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tv   BBC News  BBC News  June 5, 2017 6:50pm-7:01pm BST

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under—205 side have done today — their 1—0 win over mexico in south korea means they are through to the last four — as vicki—jane edwards reports. it's been 2a years since the young lions have progressed to the semifinals of the world cup but this side have the potential to end that barren run. however, it was mexico that dominated the first half with only the fingertips of freddie woodman keeping england on level terms. the second half was a very different story, though. new liverpool signing dominic solanke took just two liverpool signing dominic solanke tookjust two minutes to give england the lead. this was the cue for a whole host of chances, first a spot of penalty area pinball. then tottenham'sjosh spot of penalty area pinball. then tottenham's josh onomah was just inches away from doubling the lead. it wasn't to be josh onomah's inches away from doubling the lead. it wasn't to bejosh onomah's night. this seemingly innocuous challenge brought a second yellow and left england hanging on as mexico came close more than once to force extra time. but the young lions held on and made it through to play italy in the semifinals in three days‘ time.
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vicky jane edwards, bbc the semifinals in three days‘ time. vickyjane edwards, bbc news. finally on football, a reminder that there's a special documentary on bbc two tonight on the amazing story of syria's footballers — and their attempts to qualify for the world cup, football on the front line, on bbc two tonight at ii.25pm. britain's hopes of success in the america's cup have been dealt a major blow after land rover bar had to retire from the opening race of their semifinal against new zealand. this is the moment the carbon fibre camber arm on the boat broke. it meant the team lead by sir ben ainslie had to retire from race one. ben ainslie said it is highly unlikely they will be able to fix the problem for the second race which takes place later this evening. the first team to win five races will take on the cup—holders, the usa. just to recap — a sad day for football fans with the sudden death of former newcastle united midfielder check tiote at the age ofjust 30. thank you for watching. that's all from sportsday. i will see you later on on bbc news.
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bye bye. campaigning has recommenced after being suspended. the prime minister has defended her record on counterterrorism and policing as labour claim the cuts have hampered the police‘s ability to gather intelligence and prevent radicalisation. let's go to alex forsyth in gateshead with the corbyn campaign. we are expecting him to discuss security and discuss theresa may's record on all of this. as you say campaigning has resumed in full, as you can probably tell, because i am at this rally in gateshead were a few thousand people have been gathered for the last 90 minutes or so gathered for the last 90 minutes or so despite the fact has been pouring with rain.
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there are more people who cannot get into the events such as the level of engagement three days out from the election, and at the moment labour's election, and at the moment labour's election coordinator ian lavery is giving a speech beforejeremy corbyn is expected here any minute. as you say, labour today was how to promote its housing policy, about their investment in housing, some of the issues ian lavery has been speaking about in his speech to the crowd here to night. this election campaign has inevitably been overshadowed by the issue of security given what has happened in london and manchester lately as well. people here don't seem to have their spirits squashed by what has happened, they won the elections to go ahead and the democratic process to continue. jeremy corbyn has talked about the conservative record on police funding, saying that the police and security services have been left under resourced under a conservative government. the conservatives in response to that suggesting jeremy corbyn has been soft on counterterror legislation,
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not backing some laws put through the house of commons. it is fair to say despite the events of the weekend this election campaign is backin weekend this election campaign is back in full swing, not least here in gateshead to night. sure. but givenjeremy in gateshead to night. sure. but given jeremy corbyn‘s self—declared antipathy towards toughening anti—terror legislation, he's made it clear his view on this issue. does the labour party see it as a sizeable achilles' heel in this campaign now? i think the conservatives in the beginning part of the campaign probably thought they had the upper hand on the issue of security. they always wanted to portrayjeremy corbyn as being weak. i think there is cheering because the labour leader is about to take to the stage. what he and his allies have said repeatedly in the past that scrutiny of anti—terror legislation is absolutely vital and thatjeremy corbyn‘s position on anti—terror
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laws has been one of making sure they are appropriate and effective. we have heard from the labour leader in the past 2a hours or so, he has taken it tougher in the past 2a hours or so, he has ta ken it tougher stance in the past 2a hours or so, he has taken it tougher stance and he gave a speech in carlisle last night when he talked about the fact he would enable the police and security forces to do whatever is necessary and effective to make sure that those on the streets of the uk state say. what we've seen from jeremy corbyn in the light of conservative suggestions he's been soft is a deliberate attempt to prove he is not. thank you, alex forsyth in the north—east. now time to look at the weather news. tomasz schafernaker has the news. some of us so far today have had a dreadful day on the weather front, we have had the wind and the rain, but not everybody has seen the wind
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oi’ but not everybody has seen the wind or the but not everybody has seen the wind orthe rain, the but not everybody has seen the wind or the rain, the rain may be heading in your direction now, but over the next 2a hours into tomorrow they could be disruption, notjust because of the rain but the strength of the wind, this weather system is moving across the country. there is another one moving in later in the week. for the short—term rain splashing across the uk, some areas are getting more rain than others but it looks like these more northern areas that will get the most amount of rainfall during the course of the night. those winds will keep strengthening, coming out by the end of the night out of the north—west here. basically the winds follow the line, the isobars here, so follow the line, the isobars here, so you follow the line, the isobars here, so you can see follow the line, the isobars here, so you can see the winds are coming from this direction. it is this south—western portion of the country that will dry out in the morning because this is where the low pressure is, the thrust of the cloud and rain. that is pulling away, and behind it the weather is opening up, sort of improving, so sunshine here. the problem is this is also where the wind is very strong so you may get sunshine across south—western
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and western areas in the morning, the winds will increase. in low pressures when they roll through you don't necessarily get the wind and the rain at the same time, that's just how they work. so i think this portion of the uk bright with sunshine and showers, some of the showers will be heavy in places but also some strong winds and coastal gales, and also very heavy. the wind will be enough to take some branches off the trees. the north and north—east will have cloud and rain on and off and some quite strong winds in places, so this is where it will feel the coolest. that weather will feel the coolest. that weather will remain blustery through tomorrow afternoon, but in the evening it will start to improve. 0n wednesday the low is still fairly close by, so that means the far north—east of the country could be at risk of getting stronger winds, outbreaks of rain, but the vast majority of the uk on wednesday will have better weather, just a bit of a window of sunshine, you can see across northern ireland, western
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england. you cannot miss the next weather front coming through, back down the hill we go unfortunately on thursday. because the winds are coming in from the south, a one direction, it might brighten up and i think the south—east will get the least amount of wet weather on thursday. a bit of a roller—coaster on the weather front this week and thatis on the weather front this week and that is how it will stay into the weekend as well.
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