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welcome to bbc news, broadcasting to viewers in north america and around the globe. i'm reged ahmad. our top stories: hollywood's sex scandal deepens. rose mcgowan is the latest actress to claim she was raped by film producer harvey weinstein. hillary clinton says the allegations against the movie mogul, a prominent supporter of the democratic party, are heartbreaking. i was shocked and appalled because i'd known him through politics as many democrats have. in other news: president trump refuses to sign off the iran nuclear deal, condemning tehran as a "fanatical regime". we will deny the regime all paths to a nuclear weapon. the worst wildfires in california's history leave at least 3a people dead and hundreds missing. the flames are still spreading. hello and welcome.
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the growing scandal around the hollywood producer harvey weinstein has intensified. the american actress rose mcgowan became the latest woman to make accusations of rape. she says she repeatedly told the boss of amazon studios who worked with weinstein that she'd been raped. but he'd done nothing about it. meanwhile, former us presidential candidate hillary clinton told the bbc that the allegations are appalling and such behaviour shouldn't be tolerated in any walk of life. mr weinstein denies the allegations. harvey weinstein‘s star has plummeted, brought down by some of the biggest female names in the movie industry, who've accused him of harrassment and worse. actress rose mcgowan has said she was raped by the film
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producer in the scandal affecting one of the world's biggest companies, amazon. in a series of tweets to the company's chief executive, mcgowan said: the amazon head of studio in question, roy price, is facing an accusation from a female producer that he lewdly propositioned her in 2015. in a statement, amazon said: in new york today, one of america's big banks, goldman sachs, said it was considering options for its stake in the weinstein company whose headquarters is not far from wall street. on sunday, the company sacked its co—founder. the weinstein name has long been a hallmark of quality in the entertainment industry but in the past week, it has been trashed. creative partners are trying to pull out of projects with what is left of the weinstein company.
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it has been likened to a run on a bank. the oscar—winning director oliver stone initially said that weinstein should not be judged prematurely. if he broke the law, it will come out, there will be a trial and i believe a man should not be condemned by a vigilante system. but later in a post on facebook, he said, "after looking at what has "been reported in many publications over the past couple of days, "i'm appalled and commend the courage of the women "who have stepped forward. "i'll therefore recuse myself from the guantanamo series "as long as the weinstein company is involved." long—time politicalfriends are now distancing themselves form this big—dollar democratic fundraiser too. hillary clinton here speaking with the bbc‘s andrew marr. it was just disgusting and the stories that have come out are heartbreaking and i really commend the women who have been willing to step forward now and tell their stories but i think it's important that we not just focus on him and whatever consequences flow from these stories about his behaviour
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but that we recognise this kind of behaviour cannot be tolerated anywhere. "the show must go on" is the motto of the entertainment industry. it was lights, camera, action at this movie premiere in new york last night, but many women like the british actress carey mulligan hope this will be a watershed moment in what's still a male—dominated business. it starts with women having opportunities behind the camera and then in front of the camera and then in the boardroom and it all comes down to money, so i think it's about the industry catching up with the idea that you can put a woman in a female role and make a fortune. harvey weinstein has denied any allegations of nonconsensual sex. he is now believed to be in a rehab clinic in arizona. nick bryant, bbc news, new york. since news of the scandal broke,
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more people have been speaking out. a number of actors have said sexual harassment is rife and that is the price you pay for being part of the industry. the conversation on the red carpet of hollywood has changed. tough questions are being asked about the culture of this industry. and yet some are still unwilling to come up with answers. this is what happened when i asked about harvey weinstein at this film premiere. in the aftermath of this how does hollywood heal? you've been in this industry a long time. yeah, we're going to pass on that one. come on, this way. but thank you so much. the start of the picture, renee zellweger, worked with harvey weinstein. i'm told my microphone is not allowed near her. you guys need to, you guys need to move back, please. like way back. it worries hollywood's newest recruits, warming up ahead
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of their big scene. some of those starting in their career fear exploitation has become the price they have to pay for being part of the industry. ifeel like music and movies is all about who you know and what you're willing to do. just listen to what goes through the mind of this young actress before an audition. before you even step into the room, am i the right look? are they going to like me because of this? i don't have that. but what if they ask me to do that. i can't do that. ok maybe i shouldn't go. it sounds crazy, but that is literally the conversation that goes on. in your head. does it not depress you? yeah, it's terrible! it's horrible. ijust, ifeel like that's the way it is and there's nothing i can do about it. the organisation women in film has set up a hotline to allow victims to report abuse and, potentially,
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take their cases to court. you know, the idea in hollywood which has become so customary, that if you're uncomfortable in a situation, let's say you're a woman, and you speak up and say, this situation‘s uncomfortable, you're basically asked to leave. you're normally given money. and then you sign some kind of a nda or confidentiality agreement. ora quick claim. what i get angry about is the system that lets them believe that they deserve to be treated this way. this systemic sexism in show business may come as no surprise to people here. but there is a hope it may act as some kind of tipping point, that the industry can now we form from within. that'll mean more women taking up powerful positions behind—the—scenes. that may be the only way that this casting couch culture will change. hollywood is being forced to look at itself from a new angle. and it might not like what it sees. laura bicker, bbc news, los angeles. president trump has threatened
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to end us participation in an international nuclear deal with iran, but has stopped short of pulling out immediately, instead handing the issue to congress. iran said mr trump had made "false accusations" and appeared not to understand that the nuclear deal was multi—lateral, which meant the us was not permitted to alter it. we can speak to jarrett blanc, who's a senior fellow at the carnegie endowment for international peace. he was previously the state department co—ordinator for the iran nuclear deal implementation under president obama. what is this effectively mean? —— what does. has mr trump effectively killed the nuclear deal? not yet. resident frump has opened up a 60 day window for congress to resume the sanctions that were lifted under dgc poa, under extras i could procedures —— extradited. if the us
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continues to comply the deal remains in place. but won't president trump then unilaterally yank the us out of then unilaterally yank the us out of the deal? that's certainly the threat and we can only hope that the same combination of european advocacy and quite frankly reason, which carried the day at least in pa rt which carried the day at least in part to date, will continue to carry the day and keep the us in mind that its obligations. what's confusing i think is that the iranian president has said that the us can't change the nuclear deal. the eu foreign policy chief has said that no president can terminate the deal and yet people are saying that this is a risk, that if president trump pulls the us out that the end of the deal. i think there are two separate questions. president trump has suggested that somehow working with congress he can change the terms of the deal. that is flatly false. the deal is what it is. stricter
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limitations have been agreed to. asking them to do more unilaterally i think is going to fail. it is certainly possible for the us to stop complying with its commitments under the deal and while that doesn't automatically end the agreement for the other participants, it very likely start to spiral whereby iran stops getting the benefits that it needs and expects and you end up without a deal. what happens if the us creates more. . . deal. what happens if the us creates more... fresh sanctions against iran? how might iran react?|j more... fresh sanctions against iran? how might iran react? i think it depends very much on what the nature of the sanctions are. the us, under the terms, is permitting sanctions to iran for issues outside of the nuclear file. sanctions to iran for issues outside of the nuclearfile. so on ballistic missiles, human rights, concerns about regional activities. all of those are areas where we have sanctions and if we find new reasons for sanctions that the cave. if we
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we re for sanctions that the cave. if we were to reimpose any sanctions that we re were to reimpose any sanctions that were lifted under the agreement iran would correctly say we are out of compliance and that would presumably call their compliance with their obligations it to that as well. the iran deal when it was first negotiated had a bumpy path, but looking at the other side of the coin could donald trump the right? iran is still testing the listed missiles, they are still involved in complex in the region, is it a bad deal? categorically not. first of all the deal addresses one critically important issue, which is iran's nuclear programme. not a single one of the other problem is that you've just identified, whether the region or ballistic missiles, would be easier to solve if iran was not living under the restrictions and the inspections required by the jay z poa. —— and the inspections required by the jay z poa. —— jcpoa. and the inspections required by the jay z poa. —— jcpoa. sally said it sold the biggest problems and makes the other problem is more tractable. more generally what i would say is
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anyone who says that a deal between adverse areas like the us and iran is only worth doing if it resolves every single issue is really saying, don't try diplomacy. cosby is just no history of that. this was hard enough to do just on the nuclear file. suggesting it's a failure because it doesn't solve terrorism and ballistic missiles is nonsense. all right. thank you very much for that analysis. and you can find out more on the deal with iran on our website. you can also download the bbc news app. you will find analysis of the park us congress plays in the process. as the battle for raqqa reaches its final progress, the new plan has been announced, which will see the release of 5000 civilians held by
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is. this report from the frontline. the city was meant to be the pride of so—called islamic state. but now they are holding —— but now the hold on raqqa is about to end. this is the centre of the city and as you can see and hear the fighter —— fighting is still ongoing. the majority of the city is empty, as us backed forces have pushed is towards a last stand. the militants are now surrounded and desperate. air strikes and heavy shelling have left the city broken. hundreds, possibly thousands of civilians, have been reportedly killed. there is growing
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fearfor reportedly killed. there is growing fear for those still trapped in the city. the commander told me there is a mixture of is families and human shields remaining. translation: islamic state fighters are still here in the city, but they are using civilians as human shields. that's why we aren't sure of the numbers, but we believe one to 5000 civilians are still trapped here. the bbc has learnt that local leaders have made a deal to allow the safe passage of the remaining is fighters left in the remaining is fighters left in the city. in return, the militants will release all the civilians being held as human shields. meeting with us commanders, the elders from raqqa say the agreement will stop the destruction of the city and save the lives of countless civilians. after
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hours of discussion, the americans refused to make a deal. they say the plan would simply move the problem elsewhere. they have told us that in their discussions with daesh that they have an interest in a way to get out of raqqa. our position is we can't agree with relocating daesh fighters to create a problem somewhere else in this country. the tribal leaders left the meeting frustrated, but say they will continue talks to save innocent lives. the offensive on raqqa has left tens of thousands homeless and living in camps. desperate for shelter from the harsh conditions. the city may be cleared of militants in the coming days, but these people still don't know when or if they will ever be able to return home. stay with us on bbc news.
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still to come: the angler who kissed his catch and swallowed it whole thanks the fisherman‘s friend who saved his life. parts of san francisco least affected by the earthquake are returning to life. but in the marina area, where most of the damage was done, they're more conscious than ever of how much has been destroyed. in the 19 years since he was last here, he's gone from being a little—known revolutionary to an experienced and successful diplomatic operator. it was a 20 pound bomb which exploded on the fifth floor of the grand hotel, ripping a hole in the front of the building. this government will not weaken. democracy will prevail. it fills me with humility and gratitude to know that i have been chosen as the recipient of this foremost of earthly honours. this catholic nation held its breath for the men they call the 33.
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and then... bells toll bells tolled nationwide to announce the first rescue and chile let out an almighty roar. this is bbc news. the latest headlines: rose mcgowan is the latest actress to claim she was raped by the hollywood producer, harvey weinstein. president trump has set out a new, confrontational strategy on iran, and has refused to certify the international nuclear deal. madagascar is facing its worst plague outbreak for years. 50 seven people have died and the number of cases has doubled over the last week, with another confirmed case in the neighbouring seychelles. madagascar has suffered plague outbreaks almost every year since 1980, often caused by rats
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fleeing forest fires. but the emergence of the pneumonic form of plague which affects the lungs and is transmitted through coughing, has raised serious concerns. sarah corker reports. madagascar accounts for most of the world's plague cases. outbreaks are common on this island nation. it is treatable. millions of doses of antibiotics arrived this week, as well as rat traps. this year's outbreak is different. both bubonic plague spread by flea bites and rats, and the more dangerous pneumonic type, spreading person—to—person, fatal in 2a hours, but it towns and cities. —— have hit the pillow it is concerning. cases have doubled. three quarters of the
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cases reported are the pneumonic type. it transmits from one person to the next through coughing and respiratory transition. things the outbreak started in august, these are the statistics. the first case of pneumonic plague has been confirmed in the neighbouring seychelles, according to local media. a 34—year—old man who fell ill after returning from madagascar on friday is testing positive. earlier this week, madagascar‘s president warned people not to panic, but that the situation was serious. translation: we are in a war, it is like war. today we have the weapons and ammunition is to fight the epidemic, i believe. the world health organization says the
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risk of the disease spreading internationally was low. in madagascar, anti— neighbourhoods are being sprayed and disinfected, but there are rubbish dumps and open sewers which are causing problems. sarah corker, bbc news. mexico's president, president enrique pena nieto, has paid a tribute to the victims of the 7.i—magnitude earthquake that rocked the country on september 19th. speaking at the national palace he thanked the groups that took part in the rescue effort after the devastating quake that killed 361 people and injured more than 6,000. firefighters in northern california are facing dry and windy conditions for yet another day as they try to contain more than 17 blazes ripping through the region. at least 3a people have died and hundreds more are still missing, making these the most lethal wildfires in the states history. our correspondent, richard lister, has the latest. day five of the most lethal wildfires in california's history. at least 30 dead, more than 400 missing, almost
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200,000 acres destroyed. whole communities erased — like this. the images are apocalyptic. comfortable neighbourhoods reduced to rubble and silence. all that remains in this part of santa rosa are ash—filled swimming pools and the charred wreckage of cars parked in double garages, all now consumed by the flames. the destruction continues for street after street. pepe tomayo almost didn't escape. a rescue helicopter took his family, but there was no room for him. he was holding jesse up and he didn't want to leave his dad. i could hear him yelling, no, get in, it will be ok. it took two more trips to find pepe. it was ugly, it was close. it was really close. i called my daughter and told her, mika, if i don't see you again,
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remember i love you. at least 20 fires are still raging. 8000 firefighters are working around the clock to contain them. evacuation orders are in place and there's a strong message for those who ignore them. your choice to stay, and there have been very few of them, is a distraction to ourfirst responders. you will not be given life safety support at this point. you are on your own. this is what awaits anyone hoping to ride it out, a hellish inferno consuming everything in its path, filling the air with choking black smoke. most did get out in time. but recovery teams are still searching the rubble for those who simply can't be found. many of those killed are said to have been elderly people, for whom escape was more difficult.
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after an unusually hot summer, california is a tinderbox and more high winds are expected this weekend, leaving more neighbourhoods wondering whether they too will end up like this. richard lister, bbc news. now for every fisherman there is a story of the one that got away but this time it's a tale of getting too close for comfort. a man was kissing a dover sole in celebration of the catch, when the six—inch fish wriggled out of his hand and jumped into his mouth. he stopped breathing before being saved by paramedics. chi chi izundu reports. thankfully, this fish is larger than the one sam ouilliam caught. at 1a centimetres, his friends had jokingly referred to his catch that night as a postage stamp. that's it, he is smiling, now. size didn't matter. sam still wanted to kiss his dover sole with pride. but the fish wasn't actually afford that kiss. the river free and jumped straight down sam's throat, completely blocking his airway. just a bit shaken up by it all, really. you just don't expect it to happen.
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i mean, people do things at this all the time. and you just don't expect it to happen to you. his friends noticed is panic, and started to give him cpr. i turned my back, and before i knew it, he wasjoking. he got halfway down the pier, here, and collapsed. by that point, i was already on the phone to the emergency services. thankfully, paramedics were just finishing another job around the corner before they got the call. after 17 years of doing this job, i have never seen anything like it. i've never seen a foreign body quite as much — yeah, quite as like that. it took six attempts to get the fish out, which came out whole. once they got sam's heart going again, he was rushed to hospital. but he's not the only fishermen that could be caught in this danger. apparently, there is a tradition amongst fishermen. when they get their catch though they give quick kiss before they go back in the sea. senses that this whole incident has not actually put off, and he will be here soon on this
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pier, with his friends, fishing, as soon as he gets the sign off from doctors. so, will send the kissing his catch any time soon? probably, yes. just a little bigger, and not dover sole. a very lucky man. the top story. the list of allegations against harvey weinstein continues to grow. rose mcgowan is the latest to say she was raped by the hollywood producer. he denies the allegations. that is it for now. don't forget you can get in touch with me and some of the team hi there.
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we're going to look at the satellite picture, first of all, because we have quite a typical autumnal set up, really. cool north—westerly winds across the atlantic meeting milder southerly winds, the a weather front in between. what of course is not normal is this. hurricane ophelia, a category two hurricane, near the azores, with winds gusting to 120 miles an hour. they will be affecting our weather early next week. for the time being, we have warm winds wafting their way across the british isles, dragging out that warm air for the time of your. so, over the next days we could see temperatures go as high as 2a degrees, if we get some sunny spells. the temperatures, by the way, are pretty good, actually, for late july. except it's not late july, it's october. and those temperatures are really quite incredible fought the time of year. now, it is a mild start to the day everywhere, with temperatures into double figures. we've got some rain around in northern ireland, into north—west england, and south of scotland, as well, seeing that wet weather. look at these temperatures. 16 degrees, as we start the day. elsewhere, temperatures
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should peak at this time of year. as we go through the day, this band of rain will slowly push its way northwards, whilst easing. the cloud over england and wales, while quite low at times across wales and south—west england, with some hill fog patches in the morning, but the cloud will tend to shrink as we go on through the afternoon, to allow some bright spells through. in the best of the sunshine, i think i temperatures could get to 22, maybe 23 celsius towards eastern england during saturday afternoon. overnight, rain turns heavierfor a time across northern ireland, but more especially in western scotland, where it will be a wet old night. another mild night, saturday night, these are the kind of minimum temperatures. 13, 1a degrees, something like that. now, on sunday, there is a better chance that we will see more in the way of breaks across england and wales. you'll notice, though, the rain in northern scotland. when the rain sticks, which it could do across northern scotland, through the day, it will not feel especially warm. temperatures into the teens. but with the sunshine coming out, we could see highs of 23 or 2a celsius. so it will be a very warm day for late october indeed. beyond that, we have to look again at the azores.
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this is hurricane ophelia. this is be working in north—eastward direction. probably another 2a hours as a hurricane before it turns into normal area of low pressure. please bear in mind that the track of this low pressure could change, but nevertheless, you will notice that we've got some very strong winds coming our way through monday and tuesday as well. firmly in the firing line is ireland. northern ireland and scotland could also be impacted. the winds may well be damaging. but bear in mind the track could change, so the strong winds could affect other areas of uk, as well. and that's your weather. this is bbc news. the headlines: the list of allegations about harvey weinstein continues to grow. rose mcgowen is the latest actor to claim she was raped by the hollywood producer. he denies the allegations. meanwhile, harvey weinstein‘s brother has denied reports that the film production company they co—founded could be closed or sold. president trump has set out a new, more confrontational approach to iran, condemning tehran as a fanatical regime.
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he said he wouldn't cancel the nuclear agreement immediately, but instead was de—certifying it. the move has prompted condemnation from the other international powers that signed it. the worst wildfires in california's history have left at least 36 people dead and hundreds missing. firefighters are facing dry and windy conditions for yet another day as they try to contain more than 17 blazes, ripping through the region. now on bbc news, the week in parliament.
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