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tv   Sportsday  BBC News  September 29, 2017 10:30pm-10:46pm BST

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solid england were able to put on a solid cricketing display. johnny bairstow was cricket —— crucial in that. he wasn't guaranteed a place. jason roy making the most of alex hales‘ absence. police in bristol were renewing their appeal for two witnesses to come forward over the criminal investigation that goes on in two events of 2:30am or thereabouts monday evening in bristol. everybody who was at the ground tonight including england's players are beginning to think about how england will take on the ashes this winter without ben stokes. there was more super league semi final drama tonight. following the golden point drop goal that sent castleford through to the grand final. leeds held off hull fc beating them 18—16 at headingley to reach old trafford for a west yorkshire derby next weekend. tim hague reports. 80 minutes from the grand final. will it be the final four in danny
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mcguire and rob arrow? leaving and retiring from the game respectively. there was little surprise when leeds went into an early lead. two tries to stop 12—0 in 20 minutes. their tea m to stop 12—0 in 20 minutes. their team bus turned a place —— turned up late and so did a whole. gareth ellis wanting to go about with a bang. these moves getting whole closer. —— hull. this score making it 16 apiece. called what —— could kallu m it 16 apiece. called what —— could kallum watkins do hisjob? it it 16 apiece. called what —— could kallum watkins do his job? it was neverin kallum watkins do his job? it was never in doubt. there was still time for fingernails never in doubt. there was still time forfingernails to be punished and the hosts would hang on. one more game for mcguire and coe as castleford await at old trafford. three games in rugby union's premiership tonight,
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and newcastle falcons are top of the table after a 29—17 win over london irish three tries in eight minutes put enough distance between the sides. vereniki goneva scored two of them for the falcons who have won four out of five games this season. sale scored eight tries in their 57—10 win over gloucester. byron mcguigan scoring a hat—trick but the pick of the tries came in the first minute from denny solomona. and saracens picked up a win at worcester. chris wyles scored twice in their 25—3 victory. the ospreys poor start to the season has continued after falling wales hooker scott baldwin couldn't play in that game for ospreys because he'd had his hand bitten by a lion in bloemfontein. he was taken to hospital after the incident at a local game park to receive stitches
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and treatment against infection. his coach steve tandy didn't seem to have very much sympathy, calling it pretty stupid. the ospreys poor start to the season has continued after falling to a fourth successive defeat in the prom to the cheetahs in bloemfontein. despite leading at half—time the welsh side were rangers won 4—1 away at hamilton in the evening's scottish premiership fixture to move into third in the table. accies took the lead inside the opening minute but defender declanjohn scored a quickfire double to give the away side the advantage. rangers managed two more goals and had ryanjack sent off whilst hamilton missed a penalty. rangers go above stjohnstone on goal difference. after he was injured in a car crash in amsterdam, manchester city striker sergio aguero insists he's fine. and we understand he may only miss two to four weeks. he's tweeted a picture from his home to say he's broken a rib and it hurts. but after seeing club doctors today aguero, who missed training this morning because of the incident involving a taxi, could be back sooner than expected. his manager pep guardiola held
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a press conference before having a chance to speak to aguero who was in the netherlands to watch a concert. birmingham has received official backing from the government to be the uk's candidate city for the 2022 commonwealth games. but their bid could face opposition from canada, australia and malaysia. our sports editor dan roan has more. local children are enjoying the alexandra stadium. this could play host to some of the world's best athletes. the bid to bring the commonwealth games here receiving government backing. we have never hosted a multisport event here before. we've hosted world championships of lots of individual sports like badminton, gymnastics, but this is our time to show the world we can bring everyone together and it is part of the bigger story
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of the revival of the west midlands. the stadium will get a major upgrade. a brand—new aquatics centre will be built and famous landmarks transformed into venues. victoria square will provide a historic backdrop to the basketball tournament. bring in the commonwealth going —— games here to cost three quarters of £1 billion. is it worth it? that has always been a boost to the local economy from hosting the event and what you do see is a strong legacy in terms of participation but use of the venues after the event. teale —— it is a real opportunity the birmingham and the uk to showcase itself is hosting these made it international events gci’oss these made it international events across the world. struggling with a bin disputes that hangs over the city, birmingham will have to pay for a quarter of the games itself. sun—macro we have received the
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largest cut of any local government in terms of spending power. these are challenging times but we have got the whole of the region behind oui’ got the whole of the region behind our bid and the region contributing so we can our bid and the region contributing so we can deliver the best commonwealth games. for britain's number—1 rhythmic gymnast, the daily trading resumed —— machine has now motivation. to have a games that mean so motivation. to have a games that mean so much to them come to their own city and their own home town and country, it would be the highlight of my career. the success of glasgow's commonwealth games and housed prisons statement. birmingham's task will to be holding on that legacy and justify the cost. that's all from sportsday. hello and welcome to our look ahead
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to what the the papers will be bringing us tomorrow. with me are susie boniface, columnist at the daily mirror and tim stanley, of the telegraph. good evening to you both. you are co—ordinated. tomorrow's front pages starting with the times says foreign secretary boris johnson is under pressure ahead of the conservative party conference. the telegraph leads with a warning from the chief inspector of hospitals that the nhs is not fit for the 21st century. the i leads with a warning about air quality inside airplanes. the guardian claims that supermarkets are suspending deliveries of chickens over alleged food hygiene breaches. the daily mail says that
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environment secretary michael gove is working to toughen the penalties for cruelty to animals. allegations about keeping migrants ina allegations about keeping migrants in a garden. the mirror claims that a victim of the manchester bombing lost herjob for being off sick. and the daily express warns of powerful storms heading for britain. we have got to start with the conservative party conference, hathaway? two people are happy. let's start with the sun. maybe a bit of envy over this one. we have the 4000 word essay that he talked
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about. i read it. someone had to. we wa nt to about. i read it. someone had to. we want to know what theresa may will say at the party conference but we wa nt to say at the party conference but we want to know what boris johnson will say because he has been given the keynote speech on tuesday. number ten have not seen the content. here, we get a flavour of what might be in it. he says things like, there is a jangling ganglion of people waiting for the tremor of difference between members of the government implying there is no difference between him and the prime minister. this interview is a list of things he disagrees with the prime minister about. the prime minister said in florence you once the transition deal to be two years long. it looks as though not much will change about oui’ as though not much will change about our relationship with the eu when it happens. he is saying there must be no longer than two years, not a second more. he says during that period the uk must refuse to accept
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no ecj rulings and says there must be no payments of single market access and the uk must not agreed a shadow eu rules to gain access to market. i will hand over to cz as to why that is wrong. he can say what he likes. he is not in charge of brexit. he is the foreign secretary and not the promina step. the prime lister can take the views and consideration but she is the one who says, i demand this. it is not the foreign secretary'sjob says, i demand this. it is not the foreign secretary's job to do so and it is very much not the position of a cabinet ministerand it is very much not the position of a cabinet minister and not one of the great offices of state to come out in one of the biggest newspapers and force his boss to break responsibility and force his boss to either repel what he says or adapt it, to look weak or strong fight for her right to be prime minister. he is bullying the prime minister with
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what he's saying. he might be right or wrong. this is an indication of just how intelligent this man is. i got that from my own talking to people very strongly. what that teaches me is that really is it. when you quote verbatim and use french and latin, that is not fair. that is still chew british. the man has nothing to say. look at me. why is he saying it? there is a split in the cabinet and this is the only way he can see to affect policy. there is no denying that while boris was foreign secretary he has been
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sidelined and not been the centre of the brexit process. this is not his job. he should be influencing it within the cabinet. why not during a tory conference? this is perhaps time to have that debate. this is not helpful to negotiations. it is not helpful to negotiations. it is not helpful to negotiations. it is not helpful at the time of a party co nfe re nce not helpful at the time of a party conference that their second or third in command is to start saying i disagree with the lead on this point. if labour had done it, you will be talking about labour splits. this is not the way to carry on. this is not the way to carry on. this is not the way to carry on. this is egotistical, overarching arrogance insisting i know and i wa nt arrogance insisting i know and i want to be heard and this is me. arrogance insisting i know and i want to be heard and this is mem is democratic and witty and entirely welcome. none of that has been
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waived. let's move on to the times. johnson and a fire of eve of the tory conference. who is the under fire from? ruth davison -- ruth davidson. she is slightly better at herjob. she is saying he has two shut up and can't keep doing the splits. she says it did stop the march towards the referendum. further down this story, they say preparations for the conservative co nfe re nce preparations for the conservative conference are in chaos. the tories have not yet seen boris' speech. he tends to write things the night before. writes two versions of things sometimes. there is concern
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that policy offerings were going to be weak and watery. the apology that she will make to her activists further wrecking the election will be made behind closed doors and it will be a public humiliation. boris wa nts to will be a public humiliation. boris wants to influence the prime minister. she is on the liberal left wing of the party and she is not evenin wing of the party and she is not even in westminster. she is leader of the scottish tories. that is who she is trying to appeal to. trying to keep onside with scottish opinion which is broadly more remain. in the same way as boris prior to a conference kicking off a debate, she is doing exactly the same. i don't deny there is a story here. there is disagreement within the ranks of the
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tory party but it shouldn't surprise us tory party but it shouldn't surprise us that former remain was the person that led the brexit campaign. you have to learn when to keep your mouth shut —— shut and express opinions. her mouth is not closed in this article. she is being diplomatic if you read some of the quotes. let's go one to something else. the telegraph and nhs not fit the 21st—century. this is the new chief inspector of hospitals saying this. professor ted baker has called for immediate action to prevent safety in a&e saying that the nhs will struggle. in the last few yea rs, will struggle. in the last few years, it has done. this


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