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tv   Asia Business Report  BBC News  October 30, 2017 1:30am-1:45am GMT

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charges against catalonia's deposed president, carles puigdemont. hundreds of thousands of people marched in barcelona on sunday for spanish unity, and against catalan separatism. hundreds of philippine families have returned to the southern city of marawi, after five months of fighting. tens of thousands of people fled when islamist militants linked to the islamic state group tried to take the city in may. and this story is trending on lewis hamilton secures his fourth world championship at the mexican grand prix, making him the most successful british formula 1 driver in history. he joins sebastian vettel and alain prost on four world titles, behind only michael schumacher. that's all from me for now. stay with bbc news. and the top story here in the uk: theresa may says there should be new codes of conduct, designed to protect mps, or those working for them, from sexual harassment. now on bbc news all the latest
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business news live from singapore. new leadership of the us central bank. who will take on the top job when janet yellen‘s term ends bank. who will take on the top job whenjanet yellen‘s term ends in february? and one start—up is putting a twist on prefab compact homes by adding a designer touch. good morning, asia. hello, world. glad you could join us. hope you had a great weekend. we start in the us and the chance is president donald trump will reappoint —— the chances of donald trump reappointing janet yellen are looking slim. the commander—in—chief is looking for a replacement. we take a look at the front—runners. don't expect presidential level
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political campaigning. the decision on becomes who is the next bed share. who is in the running? status quo is the easiest thing to do. keep janet yellen in the post. but she has disagreed with the president on rolling back banking rules after the financial crisis. then there is eric kohn, the head of the president's national economic council. but their relationship went south after he disagreed with president from's reaction to the violence in charlottesville. john taylor is a sta nford charlottesville. john taylor is a stanford economist and always on the republican list of potential federal reserve chairs but never gets the
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job. but markets might have a com plete job. but markets might have a complete freak out. he is a hawk who thinks interest rates should be much higher despite lower inflation. girard powell is a republican, current member of the board with private sector experience but he has voted in favour of post financial crisis rules that the president wa nts to crisis rules that the president wants to roll back. and then there is kevin warsh. he has been on the board for a decade but may want to see interest rates go up faster and he was wrong about the risks of high inflation would have fared's accommodative monetary policy. whoever gets tapped will have a toughjob whoever gets tapped will have a tough job ahead, steering the american economy of historic low interest rates without sinking the recovery. shares of kobe steel have pushed higher, the third—largest steelmaker
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injapan undera higher, the third—largest steelmaker in japan under a cloud higher, the third—largest steelmaker injapan under a cloud of controversy after admitting to falsifying dart on a range of products. will these earnings be affected by the scandal? we are expecting the first half result in about five hours from now but they have said they can't what have said they can't determine what impact this scandal will have on the bottomline. kobe steel forecast a profit for the year ending march 2018 after two successive years of major losses. that might actually changed now. if you look at this chart, you will see that making matters worse is a massive share price lost. more than a third of its value since the scandal broke at the start of year, wiping out nearly $2 billion in value. shareholders may agitate with of the raising money to cover possible damage down the line. we could see kobe steel potentially
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sell assets in the future. many challenges facing kobe steel. thank you very much, leisha santorelli. remaining members of the trans—pacific remaining members of the tra ns—pacific partnership remaining members of the trans—pacific partnership a meeting from today to finalise the trade pact. new zealand wants to renegotiate and the us has pulled out. earlier, ispoke renegotiate and the us has pulled out. earlier, i spoke to the chief market strategist for active trader, greg mccann. new zealand was one of the key countries that got everybody back to the table after donald trump left —— left but this new left—leaning government is keen to negotiate the outlook for property buyers. new zealand property prices have gone up quite a bit and they are looking to renegotiate that, looking to renegotiate the rbnz act. i genuinely think it is an open question as to what this government wa nts. question as to what this government wants. it's early days. flatpack or
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modular homes have traditionally been used to build low—cost housing but one filipino entrepreneur is using that prefab technology to contract —— construct luxury homes. the company behind this is the first start—up to have a billion—dollar valuation as we see in this week episode of by design. how do you create a massively different shade of company that will transform the way home building is being done? i thought to myself, imagine serving a group of people who would now live in aid designer home for $100,000
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us. such a formidable concept. white spent clothes with an amazing design when you can't do that same thing with the most important purchase of your life, a home? this is a 1— bedroom, and we can build it to dream, 3—bedroom, three bedroom with parking versions. it shows the concept of modularity and flexibility which is extremely valuable to many. those who the homes can be done anywhere from two months to three months at least. that is something that is massively changing the landscape today. the gaming industry is worth more
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than 100 un dollars globally but the small developers, it can be a struggle to get their companies off the ground. how reporterjason mcdonald spoke about the new game stifled. it's this game, it fine, i'm not scared pete - you have i'm not scared pete —— if you have the microphone on comedy enemies can get you. when you make a noise, the pulse goes out and lights up the wall like echolocation or sonar. that is your resort and your tool. there is always noise which can be
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ongoing but i mustn't make too much noise. global gaming is a big and growing market. do you have any ambitions to have a mobile version? cross, it's not really about the markets, it is about the game. at stifled, it doesn't make a lot of sense for mobile. it's not immersive. you don't want people on the train, there is a lot of noise, its bright. you cannot put yourself into the game. you wanted to be black, dark room, with some microphone. you can truly hear what it is. it's important for us as a studio. we not going to studio. we are probably not going to do mobile. the developers of angry birds say that they made 50 games before they had a hit is it fair to
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say you have a long way to go? we are hoping to get lucky. we have been working on this game for two yea rs. been working on this game for two years. from our standpoint as a team, asa years. from our standpoint as a team, as a studio, we try to make oui’ team, as a studio, we try to make our game marketable so we started developing, before we understood that the visual style is very unique. the mechanics was interesting. all those things, they have up and create a very good pulse. it makes the game easier to market and stand out from the clerk —— the crowd. market and stand out from the clerk -- the crowd. the skills are here in singapore but it's probably more expensive than some other places. how is that working out? we have a small team of right now. we all graduated from school together and basically we don't learn a lot, sometimes we don't pay ourselves but we are hoping to improve because we wa nt to we are hoping to improve because we want to make stuff that deserves to exist and we want people to play. the creator of stifled speaking to
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tim mcdonald. in the markets, asia is off to a quick start. all in positive territory. the all ordinaries in positive territory. this is after the us market power to fresh record highs following blowout earnings from amazon and other giants. thank you, goodbye for now. the top stories this hour: supporters of a united spain have staged a huge protest in barcelona as prosecutors prepare criminal charges against pro—independence leaders. hundreds of philippine families have returned to the southern city of marawi, after five months of fighting. complaints about inappropriate behaviour and sexual harrassment
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by mps have now led to a government minister being investigated to see if he broke the ministerial code of conduct. < international trade minister mark garnier, meanwhile theresa may has written to the house of commons speaker asking him to look at the creation of an independent body to which allegations about mp‘s behaviour can be reported. here's our political correspondent jonathan blake. mark garnier has been an mp to seven yea rs mark garnier has been an mp to seven years and has been in the trade ministry. he says in 2010, he was asked to go into a shop to buy sex toys and is accused of using dealer —— of toys and is accused of using dealer __ of __ toys and is accused of using dealer —— of —— has accused him of using to rob a true language. he has denied it. but where of other recent reports about mps acting inappropriately, the government was quick to respond.
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these stories are true are totally unacceptable and the office will be conducting an investigation as to whether there has been a breach of the ministerial code in this case because we know the facts are disputed but what i would say is that there are mums and dads who have daughters who are politics stu d e nts have daughters who are politics students hoping to get a job in westminster and they must be able to be confident that if they get that job, their daughter will not be subject to some of these behaviours that we have been seeing. westminster has been braced to accusations of abuse against mps. in the way of the harvey weinstein scandal, public figures are facing more scrutiny. jared o'mara was suspended after apologising to sexist and homophobic comments. long serving mps say things have changed but more must be done. 650 mps, a very mail environment, just 20 women. it's to do with all these men, away from home, there were
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eight bars and very long hours in the bars were open as long as the sitting and the notion that what happens in westminster stays in westminster. it's a little bit better now that there is a long way to go. but a fresh focus on the issue of sexual harassment in westminster, the prime minister has written to the speaker of the house of commons asking for a new procedure of the mps and staff to report abuse. theresa may has also asked for advice on how the culture in westminster can be changed. hello. i am tulsen tollett and this is sport today, live from the bbc sports centre. coming up on this programme: lewis hamilton doesn't win in mexico but does enough to claim a fourth formula 1 world championship. a victory in catalonia — the spanish champions real madrid are downed by girona.
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and the return to lahore ends in defeat for sri lanka as pakistan win again, this time in a t20 match. hello there and welcome to the programme, where we start with the news that lewis hamilton has won his fourth formula 1 world championship title, but it didn't come in the style he might have imagined at the mexico grand prix. the 32—year—old is now the most successful british driver and it came about despite him finishing ninth, as our sports editor dan roan reports. mexicans may have been celebrating their annual day of the dead but for one man, the festivities had to wait. lewis hamilton, focused on a top—five finish that he knew would clinch a fourth world title. but in one of the most dramatic starts this year's championship has seen, hamilton, who began third, collided with title rival sebastian vettel in the first few seconds. radio: flat tyre.


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