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tv   Sportsday  BBC News  August 24, 2017 10:30pm-10:46pm BST

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it kind of captured everything about test match special, i think. there are people having a bit of fun in the commentary box, that bit of innuendo that goes on at the same time. it's a bit charming and a bit silly. perhaps more than any other sport, cricket lends itself to talk radio. the long pauses within an epic drama that unfolds over five days have to be filled with something. and that something has, for the past 60 years, been the eccentrically english banter of the tms commentary box. of course cricket itself has changed irreversibly over that period and tms, celebrated in this birthday fixture today, has always tried to move with the times. it's the stories, it's the characters behind the microphone that bring the sport we love so much to life. ebony rainford—brent played for surrey and england as a professional and is now part of the tms team. she says tms has become more than just radio. social media is another way of connecting, you know? we bring people's thoughts and comments into the commentary. people send in really odd
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stats, things like that. it'sjust so nice you can be that close to the fans listening in and you can connect, and share. citing social media has really helped tms to thrive. in recent decades, television rights and then the internet dragged this most traditional of games into modernity. but before then it was the old transistor radio that beamed the latest score to an engrossed public. and swanny, absolutely quaking in his boots! and, 60 years on, tms is bowling over new audiences as never before. amol rajan, bbc news. that's almost it from us. newsnight‘s about to begin over on bbc two in a few moments. here's emma barnett. on newsnight, what do today's migration statistics mean for theresa may, and what lessons can the uk learn from norway and border. here on bbc one it's time for the news where you are. good night. hello and welcome to sportsday, i'm hugh woozencroft. the main headlines this evening.
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there's a tough draw for spurs and celtic as this season's champions league groups are revealed. everton seal a spot in the europa league draw helped by a stunnerfrom gylfi sigurdsson. and it's by only four hundredths of a second, but that's enough for m0 farah to win his very last race on the track. the six british clubs who will play champions league football this season found out their opponents, as the draw for the group stages took place in monaco earlier. it won't really make easy reading for fans of celtic or spurs. jose mourinho and manchester united will be relatively happy to face portuguese champions benfica, basel and cska moscow in group a.
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scottish champions celtic face a tough test in group b, with five times winners bayern munich, paris st—germain and anderlecht. group c sees premier league champions chelsea, atletico madrid, roma and azerbaijan's qarabag. having qualified last night, liverpool are in group e they face spartak moscow, sevilla and slovenian champions maribor. manchester city will be happy to avoid the big names — they'll take on ukrainian‘s shaktar donetsk, napoli and feyenoord. but what a draw for spurs in group h — the double champions real madrid as well as german giants borussia dortmund, along with cypriots apoel. spies will come across their former player, who is playing down chances of winning a three title. we will wait and see. of course, we want to
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be in the final again, but we don't need to look that far, we have to go game by game, like we did all this year and last year. we didn't look that far, we go game by game, and in the end, we were in the final. it is this anything but we want to do this year. shakhtar donetsk are a good team. they are able always to do thanks to great teams. napoli to me is the team that is paying their best football in italy. they have a wonderful coach, a great team with a lots of pace in fun. and then feyenoord, dutch football. they like to play and to create problems. it is going to be a good, profit bar. everton took a healthy 2—0 lead to croatia for the second leg of their europa league qualifier
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against hadjuk split, and duly made it through to the group stage after a 1—1 draw at hadjuk split. wayne rooney, fresh from his international retirement, was named in the starting 11, was patrick gearey reports. he has quit for england, now at its platform everton. wayne rooney's travels don't end with his retirement from international football. he convinced gareth southgate he was one of a recall, evenif southgate he was one of a recall, even if this wasn't the best header. no matter, everton was had control. this goal jolted the no matter, everton was had control. this goaljolted the thai public. everton's half—time team talk note altered. this was gylfi sigudsson's first goalfor everton. altered. this was gylfi sigudsson's first goal for everton. this goal wasn't about numbers, but pictures.
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mcilveen now needed three. the game is about gylfi sigudsson, not wayne rooney, but everton will be glad to have both an evil police. —— in the europa league. no rooney for england manager gareth southgate has announced his squad for the world cup qualifiers against malta and slovakia, he's given a first call—up to leicester city's harry maguire, whojoined from hull for £17 million in the summer. there's a recall for arsenal's danny wellbeck, but adam lallana misses out through injury. also getting his first chance at the senior level is watford's nathaniel chalobah — he who moved from chelsea in this transfer window, and makes the step up from the under2is. meanwhile, southgate has given his support to the manager of england's women team mark sampson who was accused bullying and racial discrimination by striker eni aluko earlier this week. sampson and the fa were cleared of any wrong doing by an independent investigation.
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i think the report that i've read, the independent reports, has said the independent reports, has said the same, and you speak as you find, and mark in my view is an excellent character, so i have no hesitation in saying that. there's good news for manchester united fans this evening. zlatan ibrahimovic says he's "back to finish what he started." the swede has signed a new one year deal to stay at old trafford having scored 28 times in 46 appearances in his first season with the club. he's unlikely to return until december, following the serious knee injury that saw him miss the club's europa league triumph back in may. despite his absence, the new deal has been welcomed by his united team—mates. everyone knows zlatan, knows what he can give us. as personality of the pitch and his goals, and he can be a big boost for us after this first pa rt big boost for us after this first part of the season. hopefully, he
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canjoin soon, part of the season. hopefully, he can join soon, he part of the season. hopefully, he canjoin soon, he can recover quickly, and give us a lots of‘s in the second part of the league. and you can see more of that interview with juan mata on football focus this saturday at midday on bbc one. in his final ever track event, mo farah snatched victory in zurich by just four hundredths of a second this evening. he was chased down the final stretch of the 5,000 metre diamond league meeting in zurich, but none of them could unseat the olympic champion. mo will now concentrate on marathons — and good luck to him. also in zurich, britain's cj ujah won the 100 metres title in a season's best time of 9.97 seconds. world champion justin gatlin only came in fourth. defending champions england have been knocked out of the eurohockey women's semi—finals in the netherlands this evening. dutch captain marloes keetels scored the only goal — they'll now face belgium in the final. england will face germany on saturday for the bronze medal. conor mcgregor water, floyd
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mayweather nal errors of friday morning. they came face to face ahead of the money spinning fight this weekend. a correspondent is there. the las vegas strip is full of star names this week. they are all here, but all the attention will be on the t—mobile arena, where floyd mayweather and conor mcgregor will finally stop the talking and get in the ring on saturday night. this fight has divided opinion perhaps like nothing before. it is said to be the richest boxing contest in sporting history, and lots of people have their opinion on it. port? is it entertainment ledger is ita
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it. port? is it entertainment ledger is it a farce? take your pick. you cannot ignore this bad. both men have been doing the talking. this week, it has been a subdued affair compared to the publicity to an july. then, there was lots of homophobic slurs, this is any renders. that was that aside, both men telling me that perhaps mistakes had been made, the words that were used perhaps crossed a line, overstepped the mark. they want to put that behind them. it is a very businesslike appearance from them both as big. they are looking ahead to saturday night and finally getting in the ring, and that is a lot at stake here. the sport of boxing's reputation is on the line, with lots of people questioning about this bird is legitimate. floyd mayweather of course, a9, he is one of boxing's gritters protagonist, but conor mcgregor has come from the ultimate fighting championship, and max marterer at full stop a big star in his own sport, by stepping into
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the world of boxing for the bury first time, and lots of the boxing peerless as saying he doesn't count as chad. try telling that to conor mcgregor. he says he is ready to shop the world. on saturday night, we will find out. england can wrap up the series against west indies with victory in the second test which starts tomorrow at headingley. it's one of only two tests left to be played before this winter's ashes and a number of england's batsmen are still unsure of their places. captain joe root thinks they'll come good. this is another opportunity for them, and they are desperate to stamp their mark on test cricket, and it is different pressure all the time. and there are different things that you have to overcome, but i fully expect that they will be able to do that throughout this series. coverage of the second test is on 5live sports xtra from ten o'clock. that's all from sportsday.
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coming up in a moment, the papers. hello, and welcome to our look ahead to what the the papers will be bringing us tomorrow. with me are baroness ros altmann, former pensions minister and mihir bose, author and evening standard columnist. the ft leads with employers calling for more clarity over the status of eu nationals after brexit — following the fall in net migration figures. the metro has more on the woman accused of wasting police resources with false rape allegations. the telegraph says new "driverless" lorries are to be trialled on uk motorways next year — despite warnings over safety from the aa. the mail also has that story. it says up to three wirelessly connected vehicles could be moving in convoy. the express has more on britain's lowest net migration figures in three years. and the i has girls scooping most of the top marks in this year's revamped gcse results. the mirror has predictions of
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travel, is this bank holiday weekend as millions are addicted to clog the lords. and the guardian approach for ca i’s lords. and the guardian approach for cars on the bad minister to rethink oui’ cars on the bad minister to rethink our thoughts on foreign students, as figures show that less than 5000 at sta ke figures show that less than 5000 at stake their visa. lester bento at least some of those over the last ten minutes. the express is basically saying that migration has fallen since ee you. i'm not sure that would be a big surprise to be honest. they are calling it able brexodus, with lots of people leaving you in and gone back to europe. they are at the lowest level for three years, and
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the express is sort of celebrating this, and it is saying now we have to leave you... of course, more than half of aggression was from the eu in the first place. we could have stopped that altogether, it was nothing to do with the eu, but there isa nothing to do with the eu, but there is a net migration figures, because pa rt is a net migration figures, because part of the reason for the dissatisfaction that led to believe what was probably to do with the number of people coming to this country. they express has patched a story in a particular way, edward nominally emphasise that this was their first evidence of brexit, even though we haven't looked yet left, and it also contradicts some of the claims being made that it
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