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good afternoon. the drivers of two lorries involved in a collision on the m1 motorway that killed eight people have been charged with causing death by dangerous driving. four other passengers in the minibus that was crushed remain in hospital. andy moore reports. on the minibus involved in yesterday's crash was carrying 12 people from the nottingham area down towards london. police said some of the passengers were visiting from india. one of those who dies has been identified as cyriacjoseph, also known as benny. he was the owner of the minibus and is understood to be a father of two from nottingham. on facebook, one of his friends paid tribute to him. today, police give an update on the four people hurt in the crash. they are still in hospital with serious
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injuries. yesterday police said three of them were in a life—threatening condition, one of them is a five—year—old girl. both lorry drivers were arrested at the scene yesterday and this morning they were charged. each of them with eight counts of causing death by dangerous driving and four counts of causing serious injury by dangerous driving. one of them, ryszard masierak, was 31 and from evesham, has been charged with drink—driving as well. he has been remanded in custody to appear in court tomorrow. the other driver, david wagstaff, 53 and from stoke—on—trent, has been bailed to appear before magistrates next month. andy moore, bbc news. as we had, the minibus set off from nottingham. our correspondent spencer stokes in in nottingham. what has been the reaction?” what has been the reaction? i have been on the street here in nottingham, a small cul—de—sac where cyriacjoseph lives. nottingham, a small cul—de—sac where cyriac joseph lives. i nottingham, a small cul—de—sac where cyriacjoseph lives. i have been talking to some of the neighbours, one of them told me that he often
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would see cyriac joseph one of them told me that he often would see cyriacjoseph playing in his front garden with his children, playing cricket with them. another neighbour has said how his wife would speak with mrjoseph's wife over the garden fence. he said he was aware he was a minibus driver because he would receive the minibus and taxis coming and going. he went on to say he was a very nice man. locals —— luckily, a church service has been held this morning at the roman catholic saint paul's church, advertised as being in memory of cyriacjoseph. a sense mccully that people knew he was a taxi driver, and people waking up to the bank holiday weekend spencer stokes, thank you. for the first time, labour has committed to keeping the uk in the single market and customs union during a transition period after leaving the eu.
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writing in the observer, the shadow brexit secretary, sir keir starmer, said leaving both at once would be too risky. the shift in policy would mean continuing to accept the free movement of people after brexit. our political correspondent jonathan blake reports. labour campaigned to remain, but since the result of the eu referendum in favour of leaving, the party has faced criticism for its policy —— that its policy on brexit was unclear. no jeremy policy —— that its policy on brexit was unclear. nojeremy corbyn and keir starmer have agreed on their version of the way forward. a transitional period is, they say, essential. writing in the observer, keir starmer criticises the government's approach of constructive ambiguity and says there should be no mixed messages. a credible solution is needed to one of the most important issues facing britain's exit from the eu. that means, he says, we would seek to
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remain ina means, he says, we would seek to remain in a customs union with the eu and within the single market. it would mean we would abide by the common rules of both. labour has not said how long the proposed transitional period should last after the uk leave the eu, only that it should be as short as possible, for as long as necessary. when many labour mps return from their summer break to westminster, they may find themselves torn between supporting what many will see as a soft brexit policy and representing their constituents, a lot of whom voted overwhelmingly to leave the eu. long—term, keir starmer has suggested keeping the benefits of the single market with what he called more effective management of migration. some pro—europe labour mps want the body to go further. what we would like to see is people building on this important support, for the liberal party to commit to sing the market membership and the customs union after the transition period, after the uk has left. the government has dismissed the policy
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saying the party has no vision for britain post—brexit. their plan for a transitional period is now set, but the endgame for britain outside the eu under labour is still far from clear. the american boxer floyd mayweather says he's now retiring for good after stopping ireland's conor mcgregor in the tenth round of their fight in las vegas. the former welterweight champion emerged from a two—year retirement to take on the irish mixed martial arts star. richard conway reports. 50 wins, no defeats. floyd mayweatherjunior confirmed his position as one of the all—time greats in a fight that surpassed expectations. with just over a minute remaining in the tenth round, the dominance of a man who refers to himself as tbe, the best ever, proved too much for conor mcgregor with the referee stopping the contest. he was a hell of a fighter standing
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up, kind of shocked me. # there's only one conor mcgregor! a sense of hope, anticipation and excitement had built throughout the day, with irish fans turning the desert city green. and floyd mayweather wasn't without support either. 49 tried, 49 failed, it is going to be 50 tonight, believe that. put your money where your mouth is. when the bell rang for the first round, mcgregor emerged all guns blazing, catching mayweather with a number of powerful shots. the irishman had claimed for weeks that he was ready to shock the world and with three rounds gone, some began to wonder if he would deliver on his promise. but in his first professional boxing contest, the pace and skills of mayweather ground the irishman down and he visibly tired. and towards your forehead, i and towards yourforehead, i didn't anticipate that, three game changes in the fight. that is what a true champion does. by the ninth round, mcgregor‘s legs began to wobble, clinging to his opponent and the ropes for survival. and the next round saw the end of a fight that has intrigued and repulsed in equal measure,
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with all its controversies and the amount of money involved. richard conway, bbc news, las vegas. a second man has been arrested by police investigating friday's attack outside buckingham palace. detectives say they have detained a 30—year—old man in west london on suspicion of being involved in the alleged terror incident. three police officers were injured on friday as they arrested a 26—year—old man brandishing a four—foot sword, who repeatedly shouted, "allahu akbar!" emergency workers in texas are trying to rescue hundreds of stranded people from rising floodwaters caused by storm harvey. the storm, which has been downgraded from a hurricane, killed two people and officials expect the death toll to rise. texas governor greg abbott has warned of severe flooding with a0 inches of rain expected in the next few days. the victims of the grenfell tower tragedy have been remembered with prayers and the release
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of dozens of white doves at the notting hill carnival. security for the event, due to be attended by tens of thousands of people, has also been reviewed in the wake of the barcelona terror attack. our correspondent chi chi izundu is there. i assume a day of mixed emotions for some people? indeed it is a day of mixed emotions. organisers were very clear that they wanted this carnival to also be marked and remembered as pa rt to also be marked and remembered as part of the victims of grenfell tower. after 7000 police officers patrolling the side. you can see loads of people behind me, more than a million are expected to take part in this festival over the next two days. as well as the police, we've also seen some steel barricades and concrete blocks at the top to prevent concrete blocks at the top to p reve nt a ny concrete blocks at the top to prevent any vehicles going down. float riders have been told to make
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sure they lock their cabs in order to make sure there is no similar barcelona style attack. and as well as that, there has been a ring of ca re as that, there has been a ring of care around the tower, grenfell tower, by the police, who are encouraging people to leave tributes, handcrafted notes so that the victims remembered here today well as having fun at the carnival. thanks very much indeed. and you can see more on today's stories on the bbc news channel. the next news on bbc news channel. the next news on bbc one is at 6:05 this evening. for now, goodbye. this is bbc news. the time is 1:10.
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more now on the news that labour has announced a significant shift in its policy on brexit, arguing that britain should continue to accept the rules of the single market and the rules of the single market and the customs union during the transition period after it leaves the eu. writing in the observer, the shadow brexit circuitry so keir starmer also suggests the uk could negotiate a permanent roaster with the single market and remain in the form of customs union. —— the shadow brexit circuitry. the conservatives have accused the liberal party of kicking the count down the road. earlier i spoke to chuka umunna. he has welcomed the announcement. well, the liberal party's position at the general election was to retain —— labour party, the benefits we get from being a member of the single market and the customs union going forward. the chief negotiator for the eu, michel barnier, has been cleared that the only way you can do thatis cleared that the only way you can do
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that is by remaining a member of the single market and a customs union. —— has been clear. this welcome change in policy, it makes sense and it brings the labour party's position in line with that of the tuc, which is the big umbrella body for our trade unions, brings the party into line with what the cbi has been saying, and many people in civic society. but the key now we have had this change in policy with regards to what happens in that short period after we leave the european union, the transition period, is to ensure we are arguing for this at the end of the transition period as a permanent solution. my parliamentary collea g u es solution. my parliamentary colleagues heidi elizondo and alison mcgovern arejust colleagues heidi elizondo and alison mcgovern are just launching a campaign —— heidi alexander, which is aiming to make that are prominent position after transition. you talked about this position bringing you into alignment with the views of some significant organisations. does it not take you out of line, though,
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with the will of the british public, who surely if you commit to staying in the single market, you commit to the free movement of people, you commit to being governed by laws set in europe, you commit to still paying large sums to the eu, and aren't those three key principles that the people who voted for brexit wa nted that the people who voted for brexit wanted to be rid of? well, i don't think that this is what is the will of the people, as you have kind of put it. not least because we know that people voted to leave the european union, but the way in which they wanted to do that was not something that was on the ballot paper. during the general election, theresa may put forward quite an extremejob theresa may put forward quite an extreme job destroying form of leaving the eu, and that was roundly rejected at the general election because people did not vote to become poorer. it is important to note that there are members of the single market who are not in the european union, like norway, lichtenstein. if you look at turkey, they have a customs union
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arrangement but they are not in the eu. people tend to focus, and you're right to raise it, on freedom of movement but actually the description of freedom of movement is rather misleading, because it is not unconditional, it is conditional. at the moment if we wa nted conditional. at the moment if we wanted to restrict the way free movement operates, we could, but we choose not to. if you have been in her country for two months and do not have a job or any prospect of getting a job, you can be removed. we choose not to do that. so there are things we can do to actually restrict the way free movement operates. so to clarify, if we ended up operates. so to clarify, if we ended up staying in the single market and customs union, would we be able to do that with changes to the system as it stands? is there a quid pro quo for maintaining the deal? absolutely, we could stay in the single market and restrict the way free movement operates, we can do so 110w. free movement operates, we can do so now. but he raised the issue of expectations, i think the government
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has a real problem here. it is not just there are clearly issues with regards to the confidence in delivering brexit. let us not forget they have been producing these position papers over the last couple of weeks, over a year after the referendum. that is not a competent way to handle things. i think the bigger problem is that brexit in the terms it was sold to your viewers is impossible to deliver. so people expected, for example, that we would get £350 million extra per week going to our public services, particularly the nhs, that is impossible if in order to continue to access the single market we have to access the single market we have to keep paying some form of money to the eu, and of course the government has accepted the notion that there will be some kind of divorce deal. so the big promise that the head of the vocally campaign has that was crucial to winning the referendum, they cannot deliver on that. —— the vote leave campaign. they certainly cannot deliver on promises they been making that we will have the exact same trading and economic
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relationship with the eu because the eu have said once you have left, you cannot. if you leave the single market, and let's not forget the prime minister's position is to leave the single market, they have said you can continue to get the economic and trading benefits we enjoy now. so all in your viewer is, you were made a lot of promises and they are proving impossible to deliver and that is something to reflect on. joker in speaking out there. —— jufer manner. a 31—year—old man has been arrested on suspicion of murdering a young boy in wythenshawe in greater manchester. police were called to a report of a incidentjust after midnight, and discovered the body of the youngster when they entered the property. officers also learned that a man and a woman had left the address in beaford road to go to hospital. the woman is being treated for serious injuries in hospital, while the man is being questioned in custody. police have arrested a man on suspicion of aggravated burglary after an elderly woman was badly beaten in lancashire. the 88—year—old was asleep at her home in chorley in the early hours of saturday morning when she was woken by a man who attacked her and demanded money.
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as we've been hearing, the governor of texas is warning of severe flooding as tropical storm harvey continues to lash the state. the cities of houston and corpus christi have already had 20 inches of rain. it's feared there could be another a0 inches before the storm subsides midweek. cbs correspondent don champion is in the city of corpus christi. to the north, we are seeing harvey continued to lash parts of texas at this hour. there are reports of hundreds of water rescues taking place in and around the houston area, and as much as 1a inches of rain fell there overnight in the span of three hours. now, that area, that region is still going to be pounded by torrential rains, not only today, but also the course of the next two days. at this hour, the flooding that is taking place there is being called a 500 year flood, historic. and what support is being given to people who have already been affected or who have had to leave their homes?
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a number of shelters have been opened across this part of texas, also, the national guard has been deployed here. before the storm, when the governor and several officials did pre—position aircraft and supplies up and down the coast here in texas, so that crews were ready to move into hard—hit areas the moment conditions improved. don champion. here are the headlines of bbc news. two lorry drivers have been charged over yesterday's crash on the m1 in which eight people were killed and four people seriously injured. the shadow brexit secretary keir starmer says britain should remain in the single market for a transitional period after leaving the eu, to avoid the economy falling offa the eu, to avoid the economy falling off a cliff edge. britain's biggest sheep festival,
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the notting hill carnival, is underway, beginning with a special ceremony to remember the victims of the nearby grenfell tower. —— street festival. swiss officials have called off a search for eight people missing since a huge landslide struck near the border with italy on wednesday, acknowledging they were likely to be buried under millions of tonnes of rock. police have warned they are expecting more landslides in the remote valley. high in the swiss alps, this is what remains of the small village of bondo. two landslides in the space of three days have buried homes, vehicles and people. this dramatic footage shows an entire mountainside collapsing on wednesday, sending a torrent of mud and rocks for five kilometres down the valley. 100 residents were taken to safety, but eight hikers from germany, austria and switzerland are still missing. the search for them has been abandoned. translation: it became clear
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that the eight missing people were caught in the back path of the val bondasca, hit by a landslide. to be clear, a landslide like this travels at a speed of around 250 kilometres an hour. bondo is close to the italian border in the graubunden region of switzerland. it is known to be at risk of landslides when water overflows from the high alpine lakes. and on friday, as had been feared, a second smaller landslide, a river of boulders. diggers brought in for the initial clean—up were swept away. and this was once one of the area's main roads. swiss police say in places the mud and rock is tens of metres deep and geologists warn the mountain still possesses a threat to the communities living below.
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tim neilson, bbc news. let's take a look at some of the other stories making the news. the venezuelan government has organised military exercises across the country, teaching thousands of civilians how to use rifles and how to engage in hand—to—hand combat. the drills were called after the united states announced new financial sanctions against the government of nicolas maduro, accusing him of being a dictator. hundreds of indian troops have been deployed around the headquarters of a sect led by a controversial guru whose conviction for rape led to deadly violence on friday. at least 30 people were killed. gurmeet ram rahim singh was found guilty of raping two of his female followers 15 years ago. he's due to be sentenced on monday. hundreds of migrants evicted last week from a building they'd been living in forfour years have marched through rome, demanding a place to stay. the migrants — mainly from eritrea —
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walked behind a banner that said they were refugees, not terrorists. police used water cannon last thursday to clear them from the square they'd been camping in since their eviction. the queensferry crossing, which links the lothians and fife in scotland, will be officially opened by the queen next week. the bridge cost £1.3 billion and is the longest crossing of its kind in the world. our scotland correspondent, lorna gordon, has been to see it, as the finishing touches are made. rising out of the waters of the forth, the queensferry crossing linking edinburgh and fife. the construction of this bridge took six years to complete and its design means it should stay open to traffic no matter how strong the winds get during the often bad winter weather. it's a very technical bridge and a lot of the technical aspects are invisible, you can't see them.
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the foundations, for example, are probably the most dramatic and the most difficult to achieve on the whole project and i think people don't see that. they do see the magnificence of quite a beautiful bridge. the narrow crossing has a striking cantilever design, which catches the light while the bridge soars above the landscape below. it is the tallest bridge in the uk, as well as the longest of its type in the world. 15,000 people have been involved in this huge construction project. last—minute work is continuing to get the motorway crossing ready for traffic which injust a few days' time will start using this, the third bridge on this part of the forth. lorna gordon, bbc news, at the queensferry crossing. a robot is to act as a stand—in for a teenager with a rare medical condition when she is unable to go to college. in what's believed to be a uk first,
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the technology means jade gadd from county durham will be able to take part in lessons from home, and not fall behind in her studies, as ruth holliday explains. jade and r2—b2, the robot. together, they are a team that means she can really go places without leaving home. he will be taking her place in the classroom at sixth form as she takes maths, further maths and physics a—levels. he moves side to side and his head moves up and down, i can change the colour of his head to say whether i am feeling well enough to participate in class or not. i can wave or ask a question with it, as well as obviously being able to hear and see and speak through him. r2—b2's high—definition camera means he can take in everything that is happening in the classroom. he can even read the fine print in a maths textbook. jade has ehlers—danlos syndrome, a rare condition that means she's often bedbound for weeks at a time. i have seizures, i pass out, i have very little energy,
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very painful dislocations, insomnia, all that kind of thing. so that means a lot of the time it is very hard to get into school and to stay in school. despite that, she got great gcses, although one exam took her 11 hours. a—levels will be tough, but her new helper makes it possible. because i can do this, i can probably also go to university and have jobs and that kind of thing in the future. it's just brilliant that i can. the american horror film director, tobe hooper, who was best known for the texas chainsaw massacre, has died. he was 7a. tobe hooper became interested in film as a child, using his father's cine—camera, and worked as a cameraman before making his own films. the texas chainsaw massacre was banned in the uk when it was released in 1974, for being too violent. his other films included the funhouse and poltergeist. 0k,
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ok, headlines in the moment but first let's get a look at the weather. two faces of the weather this afternoon, many are seeing plenty of sunshine, but as you can see here, there is much more cloud across northern and western isles and eventually that will bring some outbreaks of rain into parts of scotland. he gives you the difference on the ground. this was weston—super—mare, bare their cloud in the sky, but as you head for the north and west, a different picture. this was lancashire in the past few hours. generally what we have now is what we will tend to keep for the rest of the afternoon. where it is cloudy, limited amounts of brightness and sunshine. in the north west of scotland, some other bits sovereign. for much of england and eastern parts of wales, warm with 20 sunshine, temperatures after 23 or 26. as we go through this evening, further dry and find
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weather for the cricket at headingley. more cloud around tomorrow. but some fine conditions for the notting hill carnival, which started today. then continuing into tomorrow, which is for some is a bank holiday, but not for scotland. plenty of sunshine, we could see highs of 28. this evening, a lot more sunshine to come across much of england and wales, but the rain sta rts england and wales, but the rain starts to become more expensive and heavy across scotland overnight. the winds will strengthen as well. some of the raina arriving into northern pa rt of the raina arriving into northern part of northern ireland towards dawn. elsewhere dry with clear skies and temperatures on a par with last night. we could see some patchy mist and fog towards dawn. tomorrow, some potentially very wet and windy weather across northern ireland and scotland. you can see the squeeze in the isobars which means the winds will be strengthening and they could be quite gusty. some of the cloud creeping into northern parts of england. cannot rule out the odd spot of rain during the afternoon.
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cloudy for west wales but otherwise for much of wales and england, dry again with lots more sunshine. temperatures will respond accordingly, we could see highs of 27 or 28 celsius across its eastern parts of london, compared to around 17 or 18 further north and west. so some very warm conditions to come through the bank holiday. the front moves through the bank holiday. the front m oves a cross through the bank holiday. the front moves across monday night into tuesday, after the weak affair and by that i tuesday it will be a band of cloud, maybe the odd spot of rain on tuesday. but the many places largely dry on tuesday with spells of sunshine. we could see some rain rain returning on wednesday. this is bbc news. the headlines at at 1:30pm — two lorry drivers have been charged with causing death by dangerous driving in connection with a collision on the m1 near milton keynes, in which eight people were killed. labour says britain should remain in the single market and customs union for a transitional period after brexit. the shift in policy would mean
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continuing to accept the free movement of people after 2019. the notting hill carnival is under way in west london. it began with a special ceremony as "a small act of remembrance" for the victims of grenfell tower. a minute's silence will also be held this afternoon. tropical storm harvey continues to lash texas as officials warn of "catastrophic" flooding to come. more than a0 inches of rain could fall before the storm subsides midweek. time now to get an update on the sport news.
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