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tv   Asia Business Report  BBC News  November 14, 2017 1:30am-1:46am GMT

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of is fighters escape from raqqa when it fell to us—backed forces last month. hundreds of so—called islamic state fighters and their families escaped in exchange for hostages. some of those who left included is's most notorious criminals. president trump wraps up his foreign tour in the philippines — boasting of his great relationship with rodrigo duterte and leaving open how much human rights were discussed. and this video is trending on the moment these children got a lucky escape in norway. a lorry head straight for them — but thankfully the quick—witted driver braked just in time. nobody was hurt. that's all from me for now. stay with bbc news. and the top story here in the uk. the government says mps will be given a take—it—or leave—it vote on the final brexit deal before
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the uk leaves the eu. resident ron heads back home to the us from asia with billions of dollars‘ worth of contracts for american companies but could he sealed a deal with china? —— president trump. and the numbers don‘t like, wearable technology telling sports coach is how hard their teams are working. welcomed asia business report. i am sharanjit leyl asia business report. i am sharanjit leyl. it‘s been a world wind ——a whirlwind tour of asia for president donald trump, a difficult task to reassure america‘s allies in the region, persuade china to pressure north korea and demonstrate the us is still willing to do business with asia. i spoke to ian bremner earlier
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and asked how successful his being. it was moving forward with the trans—pacific partnership, it was moving forward with the tra ns—pacific partnership, the it was moving forward with the trans—pacific partnership, the tpp 11, trans—pacific partnership, the tpp ii, which does not involve the united states. trump did get a number of headline bilateral investment deals signed, some of which are new, some not. not unusual, a lot of presidents do that. china, trump has said, and i think this is a victory, he‘s gotten the chinese to do more in punishing the chinese to do more in punishing the north koreans are a number of things they have done to upset the need —— the international community, nuclear missiles, the chinese supporting trump and the chinese are upset with kim jong—un but supporting trump and the chinese are upset with kimjong—un but in supporting trump and the chinese are upset with kim jong—un but in terms of access of american corporations to the chinese market, intellectual property being stolen and technology tra nsfers, property being stolen and technology transfers, most importantly what the chinese are doing in it and technology, the americans are getting nothing of what they want
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and certainly in terms the trade deficit. no movement. we know there has been billions of dollars of deals announced. what that goes some way to plucking that huge trade deficit? not really. these ideals which are going to play out in headline numbers which are great. some of them need to actually get implemented. we see the final numbers usually are not. they initially announced. that‘s not unusualfor initially announced. that‘s not unusual for trump. it happens all the time with presidential visits. under mentally, the importance of trade architecture being driven everywhere but the united states is much more impactful on things like trade deficits that any one—off deals. would you agree that trump's america first policy is essentially, by nature, protectionist? is turning his back free trade? it‘s interesting. i would say more
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economic nationalists. he wants a bilateral trade deal which is more attractive for the americans. shinzo abe is one of trump‘s best friends, if not best friend internationally, and said absolutely not. that tells you a lot of what you need to know. that was ian bremmer talking about those deals. max morrison is here with a more detailed look. you heard him saying that the headline numbers are good. donald trump fancies himself as the dealmaker in chief. the headline figure is quite significant. the lion‘s share coming from china including some blue—chip names like boeing and qualcomm. japan and vietnam‘s and south korea. the philippines is work in progress. they have made promises, no hard
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deals coming through. it is business. the men around of understanding. deals down the road, not legally binding. these things don‘t happen overnight. they take legal groundwork. if you look at one particular sector, and that is energy. major deals were announced. the biggest of them, $15 billion into alaska and if confirmed, it is significant because given all the political concerns over chinese companies investing in america, that such a deal would go through. an a nalyst such a deal would go through. an analyst i spoke to earlier said a lot of this was for perception. good politics, we will see if it‘s good business. of course. we know with donald trump, is america first polity is geared towards bringing jobs back to america. are any of these deals going to achieve that? jobs, absolutely. he loves to say
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bringing jobs back to america. that alaska project we were talking about, up to 12,000. but the energy a nalyst about, up to 12,000. but the energy analyst i spoke to say there has dashed those were american constructionjobs, dashed those were american construction jobs, 4—5 years, dashed those were american constructionjobs, 4—5 years, laying cement and welding and steel, they are not long—term jobs. again, perceptions, look at all these jobs. long—term, not as much. you mentioned qualcomm. they are in the news because they have turned down a $130 billion bid and this could set the stage for a bitter fight in the world of mobile technology. singapore—based broadcom made the offer at the chief of qualcomm says it undervalues the company. shares in barbie toymaker mattel had jumped
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over rumours of a takeover by hasbro. last month, shares in both dell after the bankruptcy of toys r us. and but coyne has bounced back after losing more than a third of its value in three days. —— ? ?macr01 oi’ its value in three days. —— ? ?macr01 or two. a planned soft —— bitcoin. a planned software upgrade provided issues. australia‘s business confidence surged to its highest record 0ctober, confidence surged to its highest record october, with strength of sales and profits seen across a range of industries. the national australia bank survey showed its index of business quadrupled in the long—run average however this is in stark contrast to the mood of consumers who are greatly concerned
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about rising utility costs. in the world of professional sport, elite athletes and their coaches know that even the smallest difference can actually translate into a significant advantage and a little—known australian company is scoring big, designing a new way for coaches to train their teams by using wearable devices. we look at how technology and sports is changing the game. in again, in again. be patient, be patient. with these things, what we could not
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do before, if there is a low intensity of training and you come to him after and you say, look, you have to push again, it is coming, you are not doing anything. today, nobody can hide any more. that it is a game—changer for sports, especially elite sports. technology has givena especially elite sports. technology has given a new dimensional to the world of football. they capture the signals of the gps or the american and russian satellites and from there, they capture all the movements of the players on the pitch. crunching numbers, it is very
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small. and this shows how high the play was working. you don't necessarily want to look at the distance. another player runs from a to b, 50 metres, might sprint, jump, jog. to b, 50 metres, might sprint, jump, jog, and they calculate that. staying with sport, the first time in 60 years, italy has been eliminated from the football world cup finals next year in russia. the italian team who were four times winners of the world cup and you can see them here trading, they were held to a 0—0 draw by sweden in the play—offs. but have a quick look at
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the markets. we are also expecting retail sales number later in the day from the us. and that is it for this edition of asia business report. thank you for watching. this is bbc news. the top stories this hour: a bbc investigation has revealed a deal to allow so—called is fighters to escape the syrian city of raqqa. asian leaders edge towards a deal on the disputed south china sea at the asean summit in the philippines. the church of england is telling its schools that children should be free to explore their identity and that both boys and girls should be free to dress up in a tutu, a tiara or a tool belt, withoutjudgement.
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the updated guidelines aim to prevent children being bullied because of their sexual orientation or gender identity. here‘s our religious affairs correspondent martin bashir. dressing up is notjust a favourite activity for the reception class at this london church primary school, it‘s also part of a curriculum designed to encourage individuality and discourage bullying. the church of england has updated its advice for its a700 schools to protect children who may be considering transition from one gender to another. being an individual is very important and respecting everybody‘s right to be an individual is important to was so if children aren‘t themselves then they can‘t be free to learn and that is key. the new guidelines say children should be allowed to try many cloaks of
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identity without being labelled and that a child may choose the tutu, princess‘s tiara or fireman‘s helmet without expectation or comment. today‘s guidance is designed to prevent bullying in schools like this but on the issue of human sexuality, there is deep division within the church of england and some evangelical christians see today‘s announcement as an attempt today‘s announcement as an attempt to erode the authority of the bible and embrace an ever—changing culture. what people expect the church of england to do is to set forth the framework for living as set out in the bible, that we all made wonderfully in the image of god, mailand made wonderfully in the image of god, mail and female, made wonderfully in the image of god, mailand female, and made wonderfully in the image of god, mail and female, and the church of england today seems to have failed in its duty to say that to the nation. but the archbishop of canterbury, who expressed his support of the new guidance in writing and on social media, rejects this criticism, saying no child
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should be diminished by being reduced to a stereotype or a problem. martin bashir, bbc news, central london. that is it from me. hello, this is sport today, live from the bbc sport centre. coming up on this programme: italy fail to qualify for the world cup finals for the first time since 1958 after losing their play off tie to sweden. world number one rafael nadal withdraws from the atp world tour finals due to a knee injury after losing his opening match to david goffin. and hungry for more success, chris froome tells us he‘s focussing on winning a fifth tour de france title. hello and welcome to the programme,
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where we start with the footballing news that italy have failed to qualify for next year‘s world cup in russia. it‘sthe first time since 1958 the azurri have missed out on the sports showpiece event after losing out on aggregate to sweden in their two legged qualifier. the second leg in milan finished goalless despite the best efforts of the hosts to manufacture a goal meaning the 1—0 win for the swedes in stockholm last week proved the difference, while the italian manager gian piero ventura, who has only been in charge for 17 months, will now come under serious presssure and 39—year—old goalkeeping legend gianluigi buffon has announced his retirement from the international game. a short time ago i spoke to football journalist mina rzouki who questioned what type of italian team this was.


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