacle ever seen, up to 30 million people have taken part in sponsored athletic events to a famine relief in africa. the first of what the makers of star wars will be thousands of queues started forming at seven a.m.. tom that led to scuffles, scuffles to fighting, fighting to full—scale riot as liverpool fans broke out of their area and into thejuventus enclosure. the belgian police had lost control. the whole world will mourn the tragic death of him today, he was the father of the indian people, from the day of independence. the oprah winfrey show comes to an end after 25 years and more than four and a half thousand episodes. the chat show has made her one of the richest people on the planet. geri halliwell otherwise known as ginger spice has announced she has left the spice girls. known as ginger spice has announced she has left the spice girlslj known as ginger spice has announced she has left the spice girls. i do not believe it. she has the bands and the girl. she has the girl power. why? welcome back to newsday. our top
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stories... after a deadly siege and a week of heavy fighting against islamist insurgents, government forces and the philippines say if they can control most of the southern city. frank talk from the french president as emmanuel macron meets vladimir putin for the first time. let's look at some of the pages from around the world. we start with the straight times in singapore focusing on the plight of ordinary filipino families caught up in the violent clashes between government forces and militants and while many young people take shelter in evacuation centres, pretty much like this one, others are trapped in their homes and they are afraid to venture out, afraid militants would kill them or take them hostage. this german paper continues with the
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media fascination in two world leaders and their handshakes. it a nalyses leaders and their handshakes. it analyses a close—up of the handshake between the french and russian presidents and asks if emmanuel macron, his hand is on the right, has the upper hand over vladimir putin, given their divisive views. the china daily has captured people at play on the front page, add a frothy fun bubble run in the north—east province and that is as they celebrate the dragon boat festival. that is bringing you up—to—date with the papers. what are some of the stories online? if it is not a handshake that is trending, it will be the hacker. listen to this. it is the sound of the new zealand hacker, this is performed byjason bell more from the television show game of thrones along with members of the ultimate fighting
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championship team. the video has been shared across the world. two yea rs of been shared across the world. two years of war in yemen have created what the un has described as the world's largest humanitarian crisis. as well as impending famine, the country is also facing an unprecedented outbreak of cholera. in the past month, 52,000 cases of suspected cholera have been reported and the world health organisation believes more than a00 people have died in the past month. our correspondent has this special report from yemen. frail, weak and fighting for their lives. these are the faces of yemen's latest crisis. preying on the weak and hungry, cholera has rapidly spread throughout the country. this hospital, already crippled by war, is overwhelmed. this family arrived in the capital after their town was heavily bombed.
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she hoped her children would be safe in the city, but two days after s moving here, their lives are at risk again. translation: the kids went to play and then they started cleaning the rubbish outside. my son washed his hands, butjust after dinner, he got really sick. yemen is a country broken by war and hunger. a place where the young and old become the first victims. it's always been poor, but two years of fighting has left it unable to cope with this emergency. translation: the war has meant that everything is deteriorating especially the health system. there are no medicines, no access to clean water, it's catastrophic. outside, the patients keep coming.
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but without spare beds they're treated in the courtyard, with over 200 new cases arriving each day to this hospital alone, makeshift tents have been set up to deal with the numbers. cholera is cheap and easy to treat, but the un says the delivery of aid has been slowed down by both sides, which means supplies don't reach the people in need. so far the outbreak has killed over a00 people. this man's wife is the latest victim. he buried her here just yesterday. she was so malnourished her body
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wasn't able to fight the disease. she was 21 years old. translation: her situation deteriorated, so we rushed her to the hospital. they couldn't help her. we took her to another hospital, but by then it was too late. everything in our life together was so lovely. she was so kind. our time together was too short. he was left widowed and his six—month—old son without a mother. with no peace in sight, yemen's war will continue to tear families apart. bangalore is india's silicon valley famous for its it parks and gleaming
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skyscrapers but the booming economy means over the last 15 years its population has almost doubled. but, the city ‘s water supplyjust cannot keep up. we have found out more. thousands of these tankers crisscross the city of lime mortars to homes as well as officers. this is how most of bangalore gets its water supply. this tanker has pulled into the filling station. it is filling water from a well which is essentially a pipe that is drilled deep into the earth, sometimes to debts of more than 1000 feet to extra ct debts of more than 1000 feet to extract the brown water. once it is filled, it moves across the city. bangalore is one of india's
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fastest—growing cities, known as it's silicon valley because it is the hub of the it industry. a vibrant, moderate and global city. but its traditional water sources are shrinking and increasingly are contaminated. so many people now depend on water delivered by private tankers. owned by a clutch of operators who control supply and, it is alleged, prices. if they do not supply the water, there is no water for them. he is the software professional living in an upmarket gated community. like the other families who stay here, here is that the mercy of the water mafia. in some form, it operates as a cartel but it is something no one would want to
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talk about openly. the quality of what is suspect. the negotiations have become tougher because the rates are getting higher and there is sufficient of man. you cannot react to it. bangalore has 400,000 things which are diminishing water supply. there are about 500 million litres of water which need to be expected. if they dryad, the city starts to lose its lifeline of water. the crisis is how to keep this alive. it has to start to become a pioneer in water management to solve the crisis. something the city needs to do quickly or it could soon city needs to do quickly or it could soon completely dry out. you have been watching newsday, stay with us, we will be having some beauty secrets. we will look at how one
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woman built a bat empire and indonesia without the help of banks in our latest report. i know i really fa ncy in our latest report. i know i really fancy her massage, how about you? i have never been to a spa in my life. you do not know what you are missing. one of my sequences being positive and the other is being positive and the other is being happy. great secrets. let us look at these pictures. these beautiful baby animals in shanghai zoo are beautiful baby animals in shanghai zoo are all twins and they have attracted a huge number of visitors. the dragon boat race is getting into full stea m. the dragon boat race is getting into full steam. the pandas have been the star attraction and are now over 90 kilograms in weight. thank you for watching newsday. goodbye for now. good morning. the bank holiday is over and it ended on a wet note for
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some north and east parts of england. some wet weather in parts of scotla nd england. some wet weather in parts of scotland but a lot of that has been moving out of the north sea. for these delinquent, low cloud, but very little rain to speak of, scattered showers to the west of england, the west of scotland will see rain but this band of rain and a cold front heading our way and that will be a key feature. ahead of that, a warm night in the selfies, 14 that, a warm night in the selfies, 1a or 16 degrees. as we start tuesday, we have low cloud in the east, but it is dry, further west, rainfora time east, but it is dry, further west, rain for a time in northern ireland, that moves through, it will take a to cross scotland, some rain in the weather front stretching across england and wales, but very little rain in the south west of england. gray on the coast, england, spells of sunshine, in the selfies, warm, humid, it will get to 21 or 22 degrees. some rain in the north of england down to wales but it will
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become light and patchy as it makes its way south and east and behind that, we see at brightening up nicely and it begins to turn fresher, seeing the humidity dropping awake but there is still some rain to be had in the north of scotland, but at roland garros we are looking pretty good, 232a degrees, those friends are increasingly light, a bit more in the way of sunshine. tuesday evening, patchy rain, fizzling out as it makes its way to the south—east corner, grey around the coast south and west but it will be a fresh start to the day on wednesday morning, the fresher air spread its way into pretty much all parts, and much better day for sleeping. wednesday looks at a decent day, it may start off windy towards the north—east of the uk but that eases down and most places will have a decent day with light winds, but further weather fronts are waiting in the atlantic, but when the a decent day. the wind eases down, good spells of sunshine for
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england, wales and northern ireland, much of scotland and light winds, low 20s, a very pleasant day indeed. bonnin to thursday and a lot of fine and dry weather to be had for england and wales, the west of scotla nd england and wales, the west of scotland and northern ireland will see this weather front moving on, that make steady progress into the east and by friday they will be a fair bit of cloud and outbreaks of rain around andjust fair bit of cloud and outbreaks of rain around and just ahead of that rain, in the selfies, it will be warm and humid once again. our top story: after a week of heavy fighting, government forces say they have reta ke n fighting, government forces say they have retaken control of marawi. 100
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civilians have been killed and several trapped in militant held areas. frank words as emmanuel macron met vladimir putin with a warning over serious about saying russia interfered with the french election. this story is trending on bbc .com. tiger woods has been arrested on a drink—driving charge. he was forced to pull out of the masters in april. he has yet to make any formal announcement. those were the headlines. now it is time for the headlines. now it is time for the andrew neil interviews where paul nuttall is the latest party leader to face questions. in just ten days, voters will go to the polls in the general election to decide who will represent them in parliament and who will lead the country. so which of the party leaders has the best plan for the future of the united kingdom?
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tonight, i'm joined by the leader of ukip, paul nuttall. paul nuttall, ukip was established in 1993, it was to get the uk out of the european union. you won the referendum, your side, last year, so instead of enduring this agonising decline in ukip's support, why notjust declare victory and go home?


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