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tv   Outside Source  BBC News  September 4, 2017 9:30pm-10:01pm BST

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hello, i'm ros atkins, this is outside source. the world is trying to agree how to respond to north korea using this hydrogen bomb. there's condemnation from all sides — but compare and contrast the american and chinese positions. when a rogue regime has a nuclear weapons and an icbm pointed at you, you do not take steps to lower your guard. translation: the peninsular issue must be resolved peacefully. china will never allow chaos and war on the peninsula. and the transgender model dropped by l'oreal for saying "all white people benefit from racism" has spoken to the bbc. idid i did write two bookends to the quote, talking about what people can do if they want to help, if they wa nt to do if they want to help, if they want to help end racism. obviously it was taken out of context. all people saw was the angry middle bit. plus bbc arabic on the islamic state group under pressure in syria — and a bbc investigation
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into is recruitment in the uk. the american ambassador to the united nations, has urged fellow members of the security council to take the strongest possible measures against north korea. china took a different view, saying that it would "never allow chaos and war on the peninsula." yogita limaye reports from seoul. a day after north korea's most powerful nuclear tests, the south displayed it might. missiles were launched from the ground and the air. it was a test run. south korea
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showing off how it could attack pyongyang's nuclear site. this is a strong reaction from a country that for months now has been desperately trying to avoid conflict in the korean peninsula. across the sea in japan, the government gave worrying details about north korea's latest test. translation: the evidence suggests that the north conducted a hydrogen bomb test. the government had to conclude the test was a success, considering the huge power is generated. pyongyang has successfully tested a weapon that poses a grave threat to japan's security. a hydrogen bomb is vastly more powerful than the bomb that destroyed hiroshima, and north korea says that is what its leader is looking at here. the country has conducted six nuclear tests so far. but the pace has really accelerated since kim jong—un came to but the pace has really accelerated
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since kimjong—un came to power. in new york, at an emergency un security council meeting, the us lashed out at the north korean leader. nuclear powers understand the responsibilities. kim jong—un shows no such understanding. his abusive use of missiles and his nuclear threats show he is begging for war. the people in south korea have dealt with the threat from the north for a long time now. but perhaps never before has a nuclear test and multiple missile tests come in such quick succession. really ratcheting up the pressure on the government here in seoul and it's allies. this is america's latest anti—missile system, designed to shoot down enemy rockets. it has now been deployed in south korea. the allies might be able to defend themselves against an attack. but no matter how much north korea provokes them, striking the country's nuclear
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baseis them, striking the country's nuclear base is not an easy option. this is very important. north korea will certainly retaliate and south korea will be the main victim of being sandwiched between the hardline united states and north korea. and so, for now, south korea continues to build up its arsenal, while hoping never to use it. in the last couple of weeks we have talked a great deal about the iraqi government's efforts to reclaim the town of tal afar in the north—west of the country, reclaim it from the islamic state group. last week they said they had done that, and now we must turn attention to syria. this week in syria, government forces there say they're closing in on the city of deir al—zour. half of it and much of the surrounding province is controlled by is. it's particular important
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to the group because its de facto capital raqqa is under siege. for more on this i've been speaking to rasha qandeel from bbc arabic. the deir al—zour battle is most probably more important than raqqa, because basically the sdf is closing the ammunition line on the way to the so—called islamic state... the sdf being the syrian defence force? yes, the democratic forces. and it's closing the ammunition line in front of so—called islamic state. so if the battle is basically for the american forces and the syrian regime forces, and most probably the syrian opposition forces, that means that islamic state, so—called islamic state, is defeated in raqqa as well. as we know, it is the capital for the caliphate of this organisation. so the deir al—zour battle is essential for the organisation, the group, so—called islamic state.
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so we are in a strange situation where different countries and different groups, who don't agree on lots of things, are all fighting the same enemy? absolutely right. and deir al—zour specifically is very important for all priorities. but it is very partitioned. from the west, for example, it's very important for the syrian regime, from the east it is important for the backed opposition, by the umbrella of the american air force. so they say, other people that are watching over this battle, they say it is part of the bigger arrangements between the united states and russia. so, for example, if the syrian regime is coming over the parts the united states doesn't want the syrian regime to come, they might actually strike them. and if the opposition is going
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a little bit towards the west, where it becomes the south of syria, where it becomes daraa, it belongs a little bit to the territories wherejordan and the south is affected, they might actually strike the opposition. so it is a bit of a weird situation. do you remember when we were talking about parts of the madaya siege? the humanitarian situation was catastrophic. a few months ago we were saying that if the arrangement between the united states and russia is becoming complicated in the south, this is actually the south—east. so this is when you and i were talking a few months ago and saying there might be a situation where it is going to become very crowded on the ground, as it was crowded in the air, and it is happening now in deir al—zour. that have been a number of deadly
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terror attacks in the uk this year. all of them have been claimed by the islamic state group. this was the westminster attack when a car was driven into pedestrians. these are pictures that came in on the evening of the london bridge attack, when a number of people were stabbed and a van was used as a weapon. a bbc investigation has found that is was trying to recruit people for attacks in the same locations, and they were doing this back in 2016. this is pa rt doing this back in 2016. this is part of a report by the bbc london team, inside out. reporters, posing as teenagers, contacted recruiters and passed the information to security forces as it was received. here is a clip about a reporter talking to a recruiter trying to convince into to attack london bridge in 2016. he was trying to persuade me to
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carry out some attacks. he also gave me the option of doing it alone or along with 18. —— along with a team. in december of last year, the same recruiter directed ourjournalist to view explicit terrorist tutorials on the dark web. one showed how to use a vehicle how to kill people. the other showed how to use knives and home—made bombs for maximum impact on people. finally, there was a description of how to create a fake suicide vest, and how it can be used to stop the police from attacking you if you are standing next to civilians. that clip was from bbc london inside out‘s investigation — you can see bits of it online
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or the whole piece on the bbc iplayer. zack adesina is from the team, earlier i asked him how hard it was to reach out to recruiters. it was actually very easy at the time. what they were doing was advertising themselves on twitter and facebook. once they had made contact with someone, or someone had made contact with them, they then introduce you to an encrypted site. so you can discuss things in secret. how quickly does the conversation escalate from general discussions around islamic state and its beliefs to the specifics of an potential attack? in our experience, it would take... well, the longest time was four weeks. what you have to realise is that they are texting insistently. one of our reporters was receiving up to 2a messages a day. they are really pushing hard.
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do you have any indication as to where these recruiters were? we are aware that they were in syria. some of them, in their attempts to groom our undercover reporters, showed us their location. so they would film themselves in syria. we also know from other sources that they were in syria. presumably, what we are learning here is that multiple attempts were made to find people who would carry out the kind of attacks that eventually occurred? think you have hit it on the nail, that is exactly what the plans are. what we have discovered is that they attempt to groom several people at any time online, on social media sites. we've also discovered from a psychologist that they use a specific formula. so they have a certain trope, a way of pulling people in, and it is a method they use almost
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like they shoot several places and they only need one hits to get someone to carry out their acts. i must ask, because people will be wondering. what is the legality of this? once you start engaging with people that are planning terrorism? the law is that you should not engage, and anyone that does is breaking the law and is breaking terrorism laws specifically. we were in contact with the security services right from the beginning and every single exchange we had with them was passed on to the security services. of course, the problem for them is how to identify one item as a red alert as opposed to one that is a dud. that is the difficulty that they have. inafew in a few minutes, i will play you how one transgender model who was dropped by l'orealfor how one transgender model who was dropped by l'oreal for saying all white people benefit from racism has had to say about that decision. the policing minister has told
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the police superintendents conference that the government ‘is not deaf‘ to their concerns over increased workload and stress. nick hurd said in the light of recent budget cuts he realised there was a limit to how much more officers could do. a survey of superintendents found half were suffering from work related anxiety and a quarter had signs of depression. the duke and duchess of cambridge have announced they‘ re expecting their third child. the duchess is again suffering from a severe form of morning sickness — as she has done with her previous pregnancies — which meant she had to cancel an engagement this afternoon. our royal correspondent nicholas witchell reports. the duchess of cambridge last week, with her husband and prince harry. no hint then of the announcement of a third baby for william and catherine. kensington palace was forced to disclose the pregnancy this morning because the duchess had had to pull out of a public engagement because of acute morning sickness, the condition she experienced for both her previous pregnancies.
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she's now resting at kensington palace. according to the statement, the queen — opening the queensferry crossing near edinburgh this morning — and other members of the royal family are delighted with the news. the baby will be the queen's sixth great—grandchild and will be fifth in line of succession to the throne. it's more than four years now since the birth of prince george, injuly 2013. this is an important week for him — he is due to start at his new school in london, something his mother certainly won't want to miss. the couple's second child, princess charlotte, was born in may 2015. she's fourth in the line of succession and she will retain that position even if the new baby is a boy. on a visit by the cambridges to poland a few weeks ago, catherine joked about having another baby when she was presented with a gift intended for a baby. it didn't seem significant at the time. today, prince harry said he was delighted at the prospect of being an uncle again.
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fantastic, great. very, very happy for them. and how's your sister—in—law doing? er... i haven't seen herfor a while, but i think she's ok. the news that there's to be a third child for the cambridges comes just as william is beginning full—time royal duties. soon, the team of four will become five. kensington palace hasn't said when the new baby is due, but it must be assumed that it will be around march of next year. nicholas witchell, bbc news. the lead story is that the world is continuing to try to fashion a response to north korea's latest nuclear test, but china and the us have very different ideas of how to go about that. colombia now — and another significant step
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towards a long—term peace. a rebel group called the national liberation army or eln has announced a ceasefire. it says, "yes we could! we thank all of those who backed our efforts to reach this #bilateralceasefire. " this is the first time eln and the government have agreed a ceasefire in more than 50 years. it starts on october 1st and was announced by the president in a tv address. translation: it will come into effect on october the 1st, initially for 102 days. that is to say untiljanuary the 12th of next year. and it will be renewed, depending on how the negotiations over the other points continue and are fulfilled. the priority is to protect citizens. that's why, during this period, kidnappings, oil pipeline attacks and other hostilities against the civilian population will stop. there will be some people watching
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that will know all about the farc rebels, but not this group. can you tell us about them ? rebels, but not this group. can you tell us about them? yes, eln was formed at about the same time as the farc, strongly inspired by the cuban revolution and they are strongly marxist. another element that differentiates them from farc is that eln has very close sympathies to the catholic church, because catholic priests were members of the group some time ago. that is the difference between the two groups. what was it hoping to achieve, and can we say it has achieved any of its goals? well, the eln has achieved territorial control in some parts of the country. i have a map
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behind me of the country. this area on the pacific post has been in control of eln for quite some time. the area behind my head, the border with venezuela, has also been in their control. it is not full control, they are constantly fighting with state forces, but they are very strong in the area and they profit, or used to profit, until this truce, from kidnapping, extortion and other means. so means they say they don't use, but the government accuses them of using, also profiting from drug trafficking and other illegal businesses such as illegal gold mining. it is no confidence we have this announcement just before the pope arrives? that is exactly right. the visit has been crucial. the eln and the government have been pushing very hard to try to figure out a way of reaching disagreement, this ceasefire, so
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that they could announce it in the context of the pope's visit. as i said earlier, one key element is the close relationship and sympathy between the eln and the catholic church. thank you very much for taking us through that. we will be keeping a close eye on the pope's visit to colombia. we have had live reports from colombia, texas and also from bangladesh. next we are going to the bbc sports centre, to speak to nick. lots of world cup qualifiers going on ahead of russia next year. over to you. their goals flying in quick and fast. germany have thrashed norway 6—0, although certainly guaranteeing top spot. azerbaijan out of it, the —— they
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showed real class to beat san marino. top played bottom as poland beat khalistan 3—0. lewandowski got their third. they lost 4—0 to denmarkjust their third. they lost 4—0 to denmark just days their third. they lost 4—0 to denmarkjust days ago. there is a real battle for second. england top their group by five points after a 2—1win over slovakia at wembley. eric dier and marcus rashford with the goals. it leaves them within touching distance of next yea r‘s world them within touching distance of next year's world cup. slovakia stay in second spot. scotland and slovenia also won and are locked on 14 slovenia also won and are locked on 1a points, each in third and fourth respectively. rafael nadal made it through to the
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us open quarterfinals for the seventh time in his career by defeating his ukrainian opponent. it was fast, just one hour and 41 minutes from first serve to match point. the spaniard won 6—2, 6—4, 6-1. he point. the spaniard won 6—2, 6—4, 6—1. he hasn't made the us open last eight since capturing the 2013 title. christina pliskova and last yea r‘s title. christina pliskova and last year's runner—up, she needed just 60 minutes to sweep pastjennifer brodie. it is her third slam quarterfinal. star india has won the digital rights for the indian premier league, paying $2.5 billion for a five—year deal. sony was the only other bidder. facebook tried to pay $600 million for a five—year deal to stream the matches online to
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india and other surrounding countries, but missed out to star. 14 countries, but missed out to star. 1a companies made bids for different elements, but the consolidated offer won all. the mumbai indians won the 2017 competition. dave —— big—money flying around. there is much more on the bbc sport app if you want it. you may well have read about munroe bergdorf in the last few days. she's been dropped l'oreal. she was was the first transgender model to appear in a cosmetics campaign for the company. but then she wrote a facebook post where she argued that "all white people benefit from racism". and that was that. she was dropped. she's been talking the bbc. ididn't i didn't delete it. facebook deleted it. once i posted it, it was drenched with alt—right supporters, just people going at each other. in the post i was extremely angry and frustrated. i think we all were, about the charlottesville attacks.
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about heather dying, and just the fact that racism exists and we are not really doing anything to counter it. i don't think people really understand what modern—day racism is. i'm talking about all white people benefit from white privilege. white privilege filters... well, it stems from white supremacy. it stems from a society that was put in place and built to benefit white people above any other race. race doesn't actually exist, it's a made up thing. but the lighter your skin tone, the more privileges you will be afforded. for instance, if i'm a light skinned woman, i will have a lot more social privilege and a dark skinned, black woman. it's just the way that it works. i did write two bookends to that original quote, which actually talked about what people can do if they want to help, if they want to help end racism. but obviously it was taken out of context. all people saw was the angry middle bit.
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don't think i've thrown it away. i think l'oreal threw it away. i think they have the opportunity to actually talk about why we need diversity and talk about why racism actually exists in the first place. because that's all i did. i didn't throw anything away. they can't hire somebody and expect them to keep their mouth shut when it comes to inconvenient truths. here is a statement from l'oreal. one bit of copy to show you before we end the programme, the national hurricane centre in the us says that hurricane irma has been upgraded to a category four storm and is heading towards the caribbean. hello. mature logically speaking,
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the beginning of september is the beginning of autumn. but it did not feel like that. we had highs of 75 fahrenheit in parts of the west midlands, with some glimpses of sunshine. i hope you made the most of it, it is set to change. on monday, across the far north—east in edinburgh, we had some heavy rain. so, this frontal system is going to continue to bring rain and it will push that humid air back to the near continent, feeling much fresherfrom tuesday into wednesday. so, on tuesday into wednesday. so, on tuesday we will see some rain, some of it heavy for a time across wales and parts of northern england and scotland. that will gradually drift east and we can off. a little bit of brightness and we could see, yet again, more warmth in the south—east with 21 or 22 degrees. already fresher conditions the further north and west, but at least you will get some sunshine. the fronts will
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continue to sweep south and east and then really introduce fresh air for all on the beginning of wednesday morning. a noticeable difference to the field first thing on wednesday. low double digits across towns and city centres and perhaps single figures in rural parts. there will be plenty of isobars on the chart on wednesday. that means it's going to bea wednesday. that means it's going to be a pretty breezy affair. quite a lot of cloud and the wind coming in from a westerly direction. always feeding more cloud across west facing coasts. with the wind direction we could see some scattered showers. a relatively quiet day to come on wednesday. highest values, about 1419 degrees. as we move out of wednesday heading to thursday, we have got to look to the area of low pressure moving in from the atlantic. that will bring increasingly strengthening wind and more unsettled weather through northern ireland, particularly north—west scotland, but eventually towards scotland. england and wales on thursday should stay predominantly dry. more in the way of cloud around, crabs, and not
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quite as warm as it has been, 13 or 20 degrees the overall high. as we move out of thursday into friday, we're going to see some rain pretty much for all of us at some point. some of that will feel heavy. pledge of —— plenty of isobars. we will see strong winds driving and your showers, 13 or 18 degrees is the overall high. that area of low pressure will really dictate the early half of the weekend as well. so, it stays pretty windy at times and there will be some significant showers to come. most of the showers, chiefly to the north and west, easton area seen the best of dry weather. it is going to be disappointing for the early half of september, 13 or 19 degrees is the high. for the longer term period, we have to look towards the jet stream, looking to the south of the uk. unusually south for this time of year. that is going to allow areas of low pressure to generate in the
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atla ntic of low pressure to generate in the atlantic and pushed down across the uk. so, as we are to the north side of the jet stream, we are always going to be on the cooler side and it is going to stay pretty u nsettled. it is going to stay pretty unsettled. you know what i am going to say for the eight to ten day period, it looks likely to stay wet and windy. we will see bright interludes. for you, it and windy. we will see bright interludes. foryou, it might and windy. we will see bright interludes. for you, it might not be ought yet, but it is certainly going to feel like it as we move through the weekend and into the early half of next week. the americans demand the strongest response from the united nations. the north korean leader stands accused of "begging for war", after testing another nuclear bomb and making rapid advances in his missile programme. at the united nations, an emergency meeting of the security council, where america warned of dire consequences if north korea carried on. war is never something the united states wants. we don't want it now. but our country's patience is not unlimited. and in south korea, defences are being tested and strengthened, as more north korean
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tests are expected. we'll be reporting from south korea, and from china, as the un security council fails to agree on a joint response. also tonight...
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