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tv   Outside Source  BBC News  September 18, 2017 9:00pm-9:31pm BST

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hello, i'm ros atkins, this is outside source. president trump is calling for reform of the united nations. he says america pays too much. we must ensure no member state shoulders at the a disproportionate share of the burden. whilst the clear—up from irma continues — another powerful hurricane — maria — is heading towards the caribbean. we will find out about that from bbc weather. we will find out about that from bbc weather. and if you want to get in touch — the hashtag is bbc 05. donald trump has attacked bureaucracy and mismanagement at the un.
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he did so during his debut speech to the un general assembly. here's some of it. we commend the secretary—general and his call for the united nations to focus more on people and less on bureaucracy. we seek a united nations that regains the trust of the people around the world in order to achieve this the united nations must hold every level of management accountable, protect whistle—blowers and focus on results rather than on process. to honour the people of our nations we must ensure that no one and no member state shoulders a disproportionate share of the burden. that is militarily or financially. next this is the un secretary general also talking earlier. our shared objective is a
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21st—ce ntu ry our shared objective is a 21st—century un focused not on people less on process. more on delivery, less on bureaucracy. we know that the true test of reform will not be measured in words in new york or world capitals it will be measured through tangible results in the lives of the people we serve and the lives of the people we serve and the trust of those who support our work through their hard earned resources . both men seeking reform at the un. we will be lied to new york and a moment to see what they have in mind. let's fact check one of president trump's claims. he said un staffing has doubled since 2000 without better results. 0n the staffing he's right. in 2000, 33019 people were employed at the un. the latest figure is 76234. what the un has got in return for all those extra people is open to interpretation. so reform is on the agenda — so is north korea — it's released a statement.
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"the increased moves of the us and its vassal forces to impose sanctions and pressure on the dprk will only increase our pace towards the ultimate completion of the state nuclear force." we'll see how the un general assembly responds. and the ongoing rohingya crisis in myanmar will also be discussed. there was a tweet from the un earlier seeing over 400,000 people have now fled their homes. its defacto leader aung san suu kyi has cancelled a visit to the general assembly — bringing her yet more criticism. let's talk about all three issues. laura trevelyan in new york. before we get into policy and the idea of reform and give us an idea what it's like when the general
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assembly is on, i imagine a practical headache? yes, certainly new yorkers are not fond of the general assembly because this bet on the eastern side of manhattan where iam the eastern side of manhattan where i am talking to you from, turtle bay, is completely jammed. i am talking to you from, turtle bay, is completelyjammed. the fact that the president is staying at trump tower means the whole of midtown is also jammed so there is even more cursing than usual. and this is the super bowl of diplomacy so this is the super bowl of diplomacy so there are delegations from 193 countries across the world here and it's extraordinary to see the streams of humanity crossing, people hugging, also not too pleased to see one another as well. it's very atmospheric i would say. all of these diplomats are in town, is there a sense reform is needed and if there is what kind of reform do people want? there is never a consensus on united nations reform, when i was the un correspondent in
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2006 this was a hot topic and yes people think the world body should be streamlined, they think it should be streamlined, they think it should be less bureaucratic and more efficient, more movement of staff from un headquarters which is a plum job, to the field. but can people agree on how it happens? not really. and when it is one of the big developed countries calling for reform you have what is called a group of 77 which is the developing nations who don't want to dance to the tune of the united states. it is a complicated area but of course donald trump is leveraging the fact that the us is the biggest contributor to the un, so that pressure is working as we saw the un secretary today enthusiastic about the idea of reform and trying to lead the way. the two most high—profile issues they will be considering a site from reform are what is happening in my are and what
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is happening in north korea, the question is how can they bring pressure to bear on those leaders?” would add to that iran, i think it will be the headline this week, it's clear already from previews of donald trump australia speech tomorrow that he is going to be seeing iran he met earlier with benjamin netanyahu he met earlier with benjamin neta nyahu who does he met earlier with benjamin netanyahu who does not like the deal and said it clearly on the way m. sorry i did not and to your question! just to say iran is coming up question! just to say iran is coming up and is the big deal. that is fine but quickly tell us about pressure
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on aung san suu kyi, everyone has called for her to condemn the violence and she has not, she is not an easy woman to push off her chosen course. no and indeed she's raised questions about their headlines, about the everyone is watching for her speech from myanmar, that will set the tone for what she says. there was a big uk meeting about what to do will there be another tweaking of the american tales? we will see.
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but the north korean foreign minister speaks in person on thursday. thank you laura. this is the tweet i was looking for. 412,000 rohingya refugees fleeing to bangladesh since august 25. human rights watch saying it's time for targeted sanctions against myanmar. aung san suu kyi will address myanmar on tuesday. the pressure keeps coming. at the un in new york, the french foreign minister said "we reiterate our call for the cessation of violence against civilian populations". "we expect from mrs aung sang suu kyi tomorrow a strong statement in this direction". earlier i spoke with anbarasan ethirajan, bbc south asia regional editor.
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now he is. the fact she avoided the un general assembly meeting showed she is under a lot of pressure because she would have had to answer questions about what's going on. 412,000 people have fled violence. 0n the other hand people are wondering what she's going to say, if you go back a couple of weeks, couple of days, what she has been saying, avoiding taking any sides in this particular conflict. she once said it was very difficult for us to end this conflict in 18 months since we have beenin conflict in 18 months since we have been in power and we have to look into all those people who are citizens and not citizens as well. it's difficult to imagine her criticising the military in her speech tomorrow. the only person or
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body that can put pressure on her can be the un security council. they met last week and issued a statement saying the army should end its operations against the civilian population and the un secretary—general characterised this as ethnic cleansing. so there is a world pressure building up and the british foreign secretary held a meeting to discuss the issue with the turkish ambassador and the us ambassador at the un and the french foreign minister is speaking out. i'm sure she will take into consideration about the world opinion gradually building and helping the rohingya people. could that include sanctions? they were in place for many years when aung san suu kyi was a political prisoner. myanmar is not new to sanctions, the ads in it for many years when aung san suu kyi was in prison but nobody is talking about it at this point. if you go to the interview by the un secretary general he is saying this
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is the last chance for aung san suu kyi to come out and stop the violence and establish peace. but if the world opinion builds up in the united nations in the next week, what the bangladesh premised is going to say, almost 800,000 people and what turkey will say because they are concerned about the muslim population of rohingya's. but china isa population of rohingya's. but china is a security council member, a permanent member and they have been standing on the side of myanmar. it's difficult to predict at this point but definitely the world is looking at what is happening and they have been urging aung san suu kyi to stop the violence and they expect her to say something in this regard tomorrow. and we'll have full coverage of that statement from aung san suu kyi tomorrow night. stay with us on 0utside source — still to come: the wife of the ousted pakistani prime minister, nawaz sharif, wins a crucial by—election.
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secunder kermani will explain what it means for next year's general election. the former england captain, wayne rooney, has been banned from driving for two years, and sentenced to a hundred hours of community service after admitting a charge of drink—driving. the everton striker was arrested earlier this month after being pulled—over by police officers in cheshire. 0ur sports editor dan roan was in court. rooney spoke only to confirm his name, address and date of birth, issuing a guilty plea through his solicitor, who said his client had genuine remorse for a terrible mistake. districtjudge john temperly handed rooney a two—year driving ban and ordered him to carry out 100 hours of unpaid community work. he was told to pay £170 in costs.
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i accept your morse is genuine, but despite everything i have heard i am not convinced a hefty fine would be as punitive sentence as a community order. this is 0utside source live from the bbc newsroom. 0ur lead story: donald trump says bureaucracy and mismanagement are holding the united nations back in a speech at the general assembly. the iraqi prime minister has demanded the suspension of next week's referendum on kurdish independence. but he's got no way to enforce that demand — kurdish leaders are expected to ignore it. in germany, three people have been given heavy fines for ignoring a pensioner who collapsed next to a bank's cash machines. the 83—year—old man hit his head on the tiles and died a week later. cctv footage showed the people stepping round the critically ill pensioner —
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and it took 20 minutes for him to receive first aid. lady gaga has been forced to reschedule the european leg of her world tour due to health problems. she revealed last week that she has a chronic illness, which can cause pain all over the body. the 18 city tour was due to begin in barcelona on thursday. another standoff between india and china — this one's over water. this map from shows the course of the brahmaputra — it starts in tibet and flows through india and bangladesh. china is supposed to provide india with data about the river — especially about water level — because the brahmaputra often floods. but there's been no data this monsoon season. china says that's because hydrological stations are being upgraded. but the bbc has discovered china
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is giving data to bangladesh. this is the deputy editor of foreign policy magazine: "china putting the screws to india on water management, another flashpoint after border crisis resolved." that's a reference to a border dispute in part of the himalayas. navin singh khadka can explain more. the bigger picture is china and india have had this issue of water for quite some time. because china has built a number of dams on this river and india has feared that those dams might be used to divert waters and deprive its part of the river without water. but china has a lwa ys river without water. but china has always been arguing that no, these are hydropower stations. they will
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not hold or store water. so the downstrea m not hold or store water. so the downstream cannot worry. but that fear was still there. and now when the figures are not being shared, the figures are not being shared, the data not being chaired so india is even... iwas the data not being chaired so india is even... i was mentioning that this data is important to predict flooding, is withholding the data a nyway releva nt to flooding, is withholding the data anyway relevant to the flooding we saw in india and how india responded? officials are not saying this huge floods india had wasjust because of this date are not shared, not in so many words. but what they say the mechanism is they are so that downstream countries like india and bangladesh can have those figures well in advance so they can evacuate people and help in flood
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situations like this. the bigger picture is it's notjust about monsoon season, other times, picture is it's notjust about monsoon season, othertimes, lean season, what hampers to the water, how much water is there? is china really not divert water? these questions. to secure all this they think the mechanism has to be in place and now because the data has been stopped they say it's going backwards. new images to show you from if you hours ago, another hurricane, strengthen from a category one to a category three. this is the projected course heading in the north—westerly direction. all expected to be hit by it. more detailfrom bbc expected to be hit by it. more detail from bbc weather. so soon after her we are looking at
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another major horror came, abby kane its continued to move westwards towards martinique and dominique, it could make landfall as a major hurricane. very heavy rain, 6—12 inches, potentially more in places and of course with the system is significant storm surges, could be looking at coastal flooding. it will pass just to the south of barbuda which had a direct hit from hurricane, the forecast takes and west, north west into the virgin islands and in towards puerto rico and by wednesday and into thursday it could develop further. potential
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devastation as it continues its journey west which will eventually ta ke journey west which will eventually take it towards the end of the week around bermuda and the turks & ca icos around bermuda and the turks & caicos islands. after then uncertainty as to where it is going but for the next few days it looks very severe. the british prime minister has been meeting her canadian counterpart in ottawa. a potential trade deal with canada will be important for the uk once it leaves the european union. hanging over the meeting is a dispute between america's plane—maker boeing and canada's bombardier. to explain this all let's go to samira hussain in new york. plenty of people watching in the uk and elsewhere who don't know about this dispute, so take it from the beginning. bombard here is a canadian farm which won a contract to build certain planes for the american airline delta. incomes
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bowling, the american playmaker, they have said there is a practice called price dumping where they have sold some of their planes for below the cost price and they have made her complaints to trade authorities. asa her complaints to trade authorities. as a result there is a spat happening between boeing and bombard here. the dispute is between canada and america so why is theresa may calling donald trump about this? well it turns out bombard here is a major employer in northern ireland and if in fact they lose the contract and if in fact they lose the co ntra ct to and if in fact they lose the contract to build those 150 planes for delta airlines it would have a huge impact in northern ireland. that is why the prime minister is getting involved. sounds like the kind of dispute which will not be solved quickly. certainly not, we
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heard last week the prime minister had made a call to president donald trump and she reiterated in ottawa when she was giving a media briefing alongsidejustin trudeau that she will raise the issue again on the sidelines of the united nations general meeting which is taking place this week when she meets president trump. thank you. ryanair in in the middle of a pr disaster after it said it would cancel 40—50 flights every day for the next six weeks. it's because its pilots have to take their holidays. they have miscalculated how that would happen. understandably, passengers are livid. i could stand here for the next 24 hours reading messages from people who are having a tough time. chief executive michael 0'leary had this to say a little earlier.
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this is our mistake and when we make a mistake in ryanair we come out with our hands up and try to explain why we have made the mess and when we will pay compensation to those passengers entitled to compensation which will be those flights cancelled over the next two weeks. here's the view of one management expert. there's been a fundamental failure of leadership somewhere in ryanair in that this issue did not suddenly appear out of the blue. in terms of our holidays, with the regulators or whatever the underlying causes of this problem, they must have known about it before. it's one of the most fundamental things any organisation has to do, ensure you organise the holidays of your staff so you can to continue to deliver to your customers. it's the basics. this story not going anywhere. let
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me show you this, an official account we think for the chinese communist pa rty‘s youth account we think for the chinese communist party's youth wing. it says ‘i'm here!‘ with a picture of what appears to be communist rabbits. the account's bio says that it is there to provide "information on the work and activities of the communist party youth league and hot topics among youths". it's posts are unremarkable — but there's been a barrage of abuse — and accusations of hypocrisy. twitter is banned in china. so quietly account? kerry allen of bbc monitoring has been watching this play out. this twitter account, it's the communist youth league which has a very strong, very aggressive social
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media presence in mainland china. some 5 million followers within me doing the knead mainland china but now it's appeared overseas and has a reputation for being a strong propaganda platform and also being the communist party youth movement it targets young people in very different ways. what we have seen previously, we have seen very strong pro—government messages coming across this platform but more recently we have seen things like rap videos that have appeared to try and encourage people tojoin rap videos that have appeared to try and encourage people to join the communist party. given that twitter is restricted in china who is this aim that? it's not entirely clear. what this account is supposedly meant to do is encourage people from
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overseas, places like hong kong and taiwan but also overseas chinese to be actively interested and involved with the communist party. but particularly targeting young people so this is why people have been so angry. lets see how these three communist rabbits get on in recruiting people. remember you cannot access twitter in china easily so again it's not quite clear who it's for. that said the first half of the programme, in the second have a special report on efforts to clea n have a special report on efforts to clean in barbuda after hurricane armagh. we're right in the middle of
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hurricane season in the tropical atla ntic hurricane season in the tropical atlantic hence it is so stormy right now in the caribbean and right now hurricane maria is gaining steam from the ocean ‘s surface, intensifying and the areas which we re intensifying and the areas which were ravaged by hurricane them for another rough time. as we go towards the second half of the week it looks as though the storm will continue to gain strength from the sea and end up somewhere in the bahamas. the track is rough, always a chance it goes to the south or the north, broadly speaking these islands which have suffered so much are in for another speu suffered so much are in for another spell of terrible weather. roughly similar path to irma. this
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cloud of the eastern seaboard is actually her again storm clouds of different kind across south asia, these are the monsoon clouds and it is still raining heavily in places from mumbai southwards, these western coasts of thing get a lot of rainfall and it certainly the case on tuesday and the north—east of india are also getting downpours. the far north of india and pakistan in the dry so lots of sunshine. the monsoon stretches into the south
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china sea into parts of the philippines as well, heavy rain here but not a break in the rainstorms across parts of borneo and indonesia down into jakarta. back to the uk now, fairly decent day on the way for tuesday, some sunshine in the forecast, not a completely sunny day, sunny spells rather than wall—to—wall sunshine but pleasant enough, the bestie the week compared to the following days. a lot of sunshine around across england and scotland, may be clouding over in northern ireland, as far as the temperatures go around 18 degrees, the winds will be light so it will feel pleasant. that's a round—up of the world weather, remember the weather for the week ahead is coming up weather for the week ahead is coming upjust weather for the week ahead is coming up just before 10pm. hello, i'm ros atkins, this is 0utside source. president trump has had his say on many things — nato, the paris accord and now the united nations. he says the us pays too much. we must ensure that no one and no
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member state shoulders a disproportionate share of the burden. ahead of her expected statement on tuesday, world leaders urge aung san suu kyi to come out strongly against military violence committed against rohingya muslims. whilst the clear—up from irma continues, another powerful hurricane — maria, is heading towards the caribbean. inafew in a few minutes, we look
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