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tv   Sport Today  BBC News  June 30, 2017 1:45am-2:01am BST

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and double success for a pre—wimbledon favourite. johanna konta beats the french open champion and then the world number one. welcome to sport today, where it is all about the big names showing how to cope with the pressure. not least in russia, where a year out from the world cup, reigning world champions germany are into the confederations cup final. colm harrison reports on a comprehensive win over mexico in sochi. wednesday the first semi—final had gone all the way to penalties, but this one was effectively over before it had really begun. goretzka drilled home from the edge of the penalty area to put the germans in front after only six minutes, and the striker supplied another neat finish to make a 2— 02 minutes later. that goal also made him the tournament's top scorer, with three in total. the world champion then had to wait until early in the
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second half to stretch their lead, a tap infrom second half to stretch their lead, a tap in from werner made it 3—0, and he now has three in the competition. it was a long way back to mexico but they pulled one back, and from a long way out, fabian with a stunning drive two minutes from time. any glimmer of hope was finally snuffed out when younes fired in a fourth for the germans. the world champions are through to the final and will face the south american champions, chile, on sunday in st petersburg. cricket, and australia have made it two wins out of two at the women's world cup by thrashing sri lanka in bristol, despite the efforts of the sri lankan vice—captain, chamari ata pattu. she smashed 178 not—out off 143 balls, as they made 257—9 from their 50 overs. but australia chased that down with ease. meg lanning hit an unbeaten 152, as the australians reached their target with six overs to spare and eight wickets in hand. it was the highest successful run chase in the history of the competition. a comfortable win, too, for india,
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who beat west indies by seven wickets in taunton. hayley matthew top—scored with 43, as the windies laboured to 183—8 from their 50 overs. in reply, smriti mandhana hit an unbeaten century as india chased that down with more than seven overs to spare. the england cricket coach, trevor bayliss, sastoe root can bat at three or four when he leads out his team for the first test against south africa next week. it is the first time root will captain his country, but bayliss says he hasn't spotted any changes in the player's demeanour since he was chosen to succeed alistair cook. none at all. he is a fairly easy going young guy, very levelheaded. but, you know, well respected within
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the team, and ifully but, you know, well respected within the team, and i fully expect him to captain and the bat well for england. we have heard it will be a more aggressive approach, obviously with ben stokes chipping away. can we expect a more aggressive approach from england, a different kind of style for england 7 from england, a different kind of style for england? aggressive is the wrong word. i have used aggressive before and got chopped into flames by being over aggressive. it might be just by being over aggressive. it might bejust some small by being over aggressive. it might be just some small things. i would say i thinkjoe will be a proactive captain. tennis, and it was a busy day at eastbourne, where all the women's third—round matches and quarter—finals were played, as they cleared the backlog caused by the weather. johanna konta is through to the last four, after a harder day than most. she beat the french open champion, jelena 0stapenko, and the world number one, angelique kerber, and she also recovered from a heavy fall when victory was in sight against kerber. the number—five seed needed treatment for an ankle injury, and also had to have a head
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injury assessed before she was allowed to continue. konta won 6—3, 6—4, and will face karolina pliskova in the semi—finals. caroline wozniacki is also through to the semi—finals, after beating elena vesnina and then the world number two, simona halep. wozniacki then had to come from a set down to seal her place in the last four. the number—six seed from denmark raced through the deciding set 6—1, and she will now face great britain's heather watson in the semi—finals. meanwhile, novak djokovic is through to the semi—finals of the men's singles. he is playing in a pre—wimbledon event for the first time in seven years, in a bid to find some form, and he came through in straight sets against donald young of the usa. djokovic won 6—2, 7—6. he will play russia's daniil medvedev in the last four, with gael monfils playing richard gasquet in the other semi—final.
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no man has won wimbledon as often as roger federer, most recently in 2012. he is seeded three ahead of an attempt at a record—breaking eighth title. despite that, federer is convinced the pressure is on the other members of tennis's illustrious big four. and the, rafa, novak, ithink and the, rafa, novak, i think are clear favourites to meet —— andy. because rafa is coming off an unbelievable run and dominating again and what he did at the french open wasjust again and what he did at the french open was just unreal. so of course he is going to come here with a lot of confidence. yes, maybe he doesn't have the matches to back himself up here on the grass but he is playing exhibition tennis this week. he is practising like he normally does, in
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a big way. so he is going to be very tough to beat you. and i think novak is going to pick up his game eventually. he is doing everything he can. whatever happens there happens, but he is going to be tough to beat you at once he gets rolling and gets into the second week, things will look very different around novak and also how do you quys around novak and also how do you guys will speak about him, maybe, and also how the players will think about him and the same thing for andy. i think the first week is going to be really crucialfor all of us guys. whatever roger federer suggest, he will still be one of the players to watch at wimbledon. 22 teams, 198 riders, and more than 3,500 kilometres ahead of them. the 104th tour de france gets under way on saturday, with defending champion chris froome aiming for a fourth title. however, in australian ritchie porte, a former team sky colleague, he now has a new rival who is the man in form. our sports news correspondent richard conway reports from germany, where the tour gets underway. there is a party atmosphere here in
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dusseldorf on the banks of the rhine. the families are welcoming the riders for this year's tour de france. there has been an official presentation made a head of the grand departure on saturday. it is an individual time trial around the streets of dusseldorf. there is beer, there is bratwurst, there are bikes, there is a great atmosphere as people look forward to celebrating the start of the tour de france. away from the party, though, there are some serious issues, not least on the road between ritchie porte and chris froome, the two favourites for this race. and there are also of course the reputational issues for the tour de france, and for the wider world of cycling, given some of the issues revolving around team sky at the moment. so lots to play for. the family starting to gather, the atmosphere building and abroad looking forward to the start of the race on saturday. i am as excited as ever
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given that i have so much to raise for this time. this is a fourth tour de france, potentially a fourth tour de france, potentially a fourth tour de france, potentially a fourth tour de france title that i am trying to get. and that is, i mean, it is massive. the challenge is even bigger this year. ifeel massive. the challenge is even bigger this year. i feel as massive. the challenge is even bigger this year. ifeel as if massive. the challenge is even bigger this year. i feel as if the level of my rivals is even higher this year, on a difficult course, as well. so i am here with... yes, with all the motivation i have had before, if not even more. chris has obviously won three tours, there is i'io obviously won three tours, there is no reason he cannot win a fourth. he isa no reason he cannot win a fourth. he is a big favourite here. you know, i think he is going to be a lot better form than he was in the lead up, i think he knows how to take the pressure, obviously, but so does alberto, so does nairo and a few other guys. the elite of women's golf is at olympia fields, in chicago, for the second major of the year, the pga championship. it is currently a two—way
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south korean lead in the first round. amy yang and chella choi are in the clubhouse on five—under—par. choi finished strongly, four birdies in the last six holes, for her round of 66. the defending champion, brooke henderson of canada, has also made a strong start, two shots off the pace after a 68. shot of the day belonged to american nelly korda — that at the 16th helping her post a two—under—par round, just three shots behind. that is all from me and the sport today team. see you next hour. hi there. june has been a pretty wacky weather month, with a number of records set.
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you'll remember last week it was hot and humid, temperatures up to 35 degrees, the highest temperature recorded for over a0 years, but this week it has been cloudy, cool and wet. now, we've had record rainfall across parts of eastern scotland. in edinburgh, 178 millimetres of rain has already fallen injune so far. that makes it the wettestjune on record and, yesterday, for a time roads were turned to rivers. now, looking at the forecast for today, low pressure is still with us. and we still have a lot of cloud left over with rain at the start of the day. but at least it is mild, with temperatures 12 to 1a degrees first thing in the morning. we will still have rain left over across parts of western wales. south—west england still with some fairly gusty wind here, so the rain heavy over the hills for a time. but moving further eastwards, breaks in the cloud coming in. so there will be some glimmers of sunshine first thing in the morning.
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through the peaks, pennines, eastern areas of scotland, expect hill fog with low cloud. there will be further outbreaks of rain as well, but the rain won't be quite as heavy as it was yesterday. a relatively mild start to the day. but those temperatures will struggle to rise much of the day goes by. we still see these northerly winds and the wind will continue to push cloud on to the hills with further bursts of rain. but overall, the rain gets a little bit lighter as the day goes by. yes, there could be a few isolated showers moving into south—east england, but equally, some sunny spells breaking through the cloud. still cool across the north and the west but we do see bright spells across parts of england, temperatures could reach as high as 23 towards south—east england. and then overnight our weather front, our band of rain, sinks southwards, taking the rain with it. at the same time, the rain eases across scotland. so here, the weather becomes a little bit dry overnight, and that is because we got a ridge of high—pressure moving in overnight across the north—west of the uk, before spreading in across england and wales as we move on into saturday. it means, all in all, for this weekend, that weather prospects are a little bit drier
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and a little bit brighter. most of us will see spells of sunshine. that said, there could be a little bit of rain left over for the night—time across with extreme south—east of england. then comes the sunshine. in the afternoon, thick cloud into scotland and northern ireland with a band of rain pushing in here. the winds freshening, as well. should stay relatively cool, 15 to 17 degrees for the north—west. quite warm across south—east of england, with highs up to 24. sunday again most of us will have a dry day with sunny spells. a few showers across north—west, and similar kinds of temperatures. 16 to about 22. that is your weather. a warm welcome to bbc news, broadcasting to viewers in north america and around the globe. our top stories: donald trump's travel ban comes into force. a supreme court ruling partially allows travel restrictions on six mainly muslim countries. under siege in raqqa — the extremist group that calls itself islamic state fighting to
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survive in syria. forces backed by the us this around the capital of the us this around the capital of the so—called caliphate. the us urges china to respect freedom and civil liberties in hong kong as president xi makes a highly symbolic visit marking 20 years since reunification. and a potentially purlis day on the fairway as en elk gives this swedish golfer a run for
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