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tv   BBC News  BBC News  August 18, 2017 3:00pm-4:01pm BST

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four people are arrested in spain as police say they believe a terror network was behind the attack in barcelona which left 1a dead and more than 130 injured. another attack in the coastal town of cambrils saw five suspects shot dead. police say the driver of the van in barcelona may have been one of them. a minute's silence has been observed in barcelona — the spanish prime minister says all countries must stand together against terrorism. this is a global battle and it is notjust against us — it is against all the countries that defend freedom, democracy, human rights. the two vehicle attacks are being connected to an explosion further
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along the coast which destroyed a house on wednesday night. the first victim has been named as an italian father of two bruno gulotta who died in front of his wife and two small children. he of his wife and two small children. was 35. reports are coming in that several people have been stabbed in the finnish city of turku. one person has been arrested. good afternoon and welcome to bbc news. you can see behind me, two people ——
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huge numbers of people back on the streets despite the horror of yesterday's terror attack that left 13 people dead and more than 100 injured. and then a second terror attack at cambrils, more than —— about 100 kilometres away. a huge manhunt for mousset kabir, a teenager thought to have given the van that ploughed through las ramblas, injuring and killing as he drove about half a kilometre down that very popular tourist destination. police are suggesting that it destination. police are suggesting thatitis destination. police are suggesting that it is possible that he was one of the five suspects, who was shot deadin of the five suspects, who was shot dead in cambrils after driving a car into more pedestrians there in that seaside town. and one woman was
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killed in that as well. we have heard that the attackers in that car in cambrils were armed with an axe and also with knives, that they set upon one victim and attacked them with knives to the faith. also of significance, we are hearing from the catalan police that this explosion on wednesday in a house in alcanar, where explosion on wednesday in a house in alca nar, where gas explosion on wednesday in a house in alcanar, where gas canisters exploded, it does seem that the terror network that they are investigating was preparing an act of terrorism using those gas canisters. and the catalan police have said that the two attacks with vehicles were rudimentary in comparison to the attack that was being planned with those gas canisters. now this report from richard lister. in cambrils, this man has canisters strapped to his chest and appears to be taunting police. they opened fire. the man is hit but gets back up.
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and the shooting continues as bystanders look on. eventually, he is killed. he is one of five terrorist suspects shot dead by police here. they were suspected of having driven a car into pedestrians in cambrils at about 1am, injuring seven people and leaving many others in shock. translation: i suddenly heard "bang, bang, bang" here in the port. and after the bang, bang, bang, people were screaming. and then the police screaming. and then more screaming. i was nervous. i did not know where to go. i went to the beach and hid there. eight hours earlier, another vehicle on another spanish street being used as a weapon. this was las ramblas in barcelona. crowded with tourists and shoppers when a white van drove through them all, mowing down people for half a kilometre before the driver fled. it was the definition of fear yesterday. people were terrified. they were running without knowing in which direction they were going. it was incredible to watch how quickly people reacted. how quickly people responded and worked together. because people were scared, people did not know what to do. through working together, a lot of people were in safer places.
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the authorities are now linking the attacks in barcelona and cambrils with an explosion on wednesday in the town of alcanar, in which one person died. police believe a terror cell at the house was using it for bomb—making. among those arrested, this man, driss oukabir, originally from morocco, whose documents were used to rent the van in barcelona. but he denies any involvement, saying that his identity papers had been stolen. the spanish prime minister called an emergency cabinet meeting after announcing three days of official mourning. he has denounced what he called the "jihadist attack" and said spain will not submit to terror. this is a global battle. notjust against us, but against all come to that defend freedom, democracy and
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human rights. those values of which we have always been so proud. in barcelona, las ramblas is full of people once again. this world—famous promenade apparently unbowed by the terror attack here. but those killed and injured are being remembered in tributes of flowers and candles along the street. the nation is grieving and the world is watching. two attacks to talk about and a total of 1a two attacks to talk about and a total 01:14 dead at the end of it and more than 130 injured from some 34 and more than 130 injured from some 3a different nationalities. just to give you an idea of how many of the victims in las ramblas were tourist from all over the world. when they come to barcelona, las ramblas is one of the key attractions. it is a lwa ys one of the key attractions. it is always packed with holiday—makers and sightseers. it is getting back to normal. many people have been laying flowers and lighting candles
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but also many people walking up and down as they normally do. let's go to cambrils, the town of the road from here, where there was a —— and attack at one o'clock in the morning. 0ne attack at one o'clock in the morning. one person died of injuries. the armed police opening fire, killing terror suspects in that audi car. 0ur correspondent is there for us. there was still a military presence in cambrils. whatever you're just after midnight last night isn't audi saloon car sped down the road behind me, crashed into a group of spectators standing by the road including one policeman. the car then flipped on its roof. the attackers proceeded to get out and scatter and is far as the police were concerned, they were wearing viable suicide belts. the
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police tried to challenge them that they kept coming and the police had no option budget on the spot. two of them died under that tree over there, another under that tree. five we re there, another under that tree. five were killed in total. we have since heard that a member of the public who was injured has since died, bringing the number of members of the public killed in the two attacks to 14. the public killed in the two attacks to 1a. police do believe that these attacks were coordinated. a total of eight attackers, quite young men, perhaps recently radicalised. but what happened here in cambrils and in barcelona appears to be part of the same plot. they are still looking for other suspects, including the driver of the van in barcelona. but there is a significant police presence, armed police presence, here in cambrils despite the fact that the tourists are back on the streets here, alt on the pavements. as he was saying, an enormous police
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presence under way, to find out if there are more terrorists at large, more plots that maybe being hatched right now. we have also been hearing from the police chief a few moments ago the david lynn a —— press conference. we are working on the hypothesis that these attacks were being prepared for a while around this private home in alcanar. so we think they were preparing at least one or more attacks in barcelona. the explosion in alcanar at least avoided some of the material they were counting on to carry out even bigger attacks than
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the ones they have already. and because of that, the attack in barcelona and the one in cambrils were carried out in a bit more rudimentary way than they had initially planned. this is the most relevant information we have from this investigation. in london, the foreign office have been saying there is a small number of british citizens who were caught up of british citizens who were caught up in the terror attacks and are among the casualties. particular concern for one child. let's go to oui’ concern for one child. let's go to our correspondent at the foreign 0ffice. all of the buildings at the foreign
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0ffice have got their flags at half—mast. the foreign office says it is assisting a small number of british people who are affected by what is going on. we understand by affected, they mean injured by the incidents in spain. however, they say they have deployed additional staff to assist people. we also understand from the metropolitan police here in the capital that they are expecting to be able to speak to people who travel back from spain. they have a number of people who they can phone and we know that theresa may has been speaking, mentioning the child they are concerned about. sadly, i must tell you that we do believe that a number of british
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nationals were caught up in the attack and we are urgently looking into reports of a child believed missing who is a british dual national. the foreign office is offering consular assistance to those who were involved in the attack and their families and working urgently to see if there are others that need their help. that is the word from the foreign office. and travel agencies are saying that if you want to postpone your trip, get saying that if you want to postpone yourtrip, get in saying that if you want to postpone your trip, get in touch with them and they will deal with your enquiries. they can very much. let's talk more about the attacks here in las ramblas. behind me, where 13 people were killed and more than 100 we re people were killed and more than 100 were injured. joining us now from st andrews
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is javier agomaniz is a lecturer at the centre for the study of terrorism and political violence. that's an organisation which looks at origins of terrorism. spain isa spain is a big destination for tourists. so carrying out an attack at las ramblas they made sure of attacking people from around the world. we also need to realise that it is big publicity which ifs needs. they are on the ropes in syria and iraq. there will be expelled from raqqa, their capital in syria. so they are getting their sympathisers in western countries to carry out more attacks. they need this to project an image of strength to their supporters, to show that they can still cause fear. and how are the authorities here dealing with
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it? it is a difficult situation for them. they are talking about a terror cell with maybe eight people in it, but they don't know who is still at large. the main reaction to the attack was very effective. police forces and the emergency services were really quickly on the scene. metro and train stations were closed down in minutes and there we re closed down in minutes and there were record on in place and the area was put on lockdown after the attack. survivors and their families are already receiving emergency psychological support. it seems that the investigation is making great progress. the spanish press has reported that the authorities believe that there was a sell off 12 individuals behind the attack. five we re individuals behind the attack. five were killed last night, five others have been arrested. the last thing we heard is that the police are still trying to identify the leader of the gang. but there is danger.
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and we gather one of the suspects was born in morocco. is there a connection between the terror threat in spain and morocco in particular? yes, indeed. many of thejihadists who have been arrested in spain since the madrid attacks in 2004 ashley come from that country. the spanish cities in north africa are radicalised age and hotspots because they —— radicalisation hotspots because they are connected to areas in morocco where there are networks of recruitment for is. so there is certainly a strong connection. the spanish authorities know about that and that is why they have a close working relationship with their moroccan counterparts. thank you very much indeed.
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we are beginning to get some of the nationalities of the victims who died both here in barcelona and also in cambrils, about 100 and mrs away. we have heard from the american secretary of state that an american citizen is one of those who have died. we think it was during the attack in las ramblas. but we would get more on that. one of the debt has been named as an american citizen. we'll give you more on that as it comes back, but that is all for now. back to the studio. here, we are following the breaking news of an attack in finland in the capital city of tokyo. several people have been stabbed say police, who have arrested a suspect. what is
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the latest you are hearing, andy moore? what we are hearing from the police is a brief message on their twitter feed. it is police is a brief message on their twitterfeed. it is english. they say that several persons have been stabbed, one person has been shot and arrested. we understand that person was shot in the leg. those are the brief details that we have officially. these are just reports at the moment, one person may have been killed. that may be a woman. it is also reported that her baby may have been involved in the attack somehow or other. there are also reports that it is more than one suspects involved in this, that other suspects may still be on the runs. this happened in the centre of tokyo, from the images and pictures i have seen, it appears to be an open class all square. —— this happened in the centre of turku. it
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appears to be an open plaza or square. on the video that we saw, you can hear somebody shouting aloud what bar which means god is great # —— shouting god is great in arabic. we are also hearing the finnish police then that security is being stepped up at transport hubs in the country? yes, throughout the country and at other locations. police also say that i should add that they send out a message telling people to avoid the centre of turku, the sort of message we are becoming used to in an attack like this. one of the first things they do is to warn people to stay away from the area. and on twitter, you can sense a real feeling shock from people saying, sleepy, charming token, how could
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this happen there? -- sleepy charming turku. that's right. we don't know if this is a terror attack, looks like it. as far as i can tell, finland has not been subject to the sort of attacks. andy, i will interrupted because we have some pictures coming in from finnish television at all close to the scene of the attack. you can see emergency vehicles there but traffic also moving around nearby. and this has been described as the market square area of turku, right in the centre of the city. yes, a large open area. maybe the railway station is close to there. there was a big municipal building that i couldn't recognise. another update from the police in finland, again in english,
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we have seen it in spain, that police when they want to get a message out, they do it in several languages. they are doing that in finland. it says, from the finnish police, anyone who has information about what happened, please call these numbers. so police are appealing for information about what is happening from the general public. thank you for that update. we'll keep a close eye on that. let's return to ben brown in barcelona. the police investigation is continuing this afternoon and particularly the manhunt for moussa oukabir year, who is thought to be the young man who drove the white van down las ramblas, ploughing into
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pedestrians, killing 13. we gather that one of the debt is an american citizen. we know that he rented the vehicle. it seems he may have stolen his brother's identity papers and used them to read the vehicle. we are going to discuss the issue of renting vehicles and using them in these terror attacks. it is becoming a pattern, we are seeing it in france, germany and britain and now here in barcelona. joining me now from central london is toby poston spokesperson for the british vehicle and rental leasing association. there have been suggestions that it is too easy to rent a van? is there anywhere typing up the regulations? we have to remember that the rental deskis we have to remember that the rental desk is not the front lines of dealing with these issues. anyone at a rental desk, their main response ability is customer service. they
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are not trained in profiling terrorists. and when they walk into these places, they are not dressed in combat, wearing bomb vests. they carry normal ide, normal credit cards. they are fanatics, not idiots. —— carrying normal ide. cards. they are fanatics, not idiots. -- carrying normal ide. what sort of id is required if you are renting a van of some description? typically, anyone from the rental industry has three main responsibilities. checking that the customer is who they say they are, so some four that some sort of identification. if they aren't trying to rent a van, they will try to set up some sort of business account to verify who they are. and to make sure they can pay for that van, some sort of credit card or credit check. and also they are establishing that the person is licensed to drive and some sort of
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licence, they cannot check whether they are a terrorist. so you saying that people in these van hire offices, do they need to become more vigilant? it is becoming a weapon of choice for terrorists. we have series in britain, in london and here. it is very difficult. our members, the rental industry, is determined to do more to deter and detect. we are sick and tired of having to respond to these issues. we wa nt having to respond to these issues. we want to help prevent them. we are working with law enforcement agencies. all of our members have posters in their branches, they have counterterrorism hotlines and they have trained their staff. we are trying to have better data sharing with the authorities. we have always done this but we need to get this happening on a stronger basis so that we have the ability to check,
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do some cross—referencing real—time between our members and the counterterrorism watchlist. so if one of your members is working in a rental office and they see or hear anything suspicious, what is the advice, what should they do? the same as anyone else. the same advice goes out to anyone involved in these attacks. you don't want to confront them, you want to alert the authorities as quickly as possible. so that they can deal with the situation. it may be that they want to monitor the person in the vehicle or not rent to them. that is the advice they would take once they have reported the issue. and when you say you have been discussing theseissues you say you have been discussing these issues with the authorities, with the police, the counterterrorism agencies, what kind of discussions are they? is it about increasing the id that is required, maybe different forms of it, maybe
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something a bit more stringent? not really, not that the moment. the main discussions at the moment are about trying to get a way to cross — refe re nce about trying to get a way to cross—reference the millions of transactions that happen in the uk and across europe in as close to a real—time and effective way without counterterrorism watchlist. we don't have access to the watchlist but if there is an effective way of cross—referencing that list with the counterterrorism watchlist that gives us the information to prevent the attacks, —— gives them the opportunity to prevent the attacks, that's how we hope the cooperation will come. thank you very much indeed. we'll just discussing we'lljust discussing how hire vans and trucks have been used in these various attacks around europe. it is a concern as our correspondent now reports. using vehicles as attack vehicles is
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not new. al-qaeda urged people to drive into people with cars. this is what happened in nice, where it is if people were killed before the attacker was shot dead. in britain, people were killed by people driving the cars at —— crowds at speed. one was a far right extremist, the other was inspired by others. some of them are inspired by this man, now deceased, for so—called islamic state. in 2014, he urged jihadist to adopt low tech high impact versions to attack westerners, including vehicles. today, is is on the back foot, it's so—called caliphate in the middle east is shrinking. the more it is squeezed there, the more it tries to lash out at soft targets in the west. the events in spain can be seen
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in the context evenif even if is only inspired them. how the governments in europe respond? how far should they go to protect their populations? city centres are particularly difficult. london predominantly, we can'tjust put a barnard into the pavement because the need to dig down in a standard format way. we have utilities underground, we have the underground system. as nice as it would be to say could be put police all over —— as nice as it would be to put these things all over the place, logistically, and from an architectural point of view, we can't do that. crash barriers and ballades are increasingly the norm in london and other cities. these ones outside parliament went up 14 years ago to stop truck bombs. today, the threat comes from terrorist driving the crowds. some measures can be put into place but the government can't shield everyone from attack. the challenge remains an intellectual one. to persuade violent extremists
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of whatever hue, not to do it. police flat out. the hospital is busy as well. so many casualties in hospital, many of them critically ill. people have been queueing up in barcelona last night and today, to give blood to help the injured. that is the latest. now the weather forecast. severe thunderstorms have broken out. the radar shows where the showers have got going, particularly east wales, the midlands and the south—east. heavy and persistent
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rain across northern parts of eastern scotland which will continue for a time. the showers will continue to work eastward, blown in by gales. the winds easing a little bit silly night that it stays breezy and in one or two macro basis, showers will continue all night long and into tomorrow morning. so there will be showers tomorrow but not as many and they shouldn't be as heavy. scotla nd many and they shouldn't be as heavy. scotland probably seen the lion's share. the further south you come, not as many showers. more in the way of sunshine. for sunday, a lotta fine weather around, particularly towards the north and east. further west, more in the way of cloud and patchy rain at times. hello.
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this is bbc news. the headlines: four people have been arrested following the terror attacks in barcelona and cambrils that have left 14 people dead and more than 100 injured. in the second attack, on the coastal town of cambrils, five suspects were shot dead by police after they killed one person and injured seven more. police suspect the driver of the vehicle used in the barcelona attack, believed to be 18—year—old moussa oukabir, may have been among the suspects killed. the spanish government has declared three days of mourning in spain as police say they believe a network of at least eight people was behind the terror attacks. the first victim has been named. he is italian father—of—two bruno gulotta. the 35—year—old died in front
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of his wife and two small children. theresa may said a child with dual british nationality was believed to be among those unaccounted for. the seven—year—old, julian cadman, who has dual british and australian citizenship, is missing according to his grandfather. people from 34 different nationalities are among those injured. reports are coming in that several people have been stabbed in the finnish city of turku. one person has been arrested. more now on the spain attacks. let's go back to ben brown in barcelona. the latest we are hearing from the cata la n the latest we are hearing from the catalan police as they are focusing on this explosion at a house in
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alcanar on on this explosion at a house in alca nar on wednesday when on this explosion at a house in alcanar on wednesday when a number of gas cylinders exploded and blew up of gas cylinders exploded and blew up the house. the police saying that the two terror attacks we saw yesterday in barcelona and cambrils down the coast were rudimentary by comparison to what they believe was being planned with those gas cylinders, so they think that perhaps a more deadly attack was being planned with those gas cylinders. that is a theory at the moment. in las ramblas behind me lots of people back on the streets, people have been laying flowers, lighting candles, laying reefs at the spot where so many people died. 13 dying in las ramblas of that van was driven into crowds of people, tourists, holiday—makers,
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sightseers. that van swerving right and left, waving into people at high speed, killing 13, injuring about 100. the foreign office are saying a small number of british citizen is we re small number of british citizen is were caught up in that attack. there have been some british casualties. we can speak to our correspondent emma vardy who is in westminster. there has been reaction from a number of political figures coming out to speak in support of the people of barcelona, speaking in solidarity with the city. theresa may has said that the uk stands shoulder to shoulder with barcelona but she has also spoken about the need to try to tackle the extremist material and propaganda that can be found online. we must work together if we are to confront this evil of terrorism. also to confront and deal
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with the perverted extremist ideology which drives it. ridding the internet of poisonous material and ensuring that our police and security services have the powers they need. terrorism is the great thread we all face but together we will defeat it. those questions about extremist material on the internet have been asked again and again after recent terror attacks as to whether the internet houses safe spaces where extremist can flourish where extremist material can be shared. something theresa may was addressing. we have also heard from jeremy corbyn who has expressed his horror at the need to love the way this attack was carried out and expressed his sympathy. shocked and appalled at what has happened, a terrible loss of life, people innocently enjoying themselves then
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las ramblas and somebody does this unbelievable act which has taken the lives of many. our sympathies to those who have lost relatives and to those who have lost relatives and to those who have lost relatives and to those who are injured. emergency services on the scene in less than minutes to try to help those people and the pictures i saw last night we re and the pictures i saw last night were shocking. because of the nature of this attack in barcelona there have also been a number of questions asked about politicians about whether there might have to be a change in the law to try to restrict the way in which people are able to hire vans and lorries, whether that could help protect the public. the pictures we are seeing from barcelona bring back the memories of the same sort of terror we have seen in westminster on the streets of london because in recent months there have been a series of terror attacks at westminster, london bridge, finsbury park and a terror attack in manchester. the london
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mayor sadiq khan has said he expressed his condolences and said london stands with barcelona against the evil of terrorism. thank you. our political correspondent. i am going to talk to somebody who witnessed the attack. it was just under 24 hours ago that it unfolded. you are originally from austin, texas. you are here on honeymoon. you are originally from austin, texas. you are here on honeymoonlj am texas. you are here on honeymoon.” am with my wife and two of our teenage daughters. we were having dinner in the market will las ramblas and in the corner of that market closest to where the van stopped and we had just finished our dinnerand stopped and we had just finished our dinner and were about to leave and a huge crowd of people came running
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from placa de catalunya through the market towards us and obviously something really terrible is going on, we thought, on the other side of the market, so we started running with a big crowd of people and ran out into where the van had just hit and there were a lot of casualties and there were a lot of casualties and a lot of confusion, panic, people weeping. a very intense scene across las ramblas. how quickly did you understand this war is another terror attack in europe? as soon as we had run out and saw that it was not only on the other said of the market where we thought we were running from, it was happening in front of us, people were weeping and yelling out they were hit by a car. people were screaming this was an attack. you had been having your
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meal. if your meal perhaps had ended a little earlier you might have been out there on las ramblas as the van was attacking people. yes, five more minutes and we would have been out there in the street where the van drove through. it was a very confusing scene. there are no emergency responders or police on the scene when we were out on the streets, a lot of confused people. it was very impressive how fast the emergency response started to show up emergency response started to show up and they had a big red bus that they got through the crowds to load casualties on a bus within five minutes of the accident. i thought that was a very impressive response. as soon the armed police, heavily armed police, showed up, it was clear that they were treating this asa clear that they were treating this as a terror attack and active
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attackers could be around also be locked down the streets. that must have been frightening for you to think that people could still be on the list. right. at first we thought it was over. when the police showed up it was over. when the police showed up and they blocked off both sides of las ramblas a lots of people who we re of las ramblas a lots of people who were trapped there, like us, started trying to flee out the one way we could but the police thought the driver or there were some suspects that way so armed police flooded that way so armed police flooded that side and pushed people out, creating another stampede of people trapped, surrounded by police on all sides and they told us to get into shops. they pushed us into a money exchanged shop. they put people into restau ra nts exchanged shop. they put people into restaurants or exchanged shop. they put people into restau ra nts or a ny little exchanged shop. they put people into restaurants or any little shops and told them to hide. we had to wait there for almost two hours while they searched and the police kept
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eve ryo ne they searched and the police kept everyone out of the accident scene. your honeymoon in barcelona, it is such a beautiful city and las ramblas was packed at this time yesterday as it always is. it is the heart of barcelona where everyone wa nts to heart of barcelona where everyone wants to come. yeah. everyone was enjoying the afternoon. it is so sad. until this happened it was lively and a really beautiful scene and it's turned so quickly and it is sad seeing so many injured people and panicked people and not knowing if the bomb is going to go off in the van. everyone was panicked about what was happening next. today we have seen people back on the streets, a mood that people will not be cowed by terrorism, they are happy to come back out onto the streets. my wife and i and our
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daughters are back on the streets and enjoying the city. life goes on and enjoying the city. life goes on and we have to pray for the people who were injured. enjoy the rest of your honeymoon. all right. thank you. kevin originally from austin, texas. british tourist stephanie walton was on las ramblas when the van attack happened. an hour and a half before, we were literally walking where the attack happened. there were so many people around, everybody was enjoying the sunshine, living a carefree life and having fun. we tried to find somewhere to have a glass of wine and enjoy it. then, an hour before, me and my partner were just saying how there was so much police around, circulating, a bit weird, isn't it? then after that we heard a loud bang, and screams. i had my back turned,
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and i shot up and turned around and there were these floods of people just running. tables everywhere, glasses, and the thing i remember the most was the flip—flops. they were just everywhere. it was like people had just vanished, they had run for their lives. then there was a second bang, which scared everybody else. we ran into the cafe. they shut all the shutters. my partner pushed me into a corner, all i kept thinking about was... i thought, like paris, london, the attacks where they came into bars and stuff and hurt people. the owners opened a back door so everyone could run through, then they pushed everybody against the walls, because if another car came, they would then... you have a better chance. that's what we did. it was absolutely terrifying. when i turned around, i saw bodies everywhere. it's heartbreaking. really heartbreaking. you knew instantly, did you, that this was some sort of terror attack? yeah, especially with the increased police presence and stuff. when you heard that bang, obviously with recent things happening,
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you know something is really wrong. it's not right. the sheer panic on everyone's faces. you know you have to run and get to safety. you have to hide. that instinct kicked in. but initially ijust froze. you know... all those people. so many kids everywhere. it was horrific, that image will stay in my mind for as long as possible. the police were there in large numbers before the attack. do you think perhaps they knew something might be going to happen? it felt like that. initially when we saw those police, we did not think something would happen, because you do not think. you are in barcelona, you don't think anything will happen.
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there were so many around, circulating, but i must applaud them. within seconds, they were at that scene, cordoning everybody. they kept pushing everybody, cuddling little girls and stuff to make sure they were ok. you have said to me you have seen terror attacks unfolding on tv, but to be in the middle of it, to see it for real. you do not comprehend, when you see them running and the panic on the faces, you just watch it. but when you are in the midst of it, running for your life as well, it is a feeling i have never ever experienced before and i never want to experience it again. my heart goes out to everybody who was hurt, or lost their lives. it's absolutely tragic what happened, it broke my heart. it's such a beautiful city. you were here as a surprise for your boyfriend, is that right? yeah, a surprise he won't forget. it was a surprise birthday trip away. we landed yesterday morning. went to the hotel, came back, looking for somewhere to enjoy some wine, enjoy the atmosphere and stuff. then that tragedy happened. thankfully we fly back tomorrow. people were coming back onto the streets today, in large numbers, chanting, "we're not scared, we are not afraid".
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is that the message we need to send out? absolutely, we cannot let these people dictate our lives. they may not like it, but we cannot let them. everybody has to come together. everybody came together last night. it was so beautiful. even today, walking on the streets, there's still a bit of an edgy feeling. if you hear a siren or cross the road, you are a bit like... bit edgy. but everyone is in the same situation, you all pull together. actually i feel really proud to be with them and sharing it with them. it is a beautiful city, people come here from all over the world. las ramblas particularly. we were saying last night, you could not even move through the people, it was that busy. everyone is just enjoying the sunshine, having fun. for something to happen in the city, it is horrible. really horrible. stephanie walton recounting her experience. she was here in barcelona for his
3:46 pm
prize holiday for her boyfriend she had organised. so—called islamic state have claimed responsibility for the attack here in barcelona and said there are soldiers were responsible for the attack. i have been getting an assessment on is and the terror networks in this part of spain. earlier i spoke to paul rogers, professor of peace studies at bradford university. we have to get to grips with what is driving this in the first place. it looks like the military tactics which we have used notjust against isis but over the last 16 years has not actually worked. we are no more secure now than we were then. but that requires a major change in thinking, and i don't see a sign of that at the moment. so—called islamic state are claiming responsibility for the attack in barcelona. they are saying it was their soldiers involved. is there any way of knowing to what extent is would have guided,
3:47 pm
if this was in their name, to what extent did they guide it? perhaps in the way that al-qaeda guided the 9/11 attacks? was this a carefully coordinated attack? was this just the work of local terrorists who had got together into some kind of cell or network? that we don't yet know, but because of the size of this and the appearance of quite a large catalan based cell, that it may have been more organised and may have a more direct connection with isis. this is something that varies quite a lot. isis is trying to inspire and encourage and occasionally it helps organise. the terrible attack in paris appears to have been more coordinated. others were what people call lone wolf attacks as you saw
3:48 pm
on westminster bridge, or a small group as you saw on london bridge. so my guess is that it was veering towards the area of a high level of organisation. this is serious for the spanish because this is one cell that they didn't have a handle on. that is the indication coming out of one of the spanish police sources. this is part of a wider problem which affects a number of countries. spain for the first time in a number of years, much more frequently in france and britain. i suppose if there were a number of people in this plot, that makes it easier for the authorities? more traces left, potentially more clues left and they can work on that? they will be working on that as well. this doesn't take away the overall message, that we are involved in a new kind of irregular war. one of the questions is,
3:49 pm
why is is doing this? firstly, retaliation. they are suffering huge losses in the air war. also a kind of demonstration that they are still there and to be reckoned with. but thirdly, crucially, they want to stir up as much anti—muslim bigotry and islamophobia as they can. the overwhelming majority of muslims in countries like britain are incredibly worried about this. they abhor the idea of islam being used in this way but when people react, when the far right reacts, this is playing into the hands of the is leaders. they want to sow dissent. as we have seen in barcelona, the important thing is not to fall into that trap. paul rogers. earlier i spoke to
3:50 pm
francisco martinez vazquez, a member of congress and former secretary of state for security. i think barcelona has the same situation, unfortunately, as any other european global city. it was attacked because we believe in freedom, we believe in diversity, pluralism and that is what terrorists want to destroy. there hasn't been a real terror attack in spain since 2004, i think. are you surprised that it is barcelona that has been targeted, even though as you say, we have seen so many attacks on other european cities in the last few month and years? that is right, but we had a very,
3:51 pm
very horrible terrorist attack in 2004 in madrid and we have had many terrorist attacks from eta so we know what terrorism is. we see in other cities in europe, the threat is against all our world, our life, our principles and values. it can happen in barcelona, in many other countries. we have seen many important police operations and many people were arrested and probably, we managed to tackle some of this problem in the past. but unfortunately, we cannot assure absolute safety. absolute security. global safety is really difficult to achieve in our cities. cities are prepared for freedom for people leaving
3:52 pm
and going whenever they want, it's difficult to avoid it. so what happened in barcelona is difficult to avoid, the same as what has happened in other european cities. what would you say about the people who turned out here in placa de catalunya in the middle of barcelona today to that minute of silence, to applaud, chant and show they are not afraid. is it important that they came with a show defiance today? yes, i think the message of the people being united together and just showing that very clear message to the terrorist group, which is, we're not afraid and we're not going to change our way of life, we really have to be together to fight for what we believe in, to fight for our values. our common values. i think it's a really important message. we know from our experience in fighting against eta that this is the most powerful tool we have against terrorism. we had to fight against eta and it was very important to have
3:53 pm
people in the streets praying for peace and saying, we're never going to be defeated by violence or by terrorist groups. this is the same. we have a very resilient and strong civil society in europe and in spain, and we are showing the world that we are together and that we can be different in many ways but we share common values, common humanity. we rely on respect for life, respect for liberty, respect for freedom, respect for many things. we show that to the world. we have, unfortunately, a history of fighting against terrorist groups, intolerance, we're going to do that as many times as necessary. member of congress and former secretary of state for security there.
3:54 pm
talking about the fight against terrorism and the immediate priority of the catalan authorities and the police is to try to find this 18—year—old boy who seems to have been the driver of the van that flowed through so many people in las ramblas behind me and killed 13 people and injured over 100. an update on the situation in turku where several people have been stabbed in the finnish city. police say they shot and arrested a suspect at the scene. the latest we are seeing in tweets from the finnish police is that they are looking for more potential suspects in turku and they have repeated that advice for
3:55 pm
people to leave the centre of the city. they say that security has been heightened at the airport in helsinki and train stations in response to this attack in turku. the interior minister is on her way to turku and there has been best wheat from the prime minister of the london who says the government is following the situation —— the prime minister of finland. much more on the situation in spain coming up in the situation in spain coming up in the next hour. a mix of whether to take us through today and into the weekend. some sunshine but showers as well. heavy bunbury showers this afternoon, storm clouds in hampshire. a good pa rt storm clouds in hampshire. a good part of north east scotland has had
3:56 pm
a lot of rain with some reports of localised flooding. the rain has been quite persistent across north eastern areas. elsewhere it has been showers, some of those heavy with thunder across the midlands, east anglia and the south—east. if you are out and about across the north—east of scotland there will be outbreaks of rain in caithness and sutherland down to aberdeenshire, 5°99y sutherland down to aberdeenshire, soggy weather continuing. southwest scotla nd soggy weather continuing. southwest scotland into northern england, some sunshine, heavy showers. there could be the odd rumble of thunder. a few showers across the south—west, more persistent rain across wales into the midlands as we go into the evening and that in our direction strong winds, gills for coastal parts of wales in south—west england. quite blustery overnight. most of the showers will fade away.
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parts of north—west england, northern ireland and scotland, showers into the early hours of tomorrow. tomorrow on the face of it is another day of sunshine and showers but not as many showers as today. if you are in scotland you are likely to get one or two showers, further south less chance. many places will stay dry. not as breezy as today. this high pressure builds into saturday night and means it could be quite chilly to start sunday. we have this weather front from the south—west which contains the remnants of hurricane gert saw a lot of tropical moisture and some uncertainty as to where this weather will go one sunday. it looks as if it will work into southern and western areas. sunday night into monday the rain continues to push northwards and eastwards and we will introduce increasingly warm and humid air into the south with
3:58 pm
temperatures into the mid to high 20s as we go through the first part of the coming week whereas further north and west we will see outbreaks of rain at times. a mix of conditions over the coming days. go online for the weekend forecast where you are. this is bbc news. the headlines. police say the suspects in the attacks in barcelona and cambrils were planning one or more bigger attacks than those that were carried out. the attack in barcelona left 13 dead and more than 100 injured. in cambrils, five suspects have been shot dead after driving a car at pedestrians
3:59 pm
and killing one person. a minute's silence has been observed in barcelona — the spanish prime minister says all countries must stand together against terrorism.
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