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tv   Our World  BBC News  August 19, 2017 9:30pm-10:01pm BST

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this is bbc news. the headlines: spain is tightening security at busy tourist areas, after the deadly vehicle attacks in barcelona and cambrils. a manhunt is still underway for younes abouyaaqoub, the man police say may have driven the van into crowds on las ramblas. the prime minister of finland says the country has experienced its first—ever terror attack. a british paramedic was hurt, as he tried to protect two women from a man with a knife. professor stephen hawking has clashed with health secretaryjeremy hunt over the state of the nhs. the professor criticised the impact of government policies and of the health secretary himself. tens of thousands of antiracism demonstrators have gathered in boston to oppose a rally featuring far right speakers. at ten o'clock, k chris overton will
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be here with a round—up of the day's news. but first, ourworld. this is mosul, iraq's second city. there is nothing left, nothing that is not untouched. when isis unleashed their reign of terror, the world watched in horror. for the people of mosul, there was no escape. isis have been routed.
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but what happened to the people who survived? the road to mosul is long and convoluted. to reach even the outskirts of the city, you have to navigate numerous checkpoints. these roads are busy again, but all around you can see the remnants from nine months of fighting.
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we've just entered west mosul and we're yet to see the full devastation of this war. while it very much feels like this city is functioning again, there is very much a war going on here. there are still pockets of isis fighters in the old city. the baghdad government has declared this war over but the threat from isis still lingers. i was here in 2013 and mosul then was one of the most dangerous cities on earth. i was making a film about the arab world's oldest paragliding club.
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oh, you're such a show—off! like life wasn't already hard enough. a shia—led military backed by the government in baghdad was oppressing the local sunni population. allahu akbar! it was these conditions that helped pave the way for isis. when isis took the city, i tried to contact the paragliders i'd met on my visit here in 2013. most had fled, but 42—year—old rada adari had decided to stay. hello, rada, it's yalda. i'm well, i'm well — how are you? rada, are you safe now?
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i tried to keep in touch but eventually, the calls stopped. and this is what liberation looks like. iraq's second largest city, just ruins. a legacy of the months of bombardment and intense streetfighting. the bulk of this city is just completely destroyed and devastated. there is nothing left, nothing that is now not untouched. i can't even begin to imagine what it would have been like for the people
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trapped in this city. they weren't allowed out, isis wasn't letting them, and there was constant bombardment here, and now everything is destroyed. trapped beneath these ruins are untold numbers of bodies. ishar tahal is homeless along with a million other people in this city. what are your children saying?
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dr amjad hazim is getting to work the only way he can. mosul‘s only functioning hospital is overwhelmed. there is no one checking the people who are coming and going and so the security forces are concerned that some of these people could be isis fighters or isis supporters. this is shrapnel in the back
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and i am examine this side of the shrapnel and this... and just outside, another explosion. a reminder that this war is still not over. at the height of the fighting, dr hazim was treating up to 700
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people a day. now the numbers have dropped to 500, and notjust from injuries returning home could be deadly. according to the army, retreating isis fighters have rigged 90% of the buildings with improvised explosive devices. do you have the resources? i mean, do you have enough men to... explosion
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they've just. . . is that another one? so many more still in this area? the iraqi military is now accused of targeting and killing people they suspect of belonging to isis. the government say they're investigating these allegations. when islamic state swept into mosul three years ago, the world watched in horror as they unleashed their reign of terror. initially, many here welcomed isis. they saw them as liberators from an oppressive shia—dominated government.
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mosul university. 0nce home to over a million books on philosophy, law and literature. rare maps, ancient manuscripts and a ninth—century koran have all been lost. this is one of iraq's most famous universities, it is now completely destroyed. isis was using this as a headquarters. they converted the science labs into makeshift weapons factories. computer, mathematics. when iraqi forces retook the east of the city they discovered what they had long suspected and feared. chemicals such as sulphur mustard.
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according to the us pentagon, the university was central to isis's chemical weapons programme. we are just inside what used to be the computer department. there is hardly anything left here, but classes have now resumed so we are going upstairs to have a look at one of the classrooms. hi, hello. this seat of learning represented everything isis stood against. intellectuals like ali, a renowned professor of law, feared for their lives. you are a professor, that would have been hugely risky if they found out who you were. what did you do?
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the sense of life flooding back into this town is palpable. this cafe has just reopened. but there are still deep scars. fikri was a student
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at the university. when isis came to power, she had to give up her studies, but much worse was to come. religious police, known as the hisbah, controlled everything. shaving, smoking, using a mobile phone, were all considered immoral, and the punishment for these transgressions, any thing from public lashings to execution. for the three years isis ruled the city, very little information came out about life inside the caliphate. it's difficult to believe that as foreigners we can now drive freely in the streets. but it's a false sense of security.
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it's not safe here in east mosul. there are fears that many isis fighters have just gone back into the community. now checkpoints everywhere, we still have to be so careful. i've come to visit dr hazim, from mosul hospital, at his home in the east of the city. nice to see you. thank you for having us. as—salamu alaykum. this is traditional food? we can come freely to go home now, but life was very difficult in the past three years?
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0ver lunch, dr hazim explains that it was his profession that ultimately saved him and his family from the wrath of islamic state fighters. did that make you nervous that your son would go out to treat isis fighters? is there fear, then, that there
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could be another uprising? are you scared about the idea that isis may come back? how do you feel now?
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are you able to breathe freely? thinking back to the paragliders i met here in 2013, i remember the love they had for the city. and the freedom they sought through their sport, soaring above mosul. one of them was a true rebel. the wind is like a man's heart, it changes every two minutes! through a contact, i discovered she had stayed in mosul. she had even stood up to isis, running for election to the city
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council. but that rebellious, outspoken streak was eventually to cost her. friends say she was taken from her home and shot in the street. the people of mosul have suffered a great deal in these past few years. now they have to rebuild broken and divided city. real reconciliation will be a battle. and all the while, isis fighters are hiding among the population. waiting in the shadows. hello. by the end of this forecast
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we will be looking at the bank holiday weekend and the end of the month. august has been fairly u nsettled. month. august has been fairly unsettled. frequent showers as there we re unsettled. frequent showers as there were on saturday. where there are showers there is also sunshine. those favoured with sunshine on saturday were southern and eastern england. sunday looks like a different day. mainly dry with sunshine. further south and west this system will introduce more clouded to south—west england. 0utbreaks clouded to south—west england. outbreaks of rain as well. mr hunt hill fog moving into wales and northern ireland. ahead of it for much of the country, mainly dry. a much of the country, mainly dry. a much improved day across northern england and scotland. highs between i7 and 22. the rain tomorrow extends further across england and wales becomes heavy a while. mainly dry across northern england and scotland. warmer and humid across
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central and southern england and parts of wales. there will be some mist and hill fog. further rain pushing into northern ireland and parts of scotland as well. a lot of cloud across england and wales, across much of the country, so that will limit the temperatures but it will limit the temperatures but it will be very humid. if any sunshine comes through, the temperatures will increase. 0n comes through, the temperatures will increase. on tuesday, the potential of 26 are 27 celsius. some brief ones arriving as the winds coming from the south—west. a brief taste of summer. 0n from the south—west. a brief taste of summer. on tuesday we still have some rain to deal with. that is mainly in northern ireland and scotland. the rest of the country mainly dry. probably a bit more sunshine on tuesday. a warm and
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humid day on tuesday. in any sunshine during tuesday afternoon, we could see 25, 20 six celsius. perhaps even higher. compare that to 16 or 17 across parts of scotland. quite a breeze blowing on wednesday. for england and wales it is mainly dry. still hanging onto this brief speu dry. still hanging onto this brief spell of warmth and some spells of sunshine. but by thursday it looks like a fairly brisk wind pushing frequent showers, especially across northern ireland and scotland. driest and brightest in southern and eastern england. let's look towards the end of the week. there is an area of low pressure as we approach the bank holiday weekend. during thursday and friday, some insurers. maybe longer spells of rain. quite breezy. as it clears away, it looks
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like the low pressure will stay centred to the north—west of scotland. windy here with further showers. in southern and eastern parts of the country, the better chance of seeing drier, settled weather. still unsettled overall. bye— bye. this is bbc news. the headlines... the spanish government says the terror cell responsible for two van attacks has been dismantled as the hunt continues for the suspect who may have driven the van. a war of words between professor stephen hawking and the health secretaryjeremy hunt over the state of the nhs. thousands of anti—racism demonstrators have gathered in boston to oppose a rally featuring far—right speakers. good evening and welcome to bbc news.
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in a few minutes, viewers on bbc one willjoin us for a full roundup of the day's news with kate silverton. but first, our top story... spain's interior minister says the jihadist
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