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hello. this is bbc news with rachel schofield. the headlines at 2.00: two lorry drivers are charged with dangerous driving offences, after the m1 crash in which eight people were killed. a shift in brexit policy — labour says britain should stay in the single market and customs union for a period after the leaving the eu. the notting hill carnival gets under way in west london — a minute's silence will be held in a hours‘ time for the victims of the nearby grenfell tower. american boxer floyd mayweather confirms his victory over irish martial arts star conor mcgregor will be his final fight. and in half an hour, newsbeat asks if it's time for change over attitudes to the legalisation of cannabis. good afternoon and welcome to bbc news.
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the drivers of two lorries involved in a collision on the m1 motorway that killed eight people have been charged with causing death by dangerous driving. four other passengers in the minibus that was crushed remain in hospital. andy moore reports. the minibus involved in yesterday's crash was carrying 12 people from the nottingham area down towards london. police said some of its passengers were visiting from india. one of those who died has been identified as cyriacjoseph, who was also known as benny. he was the owner of the minibus company, abc travels. he is understood to be a father of two from nottingham. on facebook, one friend paid tribute, saying "words cannot describe how helpful you are. "you are there when we need you. "you are my big brother. "we will miss your care." today, police gave an update on the four people hurt in the crash. they're still in hospital with serious injuries.
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yesterday, police said three of them were in a life—threatening condition. one of them is a five—year—old girl. both lorry drivers were arrested at the scene yesterday, and this morning they were charged, each of them with eight counts of causing death by dangerous driving, and four counts of causing serious injury by dangerous driving. one of them, ryszard masierak, who's 31 and from evesham, has also been charged with drink driving. he's been remanded in custody to appear in court tomorrow. the other driver, david wagstaff, who's 53 and from stoke—on—trent, has been bailed to appear before magistrates next month. andy moore, bbc news. for the first time labour has committed to keeping the uk in the single market and customs union during a transition period after leaving the eu. writing in the observer, the shadow brexit secretary, sir keir starmer, said leaving both at once would be too risky. the shift in policy would mean continuing to accept the free movement of people after brexit.
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our political correspondent jonathan blake reports. labour campaigned to remain. but since the result of the eu referendum in favour of leaving, the party has faced criticism that its policy on brexit was unclear. nowjeremy corbyn and his shadow brexit secretary, keir starmer, have agreed on their version of the way forward. a transitional period is, they say, essential. writing in the observer, keir starmer criticises the government's approach of constructive ambiguity and says there should be no mixed messages. a credible solution is needed to one of the most important issues facing britain's exit from the eu. that means, he says, we would seek to remain in a customs union with the eu and within the single market. it would mean we would abide by the common rules of both. labour hasn't said how long the proposed transitional period should last after the uk leaves the eu, only that it should be as short as possible but as long as necessary. when many labour mps
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return here to westminster in the next week or so, they may find themselves torn between supporting what many will see as a soft brexit policy and representing their constituents, a lot of whom voted overwhelmingly to leave the eu. long—term, keir starmer has suggested keeping the benefits of the single market with what he called more effective management of migration. some pro—europe labour mps want the party to go further. what people would now like to see, building on this important step forward, is for the labour party to commit to single market membership and the customs union after the transition period, after the uk has left the european union. the government has dismissed labour's policy, saying the party has no vision for britain post—brexit. their plan for a transitional period is now set, but the endgame for britain outside the eu under labour is still far from clear. jonathan blake, bbc news. joining me in the studio is our political correspondent jonathan blake.
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water this clearly presents now is to political parties with very different policies when it comes to brexit. there is a choice now. there is as far as the transitional period is concerned, a clue distance between the government's policy of taking the uk out of the customs union and the single market on day one, the end of march 2019 when we formally leave the eu, but labour today are putting forward staying in the customs union and in the single market with, as they would see it, all the benefits and also perhaps, as some would see it, the negative aspects associated with that, so we keep having to pay our bill for membership of the eu and abide by the european court ofjustice and accept freedom of movement, immigration into the uk and vice ve rsa . immigration into the uk and vice versa. this is now a clarity from labour which perhaps some say there was not before, a bit of a confused
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picture is how some saw their brexit policy after the referendum result until now. but the government criticises labour's plan today, saying it is yet another change in policy, and what it demonstrates is that they have no vision for brexit and an attempt to kick the can down the road. also criticism from ukip saying they have betrayed its voters and jeremy corbyn has abandoned principles. here on the news channel there was argument that is not the case, they're not letting people who voted for brexit, which comes down to freedom of movement. has he got a point? they said the freedom of movement can be interpreted in different ways in different context. it can bet the eu has been clear at all stages you cannot cherry pick the benefits of membership. if you are part of single market, then you're signed up to freedom of movement. now, who knows? brussels may well decide to agree a special case for the uk, with perhaps extra controls on immigration, whilst maintaining the other benefits of
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staying within the single market. certainly they have given no indication they will be prepared to do that early on in this negotiation process. so there may well be many labour voters who voted leave, smashing their heads are looking at this and thinking, well, it sounds a lot like staying in the eu indefinitely, perhaps staying in by the back door, and it is not really what we voted for. obviously, the labour leadership and sir keir starmer, setting out in the observer, that eventually britain with a member of the customs union and perhaps retain some of the benefits of the single market. whilst there is clarity from labour on the transition the endgame of life outside the eu is far less clear. thank you. more on the bbc news website. a second man has been arrested by police investigating friday's attack outside buckingham palace. detectives say they have detained a 30—year—old man in west london on suspicion of being involved in the alleged terror incident. three police officers were injured on friday as they arrested a 26—year—old man brandishing a four—foot sword who repeatedly shouted "allahu akbar".
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a 31—year—old man has been arrested on suspicion of murdering a young a 51—year—old german woman has died from injuries she suffered in the van attack in barcelona. that brings the number dead to 16 and 2a others are still being treated for injuries. severe flooding is now the main concern of officials in texas after tropical storm harvey battered the coast. in the houston area the floods have been described as ‘catastrophic‘ by the national weather service. buildings have been badly damaged and people have been forced from their homes. sarah corker reports. first came the 130mph winds. now torrential rains are expected to inundate south texas for days. the national hurricane centre has warned people to prepare for life—threatening flooding. parts of the city of galveston are already underwater and the flooding could get much worse, with 30 inches of
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rain forecast. all the streets going down that side are completely flooded. we saw somebody‘s car floating earlier. it's bad out here, guys. we moved our water and food and vehicles inside and the generator. hurricane harvey made landfall on friday as a category four hurricane. it's now been downgraded, but left behind a trail of destruction. this is rockport, homes have been flattened and some people are feared to be trapped. tens of thousands have now fled the area. now that the hurricane has come onshore our primary concern remains dramatic flooding. one of the top focal points we are concerned about is ongoing rescue and recovery. we
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wa nt to is ongoing rescue and recovery. we want to do everything we possibly can to keep people out of rising water. but those rescue efforts are being hampered by strong winds and severed power lines. more than a quarter of a million people are without electricity. at this time we don't have electricity or water or a sewer and oui’ electricity or water or a sewer and our resources are tied up to find out what's going on. the main people that come through here are flooded. meanwhile, the coast guard has rescued 18 people from stricken vessels and this video shows for people being pulled to safety from a sinking boat. while harvey may have gained strength as it moved inland —— harvey lost strength going inland but more damage is expected from heavy rain still to come. sarah corker, bbc news. we heard earlierfrom cbs correspondent don champion in corpus christi. to the north, we are seeing harvey continued to lash parts of texas. at this hour, there are reports of hundreds of water rescues taking place in and around the houston area, after as much as 1a inches
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of rain fell there overnight in the span of three hours. now, that area, that region is still going to be pounded by torrential rains, not only today, but over the course of the next two days. at this hour, the flooding that is taking place there is being called a 500—year flood, historic. and what support is being given to people who have already been affected or who have had to leave their homes? yeah, a number of shelters have been opened across this part of texas. also, the national guard has been deployed here. before the storm, the governor and federal officials did pre—position aircraft and supplies up and down the gulf coast here in texas, so that crews were ready to move into hard—hit areas the moment conditions improved. don champion from cbs, one of many
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journalists in the area covering the flooding and devastation caused by this hurricane. it looks like it will be staying there for a while because we have seen a tweet from president trump saying, i will be going to texas as soon as that trip can be made without causing disruption. the focus must be life and safety. ahead of the hurricane, the president put aside emergency funding and offered the governor of texas a ny funding and offered the governor of texas any support is needed from the white house, and also ordered the national guard to be made available. and a number of aircraft as well, as you heard, to get emergency workers to people in need of help, as quickly as possible. that tweed just sent by donald trump saying he will be heading to texas as soon as you
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can without causing disruption to rescue efforts. a 31—year—old man has been arrested on suspicion of murdering a young boy in wythenshawe in greater manchester. police were called to a report of a incidentjust after midnight, and discovered the body of the youngster when they entered the property. officers also learned that a man and a woman had left the address in beaford road to go to hospital. the woman is being treated for serious injuries in hospital while the man is being questioned in custody. police were called to a previous domestic incident at the home two days ago. police have arrested a man on suspicion of aggravated burglary after an elderly woman was badly beaten in lancashire. the 88—year—old was asleep at her home in chorley in the early hours of saturday morning, when she was woken by a man who attacked her and demanded money. swiss officials have called off a search for eight people missing since a huge landslide struck near the border with italy on wednesday, acknowledging they were likely to be buried under millions of tonnes of rock. police have warned they are expecting more landslides in the remote valley. tim neilson reports. high in the swiss alps, this is what remains
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of the small village of bondo. two landslides in the space of three days have buried homes, vehicles and people. this dramatic footage shows an entire mountainside collapsing on wednesday, sending a torrent of mud and rocks for five kilometres down the valley. 100 residents were taken to safety, but eight hikers from germany, austria and switzerland are still missing. the search for them has been abandoned. translation: it became clear that the eight missing people were caught in the back path of the val bondasca, hit by a landslide. to be clear, a landslide like this travels at a speed of around 250 kilometres an hour. bondo is close to the italian border in the graubunden
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region of switzerland. it is known to be at risk of landslides when water overflows from the high alpine lakes. and on friday, as had been feared, a second smaller landslide, a river of boulders. diggers brought in for the initial clean—up were swept away. and this was once one of the area's main roads. swiss police say in places the mud and rock is tens of metres deep and geologists warn the mountain still possesses a threat to the communities living below. tim neilson, bbc news. the headlines on bbc news: the drivers of two lorries involved in a collision on the m1 motorway that killed eight people, have been charged with causing death by dangerous driving. shadow brexit secretary keir starmer says britain should remain in the single market for "as long as necessary" after leaving the eu, to avoid the economy falling off
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a "cliff edge". doves have been released at the opening of the notting hill carnival as a tribute to the victims of grenfell — a minut‘s silence will be held at three o'clock. of grenfell — a minute's silence will be held at three o'clock. the victims of the grenfell tower tragedy have been remembered with prayers and the release of dozens of white doves at the notting hill carnival. security for the event, due to be attended by tens of thousands of people, has also been reviewed in the wake of the barcelona terror attack. our correspondent chi chi izundu is in west london. a different card of all this year, not just because of a different card of all this year, notjust because of the a different card of all this year, not just because of the fears a different card of all this year, notjust because of the fears of terrorism but remembering those who lost their lives and their livelihoods in the grenfell tower,
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not far from the carnival where you are. indeed. organisers like you said, in about 45 minutes' time they are hoping there will be a minute's worth of silence to remember those affected by grenfell tower is the body as well as that travellers are being asked to wear green as a mark of respect for grenfell tower being asked to wear green as a mark of respect for g re nfell tower start plus they are being asked to lay tributes, candles and flowers, just asa tributes, candles and flowers, just as a mark of respect for those who perished in the tower, which looms ominously over this. tell us a bit more of what to expect from the notting hill carnival in the coming hours, the coming days. it is safe to say that every year it grows in popularity. it does indeed, and the fact it is a lovely sunny day is helping things. we are expecting more than 1 million people for the 51st carnival, the largest street festival... i don't
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know what you can hear or see over my shoulder, loads of people enjoying the procession. normally there are a lot of bloats going past with sound systems playing reggae, calypso, african beats... but today it isa calypso, african beats... but today it is a children's day and the children are expected to get dressed up children are expected to get dressed up in costumes and have fun and dance. there is a juggling station with green hearts, to remember those victims of grenfell tower. many thanks for now. joining me just before 3pm here on bbc news we will before 3pm here on bbc news we will be heading back to notting hill to the carnival ahead of the minute of silence at 3pm. if you can't make it a west london today, there is a chance you can join us to remember the victims of the grenfell tower is asked. —— grenfell tower disaster. iraq's military says it has retaken almost all of the last of so—called islamic state stronghold inside the country. the city, which is close to the syrian border,
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was captured by the militants three years ago. it became the final major objective for iraqi—led forces after is fighters were driven out of mosul earlier this year. our correspondent hanan razek has been to the liberated centre of tal afar, and sent this report. it isa it is a ghost town. one week after the battle to retake tal afar, all you can see is destruction, empty houses, and the remains left behind of the so—called islamic state. here at the heart of tal afar city you can see the iraqi flag is now on top of the castle, which was bumped back in 2015. seeing the flag here means that this part of town has been reca ptu red that this part of town has been recaptured by security forces. a victory to many has come earlier than expected. fighting is here has been easier than expected, and many
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fighters fled before the military operation started. as for civilians, there is no trace of them. translation: most of the civilians have fled. the local terrorists have fled as well. foreign fighters managed to send theirfamilies well. foreign fighters managed to send their families out towards the mountains but they stayed inside to fight. most of the fighters here we re fight. most of the fighters here were foreigners from former soviet union countries and from south—east asia. after the smooth advancing for the iraqi forces so far, the military operation may be over soon, but there is another controversial battle ahead of this town that was once home for minority ethnic groups. it is not clear yet what future holds here for sectarian disputes being very possible. the american boxer floyd mayweather
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says he's now retiring for good after stopping ireland's conor mcgregor in the tenth round of their fight in las vegas. the former welterweight champion emerged from a two—year retirement to take on the irish mixed martial arts star. richard conway reports. 50 wins, no defeats. floyd mayweatherjunior confirmed his position as one of the all—time greats in a fight that surpassed expectations. with just over a minute remaining in the tenth round, the dominance of the man who refers to himself as "tbe", the best ever, proved too much for conor mcgregor, with the referee stopping the contest. i want to go out with a bang. i told you guys there'd be blood, sweat and tears, and i told you... he was a hell of a fighter, standing up. kind of shocked me. there's only one conor mcgregor! a sense of hope, anticipation and excitement had built throughout the day, with irish fans turning the desert city green. and floyd mayweather wasn't without support either. 49 try and 49 fill.
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he's going to be fit tonight. believe that. when the bell rang for the first round, mcgregor emerged all guns blazing, catching mayweather with a number of powerful shots. the irishman had claimed for weeks that he was ready to shock the world, and with three rounds gone, some began to wonder if he would deliver on his promise. but in his first professional boxing contest, the pace and skills of mayweather ground the irishman down, and he visibly tired. he came in hands up towards your forehead, dipped in the forehead on the chest, and started to fight that kind of fight. i didn't anticipate that. three game changes in the fight. that's what a true champion does. by the ninth round, mcgregor‘s legs began to wobble, clinging to his opponent and the ropes for survival. and the next round saw the end of a fight that has intrigued and repulsed in equal measure, with all its controversies and the amount of money involved. richard conway, bbc news, las vegas. the queensferry crossing which links the lothians and fife in scotland will be officially opened by the queen next week. the bridge cost £1.3 billion
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and is the longest crossing of its kind in the world. our scotland correspondent lorna gordon has been to see it, as the finishing touches are made. rising out of the waters of the forth, the queensferry crossing linking edinburgh and fife. the construction of this bridge took six years to complete and its design means it should stay open to traffic no matter how strong the winds get during the often bad winter weather. it's a very technical bridge and a lot of the technical aspects are invisible, you can't see them. the foundations, for example, are probably the most dramatic and the most difficult to achieve on the whole project and i think people don't see that. they do see the magnificence of quite a beautiful bridge. the narrow crossing has a striking cantilever design, which catches the light while the bridge soars above the landscape below. it is the tallest bridge in the uk,
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as well as the longest of its type in the world. 15,000 people have been involved in this huge construction project. last—minute work is continuing to get the motorway crossing ready for traffic which in just a few days' time will start using this, the third bridge on this part of the forth. lorna gordon, bbc news, at the queensferry crossing. the american horror film director, tobe hooper, who was best known for the texas chainsaw massacre, has died. he was 7a. tobe hooper became interested in film as a child, using his father's cine—camera, and worked as a cameraman before making his own films. the texas chainsaw massacre was banned in the uk when it was released in 1974, for being too violent. his other films included the funhouse and poltergeist. that was a really scary film and one
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of my favourites. now let's look at the weather. a lot of us are returning the —— enjoying the return of the sunshine. plenty of sunshine around this afternoon from any of us, around 2425 celsius widely. they seem not long ago in bedfordshire, barely a cloud in the sky. but a different story further north and west, a lot more cloud across scotland and all that thinking damage in northern ireland are north—west england and to wales. eventually the cloud will be thick enough to bring them outbreaks of rain into western parts of scotla nd outbreaks of rain into western parts of scotland through the afternoon. what away from the north and west, a good deal of sunshine continues to the afternoon, temperatures between 23 and 26 celsius, perhaps even 1 degrees higher. with centring today in the size overnight, it will keep on bringing across scotland, rendering heavy. wind strengthening into northern ireland through the
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early hours. tributes —— temperatures around 1316 celsius. bank holiday monday tomorrow and settled across northern ireland and scotland, the wind is strengthening further outbreaks of rain here, and some of that cloud associated with the front will take its way into north—west england, rain later in the day, and more cloud across wales, but otherwise, jim england, eastern parts of wales, another fine and dry and sunny day. quite a different feel across parts of scotla nd different feel across parts of scotland and northern ireland, with the strength of the wind and the outbreaks of rain continuing on and off through the day, a cool deal here, as i mentioned, some of that road and outbreaks of rain north—west england... western part of wales as you had across much of england, we will see plenty of sunshine. temperature is widely up to 2425 celsius. if you get to 28.4 celsius tomorrow it will be the warmest late august back holiday on record. some very warm if not hot weather across england tomorrow. the rain, which will have been affecting scotla nd rain, which will have been affecting scotland and northern ireland, an associated with this cauldron here,
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thinking across the country in tuesday, but weakening homages demanding a lot of power and outbreaks of rain a bewitched and is allowed. much of the country dry but there will be much more cloud around. that affects the temperature, still a fresh feel across the western part of scotland number —— northern ireland 15 or 17 celsius. hanging on to warrant a humidity in the far east and south—east of england. into wednesday it looks like we'll be approached by two systems, low pressure and another across the new continent. a misty picture midweek with a lot of cloud around and some outbreaks of rain, but the detail at this stage is a bit tricky to pin down. rain probably far away midweek, and by this stage the temperatures across the whole country will start to come back down between 16 and 20 celsius. hello, this is bbc news. the headlines at 2.30pm: two lorry drivers have been charged with causing death by dangerous driving in connection with a collision on the m1
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near milton keynes in which eight were killed. labour says britain should remain in the single market and customs union for a transitional period after brexit. the shift in policy would mean continuing to accept the free movement of people after 2019. the notting hill carnival is under way in west london — it begun with a special ceremony as "a small act of remembrance" for the victims grenfell. a minute's silence will also be held this afternoon. president trump announces he is to travel to texas, as the remnants of hurricane harvey continue to cause catastrophic flooding across the state. now on bbc news: newsbeat take a look at the arguments for and against the legalisation of cannabis. cannabis, weed, skunk: call it what you will, for many people, it's a common sight at music festivals, house
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parties, and, frankly, your local town centre. it's the most commonly used illegal drug in britain, and last year in england and wales alone, over 2 million people admitted taking it, even though being caught could land you in prison. but all over the world, attitudes to cannabis are changing. these countries have decriminalised the drug, meaning if you're caught with a small amount of weed, you're not going to jail. some have gone further, and legalised it. and if you want to see things changing at pace, look at north america. in the us, 21 states have decriminalised small amounts of cannabis for personal consumption, and eight have gone further, legalising recreational use. but a place that many are watching is canada, with the country set to legalise the drug next year. so with all this happening around the world, some in the uk are asking, "cannabis — time for a change?" i'm in brighton to meet rob.
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hi, how are you doing? he is the chair of the brighton cannabis club, and thinks the answer to that question is "yes". so basically, we're visiting a venue where they offer a fully medicated meal, food, to brighton cannabis club members. when you say fully medicated, that mean there is loads of weed in the meal. yes, it's cannabis infused.


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