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tv   Sportsday  BBC News  November 29, 2017 10:30pm-10:46pm GMT

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little pinpricks here, and that meant they were always plotting the same information in the same place. and you can see how they changed from having no maps to very detailed maps, and it was known as the storm warning service to start with, but it became known as the iconic shipping forecast. before radio broadcasts, storm warnings were communicated by using drums and cones hoisted up masts. it is a complex job to forecast accurately what the weather will do. and, of course, technology has dramatically changed over the years. they've even got computers to do some of the figuring out. computers were first used in weather forecasting in the 50s, had have become much more sophisticated ever since. humber, west or south west, five or six, occasionally four later. the shipping forecast is not just for mariners, but it's also listened to by hundreds of thousands of us every day on radio 4. south west, five to seven. occasional rain, good, occasionally moderate. and that's a flavour of the bulletin which is broadcast four times a day. however you get your shipping forecast, it is still essential, and its melodic and rhythmic
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qualities mean it remains an iconic sound of british radio. sarah keith—lucas, bbc news. moderate or fresh, extensive fog. newsnight is coming up on bbc two. here's evan. we know the irish border is turning out to be one of the stickiest brexit issues to resolve. this evening we'll hear from the irish agriculture secretary. can he see a way out of this? will ireland really block brexit trade talks? join me now on bbc two. here on bbc one it's time for the news where you are. hello i'm olly foster this is sportsday and these are our headlines tonight. the best goal of his career. that is how wayne rooney described his third against west ham. and that is big sam, his new everton boss in the
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stands. alan pardew stands. alan pa rdew is stands. alan pardew is also back in the game. he says he will take west bromwich albion to the next level. the investigation into the ben stokes nightclub brawl has conclduded and the cps will decide whether or not to charge the england all rounder. goals everywhere into night's six premier league matches. sam alla rdyce was premier league matches. sam allardyce was at goodison park watching everton. he spent the day at the club finalising the deal to become their next manager. he will replace ronald koeman who was sacked a month ago. his first impressions will have been good. wayne rooney scored his first hat—trick in six yea rs scored his first hat—trick in six years as they thumped fellow strugglers west ham 4—0. our correspondent reports:, the hour,
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sam. the ball‘s troubleshooter, here to see his new players. he had been looking for a bit of heart and so was the referee, he spotted joe hart trip up the striker. sam allardyce may have wondered what the problem was. at this team only won one in 12? ten minutes later, wayne rooney again, but he only needed one go this time. david moyes hasn't yet recreated his good times at everton with his new club. manuel lanzini made things it 2—1. jordan pickford isjoe made things it 2—1. jordan pickford is joe hart's main made things it 2—1. jordan pickford isjoe hart's main challenge and he wasn't having a good night, his clea ra nce wasn't having a good night, his clearance found wayne rooney, who most certainly was. his hat—trick, his first for the club he and his dad have always supported. time for
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williams to score a fourth. and with that david unsworth and over. he will take it from here. i asked them to be men tonight. we spoke about the bad run having to come to an end. it doesn't have to last for ever. the commitment and desire was there for everyone to see. i'm delighted for the club. i took over the club when we were in the bottom three. we managed to get out of that ina three. we managed to get out of that in a period of six weeks. unsatisfied. but we expect more. —— iam unsatisfied. but we expect more. —— i am satisfied. we saw some positive things in the second half. i think tonight it did not go for us when we needed it. even the penalty save, wayne rooney schools, joe hart saved the first one, and we couldn't get in again, so there was some small things that needed to go our way and they didn't. —— wayne rooney scores.
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let's update you on the rest of the scores in the premier league this evening. a club record for manchester city, 12 league wins in a i’ow manchester city, 12 league wins in a row but they left it very late at home to southampton. raheem sterling scored a couple of late once this season. scored a couple of late once this season. he scored deep into injury time. their lead is back up to eight points ahead of manchester united. oriol romeu scored a well worked equaliser before sterling's winner. arsenal are still fourth after a big win at home to huddersfield. three goals in five second half minutes saw them seal the points olivier giroud scored two, ozil, lacazette and sanchez also chipped in. here is the confirmation of those results and the rest of the games tonight.
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burnley are up to sixth after winning 2—1 away at bournemouth. chelsea manager antonio conte was sent to the stands in the first half but antonio rudiger scored the only goal to beat swansea. they are still third. liverpool are up to fifth after beating stoke 3—0. have a new manager. to that otherjob announcement, west bromwich albion have a new manager. alan pardew is back in work after 11 months, signing a contract at the hawthornes through to 2020. there hears. —— there he is. he was sacked at palace in december, coincidentally making way then for sam allardyce. pardew replaces tony pulis who lost his job last week , they haven't won a match in any competition since august. my my teams play on the front foot and try to put teams under pressure. we sometimes get a bloody nose in doing that. that is what i will deliver here at west brom. ultimately, hopefully, somewhere along that line we can get up to 1.5, 1.7 point per
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game. i think i have achieved that in the past at certain times at clu bs. in the past at certain times at clubs. that is what i hope to do here. in scotland, celtic managed to keep their unbeaten run in domestic fixtures going but only just — a controversial scott sinclair penalty in the final minutes of the game rescued a point for the champions against motherwell, extending their unbeaten run to 65. meanwhile rangers beat second placed aberdeen 3—0 at ibrox. james tavernier got on the score sheet twice either side of a goalfrom carlos pena. two months after ben stokes was arrested under suspicion of causing actual bodily harm, the police investigation has concluded and the file passed on to the crown prosecution service to decide if charges will be brought. but a decision isn't expected for a number of weeks making his involvement in the ashes extremely unlikely. stokes was involved in a fight oustdie a nightclub in which a man suffered a fractured eye socket. —— stokes was involved in a fight
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outside a nightclub in which a man suffered a fractured eye socket. stokes has played no part in the current series but is in new zealand where he has relatives and is expected to play for canterbury in their domestic competition this weekend. worcestershire all—rounder alex hepburn will appear before magistrates next week after being charged with two counts of rape alleged to have been committed in april. the director of cricket, steve rhodes, has also been put on leave by the club. the club declined to comment on reports that he failed to inform cricket authorities when hepburn was arrested. worcestershire won the division 2 county championship last season. john hardie has been given a three—month suspension following a scottish rugby investigation into gross misconduct. it's believed the investigation centred around alleged cocaine use by the scotland and edinburgh forward. the ban means that hardie won't be available to play until mid—january. chris froome will take part in the giro d'italia next may
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as he looks to hold all three grand tour titles at the same time. he completed the double of tour de france and vuelta a espana this year and will attempt to win the giro before trying for a fifth tour title next year. only two men in the history of the sport have held all three at the same time. great britain look set to win a bobsleigh bronze medal — from the sochi winter olympics almost four years ago. the ioc have banned three more russian athletes for doping — including two from the four man bob. with two russian crews from 2014 now affected by doping bans, pedning any appeals, the british crew should be promoted to third. ten triathletes have been chosen to compete for england at next yea r‘s commonwealth games. the event on the gold coast will feature paratriathlon for the first time, while alistair brownlee, who had been competing
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in the longer ironman events, will defend his title. the challenge of it is really motivated. i'm not worried about the sprint distance or to heat. the time frame is tougher, coming back from injury, and basically having four months to prepare for it. that is much more of a challenge than the other issues. but i'm very motivated. i've always enjoyed setting tough goals. i will try my best. now there's not a lot left for andy murray to achieve on the court, three grand slam titles, two olympic gold medals and a davis cup trophy. he's still aiming to return to the court next year after an injury hit season but he's also looking at life after tennis. he's been telling the bbc about his new venture into sports management. maybe this is something when i finish playing i could look at maybe trying to help younger british athletes. go through that transition
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phase from juniors to the senior ranks. maybe help mentor athlete if that's what they want. i love sports. i've watched so much sport in my life. so it is something that interests me a lot. that's all from sportsday. everton getting the big win for sam alla rdyce, everton getting the big win for sam allardyce, as he and alan pardew are both back managing premier league teams. coming up in a moment, the papers. that's all from us, good night. welcome to our look ahead to what the papers will bring in the
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morning. steve hawkes is the deputy political editor at the some newspaper. welcome both of you. we will start with the ft, which leaves with the resignation of savvy are rarely as the chief executive of the london stock exchange after eight yea rs london stock exchange after eight years in the post. the daily express details a new treatment designed by scientists which the paper claims could cure scientists which the paper claims could cu re lower scientists which the paper claims could cure lower back pain for millions of people. eu leaders will offer a two—year brexit transition deal in january after a offer a two—year brexit transition deal injanuary after a breakthrough in talks over the northern ireland border issue. trees may could face a revolt from some tory eurosceptics if the uk pays the report and £50 billion divorce bill, according to the guardian. —— theresa may. donald trump smack a state visit to the uk could be in doubt after the president retweeted those videos posted by the far right group
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britain first. the legal team for michael stone, convicted of murdering a mother and daughter in kent in 1996, claim another man, levi belfield, has made another man, levi belfield, has made a confession to the murders while imprisoned. he has since denied that claim. let's start with the ft. the coverage of what donald trump has been retweeting. donald trump ended up been retweeting. donald trump ended up retweeting some incredibly offensive videos. but also retweeti ng offensive videos. but also retweeting them from an account which belongs to britain first. it is the deputy leader of that organisation who was actuallyjailed recently because... accused, i should say, i don't know if he was imprisoned, but accused of hurling abuse at a woman in a hijab in
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luton. it's nasty. it's a group that has no standing in british society. donald trump goes and retweets these horrible videos. it has attracted quite a strong response from downing street where theresa may has said that it street where theresa may has said thatitis street where theresa may has said that it is wrong for the president to have done this. we have seen a few other cabinet members in the last couple of hours tweeting strong condemnation, as well. clearly a lot of people, they are extremely unhappy about it, but it's interesting now to see where cabinet here is beginning to out about it. in all of the papers tomorrow you have the line from downing street which is quite strong, it says it's wrong for the president to have done this. donald trump is important to britain in the post—brexit world. it'll be interesting to see tomorrow what theresa may does. she has a
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press conference in jordan. what theresa may does. she has a press conference injordan. i wonder if she will address it... she will be asked... definitely. we've been waiting all week for donald trump to comment on prince harry and meghan markle, but he endorses a hate fuelled group.


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