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tv   Sportsday  BBC News  October 18, 2017 6:30pm-6:51pm BST

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were being charged up to 55 pence a minute for the service. labour wants the rollout of the system to be put on hold — because of ongoing problems. the football association has apologised to two female england players who were found to have been discriminated against by coach mark sampson. and there is growing concern over the condition of rohingya refugees — as more than half a million flee their homes in the rakhine state in myanmar. in a moment it will be time for sportsday but first a look at what else is coming up this evening on bbc news. in ‘beyond 100 days‘ at seven o'clock — a former us defense secretary gives his assessment on the future of raqqa after liberation from islamic state. with a growing number of people experiencing financial difficulty in the uk, i'll talk to a money expert about the common problems people face and how you can conquer debt. that's at 8.30pm. and at 10.1i0pm tonight — we'll look at what's leading tomorrow's newspapers.
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that's in the papers with tonight's guests, pippa crerar from the london evening standard and steve hawkes from the sun. that's all ahead on bbc news. now on bbc news it's time for sportsday. hello and welcome to sportsday — i'mjohn watson. coming up tonight... the fa aplologises to two female players who were found to have been discriminated against. -- all —— all discriminatory remarks made against them by the women's manager, mark sampson. three more british clubs are in champions league action this evening. manchester united play benfica, chelsea host roma and celtic face german champions bayern. we are in lisbon and munich. and with ten days until anthony joshua defends his world heavyweight titles against carlos takam — is he feeling worried? 0h because i'm not fighting pulev? no! always confident, anthony joshua,
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always confident, anthonyjoshua, we will hear from always confident, anthonyjoshua, we will hearfrom him later on. it was a successful night for the british teams in the champions league last night — wins for liverpool, manchester city and a 1—1 draw for tottenham against the holders real madrid, high hopes then for the three remaining british teams in action tonight. we will be in munich shortly ahead of bayern muncih and celtic and we'll hear from the chelsea camp ahead of their game with roma but we start with manchester united who are in lisbon to face benfica. the former united defender phil neville is there for bbc radio 5live, he's alongside the bbc‘s football correspondent ian dennis. manchester united can consolidate their space at the top of group a with victory against benfica, the
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yet to register a point, alongside me isa yet to register a point, alongside me is a champions league winner in phil neville and that will be united's first objective, get the three points and then worry about finishing top. should be straightforward. when you win your first two games, get to nine points and a draw takes you through. jose mourinho said this would be the toughest game in the group. i'm not sure this will be, this is not the benfica we have seen in recent yea rs, benfica we have seen in recent years, still talented players but man united, it will be straightforward for them. a lot of focus has been onjose mourinho's future, he made comments about psg, what you make of that? a lot has been made this comment. when he signed for manchester united no body thought he would be able 1015 years like alex ferguson. modern—day management says the real four years is maximum. he has probably put a few feelers out there to say in two 01’ few feelers out there to say in two or three years' time, psg, few feelers out there to say in two or three years' time, ps6, in another country that he has not won titles in, that looks the next step.
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he received criticism at the weekend for his style of football, i expecting a more expansive style tonight? still a tactical game plan like on saturday, his teams play tight, don't give a lot away but i expect them to perform better. those chances on saturday, the players let him down, i think he will want a response. manchester united against benfica and commentary on bbc radio five live. you can get plenty more from then on bbc radio five live tonight. premier league champions chelsea take on roma at stamford bridge knowing a win would move them five points clear at the top of group c. and following spells withjuventus and the italian national team if anyone should know what to expect from tonight's opponents, then it's the chelsea manager antonio conte.. i know italian football very well. every tea m i know italian football very well. every team is organised. roma is a great team. they are working well
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for the present and the future. bayern munich await the scottish champions celtic. and if ever there was a good time to face the five time european champions, this may be it, after their defeat to paris saint germain last time out and the departure of manager carlo ancellotti. the bbc‘s alasdair lamont is in munich. munich is as famous for its beer as it is for its football team. celtic fa ns it is for its football team. celtic fans may have just missed the world—renowned beer festival in 0ctober world—renowned beer festival in october but it did not seem to have stemmed the flow. there was also a chance to sample a bit of local culture. the glockenspiel in new city hall talks of tales of daring, something celtic will hope to replicate an eye. for these fans, the whole munich experience is special. this is a beautiful city. i think it's the mendis. we are enjoying the atmosphere. probably
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not as good as scotland but, you know! this arena is as impressive as it gets. when the celtic players stepped onto the pitch to night it will be infinitely noisier. but it is far more than a boisterous crowd that celtic have to deal with. they have changed management and that has given them a bit about bounce effect. just seeing the change from how they had been playing, that's something we will have to cope with but the players are looking forward to it. it's a beautiful arena to come into play in and hopefully we can put on a performance to suit. foretell to to be celebrating —— for celtic to be celebrating, their performance will need to be as good as anything produced under brendan rodgers and even that might not be enough. this is where celtic fans
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wa nt to enough. this is where celtic fans want to see their team, competing against the very best. you can keep up to date with all of tonight's champions league action on five live final score. press the red button on your tv remote or go to the bbc sport website & mobile app now. the fa have faced serious criticism today over their handling of allegations of bullying and discrimination made against the england forward enniola aluko and drew spence. chairman greg clarke and chief executive martin glenn were questioned at today's parliamentary select committee over the series of events that led up to the sacking of the former england manager mark sampson. he was cleared of any wrongdoing in two seprate investigations, but was today found to have made remarks which were discriminatory, as part of a reopened investigation, which prompted the fa's apology. richard conway has been following developments. let's start with the apology. it pre—empted events which unfolded at the hearing today. it proceeded
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what was a tough few hours of questioning for top fa executives. this has been a difficult and details date for the football association. there has been an enormous amount of information coming out over the past few hours in portcullis house over the road from the houses of parliament. we gotan from the houses of parliament. we got an apology from the fa, this was the third time that claims of fleeing and racial remarks towards england's women's players had been looked at. kathryn newton, the barrister, looking at it having had new evidence come forward, she corroborated that two discriminatory comments had been made to eni aluko and drew spence and the f a intern apologised for that. martin glenn making a statement which was released just before the committee sat to hear evidence, firstly from
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eni aluko and then from her team—mate leann sandra ‘s and finally from former senior fa officials including martin glenn and the chairman graham clark. chewing the chairman graham clark. chewing the course of eni aluko's evidence she talked about the payments that have team—mate to her, £80,000 paid to her. the fa made it to avoid what they called disruption in the build—up to the european championships. part of that payment has been withheld and the reason, she said, for that, was to do with a dispute between her and the football association. a meeting between her and martin glenn, she was asked that he would put out a statement which effectively cleared them from institutional racism and what she said was this was a kin to blackmail. i had one meeting with martin glenn and he suggested that if i wrote a statement saying that the fa not
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institutionally racist that they would think about releasing the money. i felt that was bordering on blackmail. clark and glenn faced a series of questions, what was their response to her comments? in amongst the questions about the nature of the questions about the nature of the enquiry is how they conduct of the enquiry is how they conduct of the process. there was that claim, what was it about that meeting, was it in fact as eni aluko says like blackmail? martin glenn said it was a tweet that eni aluko put out that he felt and independent legal advice had felt breached the terms of their agreement and this is how he said that meeting had gone. i don't think the process of real did —— yielded a good result until we got to a point where we established those two racist incidents took place. do you accept
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that you got there too slowly because of things that people who work for you did? we took too long to get to the right answer and the reason we took too long was we were not clear on a grievance procedures, we did not fix them quickly enough, we did not fix them quickly enough, we allowed too many mistakes to occur and that was a combination of mistakes all adding up to a very bad outcome, which took too long to deliverjustice to outcome, which took too long to deliver justice to eni outcome, which took too long to deliverjustice to eni aluko who played for england 100 times. do you think eni aluko deserves an apology from the football association for these failures? i will apologise to her in person. he called the whole situation a mess today, greg clark. serious reputational damage here for the fa. yes, we have a suggestion made, one mp saying she had not heard such shambolic evidence given on government for soap this has not been a good day for the football
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association in amongst those claims about blackmail and denials, claims and counterclaims and in the last few moments, the session ended just before we went on at night and what was revealed was that mark sampson, who of course was sacked for something completely separate, for his behaviour or what his fa called inappropriate behaviour during a previousjob at inappropriate behaviour during a previous job at bristol academy, he is considering bringing an employment claim against the football association, that is what we learned just the court for —— just before coming on. there are still a lot of outstanding questions, lots of things came out in evidence today will be picked over by the media in the coming days, so a messy situation and one thatis days, so a messy situation and one that is far from complete. for the moment, richard conway, thanks to bring us up—to—date with all of those main points that come out of the hearing today. we meet para taekwondo's world number one amy trusdale ahead of the world championships in london.
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whyjenson button believes former team mate lewis hamilton will break michael schumacher‘s championship record. four world championships, that is just crazy, that is more than ayrton senna, three off michael schumacher. if he stays around in the sport there is a chance he could beat michael schumacher‘s record. the countdown is on to anthony joshua's world title defence. he says he never thought about pulling out when kubrat pulev withdrew from there upcoming world title fight because of injury as he now prepares to defend his titles against carlos takam in cardiff later this month. he's been speaking with the bbc‘s boxing correspondent mike costello. behind the scenes you need a good team. eddie looked down the list and said he saw that carlos takam, ten weeks ago, get yourself ready because if anything happens we want
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you in line, do you know what i mean? that is thought he did and a p pa re ntly mean? that is thought he did and apparently pulev has hurt his shoulder or torn his bicep and he can't compete at the question is, is the show cancelled or go on and that's where i was at, what we doing, then? pulev cockfight, are we going or not? then we found out carlos ta ka m going or not? then we found out carlos ta kam was going or not? then we found out carlos takam was ready, he's game. i have known of takam and i knew he wasn't going to turn around on this opportunity. any chance you would not go ahead? why, because i'm not fighting pulev? no! i'd have had way too long out of the ring and i need too long out of the ring and i need to keep active, i need to pick up on what i have learnt from the wladmir klitschko fight and even after that fight takam is a good title defence soi fight takam is a good title defence so i have been fighting guys a lot taller than me, now i'm fighting this mini mike tyson, toni morrison,
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the king, so i'm going to have two revert back to some different training techniques and get ready to dig deep and stand in the trenches and train. if not i will be jabbing and train. if not i will be jabbing and getting caught. because he is a lot shorter that is going to be his game, to take me out of my rhythm andi game, to take me out of my rhythm and i need to learn how to deal with it. you wouldn't bet against him, and the joshua speaking you wouldn't bet against him, and thejoshua speaking to mike costello. a look at some of teh day's other stories.. britain'sjohanna konta has split with her coach wim fisette. having teamed up together ahead of the 2017 season, their partnership took her to the wimbledon semi finals. but she's won only two of her matches since, losing her last five. that run has seen her miss out on the end of season wta rankings for the second season in a row. britain's heather watson has made it two wins from two at the luxembourg 0pen and is into the quarterfinals after beating anett kontaveit in straight sets. she'll play elise mertens of belgium next. and the start of the nba season went badly for boston celitc‘s new signing gordon hayward.
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the $128 million man collided with lebronjames in mid—air during the first quarter and landed awkwardly fracturing his ankle...the the horror of the players around him. a really nasty injury in the season. the world para taekwondo championships take place in london tomorrow — great britain's amy trusdale is world number one, she will be hoping to regain the world championship title she won in 2014 — she has been speaking to the bbc‘s nick hope. everyone is really excited. it was a bit of a shock to begin with that we actually got there money for tokyo so every one has increased training, the categories have been confirmed, it's a lot more real and everyone is increasing the training. looking forward to it. orders that mean for the world championships coming up?l bit of pressure but i need to continue in the number one position
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or as high continue in the number one position oras high up continue in the number one position or as high up the rankings as i can to get the chance of going to tokyo in 2020. in tae kwon do we are not allowed any head shots so in the able—bodied tae kwon do you can score three points to the head, we score three points to the head, we score three points by doing a back kick to the body, said the scoring is different in that respect. if we doa spin is different in that respect. if we do a spin that sport—macro points for us where is yet have that in tae kwon do. what is it like having that with paralympics as well? it seems a way off at the moment but in para taekwondo everything goes so fast. we need keep doing the competitions and it will be here before we know it so just keep doing the main international events and then obviously that will be the next big one for us. we have the best facility in the world so great britain have had some fantastic result since 2012, well, since beijing, so we have dunwoody well.
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—— we have done really well. former world champion jenson button says lewis hamilton is capable of breaking michael schumacher‘s record of seven formula one world titles. button was previously team—mates with hamilton at mcclaren, and describes him in his autobiogrophy as an "unpredictable" but "brilliant" driver. hamilton currently leads the championship by 59 points. he has been speaking to my colleague hugh woozencroft. i remember that day so fondly. to get out the car and see my father after winning the world championship, to give him that hulk and —— to give him that hug and so many memories from the tough times, the good times up until that point in my careerso, the good times up until that point in my career so, while championship is something that will never leave you. the race wins are very emotional in that moment, very high adrenaline but the world championship is something that stays with you forever. the talk now about one of yourformer with you forever. the talk now about one of your former team—mates, much has been made in the past few date
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about lewis hamilton and your relationship with him, talk about him in the book and calling him an unpredictable partner, what was it like working with him? it was tough i always knew it would be. the course he is so talented, you know? i left a team in 2009 and i thought it was the right thing to do but the meals about the new challenge, it was about racing for mclaren, 19 i have loved since i was 18 —— a team i had loved since i was eight years old. it was racing against and racing with lewis. that was the big challenge because he had won the world championship the year before me, iwon world championship the year before me, i won in 2009 and then we are racing for this british team with so much history, both british watch champions, there was a lot of pressure on us to succeed. “— champions, there was a lot of pressure on us to succeed. —— both british world champions. we had good and bad times but he was always a tough competitor. he was extremely fast and probably the quickest guy that has ever driven a formula 1 car. what has it been mike watching
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him this season the cover looks like it has been a pivotal last couple of races for him, he has gone clear of sebastien vettel, do you think he will win the world title this year that also what have you made of his time at mercedes? he has changed a lot. his character has changed and i think his confidence in his ability has changed, which is good to see and, yeah, he is one of the older statesman now of the sport and i think is great for the sport as well. i think he will clinch it over the next couple of races and four world championships, that's just crazy. more than ayrton senna, that's like alan prost, three off michael schumacher. if he stays in the sport he could eat schumacher‘s record. and finally, five—time world champion ronnie 0'sullivan has been given permission to wear trainers in his second—round match at the english 0pen. yesterday he turned up to his match in trainers because of a sprained


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