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tv   Sportsday  BBC News  June 28, 2017 6:30pm-6:51pm BST

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police investigating the grenfell tower disaster, say they now believe at least 80 people died in the fire two weeks ago, including those missing, presumed dead. as the labour party forces a commons vote calling for an end to the 1% public sector pay cap, downing street says the policy remains unchanged. and pc wayne marques, who tackled the london bridge terror attackers armed with only his baton, has been speaking publicly about what happened for the first time.... ijust had one voice in my head saying don't go down, and i was just swinging all over the place. in a moment it will be time for sportsday but first a look at what else is coming up this evening on bbc news. labour are forcing a vote in parliament about ending the public sector pay cap — we'll bring you the result after 7pm. the creator of paddington bear, michael bond, has died at the age of 91.
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we'll speak to the man who played paddington in one of his tv incarnations. and following the latest global cyber attack, we'll get an updated assessment on the spread of the latest computer ra nsomwa re. now on bbc news, it's time for sportsday. hello and welcome to sportsday — i'm damian johnson. defending tour de france champion chris froome hasjust announced he's extending his contract with team sky. britain's johanna konta powers into the third round at the pre—wimbledon eastbourne tournament with a straight sets win. and usain bolt gets set to run his first race in europe in his farewell season. and he receives a hero's welcome in slovakia. more on our top story in a memorable
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first, andy murray is the number one seed for wimbledon. he tops the draw because of its historical form on grass. the rankings do not apply for the all—england club: djokovic moves to number two, federer is up to third, nadal is full. the top four in the world will be kept apart in the drawer until the semifinals. in the women's draw, top seed is angelique kerber, who was beaten in the final by serena williams last year. williams, is absent ahead of the birth of her first child. simona halep is seeded second, johanna konta is sixth seed. konta has been in action today, she
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won in straight sets at the pre—wimbledon tournament in eastbourne. you wait all yesterday to play in eastbourne and then two matches come along at once, that is what johanna konta faced today. she beat sorana cirstea of romania and she didn't look like she expended to much energy to beat her. johanna konta in her hometown, her opponent more at home on clay and you could tell with not too much variety in a one—sided match. the last time they met was that infamous federation cup tie wherejohanna konta was left in tears following comments by ilie nastase. this time her opponent was more upset and not able to cope with the barrage of winners coming her way. commentator: there it is, what a way to finish things off forjohanna konta. one down, one to go and not long to wait before facing the french open champion jelena 0stapenko. novak djokovic was in action at the men's event in eastbourne. after a near wash—out yesterday on the south coast,
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centre court was packed, as the world number four beat vasek pospisil in straight sets. it was djokovic‘s first game on grass this season, and he was in a good mood as he looks to get his game in top form for wimbledon, which starts on monday. it's the first time djokovic has played at eastbourne and the first time in seven years he's appeared at a pre—wimbledon grass—court tournament. staying with tennis and an unapologeticjohn mcenroe has proposed a competition between male and female players to prove his is claim that 23—time grand slam singles winner serena williams would be ranked "700 in the world" if she competed on the men's circuit. mcenroe was speaking to american network, cbs. she is the greatest player, female player that ever lived. then the lady said today i do remember which one, she said: why did you say woman, wotton said the greatest tennis player that ever lived, so i felt the need to defend what i
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really felt. and you like to apologise? no, why don't you combine to solve the problem, men and were played together, then we don't have to guess. i would be happy to apologise to serena if that makes you feel better. i think serena is incredible. chris froome says he is set to extend his contract with team sky. froome's been speaking in the last hour as he prepares to defend his tour de france title and go for a fourth in five years. our sports news correspondent richard conway is in dusseldorf where the race begins on saturday. richard, there's a lot of focus on british cycling and team sky, what are the team been saying? this was a performance designed to tough out those difficult questions. dave brailsford, chris froome and the rest of the team appeared before the cameras. the question the credibility are at the core right now. given the parliamentary enquiry
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is, the clarifications, and the state m e nts is, the clarifications, and the statements made over the past nine months, what was in the contents of the jiffy bag delivered to the bradley wiggins years ago? what about the state of medical control of drugs that are in team sky's headquarters and the lack of paper work? all those questions centring around team is quiet and the credibility to the fore. i asked dave bra ilsford credibility to the fore. i asked dave brailsford about it and if you still happy to lead team sky and a few will do so in the future?|j still happy to lead team sky and a few will do so in the future? i love it, absolutely love. i don't want to do anything else. i'm proud of cycling in britain and everything that's been achieved. i'm proud of every one of these lads. i'm proud team sky. i love it. you're going nowhere? no. next year, the care after and after. i'm passionate about it, i loved to another love what i do. i'm pretty paid to
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erdogan i an pretty patriotically and i think what we've done some here is build something from scratch. we have people from different countries and we re people from different countries and were proud of all of them too. it's a real privilege to be amongst these lads. chris froome is the defending champion, how confident is he of defending it? he is coming into this tour de france not the best of form but he showed signs or improving. his ready as he can be. there's pressure on him giving everything surrounding this team at the moment. he has in the past years, been vilified on the road by fans, he's been the subject of abuse, suspicion, because of his performances. on some occasions, but have been some pleasant liquids even thrown at towards him. i asked him
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given that, coming in this, given the person on this team, if that was a factor and his message to fans and he heads onto the road at a 3.5 thousand kilometrejourney he heads onto the road at a 3.5 thousand kilometre journey starting in germany continuing to france and on the paris? for the french fans, cycling the tour de france has been a tradition for them going out. watching the tour. that's one of the special things about the race, people come with their families have a picnic or barbecue and it's about the spirit of the race. that is one of the beautiful things the tour de france has that is unique, that should not change. despite all the pressure and scrutiny on team sky, froome has to take it off his mind. he once a fourth title. speaking to him, he said it would rank highest, the pinnacle of his career. he knows what he has to do now. richard in
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dusseldorf, thank you. still to come on sports day to night. britain has a first—ever world double tae kwon do champion. mo farah competes in his final 10,000m on the iaaf circuit in around half an hour's time. he's running in the golden spike meeting in the czech city of ostrava. farah is quitting the track for road racing after this summer's world championships in london and there's talk he may attempt a world record — an honour that has eluded the double double world and olympic champion. a man with plenty of world records and 19 world and olympic titles is also in action. usain bolt makes his first appearance of the year in europe in the 100 metres. he says his planned retirement at the end of the year makes every event feel significant. i think every meeting i go to this year will be emotional. i know it will be my last time, i should compete. it will be emotional and it
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will be my last golden spikes trophy. so it's just will be my last golden spikes trophy. so it'sjust an emotional season. trophy. so it'sjust an emotional season. but i always look forward to it, and look forward to going out there and putting on a show for the last time, for the fans, because that's what they do out to sea, so i'm looking forward to it. darren are we expecting anything special from these two?|j darren are we expecting anything special from these two? i think after the performance in kingston, 10.30 seconds, he knows this track well, it is going to track. when he knows how fast he is going, he goes toafamiliar knows how fast he is going, he goes to a familiar track. you look to try to a familiar track. you look to try to show other sprinters across the world he is in good shape and that focus for the world championship. he'll be looking for a time under 9.90 seconds. for mo farah, it's
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important he put his rivals in his place by running a fantastic race this evening, talk of a world record. it's probably one of the few things that has eluded him so he'll be focused on trying to break that record this evening. how badly will the sports of athletics miss usain bolt over row and they are gone? at the end is surely coming soon? one of the things i'm pleased about is they will stop at the top. you never wa nt to they will stop at the top. you never want to see great athletes could continue and get badly beaten at sixth and seventh and final. the ha rd est sixth and seventh and final. the hardest thing for a top sports person is deciding when to walk away. what mo farah and usain bolt have brought to the sport is connecting to the public. whether you're a dignitary, a celebrity or a normal person on the street. you are able to connect with these two global superstars that they will be
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sadly missed for that reason. the great night of athletics ahead, thanks darren. british taekwondo history has been made today. bianca walkden has become the first uk fighter to defend a world taekwondo championship title. walkden beat american jackie galloway 14—1; in the +73kg weight class in south korea. bianca was heavyweight champion compared to two years ago when she was the underdog. she had a second career threatening knee injury but is gone on to be a bronze medallist. her star two copied by her rivals that they could not be going to be had today. she blitzed through the final. she was up blitzed through the final. she was up againstan blitzed through the final. she was up against an american and fellow bronze analyst jackie galloway. her coach said she should be considered one of the greatest of all time.
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that's a nice thing to say but to be honest, open wouldn't be there without them. every athlete says that but he does, day in, day out, put in the work and we wouldn't be here without him and i want to thank him so much because this is his as well, let alone ours. it wasn't as good news for taylor mohammed. he hadn't competed since an agonising defeat in rio last year and had injuries in the build—up. despite strong performance in the preliminary, he went out in the second round. but there will be another gb medallists. he is guaranteed at least a bronze medal. joe was born in the ivory coast but took up tae kwon do for self defence after bullying at school. he wasn't being pushed around today. he had a 20-1 being pushed around today. he had a 20—1 point victory over a higher thanks to limit are ranked fighter from iran. he wants to make up for
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the disappointment in rio last year. there was also the tantalising prospect of jake jones, —— jays jones. a world honour is the only thing has eluded her career so far. few would bet against the career grand slam this week. sebastian vettel is under investigation by formula 1's governing body after he seems to collide deliberately with lewis hamilton. vettel was handed a ten second stop—go penalty by stewards, but the fia will now re—examine the incident to decide whether they need to take further action against the four—time world champion. the title rivals banged wheels while following the safety car. now in carlisle this afternoon, they've been competing for what's thought to be the world's oldest sporting trophy still being contested. but this year, the famous
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carlisle bells — first presented in the reign of queen elizabeth the first — have been on quite a journey to get to the city's racecourse on time. mark tulip takes up the story. its cumbria's biggest day of racing and a must for punters and historians. even the pessimistic weather forecast did not deter thousands of racegoers, many of whom knew that historical significance of the 3:30pm. the carlisle bell handicap with first run in 1599 during the reign of elizabeth the first. these bells first presented then date back to the 16th century. they are the earliest known racing trophies for surviving racing trophies for surviving racing trophies for surviving racing trophies for british horse racing. as such, they are a huge part of racing as a national sport. the bells are currently on a long—time loa n bells are currently on a long—time loan from a carlisle house to a museum, part of a heritage centre
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opened by current queen elizabeth. pa rt opened by current queen elizabeth. part of the deal is a 267 mile home journey for the meeting. part of the caveat was of them having them in newmarket was that we get them back every year. and it's lovely to see them. sad really don't give them away, we have a beautiful trophy every year which the winning trainer and owner gets to have pride of place. but it's lovely to have them here. this year 's race was won by north yorkshire trained and syndicate owned horse. the 30—2 shot finishing ahead of its rivals. finding someone to pose with the famous trophy afterwards proved problematic. as luck would have it, the winning owners could not make it. the jockey is the winning owners could not make it. thejockey is riding the winning owners could not make it. the jockey is riding the the winning owners could not make it. thejockey is riding the next week: but ffion macsharry is available. a great honour? it's an honour, a prestigious trophy which is nice.
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you weren't allowed to get your hands on it where you? no, no. it's called man v fat , a football competition with a difference. 2a leagues across the uk set up specifically to help large big men lose weight. setup up two years ago, the men taking part have so far lost a combined total of more than 4000 stone. kat downes has been to see some of the teams in action. this is my first season and i have lost three and a half stone. i'm enjoying life better. i get more out of it. there you go. it made me a lot fitter and a lot thinner. and still rubbish at football. rubbish or the next reynaldo chris gallacher that doesn't matter here. what
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cou nts that doesn't matter here. what counts is shedding the stones. as well as golf on the pitch, teams get bonus goals for the amount of weight they lose together. i struggled to lose weight through the years. i joined a lot of commercial weight loss organisations and obviously, say many of the people who go to those women and itjust felt that it wasn't quite right for me. there was talk about fitting into a bikini and so it was really about finding something suitable for men, something suitable for men, something that would empower them, something that would empower them, something that would help them to lose weight. that is where man versus fat football came in. it works thanks to teamwork. when we first started we had a tiny room weathermen would weigh in and it ended up with the whole team cramming into these tiny rooms. because they were supporting each other, cheering each other on and wanting to do well. this lead in manchester is not the only one. there are 2a around the country,
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that's 3000 men getting out, playing football and losing weight. in around a yearand football and losing weight. in around a year and a half, they have lost a combined total of more than 30 times. 96.1, you've lost weight this week. thank you. ross has lost four and this week. thank you. ross has lost fourand a this week. thank you. ross has lost four and a half stone since january. before this, he found there was nothing accessible for guys like him who wanted to lose weight. you'll get your men's fitness, get a six—pack and your abs and muscle, us lads are nowhere near that. we need to be able to lose weight co mforta bly. to be able to lose weight comfortably. it's perfect. with the time is ticking away, it's proving whatever works for you is best in the battle against the bulge. that's all from sportsday, there'll be more sport here on bbc a reminder of live athletics on the bbc sport website and the
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steeplechases and now, you —— usain bolt and most shortly. that's all for mass for now. goodbye. let's return to the news that the creator of paddington bear, the author michael bond, has died at the age of 91, after a short illness. from paddington's first appearance in print in 1958 he proved a hit with young readers and he was later reinvented successfully on tv and more recently for film. michael bond also created other children's favourites, such as parsley the lion. for more on this i'm joined byjonathan kydd — the actor — who played paddington in the cartoon series of the book which was first broadcast in the late 1990s. good to see you, jonathan.


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