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tv   Sport Today  BBC News  November 24, 2017 1:45am-2:01am GMT

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england lose three wickets forjust four runs are preaching lunch on the second day of the ashes. italian giants milan have secured a spot in the last 32 of the europa league and it's the biggest team event in tennis — both france and belgium are ready to fight it out for the davis cup. hello and welcome to the programme where we start with cricket with australia and england nearing the lunch break on the second day of the opening test in brisbane and there's been a collapse for the visitors. three wickets fell for just four runs as england resumed on 196 for 4 with dawid malan and moeen ali adding another 50 runs to the overnight total before malan fell for 56 and then just three runs were added before moeen ali fell to nathan lyon lbw before chris woakes went without scoring having faced just four balls. 270 — seven for england.
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and don't forget you can keep up to date with all the goings on in brisbane via the live text commentary on the bbc sport website and app. there has just and there hasjust and other there has just and other wicket fallen so 270 — eight. india are set to make some changes as they prepare for the second test against sri lanka in nagpur starting injust over two hours. sri lanka were in a sound position in the first test for almost four days before collapsing in the final session as the match ended ina draw. india have only two days after the conclusion of this tour, before they fly out to south africa for three tests, 6 one—day internationals and 3 t20s. as it usually, we are crammed full time which we need to assess in the future. we assess the team but we do not look at how many days we have to play. everyone is atjudging players
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after test matches but it should be after test matches but it should be afame game after test matches but it should be a fame game where we want to prepare the way we want to and we are entitled to be criticised. in the europa league italian giants milan are through to the last 32 they beat austria vienna 5—1 at the san siro despite falling behind early. andre silva and patrick cutrone picking up the decisive second and third goals respectively before the half time break and both got another during the second half meanwhile in group] swedish side urstersunds — in theirfirst season in europe — are assured of a spot in the last 32 after beating zorya luhansk 2—0. the club only got promoted to the swedish top tier last season and are the first side from the country to make it through the group stages since that concept was introduced. hoffenheim and everton are both out after their respective losses against braga and atalanta while lyon qualify from group e along with atalanta. salzburg are into the last 32 but marseille‘s draw in group eye at konyaspor means second place is not guaranteed while steau bucharest will progress either top or second in group g
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despite losing away to viktoria plzen. in group h arsenal still qualified despite losing 1—0 at cologne who are of bottom of the german bundesliga. you feel you have done the job to finish top of the group and after that we play the final game so not much at stake apart from the fact that we want to win the game but what does it really mean? i don't know. that's what you wanted. former manchester city winger robinho has been sentenced to nine years in prison for taking part in the rape of a woman. an italian court convicted the brazilian in his absence. he's back in his home country playing for atletico mineiro. the whereabouts of five other men, accused of the attack in 2013, is not known. robinho has a right to two appeals and no extradition proceedings would begin until the case is over.
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the english football association has announced that a study into the links between heading a football and brain damage will begin in january. it will be titled ‘football‘s influence on lifelong health and dementia risk‘. former england captain alan shearer made a documentary for the bbc on the subject. safety has to come first and the health of sportsmen and sportswomen and this is the start. it should have been started a long time ago but it is a big day and we can now look to the future and the support of the guys and hope they are given time to undergo the necessary research. delighted that the pfa and the fa have now backed it and we can now get the answers that football needs. all the players are on course or finished the second round of the australian open in sydney.
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it will be easy. such a big stadium. a lot of emotion and pressure also on both sides. of course, on paper i have a favourite. i am the best rate but in the davis cup you never know. all the players are on course or finished the second round of the australian open in sydney. overnight leader cameron davis started on 8 under having lost the lead while waiting to tee off to fellow aussie lucas herbert. former world number one jason day —5. while world number twojordan spieth is in the clubhouse on i under england captain dylan hartley has been left out of the starting
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fifteen for the first time under head coach eddie jones, for saturday's match against samoa, at twickenham. hartley drops to the bench as hooker jamie george get his first start. chris robshaw and george ford are named co—captains. here's our rugby union reporter chrisjones. when england boss eddiejones said 2017 was the year the building depth, this selection really supports that. a host of changes from the side that overwhelm australia. meanwhile, after 22 straight test as hooker and had been hardly drops to the bench. straight test as hooker and had been hardly drops to the benchm straight test as hooker and had been hardly drops to the bench. it was just a good opportunity to give jamie and opportunity to start. dyla n jamie and opportunity to start. dylan has been reconditioned this week so has not been training with the team as we have done with a number of the players, again looking
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towards six nations and the world cup. if you are playing new zealand this saturday, would we be seeing a different team ? this saturday, would we be seeing a different team? 10096. is it with samoa in mind? it is the third week of the november series. we have six nations, samoa. we want to win the game in wales. a first-time he will lead the side since the disappointing world cup campaign of 2015. regardless, it will be used as as usual. it is an honour to play for your country no matter where you are. it is irrelevant to put on the white shirt and runout at trick, it does not get much better. every weekend at you go out there, it is a huge honour and i looking forward to it. samoa come to pick and
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understrength, underprepa red and underfunded but the team on paper looks pretty strong with a number of players playing in england. england say they are equally hungry to finish 2017 in style. sebastian vettel says he and ferrari have learned from their mistakes in 2017 but admits it will be "massively tough" to beat mercedes next year. vettel led the championship for 12 of 20 races but driving errors and poor reliability enabled lewis hamilton to win with two races remaining. with the abu dhabi grand prix. we lost out as the season regressed about this year in my point of view has been hardest because there is so much potential steel. the rain only so much potential steel. the rain only so many steps you can make when you are doing well but we managed and we stayed in the fight. in the end, we we re stayed in the fight. in the end, we were not good enough to take it to the last race and take the
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championship so i think we know what we need to do. there are lessons that were obvious and some of the more hidden. moroccan mohammed almorabity won the fifth oman desert marathon on thursday after victory in all six stages, while russia's natalia sedykh took first place in the women's race. the athletes have to carry all their own equipment, except for water, and had already run five exceptionally difficult stages totalling 145 kilometres through a mixture of desert and bush before the final gruelling day. almorabity was first to the arabian sea , with sedykh triumphing overall in the women's event. a quick update on the ashes, 283—8. they lost four wickets in the space of 2a runs after starting the day on of 26 runs after starting the day on 196 - of 26 runs after starting the day on 196 — four. moeen ali and dawid
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malan doing well. it is almost lunch there. hello there. no sign of the mild air returning anytime soon. it is going to stay cold during the week into the weekend and the start of next week as well. now, overnight, more cloud and rain in southern and south—eastern areas. less cold on friday. the north of the uk, lengthy clear spells and cold and frosty. wintry showers affecting north and west scotland. ice patches to greet us first thing on friday morning. the best of the sunshine in sheltered and eastern parts of scotland. north and west, plenty of showers. wintry in nature. significant snow on the higher ground. a few showers in north—west england. east of the pennines and south, a largely dry start. some sunshine. chilly in southern britain. more cloud.
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one or two showers. less cold. temperatures, 7—8 degrees around eight o'clock in the morning. that is how it is looking to start on friday. through the day, we lose the showers for many southern areas. a good part of england and wales, a fine afternoon. lengthy sunny spells and sunshine more wisdespread in the south—east. for much of scotland, especially the north and west, the north of ireland, the far north—west of england, wintry showers and windy, especially in the far north—west. gales and severe gales. 3—10 in the south—east. that leads to a chilly weekend. overnight frost as well. further wintry showers, especially on saturday in the north and the west. but emphasis on dry and bright and sunny weather. this is saturday's picture. strong north—westerly winds. wintry in nature. the best of the sunshine in central and eastern parts. staying dry all day.
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four in glasgow. 7—8 across the south—east. wrap up if you are heading out. this is the area of low pressure bringing multiple winds. high pressure on sunday. that will kill off some of the showers. fewer showers on sunday. slightly lighter winds. a fairfeature. one or two showers in northern and western areas. another cold day again on the cards. a weather system pushing in off the atlantic on sunday night sweeping across the country bringing wet and windy weather. eventually clearing from southern and eastern parts on monday. and then we are back into the cold run of north—westerly winds with some sunny spells and showers. welcome to bbc news, broadcasting to viewers in north america and around the globe. my name is gavin grey. our top stories. hopes dashed as an underwater explosion is detected
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close to the last known location of an argentine submarine missing since last week. hundreds of thousands of rohingya was the refugees might be able to return home after a deal is signed by bangladesh and myanmar. zimbabwe prepares to the post— robert mugabe era. the new president to be sworn in on friday. and an exclusive look inside the saudi hotel where prominent figures continue to be held as part of a campaign against corruption. as
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