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tv   Sportsday  BBC News  November 7, 2017 10:30pm-10:46pm GMT

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you know, a quarter of a century. she did a greatjob and i'lljust... you're being very polite - do mine! laughter edward, had the magazine got complacent, do you think? i mean, you know, it represented its time, that's what i can say. it represented a time and i feel we're in a different time now. do you worry — given, you know, the rise in mental health issues, particularly with young women — that vogue can create a series of images which makes people feel anxious and dissatisfied with themselves? i mean the subject of body image obviously goes on. when i started in the ‘90s, you know, a sample size was sort of a four and a six and now it's a zero zero, and i feel it's a conversation that the whole industry has to partake in. naomi campbell said in the past, hasn't she, that she's experienced racism in the fashion industry. have you, too? i mean, you know, istarted as a 16—year—old model. so, you know, i experienced... yeah, i experienced racism,
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but i had good support. i had great mentors, but i do feel for sort of the young models today, who don't have the chaperons or don't have their mothers with them. i was very luck. —— lucky. and how exposed are they? i feel they're pretty exposed, but we're doing what we can. what about this issue of nudity? i mean, kate moss was speaking about it recently, saying that she was uncomfortable in her body, but had to strip off and couldn't see why, as a very young girl. does that need to change? well, i don't believe in sort of very young girls being nude. what limit on age would you put? 18. so what are we going to see less of in an edward enninful vogue? not what we'll we see more of, what will we see less of? what are we going to see less of, that's a really interesting question! so you're going to see less of... what do you want me to say? what are we going to see less of?
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0k. yeah, you're going to see less of sort of models who don't look so healthy, maybe. edward enninful talking to will gompertz. newsnight‘s about to begin over on bbc two in a few moments, here's evan davis. tonight, accidents and arguments, mishaps and missteps, we're five months into the life of this government, can it last five years at the current controversy rate? join me now on bbc two. here on bbc one it's time for the news where you are. hello and welcome to sportsday. here are the headlines. back in management and he says hungry to get things right, david moyes arrives to ta ke things right, david moyes arrives to take charge of west ham united. andy murray is back out on court for the first time since wimbledon as he
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took on roger federer in a charity game in glasgow. iron -- and i am at st george's park where the england football squad has been hit by a raft of withdrawals of experienced players ahead of the friendlies against germany and brazil. good evening, we start with the story that seemed to have divided opinion in football today, if david moyes is the right person to rescue west amp. the club owners believe so but the fans are not sure. —— west ham. the former everton and manchester united boss replaces slaven bilic who was sacked yesterday with a club in the relegation zone. david moyes has been speaking to the club media team. it has only been the last job
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where i feel as if it wasn't a good mood and i didn't enjoy it and it didn't work out well so i am hungry to make sure i get things right. any manager wants to win and that is what i want to do, i want to win and make sure that the supporters and everybody, we enjoy our saturday nights because we are winning games. the fans we caught up with this morning were not overly pleased that slaven bilic had been sacked but they were willing to give david moyes ago. he was good at everton but the other clubs he has been to, not so good. at the same time, he is here and the fans have got to get behind him. if they don't, as far as i'm concerned, they're not getting behind their team. he hasn't got a great track record but he could turn it around but we have to give him time, try to get behind him. if we had stuart pearce coming that would bea had stuart pearce coming that would be a good thing. let's see what
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happens but i'm still gutted for slaven bilic and for west ham. david moyes will have almost a fortnight to bed in before his first match against watford thanks to the international window and for some there are friendlies ahead but for northern ireland the two legate world cup play—off against switzerland could not hold any more significance. stephen watson caught up significance. stephen watson caught up with the camp ahead of the first match at windsor park on thursday. here at the northern ireland team hotel the squad is pretty optimistic that they can cause an upset and defeat the much higher ranked switzerland over the two legs in an intensive four day period. northern ireland are trying to qualify for their first world cup finals since 1986. steven davis, the captain, is set to make his 100th appearance on thursday and he says the team is approaching the game with caution but also confidence. i think we had to stick with what we have done and what has got us that success. we need to stay calm over the two
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games, hopefully get a good start at home and use that advantage as much as possible. the crowd have a huge pa rt as possible. the crowd have a huge part to play as always and if we can bring everything together then hopefully it can be a successful trip. how difficult is it to stay calm on what is going to be a massive occasion on thursday night? yes, there will be a lot of excitement and some nerves and anticipation going into the game but it shows you the level of importance and what is riding on it. we want to go out and try to enjoy it as much as possible as well, but ultimately achieve what we want to which is get to the world cup. northern ireland are hoping that the first leg can be are hoping that the first leg can be a very tight affair and with only germany and portugal having defeated them competitively in belfast in the last four and a half years, they are hoping that they're in press of home record can get them a positive result and set up what would be an
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intriguing battle in basel —— impressive home record. england are already through but burnley midfielderjack cork says he feels lucky to be brought into the squad after three players withdraw ahead of the friendlies with germany and brazil. john murray was at the england training base earlier.m never rains but it pours for gareth southgate. having lost harry kane, harry winks and dele alli from his original squad selection, now raheem sterling and fabian delph have had to return to their club and liverpool captain jordan henderson is not even fit enough to join up with the party here. at least gary cahill has been able to join the squad. danny rose is not involved in training but that was agreed as part of his rehabilitation. he has not played for england for almost a year and only returned for spurs last month after a serious knee injury. he has been talking about how difficult it has been for him to cope with not playing. it's been
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really difficult. especially with i'iow really difficult. especially with now the manager, stopping to try the new formation with the three at the back and that is something i have done well at my club, and it has been hard sitting at home watching the games on tv. i'm just so happy to be back and i can't wait to hopefully be given the chance to play on either friday or tuesday. so farjake livermore has been added to the squad but it is a party of only 21 now which must increase the chances of those who have been involved for the first time winning their first caps against germany and brazil and that means the possibility for tammy abraham ruben loftus—cheek and joe gomez. possibility for tammy abraham ruben loftus-cheek and joe gomez. i'm grateful for the opportunity and looking forward to working under gareth. i have obviously worked under him previously and i know how good a manager he is and i'm looking forward to learning and playing under him andjust
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forward to learning and playing under him and just getting whatever football i can. under him and just getting whatever footballi can. all under him and just getting whatever football i can. all of these withdrawals means it is a significantly weakened england squad that will take on germany, the world champions, and brazil, the team that has won the world cup more than anybody else. away from football and injury concerned just as right with the england cricket squad with steven finn flying home from australia and missing the entire ashes series after tearing cartilage in his left knee. surrey all—rounder tom curran has been called up as a replacement. the women's ashes series is well underway and england are preparing for their test match on thursday which is a match they cannot afford to lose. they lost the last test match they played against australia, in 2015, and were criticised for being too negative. they trail australia 4—2 on points but the word from the camp is they will not be defensive this time round. it was imperative we learned a lot from the last game, the last
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three days, and i think not only have we learned more but some of the youngsters have picked up a lot of information that was not there before. it is important that we spend the next few days really going on from that. and hopefully there will be a nice little win over here inafew will be a nice little win over here in a few days! andy murray says he hopes to be fit again for the new year but will not rush back to action after his hip injury. he was back on court this evening at a charity event in glasgow against roger federer. the swiss came out on top ina roger federer. the swiss came out on top in a played match over two sets and decided by a tie—break. the three—time grand slam winner bowe admits he made a mistake in trying to get ready for the us open in august —— murray
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hello and welcome to our look ahead to what the the papers will be bringing us tomorrow. with me are the journalist dina hamdy and broadcaster david davies. tomorrow's front pages, starting with. .. the i, which leads with the tributes paid to the former welsh government minister, carl sargeant, who was found dead after facing allegations, from a number of women, about his personal conduct. staying with the same story, the metro details how the 49—year—old father of two had been unaware of the details of the claims made against him. the telegraph goes with the fallout following the international development secretary, priti patel‘s unsanctioned meetings with israeli politicians during a private holiday over the summer. eating too much sugar could speed up
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the progress and severity of alzheimer's according to new research, that's on the daily express front page. the financial times leads with a warning from wall street banker to the us commerce secretary that a slow brexit could force them to start moving jobs out of the city. the times goes with the claims that two labour run councils are using offshore companies to avoid paying millions of pounds in tax. the guardian leads with more revelations from the paradise papers detailing how the prince of wales's private estate secretly invested in a friend's environmental firm estate secretly invested in a friend's environmentalfirm in bermuda and the daily mail details how a mother who posted propaganda toa how a mother who posted propaganda to a so—called islamic state group on social media was spared jail after thejudge took pity on social media was spared jail after the judge took pity on her five children. before we talk about some of those
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front pages, a line from laura kuenssberg, our political editor, which will be relevant to the discussion, and she says that sources have suggested to the bbc that priti patel is in deep trouble. number ten is examining new revelations about her meetings overseas tonight. the minister and theresa may have apparently not spoken this evening and that will appear ina spoken this evening and that will appear in a tweet that laura has security, but suggestions she has been fired are not correct at this point in time. that is what laura kuenssberg is saying about relations between number ten and the international development secretary. there may be further developments in the hours to come. priti patel of course has left the country because she is going on business to uganda so she is going on business to uganda so she did not appear in the commons earlier when opposition mps were
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demanding further comments from her. with both david and dina we will start with that issue. the front of the telegraph, they are leading us where laura kuenssberg was indicating. absolutely, and as priti patel‘s international development colleague, alistair burt, said in the commons this afternoon, she is in the air. and she was literally in the airat in the air. and she was literally in the air at that time, earlier than expected, she managed to get out of the country. that is where she has gone and she is in africa and getting on with the job. but looking at these stories tonight, yes, priti patel is in deep trouble, you would have to say that and you would expect a denoument when she gets
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back. but it's not only her, the government looks in deep trouble tonight. and the daily telegraph, clearly a conservative supporting newspaper, is not putting back on this? no and i think they shouldn't. frankly nobody knows more what priti patel or borisjohnson frankly nobody knows more what priti patel or boris johnson need frankly nobody knows more what priti patel or borisjohnson need to do frankly nobody knows more what priti patel or boris johnson need to do to be sacked. this


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