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tv   Outside Source  BBC News  October 26, 2017 9:00pm-9:31pm BST

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hello, we will go straight to spain because the president of catalonia will not be calling an election. these are his reasons why. was ready to call these elections if guarantees of absolute normality we re guarantees of absolute normality were given. there are no guarantees that justify calling were given. there are no guarantees thatjustify calling an election today. president trump has been, talking about america's addiction to prescription painkillers. my administration is officially declaring the opioid crisis and national public health emergency. the polls have closed in kenya's rerun presidential election but there has been violence and a low turnout. we will get the details. and we will hear about more than 3000 files relating to the assassination ofjohn f. kennedy which will be released. well, there's not one to be a snap
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election in catalonia stop the spanish government had dangled the prospect of suspending pans for direct rule if one was cold. and there was lots of speculation is the cata la n there was lots of speculation is the catalan president would do so. but he didn't. flesch translation: , cows ready to call election of guarantees for apple normality were given. there were no guarantees that would justify calling an elected today. my duty was to try honestly and legally to avoid the impact on our institutions by the application of article 155 that the spanish government has approved. this application is outside the law and is abusive and unfair. solo snap election from carlos puigdemont, which makes direct rule more likely. he didn't say how he responded that happens, he just said he didn't say how he responded that happens, hejust said it he didn't say how he responded that happens, he just said it was a matter for the regional parliament. i will surely these pictures from barcelona earlier, because of mr
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puigdemont is under pressure from madrid, is also under pressure at home too. he's a independence campaigners who did not want a snap election because they would see doing so as dancing to madrid's tune. out there, i spoke to the bbc‘stimbo cox, who is in barcelona. here he is on the tactics mr pidgeon wa nt here he is on the tactics mr pidgeon want is pursuing. to make it as bring the ship, but it has been an extraordinary day, so many days over the last three weeks, of febrile rumours, attempted political brinkmanship, chaos and then anger. i think a lot of his supporters felt that by calling for snap elections, which they thought puigdemont was going to do, he would get some sort of climbdown from madrid. that will be an announcement that they would suspend article one 50. that would not happen. and his other hardline supporters that he was going to call snap elections and came out on the street saying, you traitor, you should have declared
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independence. so that statement we we re independence. so that statement we were expecting a lunchtime eventually came at 5pm local time, mr puigdemont in the catalan parliament behind me just mr puigdemont in the catalan parliament behind mejust now, the thinking is dump it any money on this now, every thing changes in this now, every thing changes in this reason, certainly has in the last three or four weeks, the thinking is parliament will resume tomorrow. if the referendum result, 90% in favour of splitting from spain, 40% turnout, according to the cata la n spain, 40% turnout, according to the catalan parliament, but not valid in the eyes of madrid, that'll give them reason to declare independence. the timing of that, we think, could be the timing around the senate in madrid decides to hold theirfault and we think that they will say yes to invoke in direct rule from madrid. we think the declaration of independence could happen about the same time. again, like the symbolic because of the senate votes to impose article 155, then this place me gets dissolved. catalonia is an
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autonomous region in the north of spain, this crisis began when the government special regional government special regional government held a vote on independent earlier this month, the spanish government said that food was illegal. tomorrow, as it was explaining, we will continue to watch barcelona, but will also be watching madrid, because spain's senate is going to vote on whether to do is direct rule. doing that would involve triggering article 155 of the spanish constitution, which allows the spanish permits to take control if an eponymous community does not fulfil the obligations imposed by it by the constitution, or act and await series the prejudicing the general interests of spain. here is spain's 50 per minister. translation: i am asking the senate for an agreement that will open the new phase in which the law is respected, in which the rights of the people will be
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respected and which allows respect, well—being and harmony to return to catalonia. here is our correspondence in madrid for the bbc. it has been another very fraught day here in spain as both sides have tried to see a way to resolve this constitutional crisis stop here in madrid, it's the senate that has been a focus of attention, with a commission meeting here to discuss how to implement article 155 of the constitution to stop that is the article that would impose direct rule from here madrid over catalonia. at one point, it seemed that the catalan leader, carles puigdemont, was preparing to make a concession, turnout early elections there, but that he wanted in return for madrid to halt the imposition of article one 55. so to call off direct rule. but i spoke to the envoy that mr bush on centre to madrid and he said that the governor was in which compromise will top mr puigdemont sent here. conflation max
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eye spanish politicians don't want to understand catalonia. —— translation: what we want is to protect the privileges that they have built up. the spanish torment has if mr bush mob was serious about a dialogue he would have come here to the senate in madrid. bat mr puigdemont stop the fact that he doesn't come here, they say, suggests he doesn't what want to negotiate a way out of this crisis. they also had a series of passionate speeches in the senate, saying that the referendum catalonia was illegal under the referendum catalonia was illegal undeer the referendum catalonia was illegal under mr puigdemont must recognise that. the government member i spoke to said that simply hoarding early elections now is not enough. are you saying you want him to admit the referendum was illegal to make that statement, is that what you're trying to get him to do? the referendum was illegal, of course.
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and from sixth and 7th of september, every thing was illegal. and the referendum was illegal. and he knew that it was illegal. and he knew that it was illegal. and he knew that it's illegal and he was continuing in the illegality. so the only point is to restore legality and marketed catalonia. after the hint of possible rise earlier, it looks like both sides are digging in their heels. certainly in madrid, there has been some angry language, passionate speeches, at the senate. the scent will meet in full on friday to vote on implementing direct rule from here in madrid over catalonia for the first time ever in history. and no one in this country knows exactly how that is going to play out. on the face of it, this is an internal spanish matter but let's be clear, it has been watched very closely by the european union. our europe editor isn't barcelona on this story. we asked her to give us
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her analysis of the year from brussels. the eu is watching the situation very keenly indeed. officially it is said that it views the catalan crisis as an internal spanish affair. but behind the scenes, there is very distinct criticism of the aggression by spanish national police here in catalonia on the first october when people voted in a referendum on independence. of course, that referendum was deemed illegal under spanish law but eu leaders felt that there was absolutely no need for that national police aggression. on the other hand, the eu also did not wa nt to the other hand, the eu also did not want to see catalonia cutting off from spain, it does not like nationalist sentiment, it doesn't like and establishment sentiment, and it does not like secessionist sentiment either. it worries about those echoes across the eu. then there's the eurozone. of course, for yea rs, there's the eurozone. of course, for years , we there's the eurozone. of course, for years, we have saying the eurozone isn't terrible trouble and finally, it is in growth figures, the spanish economy was one of the worst hit in
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the 2008 economic crisis and it has now clawed its way but growth after a double recession. we know that markets don't like political instability and it has hit the cata la n instability and it has hit the catalan economy already. the next step would be to affect the wider spanish economy and eventually the eurozone as a whole. we're not there yet but the use watching. thank you very much. let's move to the us. president trump has been giving a high—profile address about the use of opioids. here's some of it. this epidemic is a national health emergency. unlike many of us, we have seen and what we have seen, in our lifetimes, nobody has seen anything like what is going on now. opioids is a term that covers some legal painkillers and some illegal drugs like heroin. if we look at the national picture in the us, we know
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that for every 1 national picture in the us, we know that for every1 million national picture in the us, we know that for every 1 million americans, almost 50,000 opioids are taken every day. to put that in context, thatis every day. to put that in context, that is four times the rate that you would find you in the uk. to focus on one example, kermit is a small town in south—west west virginia, and in the last two years, it has received almost 9 million opioid pills. for context, as you can see from this picture, this is a low—key place. only 400 people live here and get millions of opioids are being consumed. there are many reasons for this situation. many americans use an insurance —based health care syste m an insurance —based health care system meaning some people have basic cover, so if a doctor is offering treatment, from prescription is not the only option. america is one of only two countries which allow prescription drugs to be advertised on tv. then you got the money that companies spend promoting the different opioids. for instance,
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editors and 60—15, the industry spent over $8 billion advertising. finally, there is bad science. this dates back to 1980. a doctor brought a widely shared letter in this journal arguing that narcotic addiction is rare in patients with no history of addiction. that claim has since been debunked but this letter still carries and morning which tells people here that the article is not accurate. nonetheless, it is still a reference to back—up opioid use and used to disperse people's concerns about them. —— dismissed. if we move from west virginia to maryland, well, the map has not moved, but that is where this report comes from. she was very outgoing. an exceptional athlete. and all that was robbed from her
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when she was introduced to drugs and eventually heroin. it has been two yea rs eventually heroin. it has been two years since this man lost his daughter to a heroin overdose. she was just daughter to a heroin overdose. she wasjust 19. daughter to a heroin overdose. she wasjust19. a drug squad police officerfor wasjust19. a drug squad police officer for decades, wasjust19. a drug squad police officerfor decades, kevin wasjust19. a drug squad police officer for decades, kevin used to lock up addicts. then his daughter became one. never seen it coming. never dreams this would happen. this has reached epidemic proportions and something has got to be done. for kevin, that's something means building a woman's the treatment centre in his daughter's memory. he says the way to deal with the problem is more investment in recovery and education. we are going about it all wrong. fervour illness, we are prescribed uphill. there is no education at here. kids were afraid to smoke a cigarette than they are to take a percocet. he lives in a town sitting in what has become known as the heron highway.
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with opioid related deaths on the rise, this sleepy slice of small—town america is now played by the crisis. this place could be any town in america. the scale of the opioid crisis here and elsewhere is huge. in this state, maryland, alone, more than 1100 people died from opioid related illnesses in the first six months of the year. the challenge for president trump is to come up with workable solutions to contain this academical stop to some, that means more vocational programmes like ladders to leaders, which encourages addicts to work as part of the recovery. takeaway free rides to people who are not doing nothing, i mean, there are people out there getting high and they are working the system. for other addicts, like jamal, that also means changing a system where drugs are often readily available. doctors are
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the biggest drug dealers. he gave up a script and from the doctor and you got doctors who sell them under the table. overall is now discussing it with theirfamily table. overall is now discussing it with their family and their kids. table. overall is now discussing it with their family and their kidsm had to get personal for kevin and he hoped that his experience will help americans abroad about a crisis which is claiming thousands of lives. there maybe some people watching who would think heroin addiction and to legal painkillers or two quite separate problems? you have seen some of the issues there. when it comes to addiction to opioids, we are talking many people being addicted to painkillers, something that you would get on perception, and one of the things that they are set a date and that president trump wa nts to set a date and that president trump wants to addresses those prescriptions. when it comes to those who prescribed the drugs, you wa nt those who prescribed the drugs, you want them to get more training. as you have heard the call for there. they want the people who give out
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the painkillers to note the effects that they can have. and one of the things that president trump did in his speech today was to make it personal. you talk about his own mother fred. —— he talked about his brother fred. fred was addicted to alcohol and he said that at the start, fred said to president trump, do not even struck a drink. and that something donald trump take seriously. and that is the kind of education, he says, seeing first—hand accounts, that people could benefit from across the united states. when it comes to the woman ta ke states. when it comes to the woman take and today's declaration, it does not actually get any new money to invest in opioid treatment. —— the limitations of today's declaration. that is something present troubles hoping to do down the line, but by now, what it does several measures that he is announced, for instance, the prescription is we talked about, you wa nt prescription is we talked about, you want is to combat drug traffickers coming from china and mexico, and he wa nts to coming from china and mexico, and he wants to date one particular opioid which he described as evil of the market altogether. but critics will
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say that the money is in needed now if we want to tackle the seven. 20 at indeed. but still to come an outside source, we'll go back to the us to find out about the release of classified documents relating to the assassination of president kennedy which are due to be released today. a woman from birmingham hasn't found guilty of terrorism offences after buying a weapon for her husband to use in an attack. 21—year—old madihah taheer has denied an offence of terrorism by helping ummariyat mirza. he pleaded guilty to plotting an attack earlier this year. our home affairs correspondent says that the wars in syria and iraq has changed woman's role in terrorism stop that was about trying to build a community of believers, community
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of fighters and supporters, in syria and across iraq. at there was an opportunity for a woman to get involved as well. they stopped being something as simple as effectively passive observers of what was going on stop experts say they took a more active role and this case is one of the prime examples were prosecutors we re the prime examples were prosecutors were able to say in court, this woman was at the heart of the action, she believed in what husband wa nted action, she believed in what husband wanted to do and encouraged it take active steps to help them prepare. hello. we live here in the bbc newsroom. the latest from spain, the cata la n newsroom. the latest from spain, the catalan regional president carles puigdemont has ruled out calling a spat regional election. —— snap election. the iraqi government has batted away
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a proposal by iraqi kurdistan designed to try and ease tensions between them. we talked about this yesterday. the kurds were suggesting freezing the yes vote in a recent independence referendum. that got short shrift from the iraqi prime minister. he has said... as we have discussed on outside source, the iraqi military has b&b taking disputed territory that had been held by the kurds, territory marked here in light purple. that is outside of iraqi kurdistan, which is marked in darker purple, which is an ed holmes region. today, the kurds have also said they had been fired at again by iraqi troops. —— it is an autonomous region. what we know so far is that both sides continue to accuse each other of file nations and attacking their locations. now, when we talk to the
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security forces, one source told us that basically, the iraqi federal troops are advancing towards a crossing point between iraq and syria north—west of the country, and thatis syria north—west of the country, and that is part of the plan that started last week to retake control over the disputed areas that had been taken over back into those in 13 when the so—called islamic state entered the iraqi cities. —— in 2013. in this situation, it is not clear exactly what is happening on the ground, it does not help the political crisis that has went roaring over the past few days particularly after the announcement this morning that the kurdish offer has been refused and it is being insisted that they should cancel the result of the referendum. while that is happening in the north
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of iraq, we are also being told that the iraqi government has lost an offensive on the last bastions of the sonic state group in the country, focusing on two times you can see there on the map. close to the border with syria. details on this. what is very interesting is that these are the last strongholds of these are the last strongholds of the so—called islamic state in iraq which makes it a very big victory for the iraqi government and such a defeat for isis if they conquer them inside. what we understand suffer from at jaw inside. what we understand suffer from atjaw government sources that there are around 40,000 civilians in this sky factory to cities, there is announcement of if you thousands is fighters, some of whom are believed to be foreigners. business days, the last few minutes, some of the biggest companies in silicon valley have announced the biggest results. what's the news?
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it's extremely busy earning stay in silicon valley, many big tech firms reporting. one of them is amazon. amazon has beaten expectation, high expectations from wall street. their stock is up 8%, their revenue in the third quarter of this year was 43.7 billion dollars. that is up 34% on this time year. some of that revenue is thanks to whole foods, who were bought by amazon in august forjust over $13 billion and around $1.3 billion of amazon's revenue came from them. we can expect that to go up from them. we can expect that to go up in the future. a strong showing from amazon, beating what wall street thought it would do, so their shares, last time i checked, were a present... i suspect it may be more than that now. a few minutes ago, you send a message saying let's talk
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about twitter, why? i've been on this programme several times happy about twitter performing poorly in the show is going down. today, that is not the case. they reported their earnings earlier in the day before the opening bell in new york and other open, on some faces the result we re other open, on some faces the result were bad, they had been this calculating the number of users they had, overstating it. and their ad reve nu es had, overstating it. and their ad revenues are going down. but investors were pretty happy because they have managed to improve in some areas of the business by selling data and licensing access, which has increased revenues by 20%. —— 22%. and the interesting thing, which has never happened before, twitter is predicting in the next quarter it will make a profit and twitter has never ever done that in all the yea rs never ever done that in all the years it has been run. if that does happen in the next quarter, it is a big deal indeed. thank you very much for that update, very interesting.
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we often talk about twitter not doing so well but better news on its results for the last quarter. speaking of twitter, it is banned —— has banned two of russia's biggest media outlets from buying ads. these others are accused of trying to interfere in the us election last year. this is russia today and sputnik. let's talk to are corresponded live in new york. good to have you. i thought twitter was selling ads to this kind of people, now it is saying that was completely wrong last year? there is a few reasons for why twitter is doing that. it has always been seen as a company that has overtaken a back—seat when you had these bad apples on social media. so only after they have done the bad think about whether if the calling someone or if it bea about whether if the calling someone or if it be a bot, then the roof those accounts. what twitter is now
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trying to do is show themselves be more proactive in this realm. or choose one of the three companies that will be facing a grilling next week on capitol hill by washington lawmakers. they will ask social media companies facebook, twitter and google about the 2016 election and google about the 2016 election and what role does social media companies had actually played. remember, twitter and facebook have already spoken to lawmakers behind the scenes, but now this is going to be a more public and open forum. here is a tweet from a very senior editor at rte, saying that like jack is the guy who runs twitter. so it's not like these to companies are taking this lying down to stop absolutely not. but ultimately, twitter is based here in the united states and, yes, they did solicit that. but at no point did the social
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media companies really take this kind of interfering very seriously. take, for example, facebook and mark zuckerberg once spoke to president obama about this issue, he didn't think this was a big deal. but last month, he posted a video saying, look, i didn't realise how big of a deal this was and it is something that we are taking a look at very closely. thank you. for those of you watching, it is worth having at look at sputnik and rte website for coverage of that story, they have a very different perspective to twitter palace of playing out. —— the rt website. back to the bbc newsroom in a couple minutes time. hello. over the weekend,
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hello. overthe weekend, if hello. over the weekend, if you remember, a tyson brought rain and damaging winds to a good swathe of japan. there is a clean—up operation underway but it doesn't look like it will last that long because there is another tropical storm in the west pacific which could bring further heavy rain into japan over the weekend. this is tropical storm cell. if it develops further, it could reached— status if it reaches the islands south of japan and could bring heavy flooding rain to japan itself. in central america we are concerned about heavy rain which has brought some flooding in the past three days. this heavy rain will continue in the weekend and there are some suspect continue in the weekend and there are some suspect areas which could develop into tropical storms. there could be more rainmakers than damaging wind makers but either, these systems don't develop into tropical storms, the heavy rain is still likely to continue to bring our flooding threat with increased
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risk of landslides. across america, this low pressure of the problematic for eastern canada, bringing rain and strong winds. and there will be early—season and strong winds. and there will be ea rly—season snow and strong winds. and there will be early—season snow in the north midwest, strong winds, could see snow in places across minnesota and the dakotas and it could cause some travel disruption for the halloween weekend. it's not good to last that long. in the western side of the united states, things have been very hot. record—breaking temperatures earlier on this week across california but it looks like things are returning to normal. on sunday, la will see temperatures more normal for this point of torpor. in europe, vigorous area of low pressure has brought severe storms to the south—east of europe, causing disruption across the balkans, trees uprooted and squally thunderstorms. this looks like it will continue to
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ease across the weekend but things are looking unsettled across the north of europe into the weekend, with gale force developing and cold to. but the opposite across spain and portugal, temperatures around 10 degrees above where they should be for the time of year, hot and sunny, increased wildfire risk. further north, it is grey and, but for the uk, it's actually looking pretty good as we head towards friday. this area of high pressure is going to settle things down, pushed the cloud and the damp weather away from the south, many places will see sunshine through the day but notice that temperatures beginning to fall away, things are set to turn, into the weekend. don't forget, you can see at uk weather forecast right here in half an hour. hello, welcome back to outside source. some of the main stories: the president of spain's catalonia region ruled out a snap election.
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here are the reasons. .iwas here are the reasons. . i was ready to call the election for guarantees that were given but no guarantees were given to justify an election today. and turnout in some citiesed president trump has been preintellecting on america' addiction to prescription pain killers. my killers. my administration is declaring the opioid crisis a national public health emergency. we talk about more than 3,000 files relating to the assassination ofjfk
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