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tv   Sportsday  BBC News  October 20, 2017 11:45pm-12:01am BST

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it's weird, because america is the kind of place where someone can get more offended that you're calling them a racist than at the fact that they are a racist. and that's become like a new thing that i've stumbled across. "how dare you call me a racist?" "well, how dare you be racist?" and that's the world that donald trump is in, is people try to trap you into being afraid of saying what the person is doing, as opposed to them being afraid of acknowledging the world that they're living in. racial identity is a key theme of your book, born a crime, and perhaps it would help if you'd explain that very title. well, i called the book born a crime because i was born in south africa during apartheid. i was born at a time when it was illegal for black and white people to fraternise, especially in a romantic way. and my mother is a black woman, xhosa from south africa, my father is swiss, from switzerland, a white man. they got together — this was against the law. they had me, and so in effect i was born a crime. you came from an abusive situation at home, your natural father was absent, your stepfather was an alcoholic and violent.
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at one point, he even shot your mother in the back of the head. right. i mean, there are a lots of stories in american politics and elsewhere of people who have a drive and ambition that comes from an abusive home — is that something you recognise as part of your experience? well, i won't deny that adversity shapes you as a human being, you know? the more challenges you face and overcome, the stronger you become as a human being. they also have the ability to debilitate you, you know, and i think i'm only here because of my mother. she's a woman who was able, you know, she would say by the grace of god, to persevere. she was able to, time and time again, overcome these obstacles, and that is not an easy thing to do, notjust to overcome them, but to come out of them enlightened on the other side and finding a purpose for why it happened in your life, or what you got from it. you know, sometimes you say, "everything happens for a reason."
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i don't like that phrase, i go, you can take reason from everything that happened, find what it gave you, but not "it happened for a reason." i hate it when people say that, you know? the bad thing didn't happen to you for a reason, but now that it happened, what can you take from it? and that's really a world that i was brought up in. my mother said, we can't control what happens to us — we can control how we react to what happened. trevor noah, thank you very much. thank you so much for your time. that's all for this evening. we know that newsnight viewers are very enthusiastic about their politics and that you undoubtedly spent the party conference season tethered to the parliament channel, clapping at your favourite speeches. so you might be interested in a new app from the chinese company tencent. it's called clap for xi, and the idea is that players compete to see who can clap most vigorously as the app plays extracts from chinese president xijinping's speeches. apparently, it's been very popular. so we thought we'd give the idea a go over here. good night.
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wild cheering the government is hurtling towards, yes, a chaotic breakfast that will damage our economy. conference, mark my words. we will make breakfast — brexit a success! brighton win away at last, beating
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west ham 3—0 at the london stadium. more controversy for the fa as the england women's goalkeeping coach is sent home after allegations of inappropriate api. and bath beat the scarlets to go top of their pool in the europeans champions cup. also in the europeans champions cup. also in the show, sebastian vettel finds it tough in texas. more than half a second slower in practice. lewis hamilton could wrap up the championship at the weekend. lots to tell you about this evening. starting with the premier league football. ryton won their first away game of the season in style, beating west ham 3—0. —— brighton. they were
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ahead after ten minutes thanks to glenn murray's first goal of the season. glenn murray's first goal of the season. west ham were bent punished again moments before the break. he won't forget his first strike of the campaign. murray claimed his second from the spot with a quarter of an hour to from the spot with a quarter of an hourto go, from the spot with a quarter of an hour to go, after he was fouled. west ham have dropped the 17th in the table, increasing the pressure on the manager. what about the fans? they made their feelings clear. do you have a message? i have to say sorry to them. definitely they deserve better than this. you mentioned this week that a hurricane of pressure and speculation is never far away. do you expect one to come your way now? yes. i expected. because it's not a good moment when you lose home games. no matter who you lose home games. no matter who you play against, especially against a team that you are looking at the
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chance to get the points. and when this happens of course the situation is not good. are you worried about your position? i'm not worried, but unrealistic. how will you go about dealing with the speculation that will follow after this result? to speculations were here before and here i am the manager of the team. i don't want to hide behind anything, it's my responsibility and now it's up it's my responsibility and now it's up to the board. from one manager under pressure to another, ronald koeman from everton admits events surrounding the club at the moment aren't helping his position. the club has been charged by uefa after the players and some fa ns were by uefa after the players and some fans were involved in a brawl during the defeat against lyon. shove against the goalkeeper of lyon sparked a brawl. one fan was holding a small child. he has since been banned by the club. lyon beat them
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3-1. the banned by the club. lyon beat them 3—1. the team now lies fifth from the bottom and ronald koeman admits there will be question marks over his future. i am still the man and we fight for everything to turn it around. of course the pressure is on the manager, but ok i watch television and sometimes social media. i know what's going around and that's normal because that's football. i don't stop back and i go forward and let's hope for three points and after sunday everyone will be more happy than maybe today. still with football and england's women lost theirfirst still with football and england's women lost their first match under the interim manager, beaten i—o women lost their first match under the interim manager, beaten 1—0 by france. the buildup was dominated by more france. the buildup was dominated by m o re co ntrove rsy france. the buildup was dominated by more controversy as the investigation continues into the goalkeeping coach after allegations of inappropriate behaviour. our reporter was watching the match.
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the lioness has had to take to the field here this evening without their usual goalkeeping coach, who hasn't been involved, after an enquiry following allegations of unacceptable behaviour towards the england, nigerian born striker. a p pa re ntly england, nigerian born striker. apparently he used a fake caribbean accents towards her during her time in the squad. that to one side, on the pitch of the lionesses lost 1—0, going down to a goal in the final moment. a crucial moment for them, as they held their rome against a tea m as they held their rome against a team ranked fourth in the world —— their own. the interim manager has suffered another defeat and she has two more matches to show what she can do. two world cup will fight in december. she has put forward an application for a permanent role and she will be hoping to do better for the lionesses in december. a lot of
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things have happened recently and it's been a tough time for all the players. all the players and the staff. i don't think it is appropriate for me to comment at this moment in time. you said you put your application this week for the permanentjob. put your application this week for the permanent job. is put your application this week for the permanentjob. is it still a job you want after tonight?” the permanentjob. is it still a job you want after tonight? i think i've said it. it's not really about me, it's about the players, the three games. we've had a good start today and it's about their qualification in the next few games moving forward and when its time and when it's right maybe i'll be able to reflect on myself and say if it's something i want to do long—term or do ijust wa nt to i want to do long—term or do ijust want to play a role with the support role? moving onto formula i and lewis hamilton's road appears to be clear after he dominated practice at the us grand prix. sebastian vettel was having a tough time in texas. more than half a second slower than lewis hamilton. he topped the time sheets
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in both practice sessions. hamilton can wrap up the championship early if he finishes first or second on sunday. other results go his way. —— if the results. on the rugby union and bath's hopes of reaching the quarter—finals were boosted with victory against the scarlets. rhys priestland punished his former club by kicking all of the points in the 18— 13 victory. for most of the last century winning this match meant winning this doll and the rights to dress it in your colours. arad doll would be more practical. it was difficult to see straight and kick straight. most of rhys priestland's career was spent in wales. progress was meant to be slow but the scarlets bill kerr title win. one after another, steve evans title win. one after another, steve eva ns to title win. one after another, steve evans to the line. bath edged back. the local knowledge helped them and they passed their host. it then
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began to open up. rhys priestland had skills in first football and then diving. only denied a try by handling. knock on. bath could rely on his boots. garlett were muscled into the shed. rhys priestland kicked them when they were down. a crucial european victory. so, confirmation of that result and the two other european games of the night. sale still without a victory after they lost the lyon. sale were leading by 1a points with 15 minutes to go, i'd lyon came back and took victory with an overtime penalty. cardiff beat to —— toulouse. one other rugby union story. scotla nd other rugby union story. scotland suffered another blow ahead of next month's autumn
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internationals. john hardy may not be available after being suspended, pending an internal investigation. earlier it was announced that fraser brown will miss all three games with a knee injury. he will set up a test against samoa, new zealand and australia and of course the captain has already been ruled out of the autumn series as well. you don't see many of these in top—level call. this dutchman was playing his second shot at the par five 11 poll during the second day of the masters in spain. the ball rolled onto the green and into the hole. it scored an albatross, three under par on one hole. he is leading the tournament by a shot on six under, with scott jamieson the tournament by a shot on six under, with scottjamieson and robert brock title second alongside sergio garcia. that's it from me and the rest of the sportsday team. good night. there will be more sport on bbc news
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in the morning. good evening. our weather over the next 2a hours is brought to you courtesy of brian. this low pressure has undergone rapid deepening in the atlantic. the strongest winds out to sea. atlantic. the strongest winds out to sea. it gradually moves across the british isles and it will lose some intensity, but still bring strong winds. how strong? around coastal areas we could have up to 50— 60, maybe even 70 mph. the winds continue to strengthen as we go through saturday morning. some of the strongest winds targeting the coastline of wales in south—west england. the strong winds and large waves could coincide with high spring tides, so we could have some localised flooding around coastal
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communities. strong winds in north—west england. inland gusts of up north—west england. inland gusts of up to 50 mph. a normal kind of autumnal windy day. plenty of showers, and temperatures range between 13 and 16 degrees. hello, and welcome to bbc news. the top stories. afghan officials say nearly 60 people have been killed in two separate suicide attacks on mosques. eu leaders have agreed to begin preparations for trade talks with the uk, but the prime minister of britain says there has not been enough progress to start formal talks. i am ambitious and positive for the future of britain and for these negotiations, but i know we still have some way to go. progress is not sufficient. that does not mean there is no progress. police in
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brazil arrest more than 100 people in the biggest operation ever against paedophiles in latin america. donald trump promotes here in the uk by


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