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tv   Outside Source  BBC News  July 31, 2017 9:00pm-9:31pm BST

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hello, i'm ros atkins, and this is outside source. blink and you'll miss it at the white house. the new york times is reporting that the president has fired anthony scaramucci, his new director of indications who was only hard ten days ago. the islamic state group has launched an —— on the iraqi embassy on kabul. we will look at the —— and where it leaves america's position in afghanistan. this is venezuela, the fallout from the weekend's election which was to elect a constituent to the assembly. here is the president. with the
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hurricane example you have set today, more than 8 million votes by the sovereign people of venezuela. we will also talk about apple getting caught up in an argument around censorship in china. it is polled various vpns, facilities that help people get around censorship in china. we will explain that as well. things are moving at speed in washington, dc. in the past hour the white house confirmed anthony scaramucci will leave role as white house communications director to give chief of staff john kelly a "clean slate". bearin
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bear in mind he hasn't officially started the job. that was slated to happen in august. this was the first we've heard of this story in the new york times. all this means we are paying very close attention to this feed coming in from washington, and this is where sarah huckerby sanders, the white house spokesperson will be. here she is. let's listen to what she has to say. good afternoon, everyone. i would like to bring out a national security adviser and treasury secretary to discuss their response to nicolas maduro‘s regimes actions in venezuela. as always, your
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favourite time of day, i will come back and take your questions.” thought it might be best to read the president's statement. the trump administration has called on venezuela to respect... we will keep an eye on that but the person we really wa nt an eye on that but the person we really want to hear from is sarah sanders, not speaking yet so as soon as she does we will turn to that. let's bring in barbara platt usher, live from washington. i guess if we have learnt anything from the statement from the white house, it is that when mr apple was hired, mr trump didn't intend to get rid of his previous chief of staff. either that or he didn't tend to get rid of him in the way it happened because mrtrump has him in the way it happened because mr trump has not said anything about
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the way mr scaramucci handled that. mr scaramucci was quite upfront and abrasive about that relationship and ultimately gave an interview to the new yorker where he spoke about the former chief of staff, reince priebus, with very vulgar language full of profanities and that became the big story, ultimately leading to reince priebus‘s departure. we knew mrtrump might have reince priebus‘s departure. we knew mr trump might have wanted him to depart anyway but perhaps not in that way. what we understand from some american media is that the new chief of staff, john kelly, who is hoping to impose more discipline on the white house, so that may be one of the main factors in terms of white mistress scaramucci is leaving now. let's try to push the colourful
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characters to one side, what are the practical consequences of having this much chopping and changing within the president's working environment? the big answer to that, it means things cannot get done. you have the white house working with congress to pass legislation and execute policy in agencies but the tea m execute policy in agencies but the team in the white house, the staff and the national security council, are the ones who helped to push it forward and coordinate it and that needs some clear direction from the white house, it means everybody should be speaking from the same page and have a tour here in message and it needs a strong chief of staff. if the west wing is riven by factionalfighting staff. if the west wing is riven by factional fighting and different ideologies and people who can speak
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their minds freely and wander into their minds freely and wander into the oval office and tell the president what they think without going through a chain of command, it becomes difficult to do that and we saw last week the most chaotic example when that kind of infighting which had been widely reported not just between anthony scaramucci and reince priebus but between other factions, nursed out into the open. the story was broken by the new york times. i want to pull off a tweet from a couple of hours ago, there are two types of nonfamily members entrance word, permanent and instruments. sometimes instruments think they are permanent. there was no questioning mr scaramucci's commitment to mr trump yet it has come to nothing. it's interesting, we understand he was brought in because mr trump liked his style, he
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comes from the same rough—and—tumble new york culture that mr trump comes from, he called himself a front stabber rather than a backstabber and we were told mr trump believed he would do a betterjob than his then spokesman of defending him and promoting him and trying to get him good press and he liked that attack dog starts that mr scaramucci had, but it seems like mr scaramucci went too far. mrtrump but it seems like mr scaramucci went too far. mr trump didn't say anything about his tie rate but sources were reported saying he wasn't happy to be associated with the vulgarity, but there is also speculation among reporters that he had an icarus syndrome, flew too close to the son and his wings melted, he became the story rather than the president. you never want to do that. barbara, keep us posted. we will turn back to washington when
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the press briefing turns to sarah sanders. it was inevitable there would be fall—out from venezuela's election. at stake was the make up of the constituent assembly. this body isn't a permanent body, it doesn't always exist within venezuela but it does exist if changes to the constitution are needed. officials in venezuela voter —— will tell you the turnout was over 42%, the opposition says 90% abstaining. we know voters were choosing members of a joint assembly, this assembly will look into the government's adding to the current constitution. opposition groups fear this could mean nicolas maduro trying to extend his time as
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president and this is what we are seeing in caracas, significant violence, ten people died and the presence of the authorities on the street was very visible. nicolas maduro was delighted, there he is celebrating with his supporters and we will look in a minute at his position but this is interesting, in the last few minutes we have heard the last few minutes we have heard the us treasury department would designate nicolas maduro for sanctions for undermining democracy. that is a congressional source talking to reuters, saying the treasury may look to target the president himself with sanctions. let's talk to will ground, live in caracas. if that report proves to be true, it's another piece of evidence of how venezuela or its president is becoming a united front huge swathes of the international community. -- a
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united. the us said it would take swift and strong action in the wake of the vote and this would appear to be targeted action against top members of the administration, in this case nicolas maduro himself. they have already taken sanctions against 13 members of feathers ministration and the us treasury secretary described him as a dictator, saying yesterday's illegitimate elections confirm he is a dictator who disregards the will of the people, so they are not brokering any kind of dissent on this, they are clear this is a step towards dictator ship and they will be taking actions against him personally in terms of freezing his assets or any assets he has in the us. we should point out that america has a long history of interfering in democracies in latin america and has
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not quite such a long history of opposing notjust nicolas maduro but his predecessor, hugo chavez. mr chavez and us, and president obama and george bush junior, chavez and us, and president obama and george bushjunior, were at loggerheads through his time in office, washington has a long and bloody and shameful history in latin america, the involvement of the caa in and doing democratic elections from 1954 in court mother right through until cuba, who has felt the brunt of washington policies towards it over the decades. on this, i feel like the vast majority of venezuelans are internally moving against the government now because they are tired of his policies they
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don't think they are working, they are experiencing long queues, rampant inflation, rising crime, he is no hugo chavis but that traditional supporters of travellers are also rejecting him. ifi traditional supporters of travellers are also rejecting him. if i were with you in caracas, would i be aware of the unrest or visit quite localised? you probably would. you have to be just around by motor bike a lot because barricades are set up on street corners, a lot of people are not going out so there is an eerie calm quite often. i lived in caracas for several years and it is a choking, chaotic, traffic ridden city but not at the moment, you can barely see any cars and the country feels like it's in a strange limbo as everyone waits to see what the next step is. well, thank you. we
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have also be live in washington, but next we will stay here in london. the british prime minister's spokesperson has insisted that the free movement of people will end in march 2019 when the uk leaves the european union. it follows days of public disagreement between cabinet ministers over what immigration rules will be after brexit. vicki young explains. some viewers might think, i thought we knew where the government stood on this. this is a familiar refrain from the prime minister, reaffirming the position that free movement will come to an end in march 2019, but this is a central issue and has been central in the referendum and in recent weeks we have had cabinet ministers putting competing views about what they would like to see in the immediate aftermath of brexit,
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there is now a consensus there will be some interim arrangement, some are calling it a transitional deal and what exactly happens in this implementation period is what has been up for discussion, various ministers taking to the airwaves to present their ideas, philip hammond suggesting nothing will really change on the day we leave and new migration rules might take some time to come into force but theresa may's spokesperson says free movement is coming to an end, according to the government in march 2019. in different circumstances if ministers behave like this they might get their marching orders but these are not normal circumstances. no, there has been signs of cabinet in discipline, theresa may have to chastise ministers for leaking details of meetings to the press and
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has had to reassert authority after days of squabbles from competing camps in the cabinet, from readers and remainer is debating in public about what they would like to see in terms of the deal, whether it would d efy terms of the deal, whether it would defy the result of the referendum, so defy the result of the referendum, so theresa may trying to stamp authority and cite this is what is happening but whether ministers will pay attention, there are many weeks to go while parliament is on holiday. thank you, leila. in the few minutes we will turn to afghanistan because there is been a suicide attack outside the iraqi embassy in kabul. the islamic state group is aiming responsibility. we will look at the consequences but also the broader issues it raises of how to take on is. the government wants to recruit
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another 21,000 mental health workers. the royal college of nursing has questioned whether enough new staff can be trained in time thatjeremy hunt says he is confident. there are people who were trained in mental health and psychiatrists who are not currently in the nhs and we have a programme to attract them back and we want to say to them, we probably have the biggest expansion in mental health provision at europe, we are proud of what you're doing but we still have too many people in this country, where a jungle life is blighted because we're not getting them the mental health care they need quickly enough. the new york times is reporting
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that the president has fired anthony scaramucci, his new director of indications who was only hired ten days ago. on that subject, we can guess what questions the white house spokesperson might get asked. let's listen. he does not have a role at this time in the trump administration, we put out a statement earlier announcing that andi statement earlier announcing that and i don't have much else to say. did general kelly ask him to leave 01’ did general kelly ask him to leave ordid did general kelly ask him to leave or did the president asked him to leave 7 or did the president asked him to leave? did he volunteer?” or did the president asked him to leave? did he volunteer? i will not get into the process. what matters
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most to us is not who was employed in the white house but he was employed in the rest of the country, we are focused on the president's agenda of growing the economy and creating jobs. was it a chain of command issue because scaramucci said he had a direct line of communication to the president? there has been speculation that general kelly may have tried to tighten up, so was it something about the chain of command or didn't have anything to do with the interview he gave last week? the president felt that anthony's comments were inappropriate for a person in that position and he didn't want to burden general kelly with that line of succession, as i think we have made clear over the course of the last few days, general kelly has the full authority to operate within the white house and
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all staff report to him. when you say you didn't want to burden him with that line of succession, could you clarify one point about this chain of command, apparentlyjarrod kushner and donald trump said they look forward to following general kelly's lead, will that conduit of people with access to the president been narrowed down or will everything flow through general kelly? the president has given full authority to general kelly. this statement about the white house says mr scaramucci felt it was best to give john kelly a clean state to build his own team but you just said the president felt his comments were inappropriate. i don't see those as being mutually exclusive. anthony once general kelly to be able to operate with a clean slate grabbed
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the president felt his comments were inappropriate. with the new hierarchy with general kelly, tell us hierarchy with general kelly, tell us what it looks like with this administration. general kelly will bring a new structure to the white house and discipline and strength and we're all excited to work him and we're all excited to work him andi and we're all excited to work him and i will not draw a chart appear but we will keep you guys posted. stephen bannon, everyone reports to him rather than going to the press, does everyone go to general kelly first? general kelly has the full authority to carry out business.” have a real quick one regarding sean spicer, will he be in the administration in anyway now that anthony scaramucci will not be part of the administration? i'm not aware of the administration? i'm not aware of any changes. ten days ago anthony
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scaramucci was introduced as the new communications director and is now out of a job. the president announced there is no chaos at the white house. how would you describe what has happened over the past ten days? you agree with your boss the president there is no chaos but how would you explain that not to be the case? if you want to see chaos, come to my house with three preschoolers. just to be clear, that is not an open invitation to my house but if you guys want to shed your baby—sitting time, you guys want to shed your ba by—sitting time, i you guys want to shed your baby—sitting time, i will be happy to work that out. does the president regret hiring anthony scaramucci?” will not get into anything on that front. you said that scaramucci felt so front. you said that scaramucci felt so you are saying this was his
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decision. was it? the president felt it was inappropriate, anthony and general kelly came to a mutual agreement and we are focusing on the jobs outside this building. just to clarify because i want to make sure i understand the word he's here, he didn't want to burden general kelly with that line of succession. the president. so it was the president deciding... we all serve at the pleasure of the president but this was a mutually agreed conversation. on russia sanctions, did you know whether the president intends to sign the russia sanctions bill and why hasn't the president taken the opportunities he has had today to say something in response to vladimir putin's retaliation with
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that 755. we put out a statement stating the president's intent to sign and we will let you know when thatis sign and we will let you know when that is going to take place. in terms of your second question, the follow—up? terms of your second question, the follow-up? why hasn't he taken the chance to say something to president putin, it is striking the silence from the president with no response, he had a couple of chances to say something about it and didn't. we are reviewing our options and we have something to say on that, we will let you know. you said earlier all staff will report to the new chief of staff, does that include mr kushner and mr bannon? that includes eve ryo ne kushner and mr bannon? that includes everyone at the white house. will the administration support the tax
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overhaul that comes out of the ways and means committee. we pitted a joint statement with the big six, we will continue working with them and announce details. when sean spicer resigned it was for a clean slate, now that scaramucci has resigned, it is also for a clean slate. is the slate completely clean or should we expect any more shake—ups? is the staff settled? they are. is there any chance you will leave the job of communications director alone, having had two people leave rather abruptly? we will let you know when we have any personnel announcements. when the president made his speech to police on friday, within minutes statements came from police chiefs across the country criticising his
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remarks that seem to endorse the use of force by police in search arrests. was the presidentjoking when he said this or did he checked his remarks with the international association of police chiefs or the attorney general? i believe he was making a joke. the statement says anthony scaramucci is no longer with the administration, was he fired by the administration, was he fired by the president or asked to resign?” will not get into any more. you said this was back and forth conversation, can you take us through what the president is looking for in the communications job, why he might make clean slate? i believe he wants to work with general kelly in the communications tea m i nta ct general kelly in the communications team intact right now and determine the best course forward. on reports
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that attorney general sessions is being considered for homeland security chief accurate? how soon will dot search be complete? there are no conversations about any cabinet members moving and the president has confidence in all members of his cabinet. one question on the scaramucci issue, you said the president found his remarks inappropriate. can you specify what he found inappropriate? he found it inappropriate for a person in that position. i believe the comments he made, he found them inappropriate. is it up the trail of the rest of the staff? you talk about the messaging for the president and the communications department is crucial so am communications department is crucial so am trying to find out what went wrong between this morning and this afternoon. i don't think it's
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complex to understand the president found the remarks inappropriate. i cannot explain it further. we had some speculation about the possibility of a first strike. is that option on the table? the president will not broadcast any decisions but all options are on the table. the president signed an executive order on infrastructure, does that mean the president has no intention and will not be a tide working with congress on the infrastructure build? is there any discussion about moving forward with any legislation for infrastructure, especially digital? the president has been outspoken on the need for a
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massive overhaul to the country's infrastructure and that is still a priority in any capacity he has the ability to carry that out. we have seen ability to carry that out. we have seen the chief of staff, deputy chief of staff, communications directors and national security adviser all leave in six months. can you tell us why there has been all this turbulence? i know you don't like to get into the process but what is going on? we are focusing on the president's agenda. we will let you know when there are staff changes but what matters to us are not the jobs changes but what matters to us are not thejobs in changes but what matters to us are not the jobs in this building changes but what matters to us are not thejobs in this building but the ones outside, that is why the president has been focused on growing jobs. we have created over1 million newjobs since he took office, the lowest unemployment in 16 years. we are focused on recruiting a strong economy and
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growing jobs outside this building, not the ones with them. a follow-up on health care. nick mulvey in white house does want any votes in the senate until they are in the senate and you are also pushing for the nominees, is the white house's position to accept voting on non—healthcare things in the next few months? we're pushing forward with the repeal and replace of obamacare, we will continue that. the president's tax reform admissions were being discussed and can you elaborate on his hope to travel in august to begin to talk about tax cuts and tax reform and his interest in getting some democratic senators to support his legislation. you have any details
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about where he might go and his message? not at this time but we will keep you guys posted on his travel schedule in august and he hopes to have a large amount of support for tax reform, it is vital to our economy and something the administration is focused on and will continue working with the house and senate and members of the administration. for that was barbara huckabee sau nters for that was barbara huckabee saunters and off she went as if we have planted which will of course we didn't. barbara, what to make of that, she did not tell as anything? she told us a couple of things, she said that the president felt it was because of anthony scaramucci's comments last week presumably she was referring to his interview last week in which he used a lot profanity when talking about members of staff. she said he felt


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