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this is bbc news. the headlines at 11. the latest round of brexit talks ends with both sides saying progress has been made. but the eu negotiator says it could be months before they start to discuss future relations. cricketer ben stokes will not be considered for selection for international cricket until further notice after his arrest on suspicion of assault. ryanair is threatened with legal action for "persistently misleading" passengers about their rights, following thousands more flight cancellations. four catholic families have moved out of their homes in belfast because of sectarian threats, following advice from police that they were unsafe. and on newsnight, has britain gone off capitalism? jeremy corbyn said it was in crisis. we will discuss.
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good evening and welcome to bbc news. after a fourth round of brexit negotiations, there's still no prospect of a start to talks about britain's future trade relationship with the european union. the government had been hoping that those trade talks would get the go—ahead in a few weeks but the eu's chief negotiator michael barnier said it could still be months away. nonetheless, the brexit minister david davis insisted that ‘decisive steps forward' had been made in the latest round of talks. our political correspondent ben wright reports from brussels. the british minister's car is the same, ajag, of course, but the tone of these brexit talks has changed. a month ago it was fractious, frosty. the divides were wide.
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today, reporting back on the week's negotiations, david davis and his counterpart were conciliatory and for the first time mr davis spoke first. i believe, thanks to the constructive and determined manner in which both sides have conducted these negotiations, we are making decisive steps forward. david and i, as well as our teams, worked well together. mr barnier said the two sides managed to find clarity on some points and it does seem the prime minister's speech in florence last week has helped unblock the talks. in particular, her candour about the cash the uk is willing to pay the eu. the uk will honour commitments we have made during the period of our membership. the uk has yet to spell out exactly what it thinks its commitments are, and the financial settlement is one of the key three issues on the table and it remains very contentious. the current eu budget period runs
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until the end of 2020, two years after we've left. the uk has said that other eu countries should not lose out, but mr barnier said the uk's spending promises stretch further into the future. translation: if you're only talking about two years, that's not the end, is it? the commitments entered into by the uk, while they were a member of the union up to the time of their withdrawal, all those commitments will have to be honoured. protecting citizens' rights after brexit remains another disagreement. the two sides seem closer, but the question of how eu citizens in the uk can pursue disputes is unresolved. a major question remains open between us. it relates to the enforcement of citizens' rights after we leave the european union. the uk has been clear that there is a third country outside of the european union, and it would be not right for the role to be performed
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by the european court ofjustice. but the eu is adamant it should. that the role of the court of the european justice was a stumbling block. the future of the border between the northern ireland and the republic of ireland is the third issue being discussed. david davis said both sides were trying to find solutions but it is not clear what they are. what is not being negotiated now is the future trade and security relationship between the uk and the eu, as the talks can only move on when the eu decide that progress has been made to the frustration of david davis and his team. michel barnier, can you define clearly for us, please, the phrase "sufficient progress"? it is very vague. translation: it will take weeks or months before we can say, that there has been is sufficient progress on the principles of this orderly withdrawal. so it may be months before we know what sufficient progress means. tonight, the eu leaders have having an informal dinner
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to map their future. a future with one less chair at the table. tomorrow, theresa may will have the chance to discuss brexit with angela merkel. and the eu leaders will decide whether or not the brexit talks can move on. the england cricketer ben stokes, widely regarded as the most gifted player of his generation, has been told he won't be considered for international selection until further notice. it follows his arrest after an incident in bristol earlier this week. the england and wales cricket board took the decision after studying images which seem to show him fighting outside a nightclub. stokes is the england vice—captain and was seen as essential to england's chances of retaining the ashes this winter as our sports editor dan roan reports. they're the shocking scenes that have cast a shadow over english cricket — a video allegedly showing england vice captain ben stokes, circled here in a green t—shirt, involved in a street fight. the footage, published
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by the sun newspaper, claims to show the cricketer brawling with two men outside a nightclub in bristol in the early hours of monday morning. despite appeals for calm from others present, stokes appears to grapple with a man on the floor before throwing a flurry of punches. a 27—year—old was later taken to hospital with facial injuries. stokes, who was arrested after visiting the mbargo nightclub in a city where hours earlier england had played a one day international, was held on suspicion of causing actual bodily harm and released under investigation. team—mate alex hales, who was with him, is helping police with their inquiries. only yesterday, ben stokes was included in england's ashes squad that will leave for australia in november. but the ecb, having reviewed the footage this afternoon, said that neither he nor hales would be considered for selection pending their own internal review and the police investigation. england's ashes preparations thrown into disarray.
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it's not the first time that stokes has faced scrutiny off the field. in 2011, he was cautioned after obstructing a police officer during a night out in newcastle. two years later, he was sent home from the lions tour in australia for repeated late—night drinking. in 2014, he broke his hand after punching a dressing room locker that ruled him out of the t20 world cup. and last year, stokes was banned from driving after being caught speeding four times. he's not streetwise off the pitch. that's something only he can get right. he has been told by many to improve his lifestyle, to not do this, not do that. but ultimately, he has to look himself in the mirror and change. earlier, stokes, who fractured a finger in this latest incident, was said to be fragile and devastated. arguably the world's best all—rounder, the 26—year—old's global appeal was confirmed earlier this year when he became the most expensive foreign player in the hugely popular indian premier league. stokes has not been charged, but if he is and is then convicted, his future could be in question.
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the usual outcome is very fact—specific. the worst—case scenario is five years in prison and a fine. that's potentially what he could be looking at in the worst—case scenario, but it will depend on the facts. stokes was the man the aussies feared most this winter, but after a night that appears to have spiralled out of control, his fate now lies in the hands of the police and the cricket authorities. the all—rounder‘s ashes dream seems a long way off. dan roan, bbc news, at lord's. ryanair is facing increasing criticism over its plans to cancel thousands of flights, and it's been accused by the civil aviation authority of ‘persistently misleading passengers' about the kind of compensation they can claim. the caa has now given ryanair until five o'clock tomorrow afternoon to correct its compensation policy, to comply with consumer protection law. the airline says it will do whatever is necessary. the caa could take legal action if it's not happy with ryanair‘s
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response, as our correspondent richard westcott reports. it is europe's biggest and busiest airline. but ryanair has been made to look a little small today, accused of persistently misleading nearly three quarters of a million customers, the uk regulator has now threatened them with legal action. we wa nt threatened them with legal action. we want them to make it crystal clear that every single passenger what they are entitled to in terms of rerouting expenses and compensation where applicable to the we do not think that is a big task, the law is likely to. there is no disputing the law. it isjust about the willingness of ryanair could the regulator says that airlines are meant to read book passengers on rival carriers if they cannot replace the council to fly. but listen to ryanair‘s of last week.
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replace the council to fly. but listen to ryanair's of last week. we will not pay for flights on other airlines. now to begin is not part of entitlement that it we cannot afford the high fares of our competitors. there are many confused customers contacting the bbc. matthew, in an online chat with the airline, told them the they are obligated to reroute him to ryanair replied no, they are not. duncan says they refused to book me on another flight, except for the says they refused to book me on anotherflight, except for the next ryanair one on anotherflight, except for the next rya nair one on wednesday, anotherflight, except for the next ryanair one on wednesday, which was three days later kevin says now where did they say the good book on the flight was another airline. the caa has written to ryanair are again tonight, setting out a series of deadlines and by five p.m. tomorrow they must put more information on they must put more information on the website about how people can reroute flights and claim back expenses to have been told to then
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e—mail passengers about their rights by the of next week. it is rare for you to go public like this. you must be angry. we are serious. we do not understand why this needs to drag on for weeks and why at the end of this process , for weeks and why at the end of this process, customers still can be clear about they are entitled to when ryanair clear about they are entitled to when rya nair council hundreds clear about they are entitled to when ryanair council hundreds of thousands of journeys. caa takes further action, it could land the airline was a multimillion dollar power of the pound fighter to override sa it will comply with the regulator and has issued instructions to yesterday, 3a winter roots were suspended, including five in scotland. i have serious concerns about the decisions taken by ryanair that will cause disruption to many passengers travelling to and from scotla nd passengers travelling to and from scotland and london and to other destinations across europe. and passengers were concerned as well. we have the higher minibars to go to
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newcastle. and then try to get a flight newcastle. and then try to get a flight to barcelona. it isjust... ryanair. i am not happy with them. there is a global shortage of pilots right now. plenty of rivals are recruiting. ryanair did right now. plenty of rivals are recruiting. rya nair did not right now. plenty of rivals are recruiting. ryanair did not have enough crews to cover the holidays, after counselling 20,000 enough crews to cover the holidays, after counselling 20 , 000 slides enough crews to cover the holidays, after counselling 20,000 slides out of the blue, it is promising no more problems ahead. —— cancelling 20,000 flights. four catholic families have moved out of their homes in belfast because of sectarian threats. one of the people affected said police officers visited his family and told them they needed to leave. sinn fein has accused the paramilitary ulster volunteer force of being behind the intimidation. catherine morrison's been speaking to one man who, along with his wife and young child, are now homeless. close off ravenhill road, this was
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meant to be a shared community, part ofa meant to be a shared community, part of a multi—million pound government project to encourage catholics and protesta nts project to encourage catholics and protestants to live together. but now, a number of catholics who moved in and have been forced to move out to big police officers visited four families here at midnight on tuesday. it is understood they packed up and left there and then, some with small children to this man was one of those who had to leave with his wife and young child. a big shock. i thought we, i thought we got along, you know? nothing has been said in the last year. and then just all of a sudden... we just need to know what is going to happen. sinn fein have pointed to the ulster volunteer force is the source of the threats. they said they were going
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to get tough with paramilitaries. they need to get tough with the ulster volunteer force. be a operate with impunity in the area. the last thing they seem —— need to stand up to the thugs and bullyboys. back claim has been disputed by some loyalist. police are continuing to investigate who was behind the intimidation. we understand who is behind it. we do not want to speculate but whoever is involved, it is not what the people of east belfast wa nts it is not what the people of east belfast wants in terms of a working community. this is not the first time this place has been in the news. there was controversy last summer when ulster volunteer force flags appeared on lampposts in the area. i understand the flags are due to come down shortly, due to come down after ulster day, today. but
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this is beside the point. the reality of the situation is that there has been intimidation, the intimidation is wrong, and it has no place in the northern ireland we wish to build. the housing executive is now trying to re— home the four families as soon as possible. that's a summary of the news. newsday is coming up at midnight. now on bbc news it's time for newsnight. must crush capitalism... the rise and rise of the anti—capitalists. is the free market going out of fashion? labour declares it in crisis. the pm jumps to its defence. a free—market economy operating under the right rules and regulations is the greatest agent of collective human progress ever created.


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