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tv   Sportsday  BBC News  June 3, 2017 6:30pm-7:01pm BST

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{135.5 .5. 3.13 \ (kl-xv?“ england. gradually pushing down gci’oss england. gradually pushing down across parts of east anglia and south—east england, going into the evening. then looking mainly dry. most bases with temperatures in the teams. gradual movement showers towards the south—east on sunday evening tending to fizzle out. rain moving into northern ireland overnight and into monday. that weather pattern completely changes with two areas of low pressure coming into monday, taking a band of rain through. with match the wings. to pick up as well. some wet weather, looks like it could last longer in parts of northern england and wales. when is strengthening, perhaps severe gales and part of the south. as it continues, monday to tuesday, and could be some disruption in places from either wind or rain. some pretty miserable weather for a wind or rain. some pretty miserable weatherfor a time. wind or rain. some pretty miserable weather for a time. difficult travelling conditions. before it gradually clears eastwards to me the quieter wednesday. they could be some disruption. we will keep you updated. hello, this is bbc news with me, lukwesa burak.
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the headlines at 6:30. the prime minister has insisted that the conservative position on tax hasn't changed and that she's hoping to lower taxes. jeremy corbyn has accused the conservatives‘ tax plans of being in chaos and has urged the party to publish them in full. ariana grande has visited fans in hospital, who were injured in the bombing at her concert. she spent time talking to them and posing for photographs. seven people have been reported killed following explosions at a funeral in the afghan capital, kabul. time to cross to the bbc sport centre now for sportsday. hello and welcome to sportsday with me,
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john watson, and hugh ferris. welcome along. we've got a packed show for you this evening. we're starting with football, as real madrid and juventus prepare to meet in the champions league final. iam olly i am olly foster in cardiff, where we are waiting for the all—important tea m we are waiting for the all—important team news, just how will these two superpowers of european football line—up against each other, and will gareth bale start? we will be backward foster olly in a moment. elsewhere this evening, jet—lagged and jaded, the lions labour to a win in their opening match of the new zealand tour. and they'll have to improve significantly before challenging the all blacks in three weeks' time. andy murray defeats del potro in paris with one of his performances of the year so far to reach the last 16 of the french open also coming up in the programme, wings of eagles soars to victory in the derby. as the 40—1 shot surges past his rivals with a stunning finish at epsom. and south africa hold on for a comfortable victory
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against sri lanka in their opening match of the champions trophy. all eyes on cardiff, then, where in a little over an hour's time the welsh capital will host club football's showpiece event, the champions league final. the italian champions, juventus, face the spanish champions, real madrid, who are looking to win back—to—back titles and a record extending 12th european cup. let's cross and join olly foster, who is live at the national stadium of wales. olly, what a night ahead. let's talk about cardiff, a special night for the city, you have been there for the last 48 hours, what is there for the last 48 hours, what is the atmosphere like? yeah, it is a huge final, and it does feel very, very special indeed, obviously a massive security operation under
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way, not just because massive security operation under way, notjust because of the huge numbers of fans, many more than there are tickets for this final, descending on the city from italy and spain as well, but other european countries, people who just wa nted european countries, people who just wanted to be here to catch what is a fantastic city, and they will see two fa ntastic fantastic city, and they will see two fantastic teams as well. and less tha n two fantastic teams as well. and less than a fortnight after those events in manchester, lots of cordons around the stadium, but it has been magnificent. i have been to cardiff so many times. many great occasions, in 1999 for the rugby world cup final, fa cup finals as well when wembley was being rebuilt, all special occasions, but the global reach and the fact that we have juventus here, global reach and the fact that we havejuventus here, real madrid here, two of the greats of the game down the years, playing for what has become such a valuable and important prize in european football, it does feel special, and the weather has behaved itself for the most part as well. not that they will bother about that, the roof will be on the
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stadium tonight, and it will be an incredible atmosphere in there as well. beautiful blue skies behind you, but as far as the two teams are concerned, we know this is the attacking might of real madrid up against the solid defence of juventus, of course, but where do we think the match will be won and lost? will they be able to de buit the likes of ronaldo and benzema? well, if they can, they have pretty much won, because you meants have the fantastic defence, the bbc, and the fantastic defence, the bbc, and the evergreen 39—year—old buffon, who says it would be a fairy tale, he admits this is likely to be the end of his career. but he buffon, dybala as well, but it is about
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blending cristiano ronaldo, trying to keep them out. we will talk about the team news injust to keep them out. we will talk about the team news in just a to keep them out. we will talk about the team news injust a moment, ten minutes or so. everyone has their opinions, the two managers think it is 50-50, opinions, the two managers think it is 50—50, let's hearfrom opinions, the two managers think it is 50—50, let's hear from a former real madrid president. it will be, i'io real madrid president. it will be, no doubt, very interesting, very thrilling match led by the two teams who have proven to be the best in the championship. real madrid are lucky to have the best player in the world, cristiano ronaldo is doing a fantasticjob since world, cristiano ronaldo is doing a fantastic job since i world, cristiano ronaldo is doing a fantasticjob since i managed to sign him in 2008, he has helped us a lot, but we have to be very respectful with juventus. lot, but we have to be very respectful withjuventus. i lot, but we have to be very respectful with juventus. i think lot, but we have to be very respectful withjuventus. i think it will be a very even game that can go either way. let's hope that we can get this done, it would be fantastic, first time in history that a club is getting two titles in a row. ramon calderon, hoping real
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madrid will produce the goods. we saw gareth bale, he is training, we know he has been injured, he has not played since april, with the future? this is a huge night for him, playing in front of his home crowd in cardiff, where he was born and raised. yeah, all-around town, a real shame that it does not look like he will start. i am looking at my news feeds, no team news yet, we will get that in the next seven or eight letters, we will be back in sportsday later with that, but he is on billboards everywhere, they have used him to market the final, but he admitted a couple of days ago he is not 100% fit, he has not played since el clasico six weeks ago, he has had ankle problems, calf problems. he looked very sprightly on the pitch last night, but he is kind of guessing that zinedine zidane and will probably start him on the bench. i am sure he will feature, he might need to come on, if we have extra time, you may have to ta ke if we have extra time, you may have to take a penalty late as well. let's just hope that with all those
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attacking talents on show, we do get to see a few goals as well. why is absolutely! olly foster, many thanks indeed. we will be back with him a little bit later for the team indeed. we will be back with him a little bit laterfor the team news. the british and irish lions made a winning start on their of tour new zealand. but it wasn't a particularly effective one. they beat the provincial barbarians in the first of their ten matches in the country which culminate in three tests against the world champions. and having only arrived in the country on wednesday, head coach warren gatland admitted jet lag was a factor in his side's laboured 13—7 victory. nick parrot reports. the fireworks were limited to the pre—match build—up. taking on a barbarians side featuring builders and painters should have been easy for the vastly experienced british and irish lions. things got off to a stuttering start withjohnny sexton missing a penalty before landing the first points of the tour. blunt in attack, they were brittle at the back as the barbarians looked the more likely to roar. they fell short at their first attempt, but gambled into the lead
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thanks to maintenance engineer sam anderson—heather. to rub salt into head coach warren gatland's wounds, his son bryn added to the hosts' total. greig laidlaw took over kicking duties from johnny sexton, but the lions couldn't silence the lambs. their resistance was stubborn until owen farrell entered the fray. replacing johnny sexton, he seized his chance to reclaim the fly—half position, setting up anthony watson for the try he converted. farrell might have turned the game, but he couldn't add any polish to an poor performance. for us, the most important thing was a result, getting the tour off to a good start, and we can go away knowing that there are a number of things for us to work on, some positives in terms of the opportunities and chances that we did create, knowing we have to be better at finishing those. that is how you learn, thrown into
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difficult situations, that is how you find out about yourself as a team, so we have got something to work off now, get back into training tomorrow will be a day off, then monday start building again. i thought it was good, they tested us, the good first game, much rather that than 850—point win. as long as we keep improving, i will be happy with that. we know this tour is going to be tough, no matter what, we know this tour is going to be tough, no matterwhat, mentally we know this tour is going to be tough, no matter what, mentally and physically we have to get ourselves right. it is a case of going out and getting the win, and that is what we managed to do today, it wasn't pretty, but we will look to get better and move forward for the game next week. absolutely, the lions up and running. andy murray produced one of his best performances of the year so far as he beatjuan martin del potro to reach the fourth round of the french open. having failed of late to reproduce the form that took him to the top of the men's rankings, he kept alive his hopes of a first title at roland garros with a straight—sets win. and as hannah lupton reports,
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that's a rarity when these two meet, after their titanic battles in both the olympics and davis cup last year. preparing for the long haul, when these two warriors meet, the battles are rarely done and dusted quickly. murray is all too aware of del potro's dangers yet couldn't prevent him from claiming the first break. the towering argentine's weapon is a ferocious forehand, but it was matched by murray's quick feet and quick thinking. the first set seesawed into a tie—break, and after more than 80 minutes, it swung in favour of the world number one. murray had survived four set points, the bloated del potro was not only psychological but physical. for both players, there were questions over fitness and form. this became a test of desire and determination, with murray coming out on top. del potro's light was fading, whilst murray was just getting brighter. he breezed through the first set 6—0.
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further battles on clay liar and, but murray showing he is up for the fight. anna luxton, bbc news. it was a big win for me, it was never going to be easy today, juan isa never going to be easy today, juan is a tough guy to play against, especially this early on in a major, he came out playing very aggressive, serving well from the beginning, it was tough, but i managed to turn it around and play some really good stuff at the end, so a positive win for me. there was defeat, though, for kyle edmund. the british number two was a set away from the fourth round but was beaten in five sets by kevin anderson of south africa. owen williams watched this one. kyle edmund was attempting to reach the last six dean of a grand slam event for only the second time. the obstacle standing in his way was that african kevin anderson, and at six foot eight, that is a pretty big obstacle. the first set was full of big serves and booming forehands,
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edmonds taking it on the tie—break. there was the occasional rally, anderson finishing this one on his way to the second set. blue shirts, white shorts, big serves, little to separate the players, so when edmund broke anderson to win the third set, the britain could afford to dream of the britain could afford to dream of the fourth round. but then, as befitting a player was in the top ten before a source the max eaves of entries, anderson levelled his —— raised his game to level the match. minutes later, edmund's fate was confirmed, that place in the last 16 will have to wait until wimbledon. small margins, but that is the level at the top of the game, you are not going to get huge opportunities, you know, that is something that i have learned from the juniors, futures, challengers, the margins become smaller, and who can take them will
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probably come out on top. but today was a good experience for me to learn from, and you cannot get better than playing five sets at the french open macro, that was good. elsewhere at roland garros, richard gasquet‘s third—round match with gael monfils was suspended because of rain. he was leading in the first set. gael monfils is known as one of the showman of tennis, and he really showed it in the seventh game, slam dunking that smash. worth seeing in slow motion! they have been off court for two hours because of that rain. former world number one caroline wozniacki is through to the fourth round, after beating the american cici bellis in another rain—delayed match. the 26—year—old will face former champion svetlana kuznetsova next. but another seed is out of the women's draw. ninth seed agnieska radwanska well beaten by france's alize cornet in straight sets. she will now play another frenchwoman, caroline garcia,
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in the last 16. ahead of the 238th derby at epsom this afternoon, horse racing's premierflat race, much of the talk was about two of frankel‘s foals who featured in the field. but it was padraig beggy on board wings of eagles, aiden o'brien‘s 40—i shot, who won the race with a thrilling finish. as tim hague reports. the derby at epsom, the jewel in the crown, and her majesty was not going to miss this one. it was fitting that horse racing royalty would be present too is two bowls of the fantastic frankel were competing, cracksman and eminent. although frankel won all 14 of his races, he didn't win this one, and nor would his sons. this book to be a battle between the three favourites, the aidan o'brien trained cliffs of
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moher, until something special from another of his runners, wings of eagles. it is wings of eagles, wings of eagles coming from the crowd to win the derby! the 40-1 shot taking flight win the derby! the 40-1 shot taking flight for a famous victory, jockey padraig beggy‘s first derby ride too. if this is the jewel in flat racing's crown, the understated joe brya n racing's crown, the understated joe bryan is the king. —— o'brien. south africa got their champions trophy tournament under way against sri lanka. the world's number one
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ranked 50—over side, looked to be cruising towards a significant total thanks to hashim amla's century. but a flurry of late wickets saw them post 299, giving sri lanka a shot at victory. maz farookhi reports. south africa have walked a little and steadily since arriving on british shores. in preparation for this tournament, they failed to find solid ground against england. still, timing is everything. you opening batsman have the consistency of hashim amla, and he quickly found firm footing on the biggest stage. others around them could not find their way, though, ab de villiers went cheaply, as did most of the top order. but hashim amla continued patiently, passing his century before overstretchi ng patiently, passing his century before overstretching himself. after promising a big innings, south africa fell short, failing to reach 300. sri lanka felt their target was more than realistic and began optimistically. the match threatened to run away from south africa until
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two moments of brilliance from their captain, the interventions from the field proving crucial. imran tahir mopped up the remaining wickets, sri la nka mopped up the remaining wickets, sri lanka all—out 96 runs short. south africa are ranked number one in the world. this performance was not worthy of that status, but they are certainly on firmer ground. hull fc can take a major step towards super league's top four with victory against reigning champions wigan warriors. and with only a few minutes remaining, it's going well. james burford has been watching. wigan have won their last away meetings against hull fc, an opportunity, then, for the black and whites to set things right. hull's revenge mission got off to the perfect start, steve michaels finding space on the touchline, and if the thought is first one was simple, then his second really was too good to be true. the home side threatened to run riot in the first half, danny houghton capping a memorable 40 minutes of hull domination. so was this the wigan
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comeback? leah marshall provided a much—needed spark. and then hope turned to belief, and inventive off—loads to lewis tierney, wigan backin off—loads to lewis tierney, wigan back in it. but hull, sensing the pressure, responded with some of their own. consolation scores for wigan, perhaps a few bridges too far. with a few minutes remaining, hull leading 39—22. back to football now. chelsea ladies have won the first women's spring series after beating birmingham 2—0 on the final day of the season. emma hayes‘ side clinched the title after an impressive campaign in which they scored 32 goals in just eight games. manchester city missed out on goal difference despite a victory against liverpool. arsenal finished third and unbeaten after beating bristol city 5—0. reading's 1—1 draw with sunderland moved them above birmingham into sixth. chelsea's triumph stopped manchester city's run of three consecutive domestic club trophies. melissa lawley‘s stunning strike
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was the pick of the goals in their 3—1 win over liverpool. before we return to cardiff, let's bring you up to date with some of the other stories today. and former wba lightweight world champion anthony crolla has told the bbc he wants to fight again at manchester arena, which remains closed following last month's suicide bombing. the mancunian is expected to fight again in october and says having the event at his local venue would be "about showing people we're not going to be put off by what's happened." england's chris wood will take a narrow lead into the final day of the nordea masters in malmo. wood began the day four shots off the lead, but moved to nine under after seven birdies and two bogies, ahead of france's benjamin herbert and italy's renato paratore. maverick vinales has qualified on pole for tomorrow's italian moto gp. the 22—year—old spaniard leads the way in the world championship. home favourite and team—mate valentino rossi starts
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from second on the grid, but vinales is going for a fourth race win of the championship. well, let's return to olly foster at cardiff, a little under an hour to go before kick off in this evening's champions league final. have you got the team news there? does gareth bale start? no, he doesn't, he is on the bench, zinedine zidane and and thejuve boss have showed their hands, and darts knew he would be on the bench, he admitted as much, he has not started for real madrid with the various carp and ankle problems for six weeks, but it is just what we expected and hoped for, both teams at full strength. casemiro, what an important figure
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he is. the furtherforward casemiro, what an important figure he is. the further forward you casemiro, what an important figure he is. the furtherforward you go, thenit he is. the furtherforward you go, then it starts getting glittery, doesn't it? the superstars coming into play, lu ka doesn't it? the superstars coming into play, luka modric, tony kroos, isco, who has filled in fa ntastically well for isco, who has filled in fantastically well for gareth bale, behind karim benzema and that man cristiano ronaldo, the world player of the year. he was never going to miss this. you have got to go back over ten years, he scored in an fa cup final here for manchester united against millwall. juve line up... massimiliano allegri was toying with this, suggesting you might try a little system, but it is a tried and tested back three. this generation ofjuve players has
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not one a champions league title yet. the argentine superstar dybala, the goal—scoring machine higuain, they are not all about defence, mandzukic probably playing a more deep lying role on the left, his defensive qualities will come into play as well. they are both at full throttle, full steam ahead, full strength sides for these two superpowers of european football. juve against real madrid, the two managers have named their teams, the gates have been open for a couple of hours, the roof is on, it should be a very special occasion in here in cardiff this evening. looking at those names, higuain, dybala, ronaldo, modric, benzema, gareth bale we expect to come off the bench, cardiff is getting the
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star—studded final we were hoping for. yeah, it is a shame that british teams have fallen short again in this competition, just two semifinalists over the last five yea rs, semifinalists over the last five years, but what we have got our two of the great teams, real madrid other champions, looking to win back—to—back titles, which has not been done since 1990, the milan teams, and real madrid won the first five of their 11 titles back—to—back, in the 1950s and 19605, back—to—back, in the 1950s and i960s, but they have really dominated this competition because of that man cristiano ronaldo, and buffon, can he keep out cristiano ronaldo? he said it would be a fairy tale, he has accepted this is probably coming towards the end of this fantastic career, but he says it is is moral imperative to banish all those thoughts and approach this
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match as he has done every other, he says he still feels like a small boy, we will see, because this is when boys becoming, this will be some final. go why so many fascinating subplot in the match, olly foster live in cardiff, thank you very much. so gareth bale to score the winner off the bench! the last two times real madrid have won, it was on penalties, and before that extra time, so we are in for a long night. that's all from sportsday. there'll be more sport here on bbc news throughout the evening. hello there, perfect weather in cardiff this evening, a slightly cool and fresher feel to the weather today, warm in the sunshine, a good deal of that across central and eastern parts of england, aylesbury
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and buckinghamshire for one. overnight tonight, with clear skies, probably a little bit cooler than last night, comfortable night for sleeping. a few heavy showers for northern ireland, but the bulk of them moving northwards across scotland, some thunderstorms and hail. still a few around right now, but over the next few hours that will be fading away, then overnight most will be fading away, then overnight m ost pla ces will be fading away, then overnight most places will be dry across the uk, afew most places will be dry across the uk, a few showers around western coasts, clear skies on the whole, light winds too. in the cooler and fresh air, temperatures in the towns and cities about i! fresh air, temperatures in the towns and cities about 11 degrees or so. in the countryside across the north, two or three, further south four five. it will warm up quickly in the sunshine, more showers gathering out towards the west, particularly across england and wales showers bushing eastwards. they will become more extensive across scotland and northern ireland. again, heavy, thundery showers across scotland, quite slow—moving, gusty winds with those. a bit of sunshine too,
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through the afternoon more showers developing in northern ireland. after a spell of showers in western parts of england and wales, a sunny second half of the day, as though showers, potentially heavy and thundery, pushed through the midlands towards the south—east, where it should stay dry for most of the day, temperatures close to 20 degrees. we may get a few decaying showers towards the south—east in the evening, sunshine following behind, wetter weather arriving across northern ireland and out to the west is a signal, really, for the west is a signal, really, for the beginning of next week, wet and windy weather, it may well bring disruption over the next couple of days. and the main driving force of this wet and windy weather, areas of low pressure, not just this wet and windy weather, areas of low pressure, notjust one but two, on monday, this second one to the south looks more likely to develop, although a lot of uncertainties about the detail of the weather forecast for monday. probably going to be more showery across scotland and northern ireland, we could miss the worst of the rain here, and for the worst of the rain here, and for the eastern side of england. for
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northern england, wales and the south—west, this is where it will be wet, bushing eastwards overnight, winds starting to pick up then and into tuesday, gales likely across parts of england and wales, wet weather for many eastern areas and into scotland is a more showers across northern ireland. as i say, some uncertainties — stay tuned to the forecast. this is bbc news. the headlines at 7pm: the prime minister insists it's her firm intention to cut taxes — but declined to give any guarantees. what people will know when they go to vote on thursday is that it is the conservative party that always has been, is and always will be, a low tax party. jeremy corbyn accuses the conservatives of being in disarray over their tax plans. one minister said they're not going to give any tax rises, and can't answer questions about tax rises for the rest the population, and can't answer questions about funding social care. ariana grande makes a surprise visit
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to fans injured in the terror attack at her concert last week — ahead of her benefit concert tomorrow evening. the deputy leader of afghanistan, abdullah abdullah, survives a bomb attack at a funeral in the capital kabul — at least seven people
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