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tv   Sportsday  BBC News  October 3, 2017 6:30pm-6:51pm BST

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hello. this is bbc news. the headlines. president trump says america needs to talk about its gun laws — after stephen paddock shot dead 59 people in las vegas — so far there's no sense of his motives. he was a sick man, a demented man, a lot of problems i guess, and we are looking into him very, very seriously, but we are dealing with a very sick individual. meanwhile, president trump has arrived in the us territory of puerto rico to assess damage caused by hurricane maria two weeks ago. at the conservative conference — borisjohnson declares that theresa may will make a success of brexit. workers across catalonia strike in protest at the violence of spanish police during the independence referendum. the king is due to address the nation. scotland bans fracking after a public consultation shows overwhelming opposition to it. workers at royal mail vote in favour of strike action, in a dispute over pensions and pay.
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in a moment it will be time for sportsday but first a look at what else is coming up this evening on bbc news. and beyond 100 days will have much more on developments in las vegas — as police are still no clearer as to why the gunman shot dead 59 people, injuring hundreds more. as president trump faces a testing time at home and abroad, we'll have the latest on his visit to hurricane—hit puerto rico, where he's been criticised over a lack of help sent to the territory. and we'll take a look at how all of today's stories — and tomorrow's headlines — are covered in the the papers, my guests this evening are economic advisor ruth lea and the independent‘s economics editor, ben chu. that's all ahead on bbc news. now time for sportsday. hello and welcome to sportsday.
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iam i am holly hamilton. a one—year ban for dan evans after testing positive for dan evans after testing positive for cocaine. no gareth bale for wales and the world cup qualifiers, an injury means he is ruled out for matches against georgia and the republic of ireland. and for the first time the england women cricketers are ranked world number one, the captain says the ashes series will be a close contest. plenty to come in an action packed sportsday but we'll start with the news that wales will be without their star player, gareth bale, for theirfinal world cup qualifiers against georgia and the republic of ireland over the next week. and dan evans is to face a ban after
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testing positive for cocaine. we learnt about that earlier this year at quite an emotional press conference. it is something that he has been quite upfront about? he was quick to admit that he had cocaine in his system. the first part of his defence was to convince the international tennis federation that he had taken that cocaine out of competition in the context related to sport. and then as he has successfully managed to do, convince them that he should bear no significant fault or negligence. so that ban is just one year. the story which was accepted is that dan evans had taken cocaine, stored the leftovers in the pocket of a wash bag where he was also storing some
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legal medication that he was taking at the time. according to an expert this was the reason for the contamination of the legal medication that he was taking. because the dose was very small, the itf believed a one—year ban was appropriate and he will return on april the 24th next year. that ban has been backdated obviously, do you think that that is quite fair?|j think that that is quite fair?” think when we had the details of the case first of all, that he took this drug recreationally as he has now proved, in the heart of the clay—court season four days before his opening match in barcelona, clearly it was hugely risky. but he has put his case and the international tennis federation have taken a more emollient approach to recent high—profile doping cases, they fought the case for maria sharapova very hard. the ban was cut at the arbitration court. and they
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we re at the arbitration court. and they were keen not to go down the same route. so there was no independent hearing because dan evans had admitted responsibility and was prepared to accept the ban that the itf came up with and there was no need for money and time to be spent on an independent hearing. while you're here, we can ask about johanna konta, pulled out of the tournament in hong kong because of injury. but not a great run of weeks her. this is the next tournament she was due to play in, she lost her last five matches, she has played in the last three weeks, officially she has a left foot injury but we are told it is not serious. it appears told it is not serious. it appears to be precautionary and it means if she needs to play in moscow the week after the final, a week in which players can qualify for the championships, she still can. she may play there but may already be qualified for singapore at the end of the month because even though she keeps losing matches, five in a row,
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those who could not crowd of the qualifying position also are losing their matches. so it looks like she will become the first british woman since the 1980s to play at that season since the 1980s to play at that season ending tour finals. thank you very much. no gareth bale for wales as they head into their final world cup qualifiers against georgia and republic of ireland. wales are second in their group with those two games remaining. and they have to stay there to have any chance of reaching the play—offs. let's get more on this now from our reporter. like the whole of wales obviously it is disappointing news. he's such a wonderful footballer but also what he brings to the team in terms of his leadership qualities and changing moments which he obviously has. at the same time we've had to deal with out him before, without players always coming in and putting in performances which have seen is get results. obviously hugely disappointing when you see his
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quality and what he brings. it is a blow to any team and not just wales. but we can have other players who could do that as well. aaron did it in serbia and i'm confident someone like him can do it. and ben woodburn coming off the bench is another matchwinner. so we're lucky to have players who can come in and do the job. and contributed to us getting three points because that is all that matters at the end of the day. now the injury could have repercussions for the republic of ireland. they are looking to overhaul wales in what could be the play—off spot in group d. ireland's assistant manager said his side had problems of their own. we're missing seamus coleman, john walters. players that are important to us as gareth bale is to wales. so thatis
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to us as gareth bale is to wales. so that is my. does it make any difference with your players you have left? i have not really discussed it with them. it is part of the game, we are missing seamus coleman and he is as big as lost to us coleman and he is as big as lost to us as gareth bale is to wales. we have another game friday night so if you want to discuss the wales game, you're talking to wrong guy. so let's ta ke you're talking to wrong guy. so let's take a look at the table. wales second at the moment but if they slip up in georgia on friday republic of ireland could replace them. their meeting with wales in them. their meeting with wales in the last round of the group matches. that could be a tense decider for second place. but the republic play moldova first on friday. meanwhile republic of ireland are without aaron hughes was travelling
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without aaron hughes was travelling with a calf injury. they're guaranteed to finish second in group c. and look certain to qualify for the tournament next year. they will have a tough test in germany at home on thursday. they have won all the qualifying matches. england will go through as group f winners if they beat slovenia on thursday at wembley. manchester city'sjohn stones says another spurs player — harry kane — has all the right qualities. there are a lot of experienced players and a lot of candidates who could be captain. that is almost a bigger message to everyone, that there's not one kind england captain that we can all put a finger on. so many leaders out there. players that are trying to become those leaders. be present and keep learning into those kind of roles i suppose. and
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you know harry is definitely one of those candidates. scotland haven't played in a major international tournament for 19 years. the 1998 world cup in france was their last appearance at one of international football's showpiece events. but under gordon strachan, scotland have it in their own hands to finish second in the group and reach the play—offs. but to guarantee that outcome, they must beat slovakia on thursday and slovenia on sunday. that seemed unlikely i2 that seemed unlikely 12 months ago. you always need to be positive, obviously we did not make the best of things, but you cannot dwell on that. if we had we would not be in the position we are in. we always have the confidence that if we address certain things we could be in the position and that is what we've done. bring on the last games. staying with scotland' s qualifier on thursday — the boy who was told he was too small for professional football says he can't wait to line up for scotland again at hampden park. andy robertson was released by celtic as a youngster but didn't give up on his dreams.
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he eventually won a big money move to liverpool and is now a regular for his country. kheredine idessane reports. at hampden park in international week scottish footballing success story. andrew robertson released by celtic as a youngster and told that he was too small to make it in the game. on thursday he will earn his 18th cap for his country.” game. on thursday he will earn his 18th cap for his country. i love playing for scotland, when you grow up playing for scotland, when you grow up as playing for scotland, when you grow upasa playing for scotland, when you grow up as a kid you always want to represent your country. it is a proud moment for you and your family. and as a team we were good last time and if we can do it this time we can hope it ends up a successful campaign. the 23-year-old has crammed a lot into his career so far, he made his debut for queens park in 2012 before moving to dundee united the following year. that is when his star began to rise. he was
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paid almost 3 million for his services in 2014 and then came the dream move to liverpool this summer for £8 million. the national manager isafan for £8 million. the national manager is a fan and it seems the feeling is mutual. i love working under the manager, i think it's brilliant. i would love him to stay and i'm sure he will. he loves his job. as well as football, the other big thing in his life as of this year is fatherhood. he is good, getting bigger and stronger. getting used to being in the world now. so all good on the family front. a full—back who can score and is happy on and off the park. andy robinson's next goal is to keep —— help keep scottish world cup hopes alive by seeing off slovakia on thursday. one other football line, one of bale's former team—mates, chelsea striker alvaro morata has returned to london to begin treatment on a hamstring injury. he's scored seven goals
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since joining the champions from real madrid in the summer, but he was injured during saturday's defeat by manchester city. he'll miss spain's upcoming world cup qualifiers, morata has hinted though that he could play some part in chelsea's next premier league game on 14 october. avon and somerset police say they aren't expecting any significant developments in the ben stokes case for another 2 to 3 weeks. the england all rounder was arrested last week under suspicion of causing actual bodily harm in a brawl outside a bristol nightclub. no charges have been brought yet. the former england captain michael vaughan says that the situation might have been avoided had england management taken stronger action with stokes earlier this summer when he went out drinking during a test match against south africa at old trafford. vaughan spoke to mark chapman on five live sport last night. the story came out this week that ben stokes was out until 3am during
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a test match in manchester. i knew that at the time. it was the talk of the media centre. the story was ripped out of the papers, not allowed to go in, they fought tooth and nailto make allowed to go in, they fought tooth and nail to make sure it did not breach the papers. he made a massive mistake and that no sympathy whatsoever with ben stokes in what he put himself into. but the management of the england team have to look at themselves and ask if they done more, been stricter. england captain heather knight says she's braced for a tough time on their ashes tour down under after her side dislodged australia at the top of the international rankings. it's the first time australia have been knocked off the top since the table was introduced in 2015. england's women will try to reclaim the ashes in a tour which spans seven matches, three formats and four weeks, starting in brisbane on october 22. a role reversal at her old school. instead of sitting listening heather
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at night in front of year five, answering questions. the team became professional three years ago and when i was your age it was not an option to be a professional cricketer. there is a growth in popularity of the women's game and given heather the night as captain, she has a much bigger profile. given heather the night as captain, she has a much bigger profilem given heather the night as captain, she has a much bigger profile. it is strange, strange getting recognised in the street. i guess it comes with being successful. we want to keep being successful. we want to keep being successful. we want to keep being successful. i do not think i will fully get used to it. it is one of those strange things that is a bit uncomfortable. but as long as we keep being successful and happy to keep being successful and happy to keep feeling uncomfortable. keep being successful and happy to keep feeling uncomfortablem keep being successful and happy to keep feeling uncomfortable. it is 15 years since she left. the only girl knocked in address! some staff including the man who ran the cricket team remain. did you spot potential? i would like to say i did, certainly made captain of the cricket team straightaway because she knew a lot about it and also had the qualities. more people over
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here? the visit was organised by chance to shine. which tries to encourage youngsters into sport. today england were named as the top ranked team in the world ahead of australia. who are out for the ashes. it shows where we have come from as a team and where we are going. but it is going to be a really exciting series. the team had down under on friday to try to regain the ashes and stay as world number one. well the williams formula 1 team will be testing to say if robert kubica is fit to return to the sport. he tested for renault in the summer but they had doubts over his fitness. he wants to
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step up as a potential replacement for felipe massa. now to an incredible story from rugby league's super league.. castleford scru m — half luke gale is set to play in saturday's grand final against leeds rhinos less than a month after having his appendix removed. the england international scored a match—winning drop—goal in the semi final last weekjust 16 days after the operation. earlier i spoke to our rugby league commentator george riley. 0ne one of our doctors came to see me when i got my appendix out. he gave me three missed calls this week and idid not me three missed calls this week and i did not return any of them. i did not want to answer and hear what he had to say to be honest. we played there night, i trained on monday and did everything on monday. so i kind of how i'm playing after the session on monday. the professionals said three weeks. but we just ignore that! earlier i spoke to george
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riley had told me that his original prognosis seemed to rule out any immediate return to rugby. he was told he would not be playing for a while but he said there were a couple of important games coming up. he spoke to the specialist and did some hours and work that he had a chance. it is very unusual but if there was any chance at all he was a lwa ys there was any chance at all he was always going to play. he has been wearing this carefully padded corset to protect himself but clearly he will be a target so to get back on the field, an operation that could have derailed his season and hopes of going to the world cup. but to come back and do what he has already is remarkable. and he is such a vital player. how crucial is the two castleford ? he is vital player. how crucial is the two castleford? he is absolutely key, is a delightful player of the year award. the man of steel. that is why i'm dressed like this, he has been short listed for the top three
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players of the year. he has pulled the strings for castleford, he is the strings for castleford, he is the playmaker. he creates these opportunities. if he was out, it would have severely dented their chances. as a is they go into the grand final of the best team and the heavy favourites to win. what do you expect this weekend? it could well bea expect this weekend? it could well be a classic, they have blown teams away all season, they've been the best tea m away all season, they've been the best team in the northern hemisphere bya best team in the northern hemisphere by a mile. this is a team who have never been to the grand final before and they are minutes from winning the thing. an incredible story. there are up against leeds rhinos who dominated the modern era. they have been winners in the last seven but have not eaten castleford in their past eight games. so it is about performing in intensity and there's a healthy hatred between these local rivals so i expect a bit
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ofa these local rivals so i expect a bit of a classic. well for the gymnastics in montreal, the positions have been finalised. three of the six british men in montreal have now been confirmed for the finals later in the week. now


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