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tv   BBC News  BBC News  September 21, 2017 5:45am-6:01am BST

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refund airline says it will refund passengers and book them onto other flights, awarding compensation to those due to fly out within two weeks. frankie mccamley, bbc news. coming up at 6am on breakfast. charlie stayt and naga munchetty will have all the day's news, business, and sport. they'll also be live at heathrow airport to wave off some of the military veterans who are heading to canada to represent the uk at this year's invictus games in events such as wheelchair rugby, sitting volleyball, and powerlifting. this is bbc news. the latest headlines: a powerful earthquake has killed more than 200 people in mexico. in the capital, the search for survivors in collapsed buildings is continuing, including at a primary school. hurricane maria has torn a path of destruction across puerto rico. flooding and severe winds have knocked out power to the entire island. thousands take to the streets of barcelona to protest
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against attempts by the national government to stop an independence referendum. now it is time for our news review. we begin with the irish times which focusses on the bitter words being exchanged between iran's president hassan rohani and us president donald trump. mr rohani warned iran would "act decisively" if the us walked away from the current nuclear deal. mr trump in his recent address to the un called iran a "rogue state" that threatened world peace. the times reports on the protests that continue in barcelona against the spanish government's attempts to halt an independence referendum.
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thousands of demonstrators took the streets after police seized nearly ten million ballot papers. the guardian leads with uk prime minister theresa may's speech to the un where she warned president trump that his plan to withdraw from the paris climate change treaty ranks alongside north korea's nuclear missile crisis as a threat to global security and prosperity. the times business pages say the us central bank is to begin reversing one of the key measures it took in the aftermath of the global financial crisis nearly a decade ago. following the crash the federal reserve embarked on what's known as quantitative easing to prevent a recession from becoming even more severe. the independent carries a warning from the organisation for economic co—operation and development which predicts the uk economy will slow rapidly if britain continues to head towards a "hard" brexit. and finally as this picture
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in the times shows, some big cats let their curiosity get the better of them as they brought a 30 tonne tank to a standstill. members of the ist batallion yorkshire regiment who were preparing for an event in longleat safari park also had their defences probed by the park's notoriously mischievous monkeys. with us is david buik who's a market strategist at panmure gordon. good morning, david. should we start with the un general assembly turning up with the un general assembly turning up so many stories this time around. interesting to hear what iran's president makes of america's president, calling him a rogue newcomer. i think the first
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observation with this is i thought the whole tone of the united nations —— united nations was fairly bellicose and jingoistic and we have ple nty of bellicose and jingoistic and we have plenty of that. i'm not certain it is helpful. he wants strong leadership that he wants rogue states to stop. when president obama agreed to this deal with hassan rohani, there was enormous amount of good faith and a lot of hissing through the teeth, is this actually going to help peace in the middle east? doesn't seem to have got any worse. all i can say today, we are very much lucky to have hassan rohani there instead of ahmadinejad, who was unpredictable. it's not as much of a rogue state as it was. nor would many other people agree with me. when you get to the sort of bellicose comment, it's not helpful. if he's got an issue with a run mac,
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its diplomacy. can we have a bit more of it. -- iran. he says that the emmy people who wouldn't agree are israel and the us. the europeans are israel and the us. the europeans are still on board. interesting to see, donald trump has made a decision. we will see it on twitter, on his twitter feed. decision. we will see it on twitter, on his twitterfeed. interesting, the situation in spain as catalan tries —— catalonia tries to go ahead with an independence referendum and the spanish government are having nothing of it. the situation is, we forget that the real wealth of spain is in catalonia. all that area around barcelona. you can understand, it's like people saying, hang on, i don't want to contribute to the poorer parts of the european union. why do i have to, who run
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their economies incompetently? this is what i think the catalan referendum is all about. the idea that the police or the authorities would go into some small town miles north of barcelona say, i will have 10 million voting papers taken away, that's not democratic. that is truly terrible. i was there over the weekend looking out for the signs and there are not many posters say m, and there are not many posters say in, yes for the referendum and pushing for it and i'm not sure they would get through a referendum as the yes for independence. the amount of effort to start the list seems to be creating this wave, we must be allowing the vote. i think there is allowing the vote. i think there is a fever there but the fact remains, you are part of an overall economy. you've got to see what happens when the plug is pulled. back to donald
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trump, it is this whole issue about whether you work in a multilateral world or not. she is focused on the paris climate treaty, and her remarks are quite inflammatory for the prime minister who has flip—flopped a bit, who does not seem to know how to play donald trump sometimes, theresa may. we wa nt trump sometimes, theresa may. we want some clarity on friday in florence. we want to see the uk back on the podium as a world leader. we have ducked into the dark recently and this kind of comment is not helpful. to stress the importance of the country, of course you would say it is fundamental to the freedom of the world and prosperity is great. but to compare it with north korea... no. do you mind, david, and it is one of your favourite subjects, the fed and the markets
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but talking about theresa may and strong leadership, it goes without next story which is the early cd forecasting the uk economy heading forecasting the uk economy heading for tough times because of brexit. we know that you were one that wa nted we know that you were one that wanted the uk to leave the european union. what do you make of these warnings? catherine man is doing her job but we've been there before. christine the guard was saying the uk was finished economically and the re st of uk was finished economically and the rest of it didn't happen, it won't happen. how can you be so sure? i thought you had an excellent illustration yesterday that cut through the political fact. business will make these decisions were not work. at the end of the day, do you wa nt work. at the end of the day, do you want to be in the driving seat in terms of deciding what is going to happen in economic activity and business industry? are part of the messages, next year, it's going to slow down. is it that continuing
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uncertainty, whether it will all be in place? we are still members for another 18 months. i have the get some clarity on monday, on friday, sorry. to suddenly say where we have had no sign of unemployment going up, that catherine mann says it is going up to 5.2, it is ridiculous. she's got nothing to base it on apart from the fact that hard brexit is not good. journalistic cliche to this which is, only time will tell. it is wonderful. nice to see you. thank you very much. we will have to leave the monkey business for another day. indeed. hello. the very same weather system that produced a very wet wednesday in northern ireland is gradually pushing further east across the uk during thursday. here it is.
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at least to begin the day, there will be heavy rain bursts in western areas. we are looking at things at eight o'clock in the morning. you can see it in the west of wales into south—west scotland. all points east of that should be fine and dry. a mild morning compared to wednesday. but the overnight rain is pushing away from northern ireland. something sunny not far away. it is a bit lighter the further north you are. some of us in eastern scotland will start the day dry. it is very slowly going east. even by the end of the afternoon it won't be into eastern england. ahead of this weather system, in some sunshine, feeling quite cooler. but the sun will come out. northern ireland, scattered heavy showers. some pushing in the western parts of scotland through the day, especially into the western isles. that weather system is just creeping into western parts of eastern england that stayed dry on thursday.
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thursday night, a chilly night into friday morning. widely into single figures, low single figures in some spots, a few patches of mist and fog. northern ireland, another system of weather coming in with rain. a gale in the irish sea. that rain is gradually edging into other western and northern parts of the uk into friday. again, leaving much of central and eastern england dry. pulling away from northern ireland, with sunny spells coming back. again, leaving much of central and eastern england dry. pulling away from northern ireland, with sunny spells coming back. the weekend starts with a frightening area of low pressure, but most of the energy is pushing away to the north. a weaker weather front heading our way slowly as the weekend goes on. a gale in places. trailing with a front heading as the week and goes on. it will be windy across western areas on saturday.
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a mild breeze blowing elsewhere across the uk. sunny spells developing from the south. the odd spot of rain shifting northwards through the day. a weather front weakening in the west of the uk. ahead of that, we'll see the higher temperatures. some spots are into the low 20s perhaps. hurricane maria is out of mexico and is moving close to the north—east coast of the dominican republic. it could be a major hurricane cloe to the turks and caicos islands by friday. hello, this is breakfast with charlie stayt and naga munchetty. a race against time as rescuers search for survivors of the mexico earthquake. an operation to free children trapped under rubble at a school in mexico city is still taking place. a 13 year old girl is among several people thought to be live beneath the debris. these are the latest pictures as an operation involving hundreds of emergency workers takes place. we'll be live in mexico city as that rescue unfolds. good morning, it's
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thursday 21st september. also coming up, an urgent review of cycle safety.
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