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tv   Sportsday  BBC News  June 16, 2017 10:30pm-10:46pm BST

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expected to deliver. now back to fiona in west london. well, as we've been hearing, dozens of people are still missing. many families are searching for information, trying to find out what happened to their loved ones. 2a people remain in hospital? 12 of them are critically ill. our health editor, hugh pym, reports now on the victims, and speaks to the nhs staff who have been helping them. pictures which tell their own tragic stories. those who have lost their lives or who are feared to have died. it was confirmed today that khadija saye, who was 2a, was one of those who perished. she was a promising young artist, and former collea g u es promising young artist, and former colleagues feared the worst after reading herfinal colleagues feared the worst after reading her final tweets from the tower. khadija was the whole
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package, she was a beautiful soul, a kind person, she was always volunteering, always looking out for young people, birdieing young people, very passionate about her own community and a hugely talented, creative artist kirkuk for family and friends of those who are missing, the agonising wait gets longer. spending much of today putting up edges of his uncle was mo khalil. we don't know. it is a pretty e m pty khalil. we don't know. it is a pretty empty sort of feeling that we've all got. we've got no answers. all just looking at we've all got. we've got no answers. alljust looking at each other, just kind of hoping that we find him, really. or find kind of hoping that we find him, really. orfind something. kind of hoping that we find him, really. or find something. those who made it to hospital on wednesday are in good hands. this doctor was one of those at king's college hospital who had to work fast to clear the
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air waves of victims of smoke inhalation, and then their lungs. air waves of victims of smoke inhalation, and then their lungslj found inhalation, and then their lungs.” found lots and lots of soot which was lining the lungs, and some of that was obviously quite hot when it got into the lungs, and so there we re got into the lungs, and so there were some burns underneath. and we washed out as much of that sucked as we possibly could to remove it. the emotion at the end of a punishing week is raw. —— as much of that soot. it's. .. sorry. week is raw. —— as much of that soot. it's... sorry. on a professional level, i feel immensely proud. but there is something so enormous about what's happened that it's impossible to comprehend. for most staff at the hospital, there was a need to care for families in distress as well as the patients themselves. added you feel at the end of your shift? erm, it's really tough. when you're working, you just
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power through a little bit, and it's only when you step back at the end of the day that you realise how upsetting it can be, sorry, dealing with so these things. it's really tough. tonight, local churches organised the service of remembrance for those who died. the bishop of kensington reflecting the mood of the community. he said there was now a cry for justice and the community. he said there was now a cry forjustice and real, lasting change. that is all from us here on the bbc news at ten, by the skeleton of g re nfell tower. news at ten, by the skeleton of grenfell tower. as we all tried to ta ke grenfell tower. as we all tried to take in the immensity and horror of what has happened, we will leave you with some of the messages written on a wall near the tower, including tributes to those who never made it out. the babies that died.
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the children, the families, the mothers. the grandfathers, the grandmothers. everybody wants answers, because everybody's feeling upset and angry. i will keep going on anger and adrenaline for as long as i can. because frankly, i'd rather not sit down and actually contemplate what's happened around here. good evening. plenty to come, but we start with the latest from the second golf major of the year,
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the us open in erin hills, wisconsin. players are still out on the course during the second round, but that's as fas as it will go for rory mcilroy, who will miss the cut having finished on five over par. but very much in the thick of things is englishman paul casey. he was one off the lead overnight, but after an early triple bogey he shot five straight birdies to finish on seven under. he was overtaken, though, by brooks koepka who is going well. he's currently four under for the round and shares the lead with fellow american rickie fowler. one behind now, actually. he sunk this monster putt at the seventh to go nine under and back to the top of the leaderboard. jordan pickford, britain's most expensive goalkeeper, has helped england under 21s draw 0—0 with sweden in their european championship opener. the new everton £30 million signing was england's hero, saving linus wahlqvist‘s penalty with ten minutes to go. england start with a point and face further matches against hosts poland and slovakia.
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the bbc understands that christiano ronaldo wants to leave spain, after being accused of tax fraud. the contract that he signed last year keeping him at real madrid for a further five years, includes a one billion euro release clause. former real madrid president ramon calderon agrees ronaldo could make a shock exit. if he has made his mind up... it is not going to be easy to change. it is true, he can get he wants. when i signed him, he was going to come the year before. he didnt. he had the commitment to manchester united. we have got to hope that he is not
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seriously thinking about leaving real madrid. cricket history was made at chelmsford this evening with nottinghamshire completing the highest ever successful run chase in domestic one day matches. they beat essex in the semi final of the royal london cup, beating their huge target of 371. the defeat was hard on essex‘s former england test captain alastair cook, who made 133. ryan ten doschate also made a century in the essex innings. but notts were always up with the rate. steven mullaney hit six sixes in his century, while former england all rounder samit patel was the fourth century maker of the match and hit the winning runs in an incredible win. leeds rhinos are into the semi finals of rugby league's challenge cup after a 58—0 thrashing of featherstone rovers. leeds are a step closer to winning the competition for a third time in four years, running in ten tries against their championship opponents. in super league tonight, huddersfield beat st helens 24—16. wales caretaker coach robin mcbryde says he's ready to help out the british and irish lions if they call on any of his players
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to bolster the squad in new zealand. the lions face the new zealand maori tomorrow morning and coach warren gatland is set to call up a handful of players and wales are already in new zealand, having beaten tonga in auckland this morning. if that happens, we have not been short—sighted to get this far, the other side of the world. if the call comes, we'll support the lions gladly. congratulate those who are selected. andy murray is preparing to defend his queen's club title on grass in london next week before he aims for a third men's singles title at wimbledon next month. however, despite being tennis‘s world number one, murray has told bbc sport his ‘time at the top' could soon be over... i know that some of the presenters have been doing really well into mid 30s, bot that may not be the case
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with me. this could be one of the last few years when i can compete for the majors, and i want to make the most of them. british number one johanna konta is through to the semi finals of the nottingham open after a straight sets victory over australia's ashleigh barty. konta broke her opponent twice in the first set to win it 6—3. and while there was a more competitive second, the briton broke again late on to win it 7—5. partially responsible for konta's rise in the past 18 months isjudy murray, she has been rewarded for here good work with an obe on the queen's birthday honours list, which has been announced a few minutes ago. murray‘s award for ‘services to tennis‘ also took into account her work encouraging people to take up the sport. i have seen first hand, role models are important, but any sport is only as good as grass roots. i was so determined that we would have the
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long—term legacy from what jamie and andy have achieved, in scotland in particular. i wanted to have a more long—term effect, sharing what i have learned with as many as i could. so here are some of the other notable names who have been honoured. they include rory best, the ireland rugby union hooker. he‘s been given an obe whilst out in new zealand on the lions tour. rower heather stanning won olympic gold on the water with helen glover in 2012 and 2016, she get‘s an obe too. there are mbes forjohn conteh, the liverpool light heavyweight who won world, european, british and commonwealth titles. steven davis, the northern ireland football captain, now with southampton. danny kerry, who led team gb‘s women‘s hockey team to gold at rio last year. the former bradford, wigan and great britain rugby league head coack brian noble is made mbe as well, as the double superbike world champion jonathan rea from northern ireland. that‘s all from sportsday.
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coming up in a moment, the papers. hello and welcome to our look ahead to what the the papers will be bringing us tomorrow. with me are the playwright and novelist bonnie greer and anne ashworth from the times. warm welcome. you too. we just want to bring you news on those honours. first of all... the
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police officer tragically murdered in westminster, awarded a medal by the queen, recognising actions that save lives. and awards going into the pensioner bernard kenny, went to the pensioner bernard kenny, went to the aid of murdered mpjo cox and the aid of murdered mpjo cox and the main who killed after the —— helped after the tunisian attack. billy connolly, knighted, jury walters becomes a dame. sir billy, cbe in 2003. said he is pleased and a little bit embarrassed to be, a knight! no need to be embarrassed. so, the front pages... we start with the i, which carries a large picture of the protests earlier today
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at kensington town hall, reflecting on the increasing anger among residents and those affected by the grenfell tower fire. the mirror contrasts the separate visits to the scene today by the queen, who met survivors and volunteers at a makeshift shelter, and the prime minister who made a private visit to survivors in hospital. the daily mail also features a picture of the moment today when demonstrators made their way in to council offices to demand answers, with the paper noting many protesters called for the prime minister to step down. the times says the prime minister had to take cover as she was jeered and called a coward as she left one of the churches co—ordinating relief efforts. the daily telegraph claims the protests today had been organised and co—ordinated by left wing militant groups and that the man who led the demonstration had once been arrested, and released without charge, for terrorism offences. the sun echoes claims by protestors
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and those caught up in the tragedy, that the victims were murdered and that the council had ‘blood on its hands‘. the guardian said those calling for potential to offer guarantees to people made homeless, would be rehoused. and fire safety experts wa nt rehoused. and fire safety experts want the cladding used at grenfell tower to be banned. so let‘s begin... the mirror... four theresa may, brutal reading? we have both talked. just two stories. each of them, cover them except one. one of the
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stories, the prime minister. i am not a judge of a person‘s character, but the demeanour, and appearance, less tha n but the demeanour, and appearance, less than required.


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