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tv   BBC News  BBC News  September 20, 2017 4:00pm-5:01pm BST

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this is bbc news. the headlines at 4: buildings collapse in the aftermath of a 7.1 magnitude earthquake which struck central mexico — killing more than 200 people. more than 20 children died when a school collapsed — many others are still missing in the debris. hundreds of volunteers have joined emergency services in the desperate search for survivors. hurricane maria has made landfall in puerto rico battering the island with winds of 150 miles per hour. two more men have been arrested in south wales over last friday's terror attack on a london underground train. the bbc understands that mark sampson is set to leave his role as england women's football manager — the fa is expected to confirm his departure shortly. also this hour — can the british cyclist chris froome win yet another title? he's hoping to add to hugely successful year by becoming world champion at the men's time trial
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this afternoon. good afternoon and welcome to bbc news. rescuers in mexico are desperately searching for survivors after a huge earthquake caused widespread damage in the capital mexico city and surrounding areas bringing down dozens of buildings. the government says more than 200 people have been killed and a state of disaster has been declared in the capital, mexico city. the magnitude 7.1 quake hit at around lunchtime yesterday. mexican officials say 217 people are confirmed dead — about half of those in mexico city. at least 22 children are thought to have died injust one school that collapsed. another 30 pupils are missing. the epicentre of the earthquake was in the puebla state, about 75 miles from the capital mexico city — it has also caused casualties in other surrounding areas. the earthquake struck
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32 years to the day after mexico's worst—ever quake which killed 10,000 people. a warning — there are some distressing images in this report from jon donnison. overnight in mexico city, a desperate race against time to try and save lives. much of the focus on this flattened primary school, where at least 20 children were killed and dozens more are still missing. family and friends clinging to hope their loved ones might still be pulled out alive. translation: the only thing we have been told is to go to the hospital to check if your family are there. but my family has gone. in some places, sniffer dogs have been brought in to locate trapped people. but shifting the rubble will take time. the mexican president visited the primary school
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to see the rescue operation. translation: as of now, 22 bodies have been found, including two adults. there are 30 children still missing. eight adults are missing and the rescue efforts are ongoing. remarkably the efforts are paying off. several children pulled from the wreckage. in daylight, the scale of the damage across mexico city is even more striking. and all this in a city of more than 20 million, with one of the highest population densities in the world. it seems inevitable the death toll will go up. this is the moment the earthquake hit at lunchtime yesterday. the city looking like it was under attack. you were lucky if you got out alive.
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this is my building. it collapsed. we got to the bottom and everything came around. and... all my things gone. this cctv film is from a shopping centre as the roof begins to collapse. this woman getting out of the way not a moment too soon. and for those who survived, they're going to need help. translation: we need antibiotics, wooden boards,
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ropes, blankets, food, medical help. much of mexico city is now in ruins. but the epicentre of this massive quake was some 75 miles away. in those more remote communities the situation could be even worse. manuel bojorquez is a correspondent with the american broadcaster cbs — he sent us this update from mexico city a short while ago. right now, every minute is critical in neighbourhoods like this one. we are in one of the hardest—hit. this is the roma neighbourhood and if you look you will see what is left of a six storey office building that collapsed. we are told that at this point 20 people have been rescued, but up to a0 may still be trapped inside. there are firefighters here, members of mexican police, mexico
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city's police as well as mexican marines helping. and family members have gathered and they are looking at a list of names, hoping their relatives may have been rescued and taken to hospital and hoping they're not on the list of missing people. scenes like this are being repeated. there is a school collapsed where dozens are reported dead. mexico's president is urging for calm after the earthquake, saying that the priority is search and rescue and to get people medical attention. but it could be a while before they're able to explore all of these areas and make sure everyone is accounted for. at last account, there were up to 44 buildings in the city that have collapsed. i'm joined by a director of oxfam in
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mexico. he told me of the impact on their work. we are up and running, all the team's accounted for and we are working on collecting the information to make sure that we know what's needed for the response. we are also working on brigades, voluntarily so, we are up and running. we are not going to the office. some of us are sleeping in other people's places. because it is u nsafe to other people's places. because it is unsafe to sleep at their homes. but we are up unsafe to sleep at their homes. but we are up and running and we are ready to respond. what are the priorities? well the priorities, first to try to rescue all the people under the rubble. the self—organisation of mexican society
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has been remarkable and inspiring. there are many people who don't have safe places to sleep and as days go by we will know how many people won't have a home, a place to sleep and the availability of adequate shelters, where people rights are respected will be important. and then very importantly, there are two other things, we are focussing our attention in mexico city and rightly so, because of the size of the population probably, but there are other parts of the country that have been badly affected in the state of puebla and others, which are neighbouring states to mexico city and where the epicentre occurred. so there are many people who lost everything in these areas and we will make sure to work there. finally, you know there was an
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earthquake, there was another massive earthquake on september 7th that affected the communities in the south of mexico. so we shan't forget that the response there has been inadequate and there are thousands of people who still need the support and the response from the government and the response from the government and from other instances in that crisis. you can also keep up to date on the bbc news website with live updates and eyewitness accounts — head to hurricane maria is battering puerto rico, as it continues its destructive path across the caribbean. it's brought with it winds of more than 150 miles per hour. the authorities there say the devastation is expected to be massive. simonjones reports. the most powerful storm to strike puerto rico in almost a hundred years. the message to the three
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and a half million people on the island is clear — you must take shelter, your lives are in danger. we have not experienced an event of this magnitude in our modern history. although it looks like a direct hit with major damage to puerto rico is inevitable, i ask for america's prayers. hundreds of shelters have been set up, officials fear the debris left by hurricane irma could prove dangerous in the winds of maria. i've never seen winds like this. you look at puerto rico. but i think we are doing a good job. the island of domenica was badly hit on monday. this footage has revealed the scale of damage. local radio operators say more than 90% of buildings have been hit. this was guadaloupe
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after maria struck. the clean—up won't be quick and it will be costly. those who got some of last flights out to the us mainland consider themselves the lucky ones. i evacuated on the royal caribbean ship. i made it outjust before the bad news that is coming from hurricane maria. the british over seas territories are faring the worse. the british government said it is ready. we have 60 tonnes of food and shelter and more coming. it so is wrong to say we we re more coming. it so is wrong to say we were not on it. we are providing support to people that have lost everything. people across puerto rico are trying to ride out the storm as best they can. but it is moving slowly
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and further islands fear they too will soon feel its force. the breaking news, last night britain's women's football team beat russia 6—0. but know understand the manager may be leaving. we understand that mark sampson is set to leave his role as england manager and there has been a development in the last few minutes. we understand his departure relates to fresh allegations regarding his behaviour ina allegations regarding his behaviour in a previous years some years ago. on the pitch everything is going well, the 6—0 victory you mentioned, but off the pitch sampson has been under scrutiny. his build up to last night's match was overshadowed by allegations of bullying and discrimination that emerged agains him at the start of august. made by
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the chelsea striker alu ko. him at the start of august. made by the chelsea striker aluko. this is separate from the reasons of him departing his post now. these other allegations have been happening over him. allegations which he denied. allegations of which he was cleared by two separate inquiries by the fa, an fa inquiry and an independent inquiry. still the pressure has been building. sampson said that pressure has taken a toll. now it seems his reasons for leaving the job relate to fresh allegations from some years previous. and yet, you have alluded to it. success on the pitch and last night after that first goal against russia, the team surrounded him in what looked like a unified show of support. exactly. it was a goal celebration and a statement as well made by one of the younger members of the squad after she scored that first goal. she gestured for the
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players to run over to mark sampson to show their support. i asked her about it and she said they wanted to show they were behind mark sampson. that was before these latest details emerged of course. but yes, you're right on the pitch it has been going very well for england. not only did they beat russia 6—0, they reached they beat russia 6—0, they reached the semi—finals of euro 2017. samp sovn led them to a third place finish at the world cup back in 2015. he has enjoyed a lot of success on the pitch for england. but it's these incidents off the pitch and allegations off the pitch that has overshadowed his time as england manager and has seen him depart hisjob. england manager and has seen him depart his job. when will we know? we are hoping to hearfrom depart his job. when will we know? we are hoping to hear from the depart his job. when will we know? we are hoping to hearfrom the fa in the next few hours. there is a meeting taking place at wembley,
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where we should have more details on this. but at the moment it is just our understanding that we believe he has left his role as england manager. he has been in the post since 2013. in terms of reasons surrounding his departure, we should have some more clarity from the fa in the next few hours. these are fresh algapings from some time ago and there will be questions a —— allegations from some time ago and there will be questions about due diligence. thank you very much. police investigating the device that partially detonated on an underground train in south west london last week have made two more arrests in south wales. a man was arrested in newport last night. two others were held there this morning. these latest arrests mean that five men are now in custody. let's look at a timeline of the investigation so far. on friday a bomb in bucket exploded on a train carriage at parsons green underground station in west london, injuring 30 people. the next day, police arrested an 18—year—old man at the port of dover,
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believed to be an iraqi refugee living with foster parents in surrey. later on saturday evening, a 21—year—old man was arrested at a takeaway in hounslow in west london, believed to be syrian ya hyah farroukh. yesterday police raided a house in newport in south wales, arresting a 25—year—old man. and today two more men have been arrested in newport, aged 48 and 30 — bringing the total number of suspects in custody to five. our wales correspondent, tomos morgan has been following the story. a 25—year—old male was arrested last night on the other side of newport from where we are but early this morning two individuals, a 30—year—old and a 48—year—old were arrested in this house behind me on this street very close to the city centre here in newport. it is understood from the sources that we have spoken to on the ground here that they may have been asylum seekers or refugees.
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we haven't had that confirmed as yet but as i say, this is a fast—moving operation and the police are continuing to investigate this house behind me as the road remains closed. this is part of the metropolitan police counterterrorism team that have come here to help all they have given the information to south wales police to carry out these arrests this morning. and the commander who heads the metropolitan police countered terrorist command says, "this is a fast—moving operation and a significant amount of activity has happened since friday. five people arrested so far in connection to the parsons green attack and as i say, the investigation centre in around the street behind me in newport at the moment. this is bbc news. the headlines: the headlines: a 7.1 magnitude earthquake has struck central mexico — killing more than 200 people and toppling dozens of buildings. hurricane maria has made landfall in puerto rico — with winds of 100 and 50mph.
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in sport the bbc understands mark sampson will leave his role as the england women's manager. the fa is expected to confirm his departure later tonight. his last match was last night's 6—0 victory over russia. two major paralympic world championships have been cancelled after the earthquake in mexico. and chris froome's trying to add a world champion to this year's achievements, he rides in the world championship time trial this afternoon. i'm back with morejust afternoon. i'm back with morejust after 11.30. the leader and deputy leader of the far—right group
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britain first have been charged with religiously aggravated harassment. paul golding, aged 35, and jayda fransen, aged 31, both from south east london, were arrested in may as part of an investigation into the distribution of leaflets and posting of videos online during the trial of three muslim men and a teenager who were convicted of rape at coventry crown court in may. mr golding and ms fransen will appear in court next month. the leader of spain's catalonia region carles puigdemont has called on catala ns to vote resolutely in favour of independence in a referendum next month. it comes after police raided his administration's offices and arrested officials. he accused madrid of being repressive, intimidating and totalitarian, saying it had in effect imposed a state of emergency. the bin strike in birmingham has been suspended after a high courtjudge blocked the council's plan to make more than a hundred refuse workers redundant. sincejuly, piles of rubbish have been building up on the streets of the city, as binmen and council officials fought over the proposals. the council says it needs to modernise the service and find ways to save money, but the judge has condemned what he called a ‘sorry saga'.
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sophie long reports. it's day 84 of this dispute. the rubbish is still mounting and so now is frustration. when were your bins last emptied? it will be four weeks now. theyjust need to collect it now because it's really smelly and there is too much mess. when you come back at night there is food everywhere on the floor. everywhere there is rubbish. there are rat droppings everywhere and maggots going out of the rubbish. it's not good. there are mountains of rubbish on every corner. while union leaders and birmingham city council are fighting it out at the high court in london, this is what people in birmingham are living with, piles and piles of rubbish. one man on this street told me he can't remember the last time his bins were emptied. it smells foul, there are flies everywhere and it's been going on for months.
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it began back injune when the council announced plans to restructure its waste management services. there was a pause in strike action in august when it looks like the deal might be reached. work stoppages then resumed on the 1st of september after the council issued redundancy notices to 106 staff. the refuge collectors then went to the high court to ask the judge to block those redundancy notices. they said they were unfair and in breach of employment contracts. this lunchtime, the strike has been suspended as a judge granted the injunction unite was asking for. people here will be hoping for the rubbish will finally be removed and this dispute might not be over yet. sophie long, bbc news, birmingham. two people have been taken to hospital with serious injuries
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following an incident at a recycling plant in nottingham. the emergency services were called to the bio dynamic site, which recycles food waste and turns it into electricity, on the collick industrial estate this morning. the fire service says the blast was caused by a gas tanker which collapsed. nearly a quarter of 1a year old girls in the uk have felt symptoms of depression — according to a study. it looked at data from more than 10 thousand young people. our health correspondent, dominic hughes, reports. down and lonely and a little bit hopeless. i couldn't see a future. this is how catherine perrin describes her 14—year—old self, struggling with anxiety and depression, and desperately trying to hold her life together. you have to pretend you're ok every day. the only reason you have to do that is because you don't really know why you are sad and it's easier than making an excuse. but you get caught in a web of lies and eventually someone finds you out. then it makes your situation worse. now a long—term study shows a significant number of teens are also struggling with mental health issues.
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at age 11, parents of boys and girls reported that 12% had experienced emotional problems. but at 1a, when the children ask themselves, nearly a quarter of girls reported feeling depressed. among boys, one in ten said they had felt down. the numbers of people experiencing depression is increasing. one of the authors of the report says this issue needs to be faced. me ntally mentally health problems are experienced earlier in life and are predictedive of problems in your later life. problems you express as an adolescent predict later in life. when these people become adults they are more likely to suffer from mental health problems. in terms of public health, this is a big issue and we need to look into it. opening up about how you are feeling can be hard at the best of times. but for these 14—year—olds, social media seems to be an added source of pressure. everyone takes pictures of themselves, posting them on
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instagram. you have to be dressed nicely for all your pictures. it is an artificial version of you. they are pushing you towards stress. she says she is going to get top grades, so you have to keep that up. these young people born since the turn of the century are the smartphone generation. there is a concern the prevalence of social media on those smartphones is adding to the pressure these teenagers already get from friends, family and school. dominic hughes, bbc news. some breaking news coming from reuters, we are hearing jake la motte, reuters, we are hearing jake lamotte, the former boxer, has died. he went on to an actor and stand up culture, media and —— stand up
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comedian. jake lamotta has died. his daughter is quoted as saying he has died at the age of 90. now to the un, the iranian president is speaking after calls yesterday from president trump, who was saying he has made a decision on whether to stick with the nuclear trade deal with iran. translation: they have constituted the most pivotal demands of the iranian people in over 150 yea rs of of the iranian people in over 150 years of struggle and particularly in the islam revolution of 1979. in
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its first term, while pursuing nuclear negotiations internationally, my government focussed at home on the deliberation and articulation of citizens' rights leading to ing ing to the announcing of citizens' rights. adoption of this charter conformed to the demands of the people who rose against dictatorial regimes, aspiring to restore their rights and human dignity 111 years ago in the constitutional revolution and again in the islamic revolution 39 years ago. ladies and gentlemen, i declare
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before this august global assembly, that moderation is the inclination as well as the chosen path of the great iranian people. moderation seeks neither isolation nor hegonomy. it implies neither indifference nor intransigence. the path of moderation is the path of peace. but a just and inclusive peace. but a just and inclusive peace. not peace for one nation and warand peace. not peace for one nation and war and turmoilfor peace. not peace for one nation and war and turmoil for others. moderation is freedom and democracy. but in an inclusive and comprehensive manner. not purporting
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to promote freedom in one place, while supporting dictators elsewhere. moderation is the synergy of ideas and not the dance of swords. and finally, the path of moderation nurtures beauty. deadly weapons exports are not beautiful. rather, peace is beautiful. we in iran strive to build peace and promote the right o's people and nations. we never defend tyranny and we never threaten anyone. but we do not tolerate threats from anybody. our discourse is one of dignity and
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respect. and we are unmoved by threats and intimidation. we believe in dialogue. and negotiation based on equal footing and mutual respect. in today's globalized world peace, security, stability and the progress of all nations are intertwined. it is not possible that a rogue and racist regime trample upon the most basic rights of palestinians and the usurpers of this land enjoy security. it is simply impossible for anybody to aspire to attain long—term stability prosperity and development while muslims in yemen, syria, iraq, bahrain, afghanistan,
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myanmar and other places live in misery, war and poverty. mr president, throughout its history, iran has been the bastion of tolerance for various religions and ethnicities. we are the same people who rescued thejews ethnicities. we are the same people who rescued the jews from ethnicities. we are the same people who rescued thejews from babylon and serve tud, opened our arms to welcome armenian christians in our midsts and created the iranian cultural coninnocent with a unique —— continent with a unique mix of religions and ethnicities. i respect the same iran that has historically
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assisted the oppressed, centuries ago we supported the rights of the jewish people and today we insist on the restoration of the rights of the palestinian people. today we're on the front lines of fighting terror and religious extremism in the east. not for sectarian or ethnic reasons but for an ethical humanitarian and strategic one. iran does not seek to restore its ancient empire, impose its official religion on others or export its revolution through the force of arms. we are so confident
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in the depth of our culture, the truth of our faith and tenacity and longevity of our revolution that we will never seek to export any of them in the way neo colonialists do with the heavy boots of soldiers. to promote our culture, civilisation, religion and revolution, we enter hearts and engage minds. we recite our poetry and engage in discourse on our philosophy, our ambassadors are our poets, our mistakes and our philosophers. we have reached the shores of this side of the atlantic through roomy and spread our influence throughout asia. we have
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already captured the world, we are therefore in no need of new conquests. excellences, the call of moderation is from a nation that has been committed to it. we are not preaching moderation but we are practising it, the jcp preaching moderation but we are practising it, thejcp 0a is a case in point. the deal is the outcome of two years of intensive multilateral negotiations overwhelmingly applauded by the international community and endorsed by the security council as a part of resolution 20 to 31. as such, it belongs to the international community in its entirety and not
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only to one or two countries. the agreement can become a new model for global interactions. interactions based on mutual constructive engagement between all of us. we have opened our doors to engagement and cooperation. we have concluded scores of development agreements with advanced countries of both east and west. unfortunately, some of those deprive themselves of this opportunity. they have imposed sanctions really against themselves and now they feel betrayed. we were not deceived nor did we cheat or deceive anyone. we have ourselves
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determined the extent of our nuclear programme, we never sought to achieve deterrence through nuclear weapons. we have immunised ourselves through our knowledge and more importantly the resilience of our people. this is our talent and our approach. some have claimed to have wa nted approach. some have claimed to have wanted to deprive iran of nuclear weapons, weapons that we have continuously and fissiparous league rejected. and of course we were not and are not distressful for going foran and are not distressful for going for an option that we in fact never sought. it is reprehensible that the rogue zionist regime that threatens regional and global security with its nuclear arsenal and is not committed to any international
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instrument or safeguard has the audacity to preach peaceful nations. ladies and gentlemen, just imagine for a moment how the middle east would look had the agreement not been concluded. imagine that along with civil wars, terror, humanitarian nightmares and complex social political prices in west asia that there was a manufactured nuclear crisis. how would we all fare? i declare before you that the islamic republic of iran will not be the first country to violate the agreement. but it will respond decisively and resolutely to its violation. by any party. it will be
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a great pity if this agreement were to be destroyed by rogue newcomers to be destroyed by rogue newcomers to the world of politics, the world will have lost a great opportunity but such unfortunate behaviour will never impede iran's course of progress and advancement. by violating its international commitments, the new us administration only destroys its own credibility and undermines international confidence in negotiating with it. or accepting its word or promise. ladies and gentlemen, four years ago, the islamic republic of iran sponsored
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the initiative of the world against violence and extremism. in this assembly. we considered dialogue and negotiations based on a positive paradigms as the... we have made a conscious decision to strengthen relations with our neighbours and the region and to enhance cooperation with all friendly countries. it is impossible to navigate through the complex and dangerous challenges in this turbulent transitional global phase without expanding interactions and exchanges and institutionalising dialogue between nations and states. the ignorant, absurd and hateful rhetoric filled with ridiculously
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baseless allegations that was uttered before this august audience yesterday was not only unfit to be heard at the united nations, which was established to promote peace and respect between nations, but indeed contradicted the demands of our nations from this world body to bring governments together to combat warand bring governments together to combat war and terror. i wish to underscore here that the defence capabilities of the islamic republic of iran including our missiles, are solely defensive deterrence for the maintenance of regional peace and stability. and the prevention of adventurist tendencies of irrational
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aspirins. we —— irrational asper ranks. during saddam hussein's eight—year reign of aggression against us. we will never allow our people to become victims of such catastrophic delusions again. instability and extremist violence have only been exacerbated in our region through the military interventions of extra regional actors. the same powers that try to sell ever more of their deadly weapons to other states by accusing iran offour weapons to other states by accusing iran of four mentoring instability. i want iran of four mentoring instability. iwant —— iran of four mentoring instability. i want —— fomenting instability. alien wishes on the people of the
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region will only widen and deepen the crisis in our region. the crisis in syria, yemen and bahrain do not have military solutions and can only be resolved through the ending of hostilities and through the wishes of the populaces. the united states government should explain to its own people why, after spending billions of dollars of the assets of the people of america, and of our region, instead of contributing to peace and stability, it has only brought war, misery, poverty and the rise of terrorism and extremism to the region. ladies and gentlemen... so, it's getting a bit personal. the
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deal is talking about of course the deal is talking about of course the deal on nuclear weapons. it follows the speech by donald trump at the un yesterday when he was suggesting that america may withdraw from the agreement. you the iranian president there say it would be such a shame ifa there say it would be such a shame if a rogue newcomer to the world of politics were to get his way. a clear reference of course to donald trump. he said that the speech yesterday was unfit to be heard at the un. he says iran is unmoved by threats and intimidation. note that president donald trump himself has said he hasn't made a decision —— he has made a decision but he hasn't said what that decision is. so that is the uranium president there at the un. and taken to the podium a little later will be the british minister theresa may. she is
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expected to challenge them to take down terrorist material within one to two hours of it first appearing. let's speak to elizabeth linder, a former facebook executive. shejoins me on webcam from sacramento in california. what more do you think that internet companies could do to crack down? elizabeth, can you hear me? know, we've obviously got a problem with our line. we hope to return a little later. hurricane maria is now the most powerful storm to strike in a century. more powerful even than hurricane and that struck last week. it already feels like it. the
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devastation being caused elsewhere in the region, we have seen but here in puerto rico people i used to these storms. nothing quite like this however. we have seen roofs ripped off near to where we are. we have seen satellite dishes come down, wires and electrical cables are down. it is very, very clear that this is going to be an extremely powerful storm bringing with it a lot of rainfall and those heavy winds. a lot of people have gone to evacuation shelters on the orders of governor. but there are many who are still waiting to hear from family and loved ones in other parts of the island. there is still a long time for this storm to pass over the territory of quarter rico and that is the big worry. it is moving very slowly and in the next few hours it can still dump a lot more rain and cause a lot more damage through these powerful winds. the foreign secretary borisjohnson
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says myanmar‘s de facto leader aung san suu kyi must do more to stop the unrest in the country which has left many rohingya muslims dead and provoked a refugee crisis. in the past month more than 400,000 rohingya muslims have fled across the border to bangladesh and are now living in makeshift camps there. the prime minister of bangladesh, has today called for myanmar to take back the hundreds of thousands of refugees and the un high commissionerfor human rights has called for sanctions against the country. our chief international affairs correspondent, lyse doucet, spoke to us earlier from the united nations in new york. said she decided not to come to the un general assembly this year. she would know what kind of reaction she would know what kind of reaction she would get and her speech yesterday in which he taught how she did not fear international scrutiny has raised a lot of questions here about the woman many expected would do more to help the plight of the people there. joining is outside the
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un is... you spoken to her many times over the past year, what did she say she could do about this crisis? the penultimate occasion when i spoke to her in november of last year, i asked for access to the states because the first attack on the border facility had occurred and we had to establish the truth and nothing came out of that. we waited for three weeks and i then decided to dispatch a team and take testimony in bangladesh from those who are fleeing. when we produced the report in early january, who are fleeing. when we produced the report in earlyjanuary, which was horrific in its contents, i spoke to her again and i appeal to that she use her emotional and moral standing in the country to assert pressure on the military. that this had to stop. to my great regret, it didn't seem to happen and i was a lwa ys didn't seem to happen and i was always a low intensity friction there. we warned that this is not going to be resolved and less deep
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and serious and meaningful steps we re and serious and meaningful steps were taken and we were allowed in. sadly that never happened and so the predictable occurred at the end of last month. very regrettably so. you called it a classic case of ethnic cleansing. a very defensive reaction from the authorities in my armagh but this is the case that is not going to go away because the crisis gets worse. just after 4:45pm. the earthquake has struck mexico killing many and toppling buildings. hurricane maria has hit landfall import rico with winds of 150 miles an hour. the bbc understands that mark sampson is set to leave his role as england women's football over allegations. we're going to see how the markets
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faired today in europe. european markets have been feeling the heat today — that's because of tensions over north korea and potential news on interest rates from the us later today. looking at individual stocks, europe's largest home improvement retailer has had a good day. kingfisher posted a 1% rise in first—half profit for this year but warned it was cautious for the next six months, pointing to the economic backdrop in both france and britain. kingfisher own b&q and screwfix. also, the group that own zara fashion says its continued to see strong demand despite a stronger euro. now if you live in london, conversation is never too far off from the housing market. a new study out today from the resolution foundation says that young people in britain are spending three times more on housing than their grandparents did. those now in their 70s and 80s spent just 7% of their annual income
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on housing at the age of 30. whereas the baby—boom generation — now in its 50s and 60s — spent 17% of income at the same age. the think tank claims, millennials are at the sharp end of what they call britain's ‘housing catastrophe'. we are a nation of spenders — retail sales jumped last month as shoppers continued to spend despite strong price rises. sales were up 2.4% on this time last year — which was much higher than forecasts. india's tata steel and german rival, thyssenkrupp are to merge their european steel operations. it'll create the world's second largest steel maker. the tie—up will lead to around 4,000 job losses. the two companies have been in negotiations since last year, when tata abandoned plans to sell off its uk operations — including its site at port talbot in south wales. let's remind ourselves of what we've been hearing today. it is more about the strategic logic, which is very strong because
4:50 pm
we are putting in europe which is not growing in terms of steel consumption in the way we see it in the developing economies like india or china and therefore we have to look at value based product profile. we need to look at investing significantly in technology. we need to look at investing significantly in innovation. there will be redundancies but the volume of the redundancies but the volume of the redundancies is a lot less than many people expected and on top of that, one clearly has to say, if both parties continue to stand alone, i think the redundancies to cope with the challenges of our industry would be higher. it is a step in the right direction, a very positive step when you consider thatjust direction, a very positive step when you consider that just over a direction, a very positive step when you consider thatjust over a year ago it was being thought that the port tolbert works might have to close. we have already got an
4:51 pm
understanding with the company that they will invest £100 million a year over the next ten years in british steel. that agreement is going to tra nsfer steel. that agreement is going to transfer into the joint venture, we have had that agreement agreement. we are confident that will happen. let's get more analysis now. we're joined now by richard marwood, senior fund manager at royal london asset management. let's start with tata dissing group. you have two big foreign groups merging that it will have repercussions in britain. clearly it will have repercussions but i think one thing that is injured —— interesting is a hurdle that stop this deal happen in the early was the pension scheme. there are an awful lot of uk pensioners who worked for british steel that are now part of the other scheme but in august there was a deal done that separated the operating steel
4:52 pm
company from that pension scheme and actually the removal of that block the deal is what has led us to this blog today. they will be looking to have theirjobs blog today. they will be looking to have their jobs secured blog today. they will be looking to have theirjobs secured on the back of having accepted the pensions proposals. let's move on to housing. this report out today shows that our grandparents were now in their 70s and 80s spend 7% of their income on housing, it's a lot more now. why has such dramatic change? it's clearly just to the itude, this is the latest scene from the earthquake in mexico. apparently 30 bodies have been recovered at a school and 22 people are still missing. 500 members of navy and army and police have been working throughout the day at the site. some
4:53 pm
voices have been heard, according to the mexican president. he had visited the rescue operation earlier, but obviously with each hour, hopes fade of finding any sr viivors —— survivors from that primary school. at least 209 schools have been affected by the quake. 15 of which have suffered severe damage. but as you can see, rescuers, many of them using their bare hands, trying to remove the rubble in the hope that they may find children survivors from that quake. 7.1 magnitude and this school building one of the buildings that was razed to the ground when the earthquake hit yesterday. most of the victims we are hearing died in the victims we are hearing died in the capital. 94 in mexico city. 43 in puebla state. and 12 dead across the state of mexico. 15 people
4:54 pm
killed when a church, when the... church near mexico's volcano collapsed during mass. this is the scene at the school. a rescue operation still under way. much more on this with ben brown at 5. now let's get the weather. we are going to start with maria and the latest on this hurricane. it land fall on the eastern side of puerto rico about 11.30 our time. it has been work across some of the most densely populated areas of this densely populated areas of this densely populated island. there are three and a half million people in harm's way. it is easing to 165mph, but the
4:55 pm
wind will cause catastrophic damage. then it will close to the north—east corner of the dominican republic. so we will see further big impacts. here we have a weather front that has been bringing rain across northern ireland and scotland. some damp weather working across western england and wales. tonight patchy rain in england and wales and the rain in england and wales and the rain turning heavier in scotland,ed northern ireland, wales and south west england. giving the winds are coming from the south, it is mild with temperatures between 11 and 14 celsius. so a mild start tomorrow, but cloudy and murky over the hills of wales and the pe nines. through the day the slow—moving band of rain will edge eastwards. some wet weather in the scotland and north—west england. temperatures 16
4:56 pm
degrees. brighter in the west and staying bright for the south—east where it will be warm. the final clears through thursday night and for friday a decent start, scotland, england and wales, however the weather going down hill in the west as the next band of rain comes in. weakening as it bumps into the high pressure. east anglia and the south—east again doing well for temperatures. highs of 19 or 20 degrees. that front will continue to fizzle through friday night to leave us on fizzle through friday night to leave us on saturday with a decent day. for most of us dry with some sunshine. temperature between 17 and 20. but we will see some rain threatening western counties of northern ireland on saturday afternoon. that is the latest weather. find out more about the weather. find out more about the weather this weekend by looking at the web—site. today at five... more than 200 people are killed after a powerful
4:57 pm
earthquake hits mexico. dozens of buildings in the capital have been damaged, some reduced to rubble. children at school when the quake hit are pulled from the rubble, as rescuers continue their desperate search for the dozens still missing. translation: my family has gone. dozens of buildings were demolished as the 7.1 magnitude quake struck in the middle of the afternoon. we'll have the latest. the other main stories on bbc news at five... the path of hurricane maria takes it over puerto rico — with winds of 150 miles an hour and torrential rain.
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